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How To Use SpyFamily Instant Alerts On Android And IPhone Using SpyFamily?

Watch the tutorial and learn how to use SpyFamily instant alerts on Android and iOS devices.

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Keyword Alerts Spy App

You’ll receive immediate alerts whenever certain words and phrases appear on your child’s phone after you choose them. Determine whether your youngster is looking for information on drug use, sex, violence, or other potentially harmful topics. SpyFamily informs you in real time on what your child is supposed to do.

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Get Instant Alerts from Monitored Android or iOS devices with SpyFamily

If it isn’t quick or keeps you informed about observed behavior from target devices in real-time, it isn’t a spy app. What makes an excellent spy app is getting fast notifications for the activity that you are concerned about. SpyFamily is quirky, yet strong, and it’s been fine-tuned to give you the greatest smartphone monitoring experience available. Set alerts for words, contacts, or even SIM card changes, and spy on what matters most to you.

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Alerts SMS / Email

Get instant SIM change Notifications Alerts in case SIM Card has been removed on the target device

The end-user will receive SIM Change notifications via email or SMS when the target phone user changes the SIM Card on the phone.

TheOneSpy phone tracking software has developed a cutting-edge feature called “SIM change notice alerts.” It will notify the end-user when the SIM Card on the target device has been changed, regardless of how many times the action has occurred. The alerts will be sent to the user via SMS or email at regular intervals.

Notifications of SIM Card Changes are Beneficial:

Users are informed that the SIM card has been replaced. It is possible that the target mobile phone user has lost the handset.

Perhaps the phone has been stolen.

The SIM card of the target user was replaced by him.

Receive Notifications For Specific Contacts And Emails.

SpyFamily allows you to specify which phone numbers or email addresses you want to be notified about. You will receive an instant alert notification if your children or workers make or receive a call or email from any of those contacts. SpyFamily recognizes the importance of alert notifications for its spying services, which is why it offers the most comprehensive set of unique alerts.

Receive notifications for specific phone numbers.

Set up email alerts for certain email addresses.

Receive email notifications.

Get Notifications for Specific Words

If you’re concerned about your children’s language choices, or if you’re concerned that your employees may be utilizing company-provided cell phones to bully or harass others, SpyFamily allows you to define terms that you don’t want your children or employees to use, and it will notify you if they are used on the monitored cell phones or tablets.

Receive SMS alerts for certain words.

Get IM chat alerts for certain words (iMessage, WhatsApp, Skype, Line, Viber, Kik).

Get email alerts for certain words.

Receive email notifications.

Get Notifications in Specific Areas

SpyFamily’s Specific Areas Notifications keeps you updated in real-time with fast alerts for all the areas you put on the Watchlist if you don’t want your children to visit places that aren’t appropriate for their age or safety. SpyFamily is all about easy monitoring; you can even choose whether you want check-in or check-out alerts.

Mark the areas where you’d like to be notified.

Receive notifications whenever they enter or leave those regions.

Examine the time and date stamps.

Receive email notifications.

Receive notifications when your SIM card is changed.

When your employees or children swap their SIM cards on mobile phones or tablets, SpyFamily notifies you.

Receive notifications when your SIM card changes.

Find the ID of the newly inserted SIM card.

Receive email notifications.

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Frequently Asked Questions : Keyword Alert

WHY CHOOSE SpyFamily Instant Alerts Spy App?

  • It’s all about the timing when it comes to smartphone surveillance. Only instant alarm alerts can help you reach your child in time and safeguard them from harm if they are surfing something unsuitable on the internet or walking into an inappropriate environment for their age.
  • You can always be aware of your employees’ unique cell phone activity if you use SpyFamily as an employee monitoring solution. This includes monitoring their call logs, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, and even any instant messages they may send or receive on company-owned mobile devices.
  • There is no purpose to have a mobile spy app if it does not provide fast notifications. SpyFamily, on the other hand, offers a wide range of fast notifications for certain terms, contacts, locations, and even SIM card changes.
  • SpyFamily offers instant warnings to your registered email address whenever a “Watchlisted” keyword, location, or SIM card change is detected on the monitored device, whether it’s SpyFamily Jailbreak, No-Jailbreak, or SpyFamily Android version.

I love my employees and I get used to friendly behavior. My lenient behavior with my employees turns to waste time on devices. Thanks to SPYFamily that helped me out to see the browsing activities of my employees and now I can filter websites and prevent the time-wasting…


I am doing business for so long; I have to keep my eyes on my workers associated with my clients. Call recording is my favorite feature. It enables me to record real-time calls of my employees when they talk with clients. I would say this one of the best products I have been…


My young daughter is a social media addict and used to capture photos, videos all the time. Social media addiction makes me worried and I have used to IM’s social media feature. It provides me instant logs of the instant messaging apps that keep me updated all 24/7.


Keyword Alerts Tracking

With SpyFamily keyword alerts, you’ll be notified right away if your child’s phone is being used with improper keywords. You can readily tell whether your child is looking for material on sex, violence, drug use, or other inappropriate content for his or her age. It’s a useful tool that can protect your children from internet risks and allow them to use their phones more safely. It permits you to play a protective role in children’s development.

You Can Totally Rely on SPYFamily™ – We’ve Got Your Back

SPYFamily™ won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

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Notifications for Sim Changes to Find Out Your New Phone Number

SpyFamily allows you to: Get instant notifications when the chosen keywords/phrases emerge; Check the complete content for harmful words/phrases

Inspect all content for inappropriate inputs.

Why will you benefit from this feature?

Some words and phrases cause concern among parents. You’ll be notified as soon as they show on your child’s phone, whether they’re used in a search or received in a text through a discussion with someone else.

SpyFamily gives you control over your child’s online security. SpyFamily notifies you instantly once you select the words or phrases. It’s that simple.

Dashboard Notifications

Receive notifications anytime an important event occurs.

One of SpyFamily’s most potent features is Alerts. You’ll save a lot of time and be less likely to miss out on critical information if you use it appropriately. Set up alerts using our Alert Wizard inside your dashboard after you’ve purchased and installed SpyFamily. By specifying parameters that will result in a notification being generated for you on your dashboard, this Wizard allows you to create and name your own custom alerts. The following are examples of alerts:

Keywords for Caller ID Location

Let’s look at these alert types in more detail to see how they work.

Alerts from Caller ID

If the target phone sends or gets an SMS, MMS, or Voice Call from a specified number, our Caller ID alert will issue a notification. You may even set this alert to notify you of missed calls and withheld phone numbers.

If an employee contacts a rival, you’ll be notified.

When your child receives a call from an unknown number, be aware.

Keyword notifications

Set up keyword alerts to get notified whenever a keyword you specify appears in an SMS, email, or MMS message.

When someone uses your name in a message, you’ll get a notification.

Find out whether your youngster is talking about unlawful activities with his or her buddies.

Set a keyword alert for your company credit card number to ensure that no one else has access to the information.

Location Notifications

Do you have concerns that your child is skipping school or visiting risky areas of town? Do you want to maintain track of your sales team when they’re out in the field as an employer? You require location alerts for any reason. When the person you’re watching comes within a specific distance of a point you’ve chosen on a map, use our location alert tool to receive an alert.

Set the warning radius somewhere between 50 meters and 10 kilometers.

Setting the alert location is easy with the search feature.

SIM change notification alerts follow SIM Card changes on the target device invisibly and remotely, informing you by SMS and dashboard.

Instant Alerts with SIM Change Notification When the SIM Card in the Target Phone Changes, the SIM Change Notifications alert you that your target has changed the SIM card. You will be able to read text messages, record live phone calls, view call records, and perform a variety of other tasks related to the target device’s cellular network. Users can only spy on the target smartphone if they use a different SIM card. On the internet, you may track cellphone activity such as social media logs, VoIP call recordings, browser history, passwords, and emails.

When Should You Expect Your Target to Use the New SIM Card Phone Number?

The SpyFamily software allows you to surreptitiously track the target phone’s SIM change and receive an SMS notification immediately. It keeps track of the SIM change time and data on the security control for future reference.

What is the SIM Change Notifier Feature in SpyFamily?

SpyFamily is a cell phone spying program. It has useful features such as SIM change notifications. It works invisibly on the phone and alerts you in real-time when your target device no longer has a SIM card. It also alerts you if another SIM card is used on the phone. It can, however, monitor cell phones without a SIM card, but only internet activity. On social networks, users may monitor social messaging apps, internet history, bookmarks, passwords, GPS position, keystrokes, and VoIP calls.

SIM Change Notifications Can Be Beneficial

Parents can monitor their children’s cell phone activity and put parental controls on the internet activities of the target device. SpyFamily notifications can notify you if your minor has changed his or her SIM card. Parents can also see if their child has used a different SIM card. Business professionals can monitor company phones and inquire as to why employees replace the phone’s legitimate SIM card.

No Root Required to Receive SIM Change Alerts

You don’t need to root your target phone to receive SIM change notifications via the SpyFamily dashboard. The SIM change notification feature works on any cell phone device and sends you real-time notifications.

Why Is SpyFamily’s Best Tool SIM Change Notifications?

SpyFamily is a strong phone surveillance program that allows you to monitor and track any cell phone activity in the following ways:

SIM swap notifications in real time

SIM-card changes are alerted via Live Notifications.

Notifies you through your dashboard

SpyFamily’s web management panel may send you notifications.

Receive new SIM alerts

Receiving notices when the target user has installed a new SIM card

Save new information to the dashboard.

Start tracking data on the new SIM and save it to the dashboard.

Plan a SpyFamily visit

SpyFamily can be subscribed to by going to its website and selecting a price plan based on feature availability and receiving credentials.

Obtain the target phone.

You can successfully activate SpyFamily by gaining physical access to the phone.

Online dashboard access

Users can log in using their passwords and IDs to view the dashboard and use the features to receive immediate results.

Get SIM Change Notifications with the SpyFamily App.

SpyFamily may be installed on any cell phone and used to track every activity, including SIM changes. The world’s greatest phone spying software can be configured in the following stages.