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How to Monitor SnapChat On Android & iPhone Via SpyFamily?

Watch the tutorial and find out how you can monitor SnapChat chats, call logs and contacts from an Android or iOS device.

Snapchat screen recorder for Android - Spy on SnapChat Moments & Monitor Multimedia Messaging App

With our Snapchat Screen Recorder, parents can ensure that their children are safe on Snapchat. The best Snapchat Spy App by SpyFamily let you secretly spy on Snapchat moments & monitors multimedia messages remotely. Works with Rooted & Non-Rooted Android Phones.


You can trace all multimedia data (photos, videos, and pictures) shared via the Snapchat app. Even if the content was deleted it will be visible to you in your personal Control panel.


While every snap disappears within 10 seconds, it is still available for you with SpyFamily. You can view multimedia files and text messages from the Control Panel at any time with Snapchat spy feature.


You can keep track of the received and sent media, track the date & time of the exchanged media files, view video duration, and monitor the conversations within the Snapchat app.

Spy on Snapchat messenger on Android with non-rooted Snapchat spy app

Snapchat spy app is an application that monitors Snapchat accounts on your children's or employees' iPhones or Android phones. It's a spying program that lets you track Snapchat text chats, log keystrokes, and take screenshots. SMS messages, phone call sounds, call logs, surroundings, internet history, clipboard history, GPS positions, Geo-fencing, and social chat conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Viber, Hike, imo, Line, and other platforms are also monitored. Many parents and businesses may wonder how to monitor their child's Snapchat activity, but with the help of SpyFamily, this will be a non-issue.

How to Spy on Snapchat: How to Spy on Snapchat?

Snapchat messages that vanish are no longer an issue. Thanks to the Snapchat spy app from SpyFamily. You may now monitor the target user account's chat discussions and other Snapchat actions.

What Can Snapchat Spy Track? | What Can Snapchat Spy Track?

Because of the nature of the program, spying on someone's Snapchat activity takes a lot of effort; however, that is no longer the case with SpyFamily- Snapchat Spy App. This app feature allows you to remotely monitor your target's Snapchat behavior. It has the following features:

Spy on Snapchat Messages That Disappear

Once a person views a Snapchat message or snap, it vanishes with no method of tracking or retrieving it. However, with the Snapchat spy app function, you will be able to track each and every Snapchat message sent from the targeted Android or iOS device, including private and group chats. The Snapchat Spy app allows you to view Snapchat messages from the dashboard at any time.

Snapchat Multimedia Spy monitors shared media files on the target's Snapchat account, including snaps, stories, documents, audios, images, videos, and pictures. From the dashboard, you can simply access and view these multimedia files.

Contacts of Snapchat Friends can be tracked and accessed.

In stealth mode, remotely view details of the target user's friends on Snapchat, such as contact names, profile images, phone numbers, and more.

Spy on Snapchat Notifications

You can also acquire information on Snapchat alerts received on the target account, such as when someone sends a friend request, sends snaps, sends messages, or responds to a snap.

What is the Snapchat Spy App and how does it work?

SpyFamily makes it simple to monitor the Snapchat activities of the targeted smartphone. It operates in stealth mode, logging Snapchat activity without alerting the victim to the fact that they are being followed.

Sign in to the SpyFamily website and create a SpyFamily account to track someone's Snapchat account. Select a subscription plan before downloading and installing the app on the target device. Then simply follow the steps below:

Enter valid credentials to access your SpyFamily account.

Select the option Social Media from the left-hand selection panel on your dashboard.

Select the Snapchat option from the drop-down menu.

You'll be able to see all of the Snapchat messages and shared multimedia files, as well as the timestamp on the target user's Snapchat app, on the dashboard. The Snapchat spy tool allows you to stay anonymous while monitoring any data.

Frequently Asked Questions: SnapChat Spy App - Best Spying Software to Monitor SnapChat

Is it possible to snoop on Snapchat?

All you need is a Snapchat spy app like SpyFamily to do so. It displays the conversations they're having on the popular social media app, as well as the people with whom they're conversing. It's also reasonably priced, so it won't cost you a fortune.

How can I secretly monitor someone's Snapchat account?

We recommend getting an app that runs in hidden mode if you don't want them to know you're spying on Snapchat. Knowing how to snoop on someone's Snapchat is one thing. But how do you do it without being noticed? That's a separate game altogether. Thankfully, SpyFamily has you covered, and activating stealth mode doesn't require any complicated settings. It's built in in, so they won't know they're being watched if you install the Snapchat spying software on their device. There was no significant stuttering

Is it possible to spy on someone's Snapchat account for free?

You absolutely can, but it's not something we recommend. Remember that using a free Snapchat spy tool could put your personal information at risk. If it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is. That is undoubtedly the case with free Snapchat surveillance apps. These programs are frequently infected with spyware and viruses that are designed to steal personal information such as email addresses, passwords, and credit card numbers. As a result, do yourself a favor and avoid free Snapchat spy softwar

Is it possible to get a Snapchat spy app on Google Play or the App Store?

No. If you come across an app on Google Play or the Software Store that purports to show you how to spy on Snapchat messages, there's a strong chance it's a very basic app that doesn't do what it claims. These programs are typically highly complex, and they aren't available on Google Play or Apple's App Store.

Which Snapchat surveillance app is the best?

We may be biased, but we believe it is SpyFamily. The monitoring app simply makes it very simple to track someone's Snapchat activity. It does all the footwork for you after you install it, so you don't have to jump through hoops every time you want to check out what they're saying on Snapchat. You'll also have access to a slew of other tools, like location tracking, keyword alerts, a keylogger, app blocking, web history, and more. When combined, you can get a whole picture of how safely (or dangerously) th

When I spy on someone's Snapchat, what can I see?

Everything is visible. Each and every message that has been sent. Each and every communication that has been received. We're talking about texts, images, movies, and anything else you can think of. Emojis and GIFs, too. They're all right in front of you. You'll have access to date and time stamps as well, so you'll know exactly when everything was sent and received.

What can I do if I want to look at Snapchat messages that have been deleted?

Snapchat is set up to delete messages so that no one else can see what you've sent or received. SpyFamily, thankfully, had that in mind. It allows you to see their Snapchat messages, including those that have been erased. And if something goes missing, the app's built-in screen recorder has you covered. It captures screenshots of the user's screen as they send and receive Snapchat messages, so if you miss a message, it could very well be waiting for you in the screen recorder portion.

Is it simple for SpyFamily to keep an eye on Snapchat?

Yes. In reality, figuring out how to spy on Snapchat isn't difficult. Simply install SpyFamily and it will take care of the rest. After everything has synced for the first time, you'll be able to view all of their Snapchat interactions in your Control Panel.

Is there a one-feature solution for Snapchat spy?

SpyFamily, no. Snapchat spy software is a well-known surveillance tool all around the world. There are about 250 espionage features in it. It analyzes not only Snapchat but also other messaging apps. On their cell phones, users can record live phone calls, read messages, track GPS location, log keystrokes, crack passwords, and view browser history.

Is it possible to keep an eye on someone's Snapchat stories?

Yes, Snapchat's monitoring service includes a screen recorder that allows you to capture your phone's screen. Using live screen recorder software, you may record live Snapchat stories on your phone's screen. It sends you videos in a loop to your SpyFamily dashboard. You can watch live Snapchat stories and download recorded videos.

Is it possible for me to see a monitored user's Snapchat stories?

Yes, you may see their Snapchat stories, but you must first grasp how it works. Because our program captures Snapchat screens/screenshots, whether you get their Snapchat stories depends on whether they upload one or view someone else's.

Is there a limit to how many screen recordings I may store on my account?

No, there is no limit to the number of screen recordings that can be saved; however, your backups are only held on our system for three months, so we recommend downloading them.

In the future, what other apps will be compatible with the screen recorder?

Screen recording for WhatsApp, Viber, and YouTube will be available soon.

Is it necessary for me to root my Android device in order to use the screen recorder?

To use the screen recording feature, you must first root your Android device.

WHY DO PARENTS NEED THE Snapchat Screen Recorder?

  • Snapchat is the second-worst app for mental health on the list.
  • Snapchat is used by 73% of youngsters on a daily basis.
  • Snapchat is the second-worst app for mental health on the list.
  • Snapchat users aged 25 and under spent 40 minutes each day on the app.
  • Many Snapchat users under the age of 13 sign up without their parents' permission.
  • Your underage children are at risk of cyberbullying, anxiety, despair, body shaming, and FOMO if they use Snapchat.
  • What Can SpyFamily Be Used For? This free spy tool can be used for parental control and employee monitoring. It will be a great helper if you need to trace someone's phone.
  • Parental Control - Keep Kids Safe Online: Parental control is simple with the SpyFamily SnapChat spy app. You can monitor your children's online activities at any time. This protects them from cyberbullying, sexual predators, cyberstalkers, and other threats.
  • STOP CYBER-BULLYING: Use the following words as alarm words to detect cyberbullying: Cyberbullying has been reported by 65 percent of teenagers.
  • IDENTIFY SEXUAL PREDATORS: Keep an eye on social media conversation messages: Social media is used in 82 percent of sex crimes involving minors.
  • BLOCK INAPPROPRIATE WEBSITES TO ENSURE ONLINE SAFETY: On the internet, 75% of kids disclose personal information about themselves and their families.

Snapchat Screen Recorder for Android

There's no arguing that Snapchat has grown into a huge social actor, especially among tweens and teens, with over 218 million daily average users and 3 billion daily snaps. With the typical user using the app 30 times each day, things are bound to get a little sloppy. Parents, on the other hand, can use our Snapchat Screen Recorder to guarantee that their children are safe while using Snapchat.

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