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How SpyFamily Location Tracking Works?

Find out how SpyFamily tracks location of the monitored user and what other location tracking features you can access.

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LINE Messenger Spy – Monitor LINE Messages

Learn how SpyFamily not only monitors Odnokalassniki Messages chats and group chats, but also all shared photos on the target device by watching a tutorial.

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SpyFamily: A World-Class Cell Phone Tracker to Monitor Kids and Employees Around the Clock:

Did you know that 40% of teenagers deceive their parents about where they are? According to other statistics, 36% of employees take detours during work. If you want to track their whereabouts and see where they’ve been, all you have to do is install SpyFamily on their phones and tablets once. You may then track their GPS location, examine their location history, and receive instant notifications when they visit unsafe locations. Manage history, reports, events, and notifications, as well as remote device control, custom billing, mobile phone tracking apps, and 800+ GPS trackers using GPS tracking software.

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What is SpyFamily Mobile Tracking Software?

SpyFamily is the most advanced cell phone monitoring software available, allowing parents and companies to keep tabs on their children and employees even when they’re on the go. Parents and employers can use SpyFamily on their smartphones or tablets to:

Track your GPS location in secret.

Track their location history from anywhere in the world.

Check the time and date stamps for each location you visit in secret.

Create safe and dangerous zones and get fast notifications when the target device bearer enters or leaves them.

What is Location History Monitoring with SpyFamily?

SpyFamily allows you to track your children’s or employees’ cell phone locations remotely via their phones or tablets. You can see all of the areas they’ve visited at any time and from any location.

Track your cell phone’s current location quickly and easily.

Checklist of all the places you’ve been.

Check the date and time of each location you visited.

Keep track of each location’s latitude, longitude, and street address.

WHY SHOULD SPYFamily Cell Phone Tracker BE USED?

SpyFamily is the most powerful mobile phone monitoring program on the market, with unique Android features and a fantastic iCloud spy version for iOS devices.

A less expensive option than other cellphone trackers on the market.

No hardware is required.

Installation and setup take only 5 minutes.

For a complete monitoring experience, there are over 35 mobile tracking capabilities.

An excellent monitoring tool at work and a great companion for your child’s phone.

Excellent after-sales service with live chat and email support available 24/7.

SpyFamily is a popular employee phone tracking app. SpyFamily is a complete employee tracking software with capabilities including location and email tracking, call records, SMS, and social media surveillance.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Location Tracking

WHY DO YOU NEED SpyFamily GPS Locator app?

  • Teenage binge drinking and drug misuse are on the rise, but parents can easily watch their children’s outside activities with SpyFamily location tracking.
  • You might also monitor your children’s distracted driving habits with SpyFamily.
  • You might be able to tell whether your tweens or adolescents are wandering into dangerous regions or attending risky adult parties.
  • You may utilize SpyFamily to catch your youngster if he or she goes out late at night.
  • Many firms track their employees’ present locations in order to prevent them from negotiating deals with competitors or indulging in other unethical behavior while at work.
  • SpyFamily is one of the few programs that can track the current position of your employees and children in real time.

I love my employees and I get used to friendly behavior. My lenient behavior with my employees turns to waste time on devices. Thanks to SPYFamily that helped me out to see the browsing activities of my employees and now I can filter websites and prevent the time-wasting…


I am doing business for so long; I have to keep my eyes on my workers associated with my clients. Call recording is my favorite feature. It enables me to record real-time calls of my employees when they talk with clients. I would say this one of the best products I have been…


My young daughter is a social media addict and used to capture photos, videos all the time. Social media addiction makes me worried and I have used to IM’s social media feature. It provides me instant logs of the instant messaging apps that keep me updated all 24/7.


Real –Time location tracking of a phone is possible with GPS location tracker

Using location tracking software, the user may do pinpoint and real-time location tracking of the target device in no time. Users can access the SpyFamily online portal and utilize the location tracking function to monitor the current and exact location of the target device in real time. It keeps the user informed on where the target mobile phone device is at any given time, allowing them to make the best judgments possible regarding the device’s mobility. You can use a real-time location monitoring program to: Learn about the target device’s GPS location. Stay up to date on the device’s current and exact position in real time.

You Can Totally Rely on SPYFamily™ – We’ve Got Your Back

SPYFamily™ won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

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What is SpyFamily Location History Monitoring?

SpyFamily allows you to track your children’s or employees’ cell phone locations remotely via their phones or tablets. You can see all of the areas they’ve visited at any time and from any location.

Track your cell phone’s current location quickly and easily.

Checklist of all the places you’ve been.

Check the date and time of each location you visited.

Keep track of each location’s latitude, longitude, and street address.

Our GPS Phone Locator will put your mind at ease and keep your children safe.

We understand. You want your child to become more self-sufficient. You don’t want to lose some of your influence over them, though. Yes, you want them to be free to explore and enjoy their lives. However, you also want to know that they’re safe.

It’s a difficult act to maintain. If your children are old enough to go to school on their own, they are likely to hang out with friends late into the evenings. While they are entitled to their independence, you were once a child as well. You know that going to a friend’s house isn’t always the same as going to a friend’s house. Modern technology, unlike when you were a youngster, is here to aid, especially when you have a GPS cell phone locator in your arsenal.

SpyFamily is used by parents all around the world to keep track on their children. You can locate them on a map once they’ve been installed. However, it does more than just show you where they are. You may also create safe zones with SpyFamily. You’ll be notified if your youngster enters or leaves one of the zones you’ve specified. You won’t have to keep an eye on your phone or check their position as much.

With SpyFamilyTM, You Can Track Someone’s GPS Location On Their Phone.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to use a GPS phone locator to see someone’s whereabouts. You can follow their GPS coordinates and observe their whereabouts on a map with SpyFamily, the best mobile phone GPS tracking tool. It only gets better. You may create safe zones and restricted regions using geofencing technologies. Do you want them to stay inside a 2-mile radius?

Save it to your phone. You’ll get notified if they leave the zone, allowing you to take prompt action. SpyFamily provides more than just location information. You can view their location history, which includes specific coordinates, dates, timestamps, and more. All of information, as well as a summary report detailing which areas they frequent the most. You can look into something if it appears weird.

Why Is SpyFamilyTM The Best App For Tracking Someone’s Phone Location?

We understand. You want to know if a phone number can be used to track someone’s whereabouts. No, is the quick response. And, guess what? The short answer is no. Regardless of what some apps promise, tracking someone’s whereabouts solely by having their phone number is difficult. Any app that promises otherwise is blatantly deceiving you, and you should avoid giving them your money. Even if they offer the service for free, chances are they’re only trying to get your personal information by installing malware.

Instead, use a program like SpyFamily. They won’t realize you’re tracking their location with GPS because it’s hidden on their phone. Even if they switch SIM cards, you’ll still be able to track them down because the app isn’t linked to their phone number.

Find Out When Your Children Should Not Be Worried about your daughter slipping out late at night? Perhaps you want to offer your children the freedom to go around town, but you want to make sure they don’t cross the tracks on the wrong side. SpyFamily can assist you for whatever cause. You can use geofencing to create prohibited zones on a map. When your child enters one of these zones, you will be notified. As a result, you can rest assured that your children are staying in a location that you approve of.

A Practical Tracking Tool for the Whole Family

Our software is popular among parents for reasons other than keeping track of their children. Our program is used by many of our users to keep track on their own parents. Memory loss is more common among the elderly. When you can’t be there to watch them, you can use SpyFamily to make sure they’re safe in your area. You won’t have to constantly monitor your phone with safe zone alerts because you’ll know if they leave a specific location. That way, you can allow your parents as much freedom as they desire without worrying about them getting lost.

It’s simple to set up and use.

SpyFamily may be advanced, with powerful capabilities to assist you in locating them. However, the GPS phone tracker software is quite simple to use. It couldn’t be simpler, from the simple installation process to using the software. SpyFamily can be installed straight on the target Android device. You may also use their iCloud login credentials to link it to your iPhone remotely.

While we’ve made the process as simple as possible (even a parent can do it), we’re always here to help. If you have any problems, our support team is available to assist you at any time. 

You Only Need One Hidden Location Tracker Solution

There are numerous smartphone location tracker apps available online. However, the majority of them aren’t that good. In fact, some of them are meant to deceive you into providing personal information, such as your credit card number. Free covert location tracker applications are nothing more than spyware. Look for a paid option from a reputable source, such as SpyFamily. We’ve gained the trust of over 1.5 million consumers throughout the world and are the number one choice for countless families. Simply choose your membership and begin monitoring to join a world of happy parents. We provide a variety of alternatives to suit your needs.

A GPS location tracker is only the beginning.

SpyFamily is a powerful program that can help you track down your loved ones. But it accomplishes much more. Through unique technologies that provide you peace of mind, the monitoring solution also allows you to keep your loved ones secure. You can access their text communications using SpyFamily, so you’ll know if they’re being cyberbullied. You can also check their social media discussions, see the pictures and videos they’ve sent and received, review their browsing history, see which Wi-Fi networks they’ve joined to, block applications, see their contacts and calendar, track their calls, and so much more.

Is there such a thing as a cell phone GPS tracker?

Absolutely. SpyFamily, a parental monitoring program designed to give you piece of mind, has a GPS phone tracker built right in.

What Is The Best Way To Utilize A GPS Location Tracker On My Child’s Smartphone?

Simply download and install SpyFamily on their device. You can track their phone from your own device after everything is set up. Logging into your account and going straight to the Control Panel is all it takes.

Is using a GPS cell phone locator legal?

Yes, as long as it’s on your child and they’re under the age of 18. Finally, it is your obligation to ensure their safety. You can use a GPS phone tracker software to keep track on them and offer them the freedom to explore the area without worrying.

Is it necessary for me to inform my child that I am following them?

It’s always a good idea to tell your kids that you’re using a GPS location tracker. If they’re a kid, on the other hand, you have the legal authority to track their location without their permission.

Is it possible to locate someone only by knowing their phone number?

That is simply not possible. To track out their location, you’ll need a phone tracker program like SpyFamily. You must first install the app on their mobile. It’s not enough to know someone’s phone number to track them down. 

What are the benefits of using a phone locator on my child’s device?

Even if your child doesn’t travel far, using a phone location tracker, especially one as comprehensive as SpyFamily, is an excellent idea. SpyFamily has a lot of features that can help you figure out what kind of secrets your children are keeping, including social media monitoring, which allows you to access their private conversations and photos.

Is it necessary for my child’s phone to be linked to Wi-Fi in order for the GPS phone tracker to work?

It doesn’t require Wi-Fi, but it does require Internet access. You’re good to go if your child has a cell phone with a data plan. The GPS phone tracker will work as long as they have an active Internet connection, which could be Wi-Fi, 3G, LTE, or 5G.

Isn’t it possible to just ask my cell phone carrier to ping my child’s location?

As long as you’re an authorized user, you can. Furthermore, pinging a phone to get its position may require multiple layers of authorisation depending on your service provider. You may cut out the middlemen and find out their location directly if you have a phone location tracker.

With the GPS location history tracking app, the user can view the phone’s location history.

With SpyFamily location monitoring software for cell phones, the user may observe the target device’s position history on the MAP with a complete time stamp.

The user only needs to install a cell phone tracking app on the targeted device, and then use MAP to check the phone’s position history for the entire day, week, or month. The user can learn about the current, exact, pinpoint, and location history, as well as the time stamp.

The GPS location tracker allows you to:

Get the device’s daily location history

Get the device’s weekly location history

Get detailed location information with a time stamp. 

With the SpyFamily cell phone monitoring app, you can track your whereabouts without using GPS.

Users can now track the location of their mobile phone without using GPS, but only if they have previously tracked the targeted device’s phone calls and SMS using a cell phone tracking program.

Without using GPS, the end user can quickly learn the location of the target mobile phone device. However, without employing GPS tracking software for cell phones, users must record and listen to live cell phone calls and SMS to determine the device’s location.

You can use cell phone surveillance software to:

Without GPS, track the location of a phone.

With the SpyFamily SMS command, you can remotely monitor a target device’s location via SMS.

User can send SMS commands on the targeted mobile phone device and get to know about the location of a cell phone remotely

You can send SMS commands to the targeted device to locate it instantly and remotely. Once the SMS orders have been received by the target cell phone device, the user will be notified with the exact and real-time location of the targeted device remotely and unexpectedly. 

SMS commands to track the location of your phone:

Send SMS commands to a specific device.

The position of the target phone user will be determined through SMS commands.

With the SpyFamily text message tracking program, you can spy on SMS logs with location.

With text messages tracking software, you can quickly find all sent/received text messages on the target device, as well as deleted texts.

 Using text messaging monitoring software, the end user can remotely dig up concealed text messages on the target mobile phone device and learn about the conversations that took place with a time stamp. The user simply needs to install a phone spy app on the targeted device, and once done, you will be able to follow text messages with location.

Get the following by using a text message tracking app:

Text messages on the target smartphone should be monitored.

Learn about MMS and iMessages.

Learn more about alert notifications.

Track text messages using your device’s location.

Learn about the text messages sent and received, as well as the position of the target device.

The user can learn about the target device’s Wifi, Battery, and GPS status.

End users can get detailed device information such as Wifi, Battery, and GPS current status via the mobile phone tracking app’s web control panel.

Now you can see how far along the target device’s WiFi connectivity is. Using the SpyFamily web portal, you can also find out whether GPS location is enabled on the targeted device and how much power has been wasted.

The device information tool provides information on:

Connectivity to the internet through cell phone

Is your phone’s GPS turned on or off?

Time left on the target device’s battery

Cell Phone GPS Tracker App for Remote Location

The best location tracker app for remotely and discreetly monitoring and tracking your cell phone’s GPS position. Install SpyFamily to keep track of your GPS location.

Best Location Tracker App to Track the Precise GPS Location of the Target PhonesLocation tracking software can perfectly monitor and identify the target phone location and offer inch-perfect GPS position on Maps. It is a cutting-edge technology that allows you to keep someone under surveillance at any time and from any location. At any time, you can find out the GPS location of your target individual in a stealthy manner.

Track & Monitor GPS Location of Your Target Phone Remotely

The SpyFamily location tracker can help you out by allowing you to spy on your target’s phone and track their GPS location. It can accurately track the position of a cell phone with high efficiency.

SpyFamily is an effective location tracking app.

The SpyFamily location tracking tool may follow a phone’s GPS location using Google maps. You may monitor your target’s phone and learn where they are at any given time. Users will receive accurate real-time and scheduled information on the target person’s location. Without your target person’s knowledge, the SpyFamily cell phone tracker also gives users real-time GPS location. It keeps your target individual under constant GPS surveillance and provides frequent location updates through the SpyFamily dashboard.

What Is The Use Of A Phone Location Tracker?

Drug usage, partying, blind dates, and hookups have all become popular among the young generation z. There is no better way for parents to keep their children under constant surveillance than by using SpyFamily to track their phone’s GPS location. The GPS tracker app keeps track of your teens’ whereabouts in real time and delivers precise information via Google Maps. To avoid time waste and boost productivity, business owners can monitor and track the live location of their staff throughout working hours.

Track the Location of Your Target Phone Without Root

The SpyFamily location tracking app is a non-rooted program that requires rooting the target smartphone. It tracks the target mobile device’s GPS location without affecting the target Android device’s running system.

SpyFamily GPS Tracker App is a Masterpiece

The phone location tracker is unrivaled in its ability to track someone’s GPS location, and the following factors have helped it become the world’s most popular cell phone spying tool.

GPS Location of Device Remotely

Get the position of the target phone in real time.

On the map, keep an eye on the location.

View the target phone’s GPS location on Google Maps.

GPS Surveillance in Stealth Mode

Track the location of the target device without their knowledge.

Dashboard: Save Tracked Location Data

Get data from the dashboard and see where the target device is.

Register for the location tracker.

You must register with SpyFamily and select a membership plan before receiving an email containing a password and ID.

Physical possession of a cell phone

To effectively complete the configuration process on the target cell phone device, you’ll require physical access.

The web control panel is accessible.

To enable features like a location tracker on the target phone, you must utilize credentials and log in to the web control panel.

Install SpyFamily to track your GPS location.

The SpyFamily installation process is simple, and configuring the program on your target phone only takes a few minutes. The following are the steps you must follow:

Weekly GPS Tracking History of Target Smartphone free

Track and Monitor Weekly GPS Location History with SpyFamily Weekly GPS location tracking history is a function that can be used to track GPS location history logs on any cell phone invisibly.

Target Smartphone’s Weekly GPS Tracking History

Weekly GPS location monitoring history is a tool that allows you to secretly access any cell phone and track its GPS location history files. With the timetable, users can access fast cell phone locations and history. Phone GPS tracking history technology has improved to the point that you can now follow any phone location history using Google Maps.

SpyFamily can track your GPS location history.

A SpyFamily phone tracker is a sophisticated program that works on cellphones and allows you to track GPS location and weekly location history logs on a regular basis. To make things easier, you can install a phone tracker on your target smartphone.

What is the Weekly Location History Tracker from SpyFamily?

The best feature of SpyFamily phone tracking software is the weekly GPS history tracker. Along with the representation of Google maps, it is the finest tool for spying on a cellphone’s weekly location history. It can surreptitiously track a cell phone’s daily and weekly GPS history. The SpyFamily web control panel will inform users of their current and real-time position as well as give phone location history logs. Using the best location history tracker app, you can check the weekly GPS tracking history of your target cell phone device.

For Social Issues, a Weekly GPS History Tracker is Beneficial.

For one week, parents can utilize SpyFamily location history tracking software to follow the target phone’s visited locations. You may monitor the location history logs on your phone for up to a week to protect your children from predators and unwanted conduct. Business executives who wish to track the current position and weekly location history of employees working outside the office might use a phone GPS history tracker.

Without rooting the target phone, you can track the phone’s weekly GPS history.

The SpyFamily phone tracker is one of the greatest phone monitoring apps available, allowing users to view the target cellphone’s weekly GPS tracking history without having to root the device. A non-rooted function is the phone’s GPS history tracker.

Why is SpyFamily the Best GPS Tracker App for Weekly GPS History Monitoring?

SpyFamily is a program that allows users to track and view their weekly GPS activity. Here are the factors that have contributed to phone monitoring software becoming the best in the industry today.

Monitor your current GPS location.

Track the location of the target phone using GPS.

History of weekly GPS tracking

Google Maps provides a weekly GPS location.

History of the place

View Maps to keep track of your phone’s position.

Save data from the location tracker

Keep track of your weekly history and store it on your dashboard.

SpyFamily plans are available for purchase.

You can go to the website and choose the appropriate subscription package, then receive an email with your credentials, such as password and ID.

Possession of a smartphone

You can get your hands on the target phone to start the configuration process and see it through.

The web control panel is accessible.

Users can access the dashboard and enable services like weekly GPS tracking history using their login password and ID.

Steps for installing SpyFamily

Here are three key SpyFamily installation procedures to follow to ensure a successful installation.

Track Location with SMS – Send SMS Command to Track Location

Track Location through SMS – Track Location by SMS Command

Install SpyFamily on the phone you want to track and keep an eye on the GPS location. Send an SMS command to acquire the destination phone’s current position.

Sending SMS to the target cell phone allows you to monitor and track their location.

Cell phone monitoring allows you to follow the position of the target phone using SMS. You can send an SMS command from any of your mobile devices, and you will receive the target person’s location as soon as the SMS is received. On the target device, however, you must install well-built cell phone tracking software.

The Best SMS Location Tracking Method

SpyFamily is a cell phone tracker that allows you to send SMS commands to the target device to track its exact and real-time location. It is the best location tracking program for getting the location of a target device via SMS.

What Does The SpyFamily Location Through SMS Feature Entail?

SpyFamily is one of the greatest phone location tracker apps available, allowing users to track the whereabouts of a target phone via SMS. Users can send an SMS to the target device, and as soon as the SMS is received, SpyFamily can trace the phone’s longitude and latitude, track its location, and report it to the dashboard. Users will be able to learn about the position of the target device without having to use the target phone’s internet or Wi-Fi.

Location Tracking using SMS is Helpful For

With phone tracking software, you can track the exact location by sending SMS commands to the target device. When kids turn off their mobile data, parents can track their concealed whereabouts. It empowers parents to know where teens are at the moment to prevent kids from sexual predators and child abduction. Business professionals can also benefit from location monitoring via SMS commands. They can track their employees who are working outside the company by sending an SMS to the company’s mobile phones.

Location through SMS is compatible with both rooted and non-rooted phones.

SpyFamily location tracking via SMS also works on non-rooted phones and delivers the target person’s current and live position without them knowing. To track mobile phone location with SMS, users no longer need to root the target device.

SpyFamily is the best location tracker with an SMS command for a few reasons.

SpyFamily is the best tracking program for tracking the position of a target phone using the SMS command. Users have prioritized the phone tracking option for the following reasons.

Send a text message

Send SMS commands to a cellphone from afar

Lacking internet access

There’s no need to link the target phone to the intent.

Phone latitude and longitude

Monitor the cellular network connection of the target phone.

Dashboard for monitoring

Track device location with the SpyFamily dashboard.

Subscribe to SpyFamily’s newsletter.

You must select the most appropriate subscription package. Additionally, go to the SpyFamily website and request credentials through email.

One-time phone access

You’ll need one–time physical access to the target device and the ability to successfully configure the application on the device.

The web control panel is accessible.

The password and ID are used to access the web management panel and activate functions such as tracking location through SMS.

SpyFamily Guide to SMS Location Tracking

SpyFamily phone monitoring software must be installed on your target phone and configured in a few steps. The following are the steps you must follow:

Track Phone Location without Active GPS – Track without GPS

Track Phone Location Without GPS – Track Phone Location Without GPS

The Track with GPS functionality allows the user to track a cellphone’s location without the target phone’s GPS being turned on.

With the SpyFamily App, you can now track your location without using your phone’s GPS.

Do you wish to track a cell phone’s position without it having an active GPS? Fortunately, the phone tracker features a scoop feature that allows you to monitor target phones without having to use their GPS. Cell phone tracking with no GPS option is conceivable unless you can SMS and call on the target device. To monitor phone location without using the GPS on the target device, you must track messages and voice calls on the target phone.

The Only App that Tracks Phones Without GPS Is SpyFamily

You might be wondering how SpyFamily can keep track of target phones without using GPS. Well! The SpyFamily tracking app contains characteristics that make it tough to track without installing it on the target phone.

Without the GPS feature, what is SpyFamily tracking?

SpyFamily phone tracking software has this feature as one of its sophisticated features. Tracking without GPS does not involve utilizing the GPS of the target cell phone device; however, to monitor the location without using the GPS, you must spy on SMS and voice communications. You can’t monitor cell phone devices without GPS if the target phone doesn’t have it. It’s a cutting-edge technology that includes SMS tracking and call monitoring capabilities. SpyFamily features are already working on your target phone then you don’t need GPS on the target device to track location.

Cell Phone Tracking Without Using GPS Is Handy.

It is possible to monitor a cell phone without turning on GPS on the target phone. Parents who want to track their children’s whereabouts without utilizing target GPS can do so. SpyFamily phone monitoring software can follow concealed locations without activating the GPS on their phones to keep them from undesirable actions, like drug addiction and hookups. Business professionals can also track down employees who have turned off the GPS on their company’s smartphones. You can keep an eye on your employees who work from home.

SpyFamily Track has a no-root option and does not require GPS.

SpyFamily is the only phone tracking tool that allows users to track the position of a target phone without using GPS or rooting the phone. Isn’t it a user-friendly cell phone tracking app?

SpyFamily is the ultimate espionage solution because it can track phones without using GPS.

Hundreds of sophisticated and unique functions have been developed into the SpyFamily cell phone surveillance program. Here are a few things to know about how each function on the target cell phone device works.

Real-time GPS tracking

Track the location of a cell phone in real time.

History of weekly locations

Monitor and view location history on a monthly and daily basis.

Without GPS, track, and monitor

Without GPS, track the exact location of your cell phone.

Dashboard data should be saved.

Dashboard with real-time location and location history

SpyFamily plans are available.

To gain a login ID and password, you must subscribe to SpyFamily subscription plans and receive a confirmation email.

Obtain the target phone.

To effectively install and activate the SpyFamily application, you must have access to the target cellphone.

Utilize the online dashboard

Passwords and ID can be used to log into the web management panel and activate services such as tracking without GPS.

Install SpyFamily to track a person’s whereabouts without using GPS.

Without using GPS, SpyFamily phone spy software can remotely monitor cell phones and track their positions. To activate tracker software on the target device, follow these three steps.