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How SpyFamily Location tracking works?

Find out how SpyFamily tracks location of the monitored user and what other location tracking features you can access.

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Track the current GPS location of the device and view its location history

View location

View location list details (coordinates, location time, address, and accuracy)


See your kid`s current whereabouts on the detailed map. Check their route history over a specific interval of time

SpyFamily: A World-Class Cell Phone Tracker to Monitor Kids and Employees Around the Clock:

Did you know that 40% of teenagers deceive their parents about where they are? According to other statistics, 36% of employees take detours during work. If you want to track their whereabouts and see where they've been, all you have to do is install SpyFamily on their phones and tablets once. You may then track their GPS location, examine their location history, and receive instant notifications when they visit unsafe locations. Manage history, reports, events, and notifications, as well as remote device control, custom billing, mobile phone tracking apps, and 800+ GPS trackers using GPS tracking software.

What is SpyFamily Mobile Tracking Software?

SpyFamily is the most advanced cell phone monitoring software available, allowing parents and companies to keep tabs on their children and employees even when they're on the go. Parents and employers can use SpyFamily on their smartphones or tablets to:

Track your GPS location in secret.

Track their location history from anywhere in the world.

Check the time and date stamps for each location you visit in secret.

Create safe and dangerous zones and get fast notifications when the target device bearer enters or leaves them.

What is Location History Monitoring with SpyFamily?

SpyFamily allows you to track your children's or employees' cell phone locations remotely via their phones or tablets. You can see all of the areas they've visited at any time and from any location.

Track your cell phone's current location quickly and easily.

Checklist of all the places you've been.

Check the date and time of each location you visited.

Keep track of each location's latitude, longitude, and street address.

WHY SHOULD SPYFamily Cell Phone Tracker BE USED?

SpyFamily is the most powerful mobile phone monitoring program on the market, with unique Android features and a fantastic iCloud spy version for iOS devices.

A less expensive option than other cellphone trackers on the market.

No hardware is required.

Installation and setup take only 5 minutes.

For a complete monitoring experience, there are over 35 mobile tracking capabilities.

An excellent monitoring tool at work and a great companion for your child's phone.

Excellent after-sales service with live chat and email support available 24/7.

SpyFamily is a popular employee phone tracking app. SpyFamily is a complete employee tracking software with capabilities including location and email tracking, call records, SMS, and social media surveillance.

Frequently Asked Questions - Location Tracking

Is it possible to track a cell phone's location in real time with SpyFamily?

If there is a strong internet connection available on the monitored device, SpyFamily can track the exact position of the monitored person in real-time. Note that a new location will only be logged with SpyFamily if the monitored device is relocated. SpyFamily will only record a single position stamp if the watched device is not moving.

How accurate is SpyFamily's location monitoring?

SpyFamily tracks a device's location using the device's existing location/GPS services. If you want to keep an eye on an iOS device, make sure "Find My iPhone" is turned on.

Is it possible to track the location history of the monitored phone if there is no Internet connection?

SpyFamily's GPS tracking requires an active internet connection. There are a few exceptions to this rule, though. If there is no internet connection on the monitored Android device, SpyFamily will still register all the visited places, but they will only be posted once the device connects to the internet. If you're using SpyFamily No Jailbreak and your monitored device doesn't have an internet connection, you'll have to wait for the next iCloud backup.

Why Do I Need "Find My iPhone" To Track The GPS Location Of The Target iOS Device?

For location tracking to work, SpyFamily needs "Find My iPhone" turned on on the target device.

Can I Use SpyFamily To Spy On A Samsung Phone?

Yes, you can use SpyFamily to track a Samsung phone. We do not, however, support any unlawful use of our software, such as spying on someone's Samsung phone without their permission.

What is the best mobile location tracker?

SpyFamily is the most popular cell phone tracking software in the world. On your target phone, you can customize the location tracker app. Also, enable the options that provide real-time GPS location. The online dashboard will provide users with real-time and accurate GPS location information.

Is it possible to follow someone's position using their phone number?

Yes, you can use a phone number to find out where someone is. You can, however, make advantage of a reverse phone lookup service. SpyFamily phone tracker, on the other hand, will provide you with the precise location of the target device in general and real-time location tracking in particular.

How do I use Google Maps to monitor a cellphone?

With the SpyFamily location tracker, you can track a cell phone using Google Maps. It works on cellphones and lets you activate the live GPS location feature, which uses Google Maps to show you where the target person is. On Google Maps, you may see the exact location of a target phone.

How can I find my Android phone's location history?

With the greatest GPS tracking software, like as SpyFamily, you can track an android phone's location history. Users can install the app on any Android phone without rooting it and activate features like location history log monitoring. It will show you the target android phone's daily, weekly, and live whereabouts, which you can view on Google Maps.

What is the best cell phone GPS history tracking app?

SpyFamily is without a doubt the best cell phone tracking program. Its web dashboard allows you to monitor cell phones and track live GPS location, weekly GPS history, and daily location history logs. It offers powerful capabilities that allow you to track the location of a target cellphone with remarkable accuracy and efficiency.

Is it possible for me to check my Google weekly location history?

Install and activate the best weekly GPS tracking history app on your smartphone device. You may also use the web control panel to enable the option that shows your device's GPS location history. You'll get your Google weekly location history with the schedule right away.

What is the most effective phone tracker for SMS location tracking?

There are several location monitoring programs available on the internet, but you'll need to locate one that supports SMS. Remote SMS commands are only available through one online solution. SpyFamily is a software that uses SMS to track phone locations. With SpyFamily, you may use an SMS to track the position of the target phone.

Is it feasible to track someone's whereabouts using SMS and no internet?

Yes. SpyFamily cell phone monitoring software allows you to track your target phone's location via SMS and without using the internet. It can send an SMS to track the location of a cell phone without using the target phone's data.

What's the best Android tracker for non-GPS location tracking?

SpyFamily is the only phone surveillance app that allows users to track the position of an Android phone without using GPS. To track android phone whereabouts without rooting, you must activate features like SMS tracker and call tracking.

Is there an undetected location tracking app for android?

Yes. SpyFamily is a concealed and untraceable cell phone tracking program that operates behind the scenes on the phone. The application secretly monitors every cell phone activity and leaves a trail for the target user, such as location monitoring.

WHY DO YOU NEED SpyFamily GPS Locator app?

  • Teenage binge drinking and drug misuse are on the rise, but parents can easily watch their children's outside activities with SpyFamily location tracking.
  • You might also monitor your children's distracted driving habits with SpyFamily.
  • You might be able to tell whether your tweens or adolescents are wandering into dangerous regions or attending risky adult parties.
  • You may utilize SpyFamily to catch your youngster if he or she goes out late at night.
  • Many firms track their employees' present locations in order to prevent them from negotiating deals with competitors or indulging in other unethical behavior while at work.
  • SpyFamily is one of the few programs that can track the current position of your employees and children in real time.

Real –Time location tracking of a phone is possible with GPS location tracker

Using location tracking software, the user may do pinpoint and real-time location tracking of the target device in no time. Users can access the SpyFamily online portal and utilize the location tracking function to monitor the current and exact location of the target device in real time. It keeps the user informed on where the target mobile phone device is at any given time, allowing them to make the best judgments possible regarding the device's mobility. You can use a real-time location monitoring program to: Learn about the target device's GPS location. Stay up to date on the device's current and exact position in real time.

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