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Why is SpyFamily employee monitoring software essential?

SpyFamily is the new-generation employee monitoring software for analysing employee performance at PCs. This user activity monitoring tool is easy-to-use, secure, and versatile. SpyFamily software is already being successfully used in 60 countries to supervise employees and increase their productivity.

What else SpyFamily have for your business?

✅SpyFamily✅, the easy to use employee monitoring software, helps employers monitor their employees computer activity and productivity and improves performance. Employee monitoring software helps boost productivity. Start using SpyFamily computer tracker software for free and monitor computer activity starting today!

App for Employee Email Monitoring

All emails sent or received (with the date and time geotags) by your staff can be tracked using the email software on their phones. Remember that email abuse is common, and nearly half of firms have already fired employees for misusing email.

App to Track Employee Location

SpyFamily's employee location tracking app tracks location in real-time if you're worried about your employees making a deal with your competitors, know where they go during their lunch breaks or have better control over your logistics firm.

Internet Monitoring Software for Employees

You wouldn't want your employees watching porn at work since it could disturb the peace. Monitor their browser history and stored bookmarks on their phones with SpyFamily's employee internet usage tracking software.

Employee Tracking App for iPhone

Monitor your employees' whole cell phone, not just certain phone logs, with an iPhone tracking program that works without requiring any app download or installation on the target device.

Social Media Monitoring Software for Employees

Employee social media tracking and online reputation go hand in hand. Make sure your staff isn't posting anything embarrassing or outright ferocious on their social media pages.

App to track employee phone logs

Your employees' phone calls, SMS, and a large phonebook could contain a trove of business secrets and revelations. Start utilizing SpyFamily to have a deeper understanding of your company's hidden operations.

Best Employee Monitoring Software

Your company's backbone is its employees. Because employee productivity can determine a company's success, keeping people productive is a top priority for the management team. According to an Atlassian survey, the average employee spends just around 60% of their time at work being productive, meaning that more than half of their time is wasted or spent on unimportant concerns. Employee monitoring software can assist you in increasing employee productivity. If you're not sure what it is or which one to acquire, let me explain the finest employee monitoring software and how it may assist your employees in reaching their full potential. Employee Monitoring's Benefits and Drawbacks: The concept of someone watching our computer usage is unsettling for most of us. Our privacy is important to us, and that includes our computers and mobile devices. Nonetheless, we must have different expectations of privacy in the workplace than in our personal life. Whether we operate on-site or remotely, the equipment we use and the data that crosses our desktops usually do not belong to us. As a result, many companies will have compelling reasons to monitor how we use these assets throughout the day. One of the reasons is to track productivity. Managers don't have the same visibility into how a distributed workforce spends their time as they do when everyone reports to one location. The same is true in situations when the workforce is huge and turnover is considerable, such as call centers. Since the epidemic, tracking productivity has become even more difficult because many remote workers now have to juggle their nine-to-five occupations with a half-dozen additional personal responsibilities, such as child care or cooking family meals. Working from home puts a strain on the present productivity tracking system, thus monitoring solutions must adapt as well. Using monitoring technologies to track how much time employees spend on various tasks can give managers information into not just how well individual employees perform, but also how effectively current business processes match company goals.

What is SpyFamily for Business?

Employee Monitoring Software at its Finest

Do you need to monitor an employee's phone? SpyFamily provides all of the espionage equipment you'll require.

eavesdropping on their conversations

GPS tracking of their exact location

On cell phones, spy on emails, messages, and messenger chats.

Employees' live screen activity on business PCs can be monitored.

Surround recording can be done on laptops and desktop computers.

On company-owned mobile phones and tablets, record live phone calls.

Filter off time-wasting websites from employee computers.

Get a data backup for all the data on your devices.

Control the cameras on PCs and smartphones to ensure that staff is present.

Why Perform Employee/Staff Monitoring?

Employers are interested in knowing how productive their employees are and what they do with company-owned digital devices. Employers also want to know how their employees use their smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers. They also want to know if employees are making good use of their working hours. For business security, they seek to avoid time-wasting habits, internal risks, data breaches, and questionable employee activities. As a result, employers must occasionally monitor their employees' activity, particularly on company-owned digital devices such as cellphones, tablets, and computer devices running multiple operating systems. It consists of a number of technological solutions for gathering information on employees' digital device activity as well as their whereabouts.

  • Call Records
  • Track Your Location
  • Call Transcriptions
  • Monitoring from afar
  • Computer Screenshots
  • Bookmarks\Messages
  • Photographs
  • Webcam Calendar Contacts Monitor Browser History Block Apps
  • Recording in Surround
  • Block SMS Keystrokes in Gmail
  • Productivity

Spying on employees' activity on company-owned devices takes several forms, as shown below.

Employees use computers to track internal company hazards.

Employee gadgets are being monitored to protect intellectual property.

Employees' laptop/desktop habits are monitored to increase efficiency.

Monitoring of employees to avoid time wasters on company-owned devices

Spy on company-owned cellphones and laptops to find out who is inefficient.

Frequently Asked Questions - Employee Spy Software

Which Devices Are Compatible With SpyFamily If I Want To Track My Employees' Cell Phones?

SpyFamily is compatible with all Android and iOS devices running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher (running iOS 6.0 or above). However, we recommend that you consult SpyFamily's Compatibility Page to avoid any hardware or program incompatibilities.

What is the cost of the SpyFamily Employee Smartphone Monitoring App?

SpyFamily can be purchased by simply by clicking "Buy Now" anywhere on the website. Visit our FAQs Page or contact Customer Support if you have any more pre-purchase questions.

What Could Be The Reason I'm Not Getting Any Data From My Employees' Monitored Mobile Devices?

If you're not obtaining any data from your employees' mobile devices, make sure their monitored devices have a good internet connection.

What Are The Requirements To Use The SpyFamily Employee Tracking App?

SpyFamily's Android and Jailbreak versions require a one-time installation on the target device. If you're utilizing the No-Jailbreak version of SpyFamily, you'll simply need your employees' iCloud passwords.

Is SpyFamily for PC available?

There is currently no PC version available.

What spying software is used on employees?

SpyFamily automatically tracks all user activity and makes it searchable, alertable, and reportable. Company policies and regulations for data access set the parameters, and unlawful processes that jeopardize data security can be prohibited.

What are the three types of employee surveillance?

Software monitoring, phone tapping, video spying, email monitoring, and location monitoring are all common approaches. Software surveillance. Employee monitoring software is frequently used by businesses to keep track on what their employees are doing on their computers.

How do firms keep track of their workers?

Employers may now easily install covert software on workplace computers to monitor keystrokes and mouse movements, scrape emails, and capture photos of employees' displays.

WHY DO YOU NEED TO MONITOR YOUR Employees with SpyFamily?

  • Employees who use the internet for non-work purposes are 40% less productive than those who do not.
  • During business hours, pornography websites receive 70% of total traffic. Employers who allow their staff to watch porn during the day should be avoided.
  • Employees or ex-employees are responsible for 44% of cyber espionage incidents. Keep in mind that it costs the US $445 billion per year.
  • Don't be among the 33% of organizations in the United States that don't use tools to monitor their employees' emails, computer files, and phone calls.
  • 91 percent of workers believe that using the internet at work can be addictive.
  • SpyFamily is a monitoring software that allows you to follow your employees' internet surfing history and saved bookmarks.
  • According to a study, employees' personal lives might affect not only their work lives but also their employer's reputation.
  • SpyFamily is a comprehensive employee activity monitoring program with more than 30 functions that ensures a safer digital environment at work and at home.

SpyFamily ensures a productive and procrastination-free workplace.

Even when pricey monitoring systems are used, employees find a method to get around them. CCTV cameras and recorders, for example, all have flaws. However, tracking employees with cell phones could save you a lot of money because you can remotely track, monitor, or record their activities without having to hire any more expensive staff. SpyFamily is a multifaceted app:

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