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How to Monitor Emails Using SpyFamily?

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Email monitoring is an SpyFamily feature that enables you to get access to the incoming and outgoing mails on the target cell phone device. Track all emails from the monitored Android and iOS devices with SpyFamily’s reliable and effective email spying software.

Gmail Tracker

SpyFamily Gmail Tracker allows you to spy & read all sent and received emails on Gmail platform from targeted android devices. Try this Gmail monitoring app now!

Yahoo Tracker

Dig deep into their inbox and uncover the truth with the email monitoring app designed to help them stay safe.

Mail Spy All

View All mail Emails stored on the phone sent/received with email monitoring software

Spy On Email

SpyFamily monitors emails by taking screenshots and tracking keystrokes made in them, including email content, recipients, and the date and time stamp of emails sent out. Employers need to spy on email in order to discover internal threats and avoid confidential data leaking. WHY IS EMAIL SPIRING NECESSARY? SpyFamily spy software allows you to see all of the information of the written content of emails sent to the user's device. On the one hand, parents may easily determine whether their children have contacted suspicious persons via email or sent any inappropriate stuff to their email. Employers, on the other hand, can utilize Email espionage to determine whether employees are leaking confidential business information to unauthorized groups and persons.

View All G-mail emails Stored On The Phone

View All Gmail Messages Emails sent/received on the phone with email monitoring software An end user can gain remote access to a target mobile phone device and discover sent/received Gmail emails with complete time stamps using an email tracking program.

Using spy software for Gmail, the user can gain remote access to the target cell phone device and learn about emails sent or received. The SpyFamily Gmail monitoring program may be used to obtain all information transmitted or received through Gmail emails.

You can use Gmail spy software to:

Gmail emails sent from a mobile device can be tracked.

Gmail emails are being monitored via mobile phone.

Examine the contents of the Gmail email.

Data is saved on the SpyFamily online portal.

Users can record Gmail movies on their phone screens using the Gmail screen recording app.

To see Gmail emails in real-time, you can do live Gmail screen recording and make short movies of the cell phone screen engaged with Gmail.

If you want to see Gmail emails on your target phone, SpyFamily Gmail screen recording software is the finest option for you. It allows you to record short films on the phone's screen. As a result, users can view the text of Gmail emails and learn what is being sent or received via email.

Get the best screen recorder for Gmail.

View Gmail Sent Emails in real time on the target phone's screen.

Gmail emails are displayed on the phone's screen in real-time.

Frequently Asked Questions - Mail App Spy

Which Devices Can SpyFamily Email Spying Software Monitor?

All iOS jailbreak (iOS 6.0 to iOS 9.0.3) and Android (Gingerbread 2.3 or higher) smartphones are compatible with SpyFamily's email spying. The email espionage software from SpyFamily also necessitates rooting the target Android device. Furthermore, we urge that you consult the SpyFamily Compatibility Page to avoid any hardware or software incompatibilities.

With the SpyFamily Email Monitoring Tool, which emails can I monitor?

SpyFamily may monitor all sent and received emails from the default mailbox app's set email address. It's the Gmail app on Android and the "Mail" app on iOS.

Is it possible to spy on emails on the target device before installing SpyFamily?

SpyFamily is the only email monitoring program that shows you emails that were already on the target device before you installed it.

What Are The Requirements To Use The SpyFamily Email Monitoring App?

Make sure the target device has an active internet connection before using the SpyFamily email monitoring feature. Furthermore, the Android and Jailbreak versions of SpyFamily require a one-time installation on the target phone or tablet.

Why am I unable to open any emails on the monitored device?

If the monitored cell phone or tablet isn't sending or receiving emails, make sure the email logging feature is turned on. To do so, go to your SpyFamily web account's "Settings" tab and select the "Toggle Features" tab. Check the "Log Email" (or "Log Gmail" on Android) tab to see if it's enabled (email monitoring is compatible with SpyFamily Jailbreak and Android versions only). Additionally, verify that the monitored device has an active internet connection.

Is it feasible to record phone actions on video?

Yes, you can spy on the phone and record all of their activity using the greatest monitoring software. It allows you to discreetly create screen videos of live performances. This method is both useful for tracking your loved one's actions and for protecting yourself online.

What are the benefits of using an email monitoring app?

There are various reasons to examine your targeted person's email actions. People are concerned and want to know where their loved ones are. Employers are terrified of finding out how well their employees are performing at work.

Can you keep your company's official data safe?

Employers are aware of the importance of protecting their official data. However, the best email monitoring software should be used. SpyFamily assists you in locating the targeted person's emails. It allows you to observe what the targeted individual is doing.

Is it possible to see the contents of an email?

Yes, you can trace the emails of your target without knowing who they are. It allows you to track the live activity of anyone you choose to track. You can protect your loved ones and learn everything about emails with this software.

Is the Gmail screen recorder the best option for businesses?

Gmail screen recorder allows you to monitor and record phone conversations. It's a useful program for those employers that want to keep track of their employees' activities on Gmail accounts. It assists you in safeguarding your company from any internet threats.

SpyFamily is the greatest Gmail screen recorder tool for a reason?

SpyFamily is the greatest monitoring program that aids you in protecting your target person's online safety. It assists you in finding online performances. It locates digital gadgets and discreetly examines all of their versions. This program can be used to protect your business and your children.

WHY DO YOU NEED TO Monitor Emails with SpyFamily?

  • Around 40% of employees keep sensitive company information in order to find a new job. Your organization could also be one of those whose employees sell their company's confidential information to competitors, such as upcoming product designs, business ideas, or even business strategies. SpyFamily's email monitoring software protects your employees' devices from email abuse and business theft.
  • Kids may make poor internet judgments during their tween and teen years, such as watching pornographic content or subscribing to adult online periodicals. Parents may ensure that their children aren't going too far with their teen behaviors by monitoring their emails.
  • If your child is establishing new friends on social media sites that you aren't aware of, you may see all of their email notifications about new friend requests that they may have given or received through their social media accounts.
  • SpyFamily isn't only an email surveillance program; it can also track other vital phone logs including calls, SMS, social media, instant messages, and even stored multimedia.
  • If you're worried about someone abusing their phone in your presence, SpyFamily is an economical answer.

Track sent/received Gmail on Android using Email monitoring software

Keep an eye on your email accounts on corporate Android devices, and don't let any employee use email to steal your intellectual property. You can use the Email tracking app on a target android device to keep a close eye on the content and context of Gmail emails. Employers may monitor every email sent to clients including the schedule.

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