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The Best Phone Tracker for Parental Control Free mobile tracker

World’s Awarded Best Cell Phone Spy & PC Monitoring App: Endorsed by loved ones, entrepreneurs, guardians, & who have faced betrayals: Know more. Worry less. That’s the power of SpyFamily , the app that lets you find out what they’re up to on their phone and online. And they won’t even know you’re using it. With 250+ Surveillance Tools at your fingertips using Tracking & Parental Monitoring Software.

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The World’s Most Powerful Cell Phone Spy App & PC ,Mac Os Monitoring Software

No.1 Cell phone spy app and phone spyware by SPYFamily allows you to track the activities done on a smartphone remotely via an online control panel. Install it on rooted and non-rooted Android phones.

The World’s Most Powerful Cell Phone Spy App & PC ,Mac Os Monitoring Software

No.1 Cell phone spy app and phone spyware by SPYFamily allows you to track the activities done on a smartphone remotely via an online control panel. Install it on rooted and non-rooted Android phones.

How SPYFamily™ Android – iPhone windows & MAC monitoring app works in 3 Steps

You can download the parental control software for iPhone Spy and Android Spy: Windows Spy & MAC Spy through the following links.(Monitoring Needs)


All it takes is a few minutes to....


All it takes is a few minutes to get started with SPYFamily. Finish the setup by logging into your SPYFamily dashboard using the provided account credentials.


Use our emailed instructions to...


Use our emailed instructions to download and install SPYFamily monitoring app on the target cell phone or tablet.


Choose your mobile monitoring...


Choose your mobile monitoring subscription plan and payment option that rightly serves your monitoring needs.

Why Choose SPYFamily™ Monitoring App ( Control Panel Android – iPhone – Windows – MAC)

  • The best value for your hard-earned money with a top of the line Monitored features for any spyware currently available.

  • SPYFamily is the leading smartphone tracking software with real-time online and offline monitoring features.

  • A complete cell phone monitoring package for parents and business owners.

  • A safe and reliable smartphone tracking software with the most innovative features.

  • Most-affordable packages and different payment options for added convenience.

  • Non-intrusive and fully-discreet mobile spyware for amazing surveillance.

  • Acknowledged as one of the best parental and employee monitoring apps.

  • A helpful and 24/7 customer support staff with 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

  • Crowned no. 1 in the best iPhone spy app s category for its iCloud spy version.

  • in the best iPhone spy app s category for its install spy version.

  • All brands that runs windows OS including, Dell, Samsung, HP, Acer, LG, Sony etc…

  • Supported Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11.

  • Live Screen Share & Mic Bug Available on Windows.

  • MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini and iMac.

  • Supports versions of Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan, Sierra, Mojave, Catalina,macOS Monterey.

  • Now you can listen Surround Recording through MAC Laptop.

  • All brands that runs Android OS including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Huawei, Sony etc are supported except TCL Devices. SPYFamily also supports on all carriers.

  • Supported all version of Android OS 5.0, 5.1.1, 6.0, 7.0, 7.1, 8.0, 8.1, 9.0, 9.1, 10, 11,12

  • Now you can get deleted messages of whatsapp on Android/Social Media App now available on unrooted Android devices,Any App can uninstall remotely Via your control panel.

  • SPYFamily Support Android OS version 11 now/VoIP/IM Call Recording Available.

Why Choose SPYFamily™ Monitoring App ( Control Panel Android – iPhone – Windows – MAC)

Hats off to this technology it has made digital parenting a child play. I would like to recommend to all parents that are insecure about the digital well-being of their kids. It is a cheap, but very effective tool for digital parenting.
Katharine, M
The service is amazing for the parents, allows me to monitor my kid’s Whatsapp and Facebook, and other stuff. Highly recommended for the traveling and single parents as I need to travel frequently, leaving my two sons under 14 at home. A gem for sure! Give it a try.
Andre, Howard
Five stars to this wonderful application. Being a single mom and businesswoman is a very tough job. Thank you to SPYFamily for making my life easier. Now I can manage my kids online and real–life safety easily. I can listen to calls, watch my kid’s phone screen, and monitor social media and track location.
Lindsey, Gabriel

Cell Phone Spy – Monitoring Software, Mobile Spy App by SPYFamily™

Keep your children safe both online and in the real world with our SPYFamily™ parental tracking app. Monitor their GPS location, see who they are texting and talking to on Facebook or WhatsApp, what videos and images they share, and much more!Best Cell Phone Spy App and Computer monitoring software to keep track of Android and iPhone along with Windows and Mac PC activities. Just install SPYFamily and start your digital surveillance.

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You Can Totally Rely on SPYFamily™ – We’ve Got Your Back

SPYFamily™ won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

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Mobile tracker – Cell phone tracking – Spy App

What is SPYFamily?

SPYFamily is undisputed no. 1 parental control software for cell phones. It is the best tool for parenting online in terms of text messages, cellphone calls, tracking GPS location, and last but not the least reliable for social media monitoring like Snapchat, Whatsapp, and many others alike.

SPYFamily gathers information on the target cell phones remotely once it is installed on the mobile using a web control panel. However, the end-user needs to have got the subscription that you can get using the default browser of the device. Spy app for mobile phones works on android OS starting from 4.4.2, to Android OS 11.0 plus rooted and non-rooted mobiles.

It provides user live Demo alongside real-time customer care support, plenty of types of subscription plans at reasonable prices. It will give you a complete package that seems quite an interesting deal for you that gives value to your money.

How does SPYFamily Works?

Spy software by SPYFamily gets the entire data from the target machine whether cell phone, tablets or PC’s, once it is installed on it. Further, the information will be shown to the web portal that you can get access through a web browser. If you want to get started with SPYFamily the very first thing you know about the compatibility of the target machine that you want to take under your surveillance, get subscription online, and finally purchase it.

Also, you need to see your email inbox to get the credentials to access an online dashboard to know installation instructions. Furthermore, you have to have physical access on the device, activate the browser on phone and then type the link to seek downloading program to get started with the process of installation. After you have finished with SPYFamily installation, you need to make sure about the usage of the particular program legally. You need to install spy software on your machine, likewise on your child’s phone, or you have got the written consent of the target person.

Is SPYFamily works worldwide?

The monitoring app that we offering works no matter what type of cellular network or at what position, location of the target device and it is fully compatible with all types of service providers. SPYFamily necessarily requires the internet connection to transfer the data into your electronic web portal/ that you have got after you have got a subscription. However, internet connection in terms of Wi-Fi connection that switched on a targeted device.

Is SPYFamily unveils on target device?

Once you have ended up with the process of installation, SPYFamily is activated and starts working at the back-end. However, the software icon shows up once the installation does not carry any sort of settings for SPYFamily functionality. If you want to get a user –friendly and exciting experience, there would be two basic options: either you should keep it on the control panel of the targeted machine or not. The moment you have installed the monitoring app for the target gadget make your intentions to use it legally, install it on the device belongs to you, such as the gadget of your kids or you have got the consent of the target device user.

How accurate is cell phone tracking?

Cell phone tracking is highly accurate for both Android and iOS. However, with Android, you can get instant location details on your web account. On iOS, the frequency of location data backups is based on the frequency of iCloud backups.

How much data does mobile tracking software use?

It depends on how much activity is taking place on the monitored device. Some apps, like SPYFamily, allow you to toggle on/off features. So, if you are worried about excessive data consumption, you can always turn off backing up multimedia.

Which is the best spy app?
SPYFamily has been voted as the best way to monitor a cell phone by many renowned independent review platforms like SiteJabber, Entrepreneur, Engadget, TrustPilot, etc. But you don’t have to take our word for it. Try SPYFamily today with our 10-day, money-back guarantee.

How to track a cell phone?
You can start tracking any Android or iOS device by setting up SPYFamily on it. All the tracked information can be accessed through your SPYFamily web account from anywhere.

Is SPYFamily usage legal?
SPYFamily application was developed particularly for parents to empower them to protect their children, and to boost the productivity of the workers, so the usage is immensely legal.

Read carefully and make sure that your intentions to use our program will meet the following terms and conditions.

You want to use SPYFamily for digital parenting/ parental monitoring software on underage kid’s devices

You want to use the spy app for the sake of employee monitoring having written consent

You want to install SPYFamily on your device

It is your fundamental moral responsibility to know that you have the authority to track the device. Moreover, you also need to take care to know what sort of agreements, legitimacy, disclosures are important at your end, with the accordance of facts and situations in which you can use SPYFamily. In case, you have any questions about the legal use of the software, you need to consult with the counsel of your own choice. SPYFamily doesn’t assist with legal advice.

Can I monitor more than once devices?

Keep in mind you can monitor as many as devices you want to. However, when you have purchased you can only monitor once device only, but you can change the target devices one by one and use single subscription on all devices until your account will not get expired. In-case you want to monitor more than once device at a time then you have to get subscriptions.

Is SPYFamily cell phone tapping software invisible?

You can choose to hide the SPYFamily cell phone spying app on the monitored user’s cell phone. When you do so, the app will stay 100% invisible.

Android Spy App, Android tracker


SPYFamily is the next generation of smartphone surveillance software. This mobile tracker application records the incoming and outgoing phone calls, Whatsapp calls, sms and surroundings. It tracks gps locations, the browser activity and messages from applications like Whatsapp, Facebook, Viber, Skype and Line. With the free trial that we offer, you can also test the application.

Use it for:

This application can be used for:

tracking your children. You can monitor your children in order to keep them out of harm’s way.
tracking your employees. You can monitor your employees in order to see if they use their phone or their time for other reasons.
Backup – backing up data from your phone.
tracking your phone if it was stolen or if you have lost your phone.

How to use it:
Install. Install the application on the phone that you want to monitor. You can install the application for free and you will have a free trial. GPS will always be tracked for free.

Login. The cell tracking app uploads activities to your secure online account. You can view all the activities if you login to this server using the account that you have created when you installed the application.

Monitor remotely:
SPYFamily is using the smartphone’s internet connection in order to send the data to our server. After that you can monitor the logs remotely from our server. You will need to login to our server using the email and password supplied when you registered the application on the smartphone.
SPYFamily Features
Live streaming
Call recording
Whatsapp tracker
Free trial
Phone tracker
Gps tracker
Remote monitor
Facebook tracker
Sms tracker
Remote commands
Supports Android
Picture tracker
Mms tracker
Browser tracker
Instagram tracker
Tinder tracker
TikTok tracker
System logs
Calendar tracker
Skype tracker
Viber tracker
Anti theft
Contacts tracker
Telegram tracker
Line tracker
Applications tracker
Hike tracker
Block apps
Block numbers
Web block
Kik tracker
Tango tracker
Wifi notification
Remote wipe out
Snapchat tracker
Hangouts tracker
Video tracker
Twitter tracker
Internet live control
BBM tracker
WeChat tracker
VK tracker
Zoom tracker
imo tracker
Likee tracker

Discord tracker

This is a great mobile tracking app. Puts you on the know. Which info one must use very responsibly. It is important to know that it can not be used as a cell spy. Spying without their consent is illegal.

What is SPYFamily?
SPYFamily is the best mobile spy app. This spy mobile tracker is used by parents in order to protect their youngsters from the dangerous online world, such as cyberbullying, sexting or the harmful content that freely circulates online. This spy tracker comes packed with a great number of features such as social media tracker (Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat and many more), recording phone calls, tracking sms and many more. Do you worry about the safety of your children? SPYFamily is your best solution for an Android phone.

Why is SPYFamily the best Tracking App?
Our spy mobile app is considered the best choise that you can make because of its complex features. WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber or Snapchat are use as the main method of communication for teenagers. With SPYFamily, you will be able to track remotely all the messages of these apps, even without ROOT access. All the activities of the phone will be available just by easily installing the app on the phone that you want to track. Our simple installation process can take only about 5 minutes and does not require any techical skills. Test now our mobile spy app free to download. We offer a free, no risk, 3 days trial. Once you are happy with all the tracking features of the app, you have the option to subscribe for a very affordable price. We do not think that there is a better spyapp option available on the market. SPYFamily was released on 2013, it has millions of users and it is always updated in order to best track all the new versions of the Android system.

For what can you use SPYFamily?
SPYFamily can be used as a spy monitor for an Android phone. The two main reasons to use it are for parental control and for employee monitoring. Give yourself peace of mind that your children are always safe and your employees are productive. Tracking your phone if it was lost or stolen, are also reasons to use our spy mobile software.

Is SPYFamily free?
SPYFamily offers a free trial. Just download and install the app on the phone you want to monitor. No credit card is required. Our phone monitoring app also offers GPS tracking for FREE. SPYFamily offers now also a promo. You can buy a FULL one year subscription for 35$ that includes all the features of the app – Limited time offer of 60% SALE. There is no spy app free that offers a large package of tracking features. You should stay away from websites that claim to offer spying using just a phone number or that offer a trial that requires a credit card.

What does SPYFamily track?
SPYFamily is a complete phone tracker app. Use the app as a complete phone monitor solution. You can record phone calls, track sms or mms, monitor the Gps location, track and control the apps used on the phone, multimedia spy for pictures or movies, monitor all the visited websites, spy on many social media apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Viber, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram or Tiktok. All social media text messages are available without ROOT. SPYFamily also tracks phone calls made with Whatsapp, Facebook or Viber. Track contacts or the calendar activity. Use the remote commands in order to record surroundings or to take pictures.

What phones does SPYFamily track?
We recommend that you track an Android phone. We have solutions for iPhones but in general it requires a jailbroken phone or the iCloud password. Tracking with the iCloud password is not reliable. Jailbreak is not available in general. SPYFamily is a full Android tracker application.

How to use SPYFamily?
Download SPYFamily. Install SPYFamily on the phone that you want it tracked. Create your account when you open the Android app. The same account will be used to login on our website. After you install the app, you will be able to monitor remotely the Android phone. Please make sure you follow the install instructions, which include to disable Play Protect. With Play Protect enabled, the app can be uninstalled or disabled. If the app is uninstalled, you can no longer get updates of the phone’s activity. All spy apps can not work if the app is uninstalled. To spy on the mobile phone you may also have to disable any task killer. Stay away from all the loud advertisements that offer hacking solutions for breaking into anyone’s phone. For tracking a phone you will need access to that phone.

How to spy on Whatsapp messages?
Install SPYFamily and in the install process you will have to enable accessibility and notification access. Accessibility is used to get outgoing Whatsapp messages. It is also used to get incoming messages when you are in chat and no notification is shown (this is a feature probably available only for our cell monitoring app). Notification access is needed to get incoming messages from Whatsapp or other social media messages. More info on the page Whatsapp spy.

How to track phone calls?
SPYFamily offers also call recording. Call recording is supported for all Android versions but from Android 10 Accessibility access is needed also for call recording. For call recording you will need a subscription that includes call recording and surroundings. Our mobile spy app now offers also a promo available at the low price of 35$ per year and includes call recording.

How to track chat messages?
Once you will have installed SPYFamily, enabled Accessibility and Notification Access, you will have access to these features: sms tracker, sms spy, WhatsApp tracker, Facebook spy or Snapchat spy, track Viber, monitor Line, Hike monitoring, Kik tracking, Hangouts tracer, trace Twitter, WhatsApp Business tracking, monitor KakaoTalk, imo spy, Zalo spying, Discord tracer, Trace Messenger Lite, Hike spying, Instagram spy, monitor Tinder, Telegram monitoring, WeChat tracker, VK monitoring, monitor TikTok, ZOOM monitoring, track Pinterest or track Likee. From Android 11, you will have to enable Admin Rights because without administrator rights, accessibility access will be disabled. Android spy is available for a very large list of social media apps. More info on the pages Whatsapp spy, Facebook spy or Snapchat spy.

How to spy on Facebook or Snapchat messages?
Our spy app fully supports tracking messages from Facebook and Snapchat. Just like for Whatsapp spy, we also support inchat incoming messages tracking for Facebook and Snapchat – even without a notification displayed, this is one of the unique features of our cell monitor app. More info on the pages Facebook spy or Snapchat spy.

How to spy on Android?
Our mobile monitoring app is the best app to have in order to spy on Android. You will need unrestricted access to the phone you want to track in order to install our mobile spying solution.

How to spy on Viber messages?
Our mobile monitor app supports spying on Viber messages without Root. Accessibility and Notification access are required. More info on the page Viber spy

How to spy on Instagram messages?
Our mobile monitoring software supports spying on Instagram messages without Root. Both incoming and outgoing messages will be recorded. Accessibility and Notification access are required. More info on the page Instagram spy

How to track a phone number?
Our phone monitor app can be used to track an Android phone but you have to install the app spy on that phone. The good thing is that once you install the app on the phone that you want to monitor, you will have access to a lot of the activities on the phone, not just the GPS position of the phone. Websites that claim to offer Number track are not reliable. Number tracker websites can offer in the best case the location of the phone, at least they claim they do. By installing SPYFamily, you can access all the activity on the phone and this is impossible to do with just a website that offers phone number track. Some advanced features of the app are complete Whatsapp messages without Root, call recording for phone calls but also for calls made with social media apps like Whatsapp. Our latest feature is live streaming from the phone – audio and video or screen capture. These feature can not compare with just GPS tracking done with a mobile number track website.

How to track someone location?
Our phone monitoring app is able to track also the location of the Android phone. The GPS receiver on the phone must be enabled. SPYFamily is one of the best apps for location cell tracking.

How to trace a stolen phone?
SPYFamily is a complete phone tracker solution. After you install the app on the phone that you want to monitor, you will also be able to trace the phone if it was stolen. You can have basic cell tracker functions like tracking the GPS position of the phone, you can have a change sim card alert, you can send commands to the phone (for example take picture, record surroundings, start an alarm, lock the screen or even remote wipe)

How can I block activities on the phone?
Our cell phone tracker offers parental control features such as blocking apps, blocking websites or blocking phone calls. For blocking apps we recommend that from Android 10 you display a notification of our app. For blocking websites, Accessibility access is required. Blocking phone calls works until Android 10. Blocking sms is available only on older Android versions.

How to find someone’s location?
By installing our cell spy on the phone you want to monitor, you will also be able to get the phone’s location. The location of the phone can be retrieved using the wifi or the mobile network of the phone but only if the GPS receiver is enabled.

How to legally use a cell spying app?
SPYFamily is an advanced cell spying app that can be used for parental control or employee monitoring. In general you need the consent of the person that you want to track but we recommend that you check all applicable laws in your country or state. It is only your responsibility to comply with all the laws in the country or state where you are using this software. Spapp is not spyware and it is not designed to be completely undetectable. All Android tracking apps are not completely hidden, even if almost all of them are promoted as 100% hidden.

How hard is it to track a phone?
Phone tracking requires that you install SPYFamily on the phone that you want to track. You do not need advanced knowledge of phones or computer in order to install the app. You have to download the app from our website. Use the phone’s browser to open our download link. Once you download the .apk file, you just have to open the file in order to install the app on the phone. On our website we also have video tutorials that show how to setup the the app on an Android phone.

How to record surroundings?
SPYFamily comes with 2 options for recording surroundings. Our mobile tracker app offers internet live control – the record surroundings command will be sent on the internet, but if the phone does not have internet access, then the recording will start when the phone connects to the internet. The second option is to send a sms command and this option does not require an internet connection for the phone.

How to pay for SPYFamily?
You can use Paypal or Stripe in order to pay for our app. Track phone by buying a subscription for the phone you want to monitor. On both Paypal and Stripe you can use your credit card or other methods of payment. On Paypal you can use the money on your Paypal account. For Stripe there is support also for Google pay and Apple pay.

How much does SPYFamily cost?
SPYFamily is a complex tracking app that comes at a very affordable price. Cell phone tracking is available for one month, 3 months, 6 months and one year subscriptions that are available for only 10$, 20$, 30$ and 40$ respectively. In case you need call recording, the subscriptions are available for 20$, 40$, 60$ and 80$. We also recommend that you use our promo that is available for only 35$ per one year – with all features included.

Why SPYFamily is the best spy app for Android?
SPYFamily is the best spy app for Android because it is exclusively developed for the Android OS and our whole team is working daily to develop and improve it in order to offer you the best tracking app on the market.

When is a spy software used legally?
A spy software can be used legally in general for parental control or for employees monitoring. In all cases we recommend that you inform the person that you are tracking that all the phone’s activity is uploaded to our servers. It is also mandatory that you check all the laws in your country/state and you will be responsible for complying with those laws.

When do you need an Android spy app?
An Android spy app such as SPYFamily is needed if you want to access remotely all the activity of an Android phone. For example you can have access to all the phone calls(call recording included also from Social media apps), sms, pictures, all chat messages from apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and many more. Another great feature of the app is live streaming. From the version 16.3, our app can use the camera or the microphone of the phone in order to livestream the captured audio and video. This new feature also supports live streaming the screen of the phone. We offer an app that is very easy to use/install. After you complete the install process, you will have access to almost everything on the phone.

Why a spyware app is a better parental control solution when having a teen?
You should be very careful when you use a spyware app but these days when technology is spreading so fast, a spying app can be necessary for tracking everything that your teen child is doing online. There are so many dangerous online activities that can affect your child. Cyberbullying, sexting or pornographic material can greatly affect how your child develops. With our app you will have access to a lot of chat messages app that are in general the preferred method of communication for teenagers.

Spy on phone, not a phone number?
If you spy on the phone, instead of a phone number, you will have access to everything on the phone. In general you will see on the internet websites that claim to get Whatsapp messages just by providing a phone number. Even if you insert a number that does not exists, they will claim that they have retrieved the Whatsapp messages and you will still be redirected to a checkout page. Extracting messages from Whatsapp based only on the phone number, would be possible only if you would be able to access the Whatsapp database that is not public. When it comes to tracking a phone number, there can be some public information based on the sim card but this information is very basic and it is available only for a limited amount of phones. If you want to have complete access to the phone, then a tracking app such as SPYFamily is the only way to track the phone. Our app can now offer advanced features like Social media call recording for Whatsapp, Viber or Facebook. Another advanced feature that we just added to our app is livestream using the microphone or the camera of the phone. These advanced features can not compare to something very limited that a number spy website could ever offer.

Why SPYFamily is an exclusive spy app Android and why this is good for you?
SPYFamily is an exclusive spy app Android because the Android system offers tracking features for an app. For an iPhone, the iOS system can offer only GPS tracking. It is possible to develop a jailbroken app that would not be publish on App Store but on Cydia. Unfortunately there is not a way right now to jailbreak the new versions of iOS, therefore it does not make a lot of sense to develop a jailbroken tracking app. There are companies that allow tracking an iPhone just by using the iCloud password. We have discontinued tracking with the iCloud password because also this method is not reliable – the backups are not quickly updated, there can be problems with the 2 factor authentication or even the backups are not consistent. These are the reasons why we are only specialized for spy android phone, the only system that offers tracking features.

How to ethically use a mobile monitoring app for employees monitoring?
To ethically use a mobile monitoring app for employees monitoring, you must inform your employees that they are monitored. You can install the app on the phone that your employee uses for work. Once he finishes work, he should also have the option to shutdown the phone in order to keep the privacy for his personal life.

Can SPYFamily be considered a free spy app?
SPYFamily can be considered a free spy app because it comes with a free, zero risk, 3 days trial that includes almost all the features of the app. The only limitation in the trial is that it only offers 3 call recordings. Based on our research, we never found an app that would offer such a trial with no credit card required. After the trial, you will still have access to the GPS location of the phone, even without an active subscription. If you want to subscribe to our service, you will have the option to buy our app at probably the best price on the market. Our Limited time offer of 60% SALE is available for 35$ for one year(all features included) which is about 2 times cheaper than the one month price asked by some other tracking apps.

What is the cheapest and most complex spy cell phone app on the market?
There are many tracking apps available on the internet but based on our research SPYFamily is the most affordable and most complex spy cell phone app on the market. Our app comes also with some unique features like for example tracking in chat incoming messages for Whatsapp, Facebook and Snapchat or tracking the contact name for the Facebook messages. We are fully committed to upgrade the tracking features of our app, so expect even more in the near feature.

MAC Spy Software

Can I use my Mac as a spy camera?

Yes, you can use a mac as a spy camera, but you have to make the device camera to spy. You can do it by installing the monitoring app on the target laptop or computer. Once you have configured the installation process, you can take control of the target device. Further, you can use a camera and use it to capture images.

You can use the mac spying software feature, camera bug and distantly operate the device as a spy camera. It captures images by using the front camera to know-who is using the computer device.

Can spyware be installed on a Mac?

Usually, mac devices have strict security, but you can breach all the barriers using the SPYFamily app. You can install the spy software on the target computing device and activate its dashboard. Further, visit its most powerful and advanced features to monitor and track every activity. You can remotely control the MIC and front camera of the target device. Users can capture images. You can use the monitoring app for mac to capture screenshots, capture keystrokes, and block web sites. It further records the live screen in terms of short videos. It means you can install spyware on a device for sure.

How do I monitor another mac?

If you want to monitor multiple machines, you have to subscribe to multiple SPYFamily spy app licenses. Download and Install it on another mac device to monitor and track the activities on the computer device. However, mac spy software enables you to monitor computer machines by using its online dashboard. You can use it for employee monitoring and set parental control on kid’s devices without facing hazels.

Can a mac be monitored remotely?

You cannot monitor device remotely until you have installed SPYFamily mac spying app on the target computing device. Installs spy software on the target device, and then you can monitor laptop and desktop computer. You can record screens, keystrokes, and block web sites. It can also record mac surroundings and bug the front camera of the device.

Can I access my mac remotely?

User can access the mac laptop device, but he has to install the spy app on the target device. It means he has to get physical approach to the mac and then install monitoring software. Other than installing mac spy software, user cannot approach mac remotely. Having a tracking app on the target device, user can approach the mac machine distantly and to the fullest.

SPYFamily MAC Spy Solution for Individuals
Track your MAC machines and control them via web based control panel. Approach and manage your sensitive data by uploading to the online storage. Find lost or stolen devices with GPS location tracking.
SPYFamily Unbeatable Features for Kids Monitoring
The Kids monitoring solution offers a wide range of unbeatable features letting Parents to track their Kids devices.
Track Geo Location
Geo Location tracking enable you to track actual location of laptop & desktop computer


Record keystrokes applied to MAC including keylogs of instant messenger chats, passwords and emails.

Real-Time Activities
Find out what your Kids are doing at the moment by capturing their computer screens.

Website Filtering
Boost their productivity by restricting their approach to unproductive web sites. Block websites by category or keywords.
Secretly Monitor Employees’ Online and Offline Activities with Modern MAC Spy App
Identify the productive and unproductive employees by evaluating their online and offline activities. Get their computer screens recorded to find out what they are doing on machines. Monitor and boost the efficiency of working staff by preventing them from unproductive acts and misuse of the internet.

SPYFamily Parental Control Software Features
Capture Surroundings

Keep an eye on your kid’s surroundings by turning on the camera of the MAC machine. Take photos or make videos to capture happenings.

Listen to Surrounding Sounds

Take control of the microphone of the MAC and listen to the surrounding sounds and voices for as long as you want.

Record Screen

Capture the computer activities of your kids by getting their computer screens recorded in form of short videos.

Track Location

Get to know the location of your loved ones by tracking the GPS location of their MAC devices. Find out current and earlier positions.

Track Browsing History

Monitor the internet use of children by getting approach to the internet browsing history of their desktop and laptop computers.

Website Blocking

Make the internet secure for children by blocking age-inappropriate websites. Block websites containing adult-oriented stuff.

Closely Watch Out Kids Digital Behavior by Tracking Their MAC Devices
Are you concerned about the computer usage of your kids? Keep track of every single activity performed on machines with the most advanced tracking software. Ensure kids’ online protection by supervising their internet use and blocking access to objectionable and age-inappropriate websites. Safeguard them from potential dangers by keeping tabs on their surroundings.
MAC Spy Software
Get your hands on the most advanced MAC monitoring solution and keep tabs on computer usage of your children and workforce. Remotely monitor and operate the desktop and laptop computers running different versions of the MAC operating system. Closely watch out the online and offline activities of your concerned ones and keep them from unproductive acts, malice and wrongdoings. Get the computer screens recorded; keep an eye on surroundings; find whereabouts and create online data backup with the high-tech Undetectable MAC spy software.

Windows Spy Software

Remotely supervise the digital behavior of your children and employees by tracking their desktop and laptop computers running Windows OS. Sneak into Samsung, Dell, HP, Acer, LG or any Windows PC with the SPYFamily Windows monitoring software.

Supervise Teens’ Digital Lives with Windows Spy Software
Protect your loved ones from the potential dangers of digital devices including online harassments and child molestation. Keep a secret eye with windows spy tool on online and offline computer activities of your children without leaving any clue of spying. By using the best Windows spy software, you can:

Get user-friendly reports elaborating computer usage
Block access to age-inappropriate websites set alarms on specific computer activities with spy software for windows
Get secretly access passwords and credentials by recording keystrokes

Watch out Employees’ Online & Offline Activities with Windows monitoring software
Closely watch out activities performed on company-owned computer devices. With the windows spying, monitor and boost the productivity and motivation of employees by preventing them from unproductive acts and wrongdoings. By using the best windows monitoring software, you can:

Monitor the internet browsing history and bookmarks
Block access to unproductive and unwanted websites
Track emails through the windows spy tool and record credentials of email accounts
Capture whatever appears on the computer screen in real-time.
Worth of SPYFamily Windows Spying software
For Individuals SPYFamily windows monitoring software lets you track and operate a computer without having access. Its spy software for windows offers online storage for data and allows finding stolen or lost computer.

iPhone Spy App – Spy on iPhone

Which iOS devices are compatible with the No Jailbreak spy version?

The No-Jailbreak version of our iPhone spy can be used on all iOS devices running iOS 7 or above.

Which iOS devices are compatible with SPYFamily Jailbreak iPhone and iPad monitoring app?
SPYFamily iOS spy can be installed on all Jailbreak iOS devices. You can use it to spy on all Apple devices running iOS 6.0 or above (up to iOS 9.0.3). These include all your older devices, plus the new ones, including the iPhone XS Max, XS, iPhone XR, and the previous years’ iPhone 8/8 Plus.

How to monitor an iPhone remotely using SPYFamily?
You can remotely monitor an iOS device using our iCloud spyware that works without jailbreak and doesn’t involve any download or installation but only needs the iCloud credentials of the person who you wish to monitor.

You say you are the best, how is it so?
Do you know that SPYFamily was the first monitoring app to come up with iPhone spying without jailbreak? Not only did we pioneer iPhone spying no jailbreak but also made sure that it worked all the time. With this iPhone spy app, you don’t have to wait. Our service is available on a new iOS as soon as it is out so you could enjoy seamless monitoring without the jailbreak.

Is it legal to use SPYFamily iPhone monitoring software?
Yes, it’s totally legal to use SPYFamily. For more information, refer to our Terms page.

Does SPYFamily iOS spy app work worldwide?
Yes, our monitoring app works regardless of the location of the device or the cellular network that it is on. Our app works with all service providers anywhere in the world. However, you do need an internet connection – whether Wi-Fi connection or mobile internet – for the app to transfer data to your online account.

How to hack someone’s iPhone?
SPYFamily is a legit iPhone monitoring software tool for employers and parents. We only recommend SPYFamily to be used under a legal consent between the two parties. Hacking, on the other hand, is outright illegal.
The only viable spyware for iPhone 12 in 2021
Apple has been tightening up the security on their iOS for the last few years, making it harder every time for any monitoring app to function. Luckily, we have had a way to figure it out and make it work. So, if you want an iPhone monitoring service in 2021, SPYFamily is the one to put your cards on.

Viable spyware for iPhone in 2021
How are we still doing it?
Previously, you could just spy on an iPhone through iCloud by creating a second iCloud backup off it and access it any time on your watch. It’s just not possible anymore. However, most of the other spy apps for iPhone 12 still rely on a trick that doesn’t work anymore.

Install SPYFamily to a PC or macOS.
Backup iPhone through iTunes.
Get a secondary backup via iTunes to an SPYFamily server.
Read more about SPYFamily iPhone Spy App
With more than 1.4 billion active devices globally and holding a 48.1 percent market share in the United States, Apple has secured a safe position on the list of global smartphone brands. However, with every new iOS update, the security keeps getting better, making it even a more challenging task to monitor iPhone devices.

Well, it’s a fact that Apple would never like a superlative, third-party app to take the place of their inbuilt screentime or parental controls; nor would they ever want the privacy of their users from getting compromised due to some shady third-party service. However, there are still many mobile spy apps for iPhone that can not only record all online activities, but you can get information about a person’s GPS location and other offline activities, too. Be it your kids’ digital safety or employees’ risky behaviors, iPhone monitoring apps can solve all these elusive apprehensions without reprehensible interrogations. Keep in mind, though, using spyware to track someone’s activity requires your recipient’s consent.

What is an iPhone monitoring app?
iPhone Spy apps have been there since we had easy access to the internet and advanced technological tools. Over these years, they have improved to be better and more sophisticated. We live in a time where businesses are monetizing on what the users are expecting to maximize the profit. An iPhone spyware can give you access to all digital activities of the person you want to monitor. You can use an iPhone spyware secretly on a device and access activities by logging keystrokes, recording chats, accessing call logs and web browsing history, geo-fencing locations, and more. A good iPhone monitoring app for iOS devices can record almost every possible activity that is happening on the target iPhone or iPad discreetly.

How to spy on an iPhone without installing software?
It is no longer required to have access to someone’s iPhone and install spyware to track their digital activities and offline whereabouts. Now it is possible to spy on an iPhone without having physical access to the phone. Many of us typically have believed that spying is only possible by jailbreaking an iPhone through Cydia. Plus, you cannot take the risk when it’s someone else’s iPhone.

As iCloud is a must-have cloud storage solution for anyone owning an iOS device, this opens for us a way to track an iPhone without having access to it. You don’t even have to install an iPhone spy app. Now the question arises: How could you use iCloud to get remote control of the monitored iOS device? Simple! You will be accessing the data stored on their iCloud to spy on their activities. But there is one prerequisite: You will need their iCloud credentials (Apple ID and password) associated with the target phone. That would be easier if the gadget belongs to your child or corporately owned.

What is SPYFamily iPhone spyware?
SPYFamily is the most advanced iPhone monitoring and tracking software that lets you track your children and employees via their iPhones. SPYFamily runs smoothly on all Apple devices and works in complete stealth mode. This implies that it runs in the background of the target iOS device, so the person being monitored will never know about it. Besides, this iPhone spying app is so easy to use and set up.

SPYFamily for iOS comes in jailbreak iPhone and iPad edition and NoJailbreak iPhone and iPad edition. The latter only requires iCloud credentials. The iCloud spying app supports iOS 15.1 and older versions. On the other hand, Jailbreak Edition is compatible with all Jailbroken iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or above (up to 9.0.3) and requires physical access for installation.

Once set up, SPYFamily records all information silently that’s sent or received on the monitored phone. And it allows you to access this information from any web browser by logging into your SPYFamily online account.

How can SPYFamily help you to monitor an iPhone or iPad?
There are many reasons SPYFamily can become your ultimate spying tool. This iPhone spy app can be used as a parental control app, employee monitoring app, or a student tracking app. Here is how SPYFamily iPhone monitoring can help you:

iPhone Parental Control App for Parents
Kids and smartphones can be a petrifying mix. Whether your kid is using an iPad to play games or your teen is using the iPhone to chat with friends, you have to monitor what they are doing on their devices. Also, you can use a spy app for iPhone to limit their mobile activity and screen time. With this parental monitoring app, you can get remote access to your kid’s iPhone. You can track your child’s iOS device and set some essentials controls to block access to inappropriate apps or lock the device to manage screen time.

There are many reasons to consider monitoring your kids’ iOS devices:

1 in 7 youth internet users have received unwanted sexual solicitations
Online predators target young kids
Kids are getting involved in dangerous online challenges that can cause serious issues like accident, depression, or in worse case death
More than 34 percent of teens have reported some sort of cyberbullying
The Internet can give access to numerous dangerous apps with inappropriate content
You need to know if your kids are lying about their whereabouts
Excessive screen time can cause several health issues like depression, anxiety, eye strain, obesity, and sleep disorders.
iPhone Monitoring App for Employees
SPYFamily iOS spy tool can help you to monitor employees to know if they are killing time at work, or if they are using company-owned devices for personal use. You can track almost every move of your employee from a distance with 100 percent accurate results.

SPYFamily iPhone monitoring app for employees can help you to:

Ensure workplace productivity – 40 percent of employees who surf the internet during office hours for non-work related activities are less productive
Evaluate the performance of the employees – 70 percent of total traffic to pornography websites are recorded during office hours
Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that employees are doing their best
Minimize the chances of insider threats, data breaches, and fraud
Lessen the need for micromanaging the staff
iPhone Student Tracking App for Schools
SPYFamily student tracking app for iOS devices can help schools to monitor the online activities of their students on school-owned devices in classrooms or computer labs. Student monitoring can help improving class engagement, productivity, and especially the digital safety of kids. Schools can access web browsing history and bookmarks to monitor how students are putting these gadgets to use. To save them from potential dangers of cyberbullying, phishing, or identity theft, teachers can teach them digital manners by monitoring their online behavior.

Schools must use internet filters to protect students from getting access to harmful online content
This monitoring app for iOS devices can help schools to do behavior tracking
Teachers can keep tabs on the whereabouts of kids within school premises
What do you need to know before buying the SPYFamily iPhone tracker?
To use the SPYFamily iCloud spying app on a device, make sure you have the iCloud credentials of the iPhone, iPad, or iPod you are going to use. It’s important to have the iCloud backup of the iPhone enabled.
To use the SPYFamily Jailbreak iOS spying app, the target device must be jailbroken and running between iOS 6.0 and iOS 9.0.3. Besides, you will need to manually install this iPhone and iPad monitoring app on the target iOS device using iTunes.
The target iPhone must have internet connectivity.
Some features may work only on non-2FA-based iCloud accounts.
What makes SPYFamily an ideal spying app for iPhone?
SPYFamily is a powerful iOS monitoring app that enables you to ensure the digital safety of your loved ones. It allows you to track the online behavior of your students or monitor the workplace productivity of your employees. For whatever reason you choose to use the SPYFamily iPhone spy app, you can get the advanced monitoring and tracking experience.

Multiple reasons make SPYFamily the ideal spying app to track someone via their iPhones:

The diversity of features
With our iOS spying app, you can get a bundle of basic and advanced spying features, including

Call History – View call logs of all incoming, outgoing, and missed phone calls with date, time and call duration stamps
View Contacts – Remotely access the contact list of your kids or employees in a sophisticated manner
Watchlist Contacts – Get alerts on call made to/from specific numbers on the monitored iOS device
Text Messages – Read all incoming and outgoing text messages
Watchlist Words for SMS – Get instant alerts when specific words are used in text messages
WhatsApp Chats – Read all chats done using popular social media platform WhatsApp
Read all iMessages – Read all messages sent/received using iMessage
Watchlist for iMessages – Get instant alerts when specific words are used in iMessage
Appointments and Calendar activities – Get access to appointments and calendar activities saved on the monitored iPhone or iPad
Photos – View all photos stored on the iOS device
Internet – Access browsing history and bookmarks
Location History – View history of all places visited by the monitored person
Ease of usage
We trying to make it easy for you to track your kids or employees from anywhere. SPYFamily offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface that make sit super easy to track an iPhone anytime. You only have to follow three simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Subscribes to SPYFamily

Step 2: Download and set up SPYFamily on the target iOS device

Step 3: Log in to your SPYFamily online dashboard and start monitoring

High compatibility
SPYFamily iPhone spy app is compatible with the latest iOS versions:

SPYFamily Jailbreak – Works with jailbroken iOS devices (iOS 6.x up to 9.0.2)

SPYFamily No-Jailbreak – Works with iOS 6 and above devices

Affordable pricing
Affordable pricing is one major reason why users prefer to use our SPYFamily mobile spy app. With basic and premium editions, you can subscribe to any one of the packages based on your preference of features you wish to access.

Valuable after-sale services
SPYFamily offers valuable customer service, which is efficient and 24/7 available. Our service agents are always on their feet to assist their customers through any problem they might face with the product. Since customer satisfaction is the ultimate goal and priority of the whole team, the customer support staff is always there to guide the customers without any delay.


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