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Remote Screen Recorder – Record Screen Activity SpyFamily

SpyFamily Remote screen recorder can record live kids & employees activities in terms of videos to monitor passwords, keystrokes, media sharing, social media

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Digital Parenting & Employee Monitoring Features of SpyFamily App

SpyFamily’s monitoring software features for digital parenting, children and employees monitoring. Location tracking, call tracker, sms and chat conversation control for parents and employers.

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Camera Screen Recorder to Record Camera Screen Secretly

With the SpyFamily camera screen recorder app, you can spy on any smartphone’s camera from afar. Both non-rooted and rooted phones are supported. Camera Screen Recorder is a screen recording app that secretly records phone camera activities. You can use the camera screen recording app to view all of a targeted person’s activity through their phone camera, including videos, taking photographs, and filtering photos or other activities. You can surreptitiously identify the active actions on the targeted person’s phone camera. It allows you to record brief films of a person’s phone screen when they use the camera to do particular actions. The covert screen recording program allows you to see the screen actions.

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Record the screen of your Chrome browser with Chrome Screen Recorder.

SpyFamily screen recorder for Chrome is an undetected remote monitoring tool that allows users to check their browser history, bookmarks, and visited websites. To secretly record Chrome browsing activities, use the Chrome Web Browser Screen Recorder App. The Chrome screen recorder allows you to monitor the surfing history of targeted devices in private. End-users can utilize the targeted mobile phone to see which websites they’ve visited, bookmark their favorite sites, and record a short video of the active surfing screen.

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Record the default web browser screen with Browser Screen Recording.

The default browser recording feature allows the user to track the browser that was installed by default on the target phone. Observe the activities of the default browser application. You can access the device remotely and see what its default browser activities are. End-user allows you to keep track of your target’s activity. You may effortlessly monitor their internet history and learn about their most recent activity.

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To secretly record Gmail activity videos, use the Gmail Screen Recorder App

Gmail screen recorder allows you to remotely record the action of the Google Gmail application on your phone. Make a 5-second to 1-minute video. Record Gmail Screen Activities with the Best Screen Recording App. The Gmail screen recorder tool allows you to spy on someone and record their Gmail activities that are displayed on their phone screen. It allows you to secretly record the Gmail screen and locate every email sent or received.

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Remotely Recording Testing Screen on Phone using SMS Screen Recorder

SMS screen recording software allows you to remotely record text message screens on a cell phone. Screen activity is discreetly recorded by the user. SMS Screen Recording captures the phone screen in order to keep track of SMS and texting activity. One of the greatest smartphone screen recorder software is the SMS screen recorder. It gives you the ability to secretly record another phone screen in back-to-back short movies and send them to the user’s internet dashboard. You can download films and view sent and received SMS on the target device, as well as read SMS according to a timetable. Using screen recorder software, you can monitor live SMS activity on your target phone’s screen.

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Remotely Record Snapchat Screen with SnapChat Screen Recorder

The user can remotely record the Snapchat screen of the targeted device using Snapchat screen recording software. It captures a one-minute video of app usage. Snapchat Screen Recording keeps a constant eye on Snapchat Messenger. A Snapchat screen recorder is used to find covert Snapchat actions on another phone screen. It’s a technology that allows users to visually observe what’s going on in the instant messaging service, similar to how Snapchat users use the app. Users can capture many movies on their cell phone screen to monitor what their target individual is doing on a second-line dating app. Snapchat screen recording captures video in real-time and stores it on the dashboard. Users can download the information and keep track of what’s going on on the instant messaging program.

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WhatsApp Screen Recorder to Record WhatsApp Screen Secretly

The ultimate messenger screen recording program, WhatsApp screen recorder, allows you to record WhatsApp actions remotely and privately and submit them to a secure control panel. WhatsApp Screen Recorder captures all actions performed on the WhatsApp Messenger screen. The WhatsApp screen recorder may capture all activity on the instant messaging service as it happens. When IM is active on the target phone screen, it records a series of brief movies. As a result, it records WhatsApp activities such as messages, chats, group chats, and audio-video chats in short films and stores the data in the web management panel. It allows users to download recorded films in order to investigate live activity on social networking apps.

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Screen Recording – Record Live Screen

On Android, a remote screen recorder monitors the screen in real-time.

Using remote screen recording software, look at the screen of the target Android cellphones and tablets with your naked eye in real-time. You can monitor the target phone’s screen in real-time and capture a series of brief films. You may also use the android spy software web control panel to watch live captured footage.

SpyFamily Remote is a screen recording software for:

From a parental standpoint:

Smartphone activity by young teens and youngsters can indicate anything unsafe or raise parental suspicions. So, rather than always arguing with teenagers about cellphone usage, you can learn more about what’s going on behind the scenes. Parents can use remote screen recording software to watch their children’s activities live on the screen, capture brief movies, and discover all of their children’s hidden activities.

From a business standpoint:

Because a single misdeed or error might result in significant losses for a business owner, they want to know what their staff is doing on company-owned Android smartphones. They can monitor and record employees’ activities remotely and in real-time on digital devices’ screens. Remote screen recording captures all of an employee’s details in the form of brief films. With access to the SpyFamily control panel, you can view the screen-captured videos.

You can use a remote screen recording tool to:

  • Android screen recording in real-time
  • Cellphone screen recording from afar
  • SpyFamily’s website allows you to watch live video recordings.
  • Make a series of short films on the phone screen.
  • Passwords, keystrokes, discussions, and media exchange are all monitored.
  • Emails, YouTube broadcasts, social media apps, and passwords can all be tracked.

SpyFamily also allows you to capture your computer’s live screen!

Apart from some other great location tracking tools, the SpyFamily mobile spying app now offers a new function that allows you to record screen actions as well. If you’re a parent concerned about your child’s online activity, don’t be! You must install the SpyFamily phone spy app on your child’s phone in order to record everything that occurs there. It only takes a command concerning time, and your tracking is up and running. Keeping a watch on your employees’ call and location records may not be enough at times; in these cases, SpyFamily onscreen recording comes in handy.

What Makes Screen Recording Mode Unique?

Unlike the other options, which just supply you with a large amount of data, the on-screen recording tool allows you to record everything that happens on your target device. It not only records but also delivers and saves information to your device. If you want to look at it again in the future.

It keeps track of everything that happens on the screen.

It is already activated and does not require activation.

The on-screen recording is possible on any device, including Macs, Windows, Android, and Blackberries.

Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO, Skype, TikTok, and other social media services can all be recorded.

While capturing videos, no space is consumed.

Per time, the maximum record time is 45 minutes.

Why should you use the feature of live screen recording?

If location monitoring data alone isn’t enough to identify an employee who isn’t focused on his work, onscreen recording may be the answer. SpyFamily’s on-screen recording capability can be the most trustworthy solution for you if you are away from your house or office and want to keep a watch on your child or subordinate. This capability is unusual in that it spies in complete silence and does not display any recording or monitoring icons. The individual whose gadget is being observed does not come to see whether there is anything unusual. If you are concerned about the security of your company’s data and cannot take any chances, screen recording can relieve your worries by revealing exactly what your employees are doing, what software they use, and where they spend the majority of their time. This phone screen tracking feature offers you complete access to your children’s interests and tells you whether they are wasting time or not.

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Frequently Asked Questions

First Awarded Cell Phone Tracker & PC Monitoring App

  • Take a deep breath, simplify your lives, and leave your public and private concerns to SpyFamily. Surround sound and video streaming History of location, route maps, and current position. Control the microphone and record calls. Examine IM records, emails, and passwords. Screen recoding using IM and VoIP call recording
  • Screen recorder can record phone and computer displays in real-time and transfer the video graphics to the dashboard, where you can view data in real-time.
  • SpyFamily now supports Android OS version 13 and can record VoIP/IM calls. On Android, you may now retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages. Unrooted Android smartphones can now use the social media app. Any app can be remotely uninstalled. You can use your control panel to
  • Monitor and read text messages, chats, audio calls, and voice messages on social media platforms and messaging apps.

I love my employees and I get used to friendly behavior. My lenient behavior with my employees turns to waste time on devices. Thanks to SPYFamily that helped me out to see the browsing activities of my employees and now I can filter websites and prevent the time-wasting…


I am doing business for so long; I have to keep my eyes on my workers associated with my clients. Call recording is my favorite feature. It enables me to record real-time calls of my employees when they talk with clients. I would say this one of the best products I have been…


My young daughter is a social media addict and used to capture photos, videos all the time. Social media addiction makes me worried and I have used to IM’s social media feature. It provides me instant logs of the instant messaging apps that keep me updated all 24/7.


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Why is Screen Recording mode Special?

Discover actions on your phone with WhatsApp’s screen recording capability. Messenger WhatsApp

With SpyFamily, you can monitor WhatsApp social networking app activities on your phone in real-time. Screen recorder for WhatsApp

Regardless of what the target phone user is doing on WhatsApp, the end-user can dig out all the rabbit holes in real-time. All of this is possible with WhatsApp Live screen recording, which allows you to create brief recordings of your screen by gaining access to the web management panel.

WhatsApp activated cell phone screen recording:

WhatsApp social messaging software messages can be recorded.

Real-time recording of WhatsApp discussions on a cell phone screen

View multimedia on the target phone. WhatsApp

The camera screen recorder records what happens when you use your phone’s camera.

Using the SpyFamily web screen recorder, you may now remotely record the target cell phone device’s camera activity in real-time.

The powerful camera tracking app allows users to target the phone’s camera in real-time and to record camera actions as well as the screen when the user is using the camera. So, whatever the target person does with the phone camera, it is promptly recorded in terms of the following.

You can use the camera screen recording app to:

Taking pictures

capturing video

Using a cellphone camera to apply filters

Other pursuits

Chrome screen recording gives you real-time access to your browser history.

On the target cell phone device, you can utilize the live chrome screen recorder tool to capture chrome activity such as browsing history.

You can use the SpyFamily live screen recording tool to learn about what happens on your cell phone’s chrome browser. It allows users to record back-to-back short movies on the screen in real-time, allowing them to see what is happening on the Chrome browser.

You can obtain the following benefits by using the Live Chrome monitoring app:

Learn about the websites you’ve visited on Chrome.

Get to know your browser’s bookmarks.

The default browser screen recorder allows you to record your phone’s browsing history in real-time.

Use the default browser screen recording program to record the live screen on the target cell phone browser and learn about what’s going on.

If you want to know the browsing history of the target mobile phone device in terms of visited websites, bookmarks, and a variety of other actions, you can use this tool. As a result, you can use standard browsing recording software to record actions in the form of short films that you can watch back and forth to learn about browsing habits in real-time.

You may use the default browser screen recorder function to:

Track your surfing history on your phone’s default browser.

Track all of your website visits with a time stamp.

Examine the bookmarks on your phone’s default browser.

Users can record Gmail movies on their phone screens using the Gmail screen recording app.

To see Gmail emails in real-time, you can do live Gmail screen recording and make short movies of the cell phone screen engaged with Gmail.

If you want to see Gmail emails on your target phone, SpyFamily Gmail screen recording software is the finest option for you. It allows you to record short films on the phone’s screen. As a result, users can view the text of Gmail emails and learn what is being sent or received via email.

Get the best screen recorder for Gmail.

View Gmail Sent Emails in real-time on the target phone’s screen.

Gmail emails are displayed on the phone’s screen in real-time.

The SMS Screen Recording software allows you to record the phone screen when it is activated by messages.

SMS screen recorder software allows users to record short messaging service or SMS sent and received activities on their cell phone screen in real-time.

The best tool for gaining access to the target cell phone device is the SpyFamily SMS screen recording program. Furthermore, whether sending or receiving SMS on their phone, the user can do live screen recording in the form of brief movies on the screen. It means that the user can learn about the SMS content on the target phone.

Software for live SMS screen recording that can record:

SMS was sent to the destination phone’s screen.

SMS was received and shown on the target phone’s screen.

Real-time SMS conversation reading

With the Snapchat Screen recording app, you may record actions on Snapchat Messenger.

With Live Snapchat screen recorder software, you can now record your phone screen in short films and watch live Snapchat activities.

If you want to observe everything that happens on the Snapchat social messaging app, including messages, chat discussions, Snapchat stories, shared media files, and more, you should use the SpyFamily Snapchat screen recorder program. It allows the user to record real-time short videos on the screen.

Use Snapchat’s real-time screen recording feature to get:

Text messaging on Snapchat

Snapchat is where conversations happen and where multimedia is exchanged.

IMO Screen recording captures real-time actions on the target phone. SpyFamily Live IMO screen recording allows you to watch the IMO social media app on a target phone in real-time.

The user can gain remote access to the target mobile phone device and gain access to the IMO instant messaging software, allowing you to record the live cell phone screen as the user is using the app. It means that the user can view live activity on the target device after installing the IMO social messaging app.

To get the following, use the IMO screen recorder software:

On the screen of your phone, record an IMO conversation.

Text messages sent and received

On IMO Messenger, multimedia was shared.

Telegram screen capture produces short movies of phone screens active with Telegram The Telegram screen recorder tool allows you to view a target cell phone screen in real-time while the user is using the Telegram social media program to keep you informed about their actions.

Gone are the days when you had to sit idle and couldn’t watch your target phone’s Telegram instant messenger. You may now execute a live screen recording of a cell phone while the target is using the Telegram social media software, allowing you to see what’s going on on the targeted device.

You may use Telegram live screen recording to:

Keep an eye on your Telegram contacts.

Read Telegram’s live and private chats.

Learn about several profile images.

Twitter Screen Recorder captures real-time events on the social networking app.

With the Twitter monitoring app, you can see what your target cell phone user is doing on their Twitter profile, which is running on their mobile phone device.

Using Live Twitter screen recording software, you can remotely record the screen of a target mobile phone device that is enabled with the Twitter social messaging program. It implies you may watch short live videos on the screen to read encrypted direct messages on Twitter. You may also record all Twitter chats, friends, and highlights, as well as share multimedia on Twitter’s instant messenger.

You can use Twitter screen recorder software to:

Twitter’s encrypted direct communications are recorded, and all shared and received multimedia on Twitter is monitored.

Real-time viewing of Twitter profiles and tweens

The Zalo Screen Recording tool allows you to view all activity on an instant messaging app in real-time.

You can use live screen recording software to record brief movies of your phone screen while using the Zalo social media app in real-time.

Using Zalo live screen recorder software, you can now watch the Zalo social messaging app on someone’s phone without them knowing. It simply allows you to record short back-to-back recordings of the screen in real-time, and the user will be able to see all of the activities performed on the target cell phone user’s Zalo instant messaging program account.

Use the Zalo Screen Recorder:

Access direct messages and chats from anywhere.

Learn about the contacts on Zalo Live and their activity in terms of shared multimedia.

End-user can remotely acquire access to the target mobile phone or gadget screen in real-time and record short videos of the screen back to back to let you know about the activities being conducted with YouTube Screen recording software.

When the end-user is using the YouTube social app, the user can watch the target mobile phone device in real-time. When YouTube is enabled, the user can record the screen actions of the target mobile phone device. You can record short screen recordings to learn more about the YouTube social media tool.

The YouTube screen recorder provides:

Visited YouTube Videos in Real-Time

YouTube videos were uploaded

YouTube Subscribed Notifications

On YouTube, there are some comments.

With live WeChat screen recording software, you can now monitor WeChat Messenger.

The ideal solution for recording live WeChat activities on the target mobile phone device in real-time to stay informed 24/7 is a live WeChat screen recorder.

WeChat screen recorder allows users to remotely record live WeChat messenger activities on the target device. When the instant messenger WeChat is activated on the target cell phone device, you can absolutely take brief films of the screen.

The WeChat Live screen recording app can do the following:

WeChat Free Calls messages exchanged activities on messenger

Voice communications and text messaging

Wechat broadcast messaging

Activities using video calls and conference calls

Facebook Screen Recording may capture real-time messenger interactions on a cell phone.

The user can gain remote access to the target phone and record live actions on the Facebook instant messaging app in the form of live back-to-back short films.

On the target cell phone device, the end-user can simply use live screen recording for Facebook messenger. It simply allows you to record back-to-back real-time short films on the screen to see what the target user is doing on the Facebook instant messaging program.

The best Facebook screen recorder software for:

Facebook message tracking in real-time

Offline messages and chat conversations should be monitored.

Real-time monitoring of Facebook Messenger chat

Media files, films, and photos that have been shared

Kik Screen Recorder captures real-time cell phone actions when using the Kik instant messaging.

By employing Kik screen recorder software, the end-user can record short videos of the phone screen activated with the Kik social network program to learn about all the actions occurring on the targeted device.

You may record the Kik instant messaging software while it is active on your phone’s screen in real-time. When Messenger is being used on the target cell phone screen, you can utilize the Live Kik screen recording tool to make short films of the screen in real-time.

In real-time Kik is a screen recorder that can be used to:

Kik messenger text messages sent or received

Kik social networking app chats and talks

Kik instant chat app shared multimedia.

Users can capture brief films of line activation on their phones using the Line messaging software screen recording feature.

With Live Line messenger app screen recorder software, you can now monitor Line social media app in real-time and learn about all the activities that occur on the target device.

If you want to see real-time Line social media activity on a target cell phone or gadget, all you have to do is take short recordings of the screen. All you have to do is use the Line screen recorder app to get the work done remotely.

Line real-time screen recording offers the following benefits:

All conversations and messages should be recorded.

View the full profile of the Line account Multimedia shared on Line

Audio and video conversations should be recorded.

Screen recording in IMO captures live social media app activity, however, the target device must be rooted.

You can employ live IMO screen recording to learn about all of the activities that the target person has done, but you must first root the target mobile phone device.

You will need to root the target device if you want to see what is happening in real-time on the Line social media app installed on it. You may also use Line screen recorder software to capture short films of the screen in real-time to dig out all the rabbit holes on the target social messaging app on the target device.

The IMO real-time screen recorder software includes the following features:

Secret IMO conversations should be recorded.

Observe IMO group talks in real-time.

Images and videos that have been shared

Skype screen capture find the secret data about the social networking program installed on the target device

When it comes to tracking Skype activities on a target device without them knowing, The finest tool for getting the job done convincingly is Skype real-time screen recording software.

No matter how far away the target device is, you must perform a live check on their Skype account remotely. Simply utilize Skype’s live screen recorder to record short recordings of the target device’s screen back to back, and you’ll be able to observe the actions if you have access to the SpyFamily control panel.

Skype screen recording software allows you to do the following:

Live Skype text messages can be recorded.

Record Skype talks and discussions

On Skype, you can record audio and video calls.

On Skype, you may read live group chats.

Tumblr Screen Recording Allows You To Capture Live Social Networking On Your Target Phone.

When it comes to remotely and discreetly monitoring Tumblr activity on a target device, you may utilize the Tumblr real-time screen recording function to see everything that happens on the social messaging service.

With the SpyFamily Tumblr screen recorder program, you can now watch live Tumblr actions on the target mobile phone with your own eyes. When a user is using the Tumblr social messaging app, you can also record short videos on the screen. As a result, you can view live activities and learn about what is going on with instant messenger.

The Tumblr Live screen recording program can do the following:

Text messages on Tumblr

On a social media app, multimedia was shared.

Messenger likes and shared URLs

The Viber Screen Recording software allows you to view live actions on the social networking app from afar.

With Live Viber screen recorder software, you can now monitor Viber activity on another person’s phone and take short movies of the actions to stay up to date in real-time.

Are you brave enough to watch someone’s live activity on the Viber social messaging app on their phone? Then all you have to do is use the SpyFamily Viber live screen recording app to find the actions you’re looking for right now. You can stay up to date on what’s going on on Viber in real-time.

You may use the Viber screen recorder tool to:

Viber contacts are recorded in real-time.

Viber conversations to read

Viber calls should be recorded.

Any activity occurring on the target device’s screen is recorded by the On-Demand Screen recorder.

Now, someone employing on-demand screen recording software can observe what is going on with the target mobile phone screen owner in order to uncover secret cell phone activity.

With the SpyFamily on-demand screen recorder app, end users may remotely see what is happening on their target mobile phone device screen, and they can learn anything about it in real-time.

You can use an on-demand screen recording tool to discover:

Text messages sent and received on a cell phone

Logs of incoming and outgoing cell phone calls

Real-time social media activity on a cellphone screen

Emails sent/received and web browsing