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How To Monitor Device Informatio On Android & iPhone,MAC OS,Windows Via SpyFamily?

Why SpyFamily monitoring software features only?

Features that don’t compromise the digital safety of your loved ones

SpyFamily has a ton of features that will keep you up to date on your friends and business from anywhere, at any time. Examine your children's crucial cell phone logs or keep track of your colleagues' latest social media posts without bothering them. SpyFamily's dynamic monitoring is an easy method to keep an eye on the mobile devices of anyone in your immediate vicinity.

Lock target phone or tablet

Lock your tweens and teens’ cell phones or tablets during their sleep time or homework time to help them achieve better routines and less tech-dependency.

Remotely wipe device data

Don’t worry about the lost devices anymore; use SpyFamily’s remote data wipe and keep your family’s privacy and your company’s corporate data safe.

App Blocking

Target apps that are not suitable for your kids and block/unblock them with just a single command on your SpyFamily web account.SpyFamily

Remotely get informed about target device Sim Number, Device Storage, Memory

SpyFamily's device info function allows you to remotely access concealed information such as the target device's SIM number, device storage, and remaining memory. Users can now utilize the SpyFamily cell phone monitoring app to learn more about the information associated with the target phone sim number. Furthermore, users can learn about the device's storage capabilities and, last but not least, precise information about the device's memory. Device information from SpyFamily reveals: The target phone's SIM number. An in-depth look at device storage. The cell phone's memory

User can get to know about Wifi, Battery, GPS Status of target device

End users can access extensive device information remotely via the mobile phone monitoring app's web control panel, including Wifi, Battery, and GPS current status. Now you can see how far along the target device's WiFi connectivity is. Using the SpyFamily web portal, you can also learn whether the targeted device's GPS position is enabled, as well as how much power has been wasted. Wifi connectivity on a cell phone is reported through the device information utility. The phone's GPS is turned on or off. The target device's battery timing is on the left.

SpyFamily tells you Carrier Name, Device Model, IMEI number of target

Using an electronic online portal, you can come about the target device user's details such as his or her name, device model, and IMEI number. In no time, the user can monitor information linked to the target mobile phone remotely, including device model and IMEI number, as well as the user's name. All of this is achievable if you have a mobile phone tracking app installed on the targeted device. Learn about device information such as the target device's carrier name. The device's model. The target phone's or gadget's IMEI number.

What Device Info SpyFamily Delivers You?

SpyFamily provides the following device information on the target cell phone device connected to the internet via its web dashboard:

The SpyFamily app provides the following information:

The device's Wi-Fi status

The phone's battery

GPS The target device's current state

How Does the Target Device's Wi-Fi, Battery, and GPS Status Work?

Once you have complete access to the SpyFamily online control panel using your credentials, you will have access to the capabilities that are appropriate for you. Now you must tap on the target device's Wi-Fi, Battery, and GPS status. It will allow you to see the target device's Wi-Fi connection, whether the phone is GPS enabled, and, last but not least, how much charge is remaining on the device.

Phone Model, IMEI, and Carrier Name

Installing the SpyFamily software on your target Android phone provides you with information such as Carrier Name, Device Model, and IMEI number.

Get information on the target device's carrier, model, and IMEI number.

SpyFamily provides you with information on the carrier, device model, and IMEI number. Using the SpyFamily web control panel, the user can receive information about the target device's user name, cell phone model, and even the IMEI number remotely. Only if you have already installed mobile phone surveillance software on the target device is this possible. It's a cell phone surveillance software that rapidly gives you valuable information about the device you're spying on, including the device's name and IMEI number.

What Does SpyFamily Have to Say About the Device?

After you activate it on the target device, cell phone spy software can provide the following features via its internet dashboard:

Cell phone equipment Carrier name Your target phone's model IMEI number

Monitor the SIM number, device storage, and memory status from afar.

Install SpyFamily on the phone you want to track and remotely monitor the storage, RAM, and SIM number.

Learn about the target phone's storage, memory, and SIM number.

To gather information on device SIM numbers, you can utilize the SpyFamily software for cell phone surveillance. You can also learn everything there is to know about the device's storage and, finally, you can learn everything there is to know about the cell phone's memory. It means that the phone tracking app gives you access to so much concealed data about the target device that no other surveillance comes close.

What Do You Know About SpyFamily's Target Phone?

The following are the benefits of using the SpyFamily cell phone tracking app.

The target device's SIM phone number

Get access to precise device storage information.

Complete access to the device's memory

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it a good idea to send the target device to a distant location, such as another state?

After the software is implemented, it requires human intervention to upgrade and maintain it. This means that future versions of the software are not automatically updated and must be accessed physically (Except for Some models in rooted format). As a result, sending the target device to remote locations is not advised.

Is installing the SpyFamily Phone Spy App legal?

You are the master of your own decisions when it comes to putting the software on your own phone as a backup solution. If you wish to install it on someone else's device, however, it is common to obtain their consent or at the very least their permission before proceeding. Because we use a verification process after installation, you can always refer to your country's legislation or read our legal disclaimer for more assurance.

If I require technical assistance, to whom should I turn?

Our best-in-class customer service team is accessible around the clock to assist you. If you require technical assistance, simply click the Chat button to initiate a live chat with a member of our support team, or press the Help button to send a message to our team, and they will promptly respond. You can also contact us at Customer Support SpyFamily.

How can SpyFamily assist me?

This software can assist you in separating the truth from the lies. SpyFamily can show you the real picture, whether you're a parent trying to figure out if their teen is up to no good or an employer trying to guarantee that company secrets aren't leaked by staff.


  • SpyFamily is the world's most popular smartphone monitoring app, with over 30 features starting at just $4.99 per month.
  • If you can't always be physically there with your children, you can use SpyFamily Control Panel to monitor their online and offline activities from any location.
  • SpyFamily allows you to keep tabs on social media, emails, call logs, text messages, contacts, and even saved multimedia. Please see our Features page for a complete list of SpyFamily's features.
  • SpyFamily is also an excellent employee monitoring tool. By installing SpyFamily on your employees' company-provided phones, you can see if they're doing their jobs correctly and not abusing the company's resources.
  • It may also assist businesses in determining how much time each employee spends on non-work-related activities during working hours.

Remotely Control Target Phone/Tablet

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