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How To Geofence Places Using SpyFamily?

Watch the video to find out how geofencing works on SpyFamily.

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Geofencing App Free

App with Geofencing Allow children to explore the actual world without being concerned about their safety. You can create boundaries with a geofencing app and be notified if they are crossed.

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GEOFencing for Employees & Parental Control

GEO-Fencing is a new feature of the SpyFamily mobile tracking app. The setting up of a virtual barrier so that when the targeted phone reaches this area, a notification is sent to the individual using SpyFamily and this feature, in particular, to notify him that the phone he/she is monitoring has entered or exited a specified area is known as geo-fencing. SpyFamily allows you to mark restricted areas on a map. GEOFencing SpyFamily Geofencing is a feature that allows you to identify restricted regions on a map provided by your SpyFamily control panel and receive fast notifications when someone violates them.

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How Can GEO Fencing Benefit Parents and Employers?

Geo-fencing is a fantastic feature since it allows the person monitoring a targeted phone, usually, a concerned parent or an employer, to utilize it to define which zones are authorized and safe to enter and which should be avoided. The user of SpyFamily may then track the whereabouts of the person they’re worried about, as well as know exactly when and how many times a specific zone is entered.

The functionality operates by notifying the user that a certain zone has been entered and providing information on when the zone will be exited. This keeps surveillance up to date, with frequent alerts delivered concerning the location of the targeted phone.

How Does SpyFamily’s GEO Fencing Work?

This is a must-have feature, especially when it comes to a child’s safety. Every youngster nowadays has a cell phone since it is a convenient method to stay in touch and can even be useful in an emergency. Safe zones can be created using the geofencing feature that the child is allowed to enter, such as the area around his school and home, certain friends’ houses, or even the mall, but forbidden zones should also be created, allowing you to be alerted in real-time if something suspicious or out of the ordinary occurs.

Employers are also concerned about their employees’ whereabouts, as much business, and commercial information is now held on cell phones. Safe zones can be established in and around the office, as well as within the neighborhood so that if the phone is taken, the employer is promptly notified and can take the required steps to prevent further damage.

What Are Geofencing Alerts And How Can They Help Your Child Stay Safe Outside?

Children are inquisitive! Ignoring the consequences and implications, they wish to learn about all there is to know about the world and do everything there is to do. The responsibility, on the other hand, falls on the shoulders of parents who want to make the world a safer place for their children. Parenting has grown more challenging today than in the past as a result of this. You never know when your child will become engulfed in the vast and scary internet world. Every parent wants to keep their children safe and secure, both in the digital and physical worlds, in this technology-driven world with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

So, how can you effectively keep an eye on your children at all times? How can you maintain a precise track of their whereabouts? The solution is straightforward: use a parental monitoring app with smart geofencing. Let’s look at what geofencing is, what geofencing alerts are, and how they can assist you secure your children.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Geo-Fencing SPY

WHY DO YOU NEED SpyFamily Geofencing app?

  • Because children are at such a high danger of being harmed by predators nowadays, knowing where your child is in the real world should important to you more than ever.
  • In the United States alone, 2.9 million incidences of child abuse are recorded each year. You can always verify that your child is not trespassing into risky neighborhoods by using a geofencing program on their phone or tablet.
  • Geofencing is an excellent solution for parents who must be away from their children for the most of the time owing to job obligations.
  • If you’re concerned that your minor children are going to bars or consuming alcohol without your permission, you may use SpyFamily’s geofencing software to put alerts on all the bars and pubs in your neighborhood.
  • Businesses that are concerned that their offsite staff are derailing and making deals with competitors can be confident with the SpyFamily geofencing app.

I love my employees and I get used to friendly behavior. My lenient behavior with my employees turns to waste time on devices. Thanks to SPYFamily that helped me out to see the browsing activities of my employees and now I can filter websites and prevent the time-wasting…


I am doing business for so long; I have to keep my eyes on my workers associated with my clients. Call recording is my favorite feature. It enables me to record real-time calls of my employees when they talk with clients. I would say this one of the best products I have been…


My young daughter is a social media addict and used to capture photos, videos all the time. Social media addiction makes me worried and I have used to IM’s social media feature. It provides me instant logs of the instant messaging apps that keep me updated all 24/7.


Mark Safe Areas with Mobile Location Tracking App

You can mark safe areas for someone virtually and get to know whether the target person is in a safe place or not with a phone tracking app.

You Can Totally Rely on SPYFamily™ – We’ve Got Your Back

SPYFamily™ won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

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Using the Android Geo-Fencing App, create safe zones for employees and teenagers

Virtually draw a circle around the kid’s position.

Make electronic safe zones for your children.

Receive email notifications when your children climb over the fence.

The best way to find out where your children are in real-time is to use GPS.

You can use Geo-Fencing to follow children and employees’ Android devices and keep them under constant observation. You can virtually indicate safe and authorized locations on the MAP. It allows you to safeguard your children from sex offenders in the area while also preventing your employees from wasting time at work.

With a mobile location monitoring app, you may mark safe areas for your phone.

With a phone tracking app, you can theoretically mark safe zones for someone and learn whether they are in a safe place or not. Install the SpyFamily mobile phone monitoring app on the target device and utilize the control panel to create virtual safe zones for someone you wish to watch. You may also set up a Geo-Fence on the MAP and receive an email notification when the target leaves or enters the fence. The schedule will keep you updated on the movement of your target device user.

The best location monitoring app with Geo-fencing is made for:

From a parental standpoint, parents are always concerned about the well-being of their children and young adolescents. On the other hand, they cannot allow teenagers to go to areas that are potentially dangerous for them, such as late-night gatherings where sexual predators are present. With the SpyFamily smartphone GPS tracker, parents can keep track of their children’s whereabouts. You can create a Geo-Fence around the safe location using Google Maps and build up safe spaces for teens. It will receive quick notifications when children enter the smart barrier. You’ll also receive email reminders when your children leave the region and enter the risky zone. You will receive notifications through email.

From a business standpoint, why do businesses struggle to be productive despite providing their staff with the best equipment? Employees who work outside the firm are wasting their time. They make it appear to their bosses that they are working. Employers can now use cell phone surveillance software to catch their dishonest staff. It allows you to track employees’ present locations and create safe and limited zones for them by monitoring their company-owned phones. They can also use Geofence to keep employees under constant surveillance by knowing if they are in the working zone or outside of it. When staff enters or exits the fence, it sends you an email message.

The SpyFamily cellphone monitoring app allows you to: Remotely watch the target person’s GPS location

Spy on where the target phone user went, whether it was safe or not.

You can keep track of your teen’s present and exact position to ensure their safety.

With Google MAP, you can create virtual safe zones for teenagers.

When teens exit the fence, they will receive an email notification.

Track employee whereabouts and receive notifications if they leave the office.

Using the SpyFamily GEOFencing feature on the target phone, mark a restricted area.

One of the most useful Geo-fencing technologies is the ability to mark restricted regions. Users receive immediate notification when the target person visits the unsafe location you’ve specified on Google Maps. It can protect the target individual by sending you email notifications when the target moves into a forbidden region. When a target gadget breaches the electronic fence, keep an eye on its movements on Google maps.

Mark Restricted Locations for the Target Phone Virtually with SpyFamily?

Install the SpyFamily application on the target mobile phone device and utilize its dashboard to activate Geo-Fencing to mark restricted areas on the target cell phone device’s maps virtually.

What is the GEOFencing & Mark Restricted Area Feature in SpyFamily?

The SpyFamily Geo-fencing app has a feature called Mark Restricted Places. You can install it on your target mobile device and activate a function that allows you to use Google Maps to essentially erect an electronic fence around it. When your target phone user is going to leave the safe areas, you can receive alerts. SpyFamily will give you a quick email alerting you to remove the target person from a designated restricted area.

Geo-fencing for SpyFamily to Mark Restricted Areas Parents who are striving to protect their children from neighborhood predators will find this useful. They can protect their minors against sexual predators, bullies, child abusers, and serial killers. SpyFamily Geo-fencing software is the most effective method for ensuring the safety of children. It allows parents to virtually designate unsafe spots for their children on Google Maps. Receive notifications when your children breach the electric fence. Business experts can use the mark restricted (Geo-Fencing) tool to track employees’ movements and prevent them from squandering time in limited areas on the company’s premises during working hours.

Set Restricted Areas using GeoFence, a Non-Rooted Feature

Non-rooted functionality, such as marking restricted regions on the target Android phone, has been developed by SpyFamily. The target Android phone’s operating system can be unlocked with little effort.

You’re aware! Every individual’s priority is SpyFamily.

Due to the following reasons, SpyFamily has become the first option for thousands of users:

Make a Geo-Fence

Users can use Maps to design an electronic fence for a specific target.

Mark off any sections that are off-limits.

Make dangerous areas for your intended person.

Get quick notifications

Users will receive immediate target notifications through email.

Save information to the dashboard

The monitored data can be saved to the web dashboard by users.

SpyFamily license purchase

By visiting the website, you can sign up for SpyFamily plans and receive an email with the password and ID.

Take the phone you want to use in your hands.

To run the installation and complete the procedure properly, you’ll need physical access to the target device.

Online web portal access

You can log in with your credentials to the online dashboard and utilize the Geo-fencing tool to mark restricted regions.

Installation of the SpyFamily is now easier than ever.

To configure the SpyFamily application on the target phone, you must first execute a few installation steps.

What Does Geofencing Mean?

Geofencing is a combination of geolocation and fencing, as the name implies. Still, perplexed? It’s actually quite simple to comprehend. Consider a fence in your yard. It protects the contents of your home. Your dog, for example, cannot get out of your fence. A fence also makes it more difficult for intruders or other animals to gain access to your property. Consider getting a notification if your dog jumps over the fence. Imagine being able to detect whether someone entered your yard. That is geofencing in a nutshell.

Instead of being restricted to your yard, geofencing is restricted to the entire world. You can create an invisible fence around any region on a map with iPhone geofencing and Android geofencing. You’ll be notified if your child enters or exits the virtual fence you’ve established.

What Is The Process Of Geofencing?

Geofencing apps use the GPS embedded into a child’s device to track their location. You may create safe zones with SpyFamily’s GPS geofencing technology (or danger zones). You’ll be notified when your child enters or quits one of those zones. It’s a simple approach to keep children out of trouble while still ensuring their safety.

How Geofencing Can Help Them Stay Safe

SpyFamily fits the bill whether you’re seeking iPhone geofencing or Android geofencing. Even if you don’t believe you require a GPS geofencing solution, keep reading. We’re guessing your child falls into one of these groups. If they do, a GPS geofencing system like SpyFamily is in order.

The party animal. You’re aware of the children in question. On a Friday night, they enjoy hanging out at friends’ places and going from party to party. You’ve granted them permission to hang out with their pals, and while you understand that they may hop from one party to the next, you want to make sure they’re not going to a section of town you don’t like. You can get notified if they go somewhere they shouldn’t with a geofencing app in your pocket.

The learner. When you were a kid, you probably used the same reason. You’re going to a friend’s house to study on a Thursday night. You stuffed your belongings into your backpack and left the house. That was the truth, as far as your parents were concerned. If your children are anything like you, they’ll follow your lead. You can ensure they’re going where they claim they’re going with geofencing apps in your corner. Set up a perimeter around the house where they claim to be. You’ll know if they leave the house.

The adventurer. It’s a random Saturday afternoon, and your child wants to go out with his buddies and just have fun. You used to like doing the same thing as a kid. However, you are aware that not every part of town is appropriate for children. You don’t want them to find themselves on the wrong side of the tracks. This is when GPS geofencing is useful. You’ll get a notification on your phone if they enter an area you don’t approve of.

The escapee. Have you ever attempted to flee your home as a child? It can be traumatic to parents, even if it is only for a few hours. You’ll always know where your children are with geo fence. Remember, you can make your house a safe zone so you’ll know if they return home while you’re out looking for them.

The oppressed. If your child is being bullied, geofencing software may not appear to be the most obvious way to keep them safe. However, it can assist in some ways. You can get warned if bullies are approaching an area where bullying may occur by creating safe zones around areas where you know they frequent. Geofencing, of course, does not guarantee that kids will not be bullied. Bullies, after all, may travel. However, it will provide you with some relief.

Unpredictability. You recognize the type. They claim to be on their way to the store to get a Coke. The next thing you know, three hours have passed and they are nowhere to be found. You begin to get concerned. Then came another few hours. Then you start to feel anxious. They walk through the doors with that beverage they reportedly went out for, plus a few shopping bags, just as you’re about to phone the cops. They got diverted, ran into some pals, decided to go shopping, and promptly lost track of time. Consider a GPS geofencing solution if this scenario sounds familiar. It will notify you if they leave the agreed-upon area.

Geofencing is available for every operating system.

Are they available on iOS? SpyFamily is one of the best iPhone geofencing solutions on the market, so you’re in luck. Is he or she a Google kid? Don’t be concerned. SpyFamily has you covered in that department as well, with Android geofencing built right in.

Simply purchase a SpyFamily subscription, read your email for installation instructions, and get started with one of the best geofencing apps on the market. It’s that simple.

What exactly is SpyFamily Location Monitoring?

You may use SpyFamily to monitor certain places remotely and receive alerts when your children or staff enter or leave them. You can use SpyFamily’s advanced geofencing features to:

Label some regions as safe or ‘unsafe.’

In the safe and ‘unsafe’ place lists, you can add an unlimited number of areas, locations, and places.

Receive notifications on your phone or tablet when they enter or exit those locations.

What is Geofencing, exactly?

Geofencing is a method of creating a geographically fictitious barrier in the real world using GPS (Global Positioning System) or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. It works as a tracker using cellular data or a Wi-Fi network in addition to GPS and RFID technology. You can create a virtual border for your children to keep them within a certain geographical area. Furthermore, it performs an action whenever a device enters or exits the specified area.

What is Geofence Alerts, exactly?

The geofence technique can cause your phone to do an action or send you a push message, depending on the application or software you’re using. Geofence alerts allow you to track your child’s location. For example, you may have designated a limited area, such as a bar. As a result, the next time your child visits, you will automatically receive an email reminder on your smartphone.

What Are The Benefits Of Geofencing Alerts?

One in every five teenagers who use the internet on a regular basis claims to have received inappropriate sexual solicitation via the internet.

Teens have willingly gone to meet sexual predators in more than 95 percent of incidents.

Every year, around 3.2 million children are mistreated in the United States, with four to seven children dying on average every day.

If you are a working parent, you can use geofencing technology to safeguard your children’s safety at any time and from any location.

You can establish alerts on all bars, clubs, and pubs if you suspect your child is involved in alcohol or drug abuse.

As a parent, how might geofencing assist you?

Identify Safe Zones

Geofencing can make parenting easier by allowing you to designate safe zones such as school and home. You can use an imagined perimeter surrounding the school to track your children’s phones, tablets, and laptops. You can always know where your children are and receive fast notifications if they leave the school grounds. While you’re at work, you can check to see if your child has arrived safely at home, or if he or she has escaped the designated home perimeter.

Unsafe Zones are marked.

If you don’t want your child to go to a club or bar, a geofencing alert can inform you that he or she has entered a dangerous location. Kids can be naive at times, especially when they are drawn into harmful friendships by other reckless children or adults. If you suspect your child of disobeying your clear warnings not to visit a specific location, geofence alerts will notify you immediately if your child enters the “no-safe zone.”

How Can You Track Your Children Using Geofencing Alerts?

Now comes the topic of how to track your children using geofence alerts. If your child has an iPhone, you can use the Find My Friends app to track their location. When they enter or depart a virtual boundary, you can receive geofence-based notifications. However, you must first invite your child through the Find My Friends app and have them accept your invitation. You won’t be able to follow their location otherwise. You can also choose to receive a notification when they enter or depart a virtual region. Furthermore, you can only set one notification alert at a time; if you wish to get additional notifications, you must change your child’s phone’s settings to enable recurring notifications.

What if your child uses an Android device? Then you could make use of SpyFamily.

SpyFamily is a sophisticated parental surveillance program. SpyFamily allows you to track your child’s position in real time with near-perfect accuracy. You may also get a list of all the previous places your child has visited, complete with time, date, and address stamps. When your kid attempts to break the geofence you set, SpyFamily sends you an email immediately. SpyFamily is thus far the most dependable tool for tracking your child’s current and previous locations visited. You can view their calls, messages, emails, and much more in addition to geofencing.

How do I use SpyFamily to set up geofencing?

You can create a geofence list with an unlimited number of locations. To use SpyFamily’s geofencing feature, make sure the monitored device has an active internet connection, either Wi-Fi or a data plan.

Sign up for SpyFamily first.

You must first purchase a SpyFamily subscription to begin the procedure. SpyFamily has two subscription tiers from which to choose depending on your monitoring requirements. It also provides three billing choices from which you may choose the one that best matches your needs.

SpyFamily Basic Version

Monthly fee: $29.99

Quarterly cost: $41.99

Yearly fee: $59.99

Monthly SpyFamily Premium Version: $35.99

Quarterly rate: $59.99

Annual fee: $89.99

Step 2: Install SpyFamily on your child’s smartphone.

After you’ve completed the subscription, you’ll receive an email from SpyFamily with a download link and other information. You can get the app for your child’s phone.

Step 3: Go to your SpyFamily Dashboard and log in.

SpyFamily allows you to remotely access practically everything on your child’s phone once it is installed. By entering your web credentials, you can access your account. To access your child’s past location history, go to “Places” in your account’s management panel.

Step 4: Add Locations to Your Watchlist

Go to “Settings” and then “Add Watchlist Locations” in your web account. You can add numerous venues to your watchlist and receive an immediate alert whenever your child enters or departs them.

Along with the Geofencing Alert Feature, SpyFamily Can Do a Lot More to Protect Your Children Online and Off. SpyFamily can also help parents with the following:

View your calls and texts

You can see who your children are chatting to on the phone and through text messaging.

Receive Contact Alerts

Allows you to add select contacts to your watchlist and receive an immediate notification whenever your children contact them.

Social media monitoring

View photographs and read messages on popular social networking platforms such as WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Kik, and others.

Obtain Reports

Get statistics on the top 5 callers, top 5 call durations, top 10 most frequently visited websites, and a call time activity punch card.

View photos, videos, and entries in the calendar

View your child’s phone’s images, videos, and calendar entries.

Access to Multimedia and Instant Messenger Chats

Get quick notifications when certain words appear in text messages, emails, or IM chats.

Record Phone Calls and the Environment

Calls and surroundings are recorded and listened to.

Keep an eye on your emails and browsing history.

Access your child’s emails, bookmarks, and web surfing history.

Lock Devices from afar

Lock their devices remotely

Delete all data

Wipe the information on their phones

Unwanted apps are blocked.

Take screen captures

Take a screenshot of their phone activity in real-time, or