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How To Remotely Wipe Phone Data Using SpyFamily?

With this video guide, you can learn how to remotely wipe phone data from monitored Android devices using SpyFamily.

Remotely Control Target Phone/Tablet

SpyFamily knows how to stay ahead in the smartphone monitoring game with its tons of remote device monitoring features. With SpyFamily, you only get the best spy app that exists to date.

Lock target phone or tablet

Lock your tweens and teens’ cell phones or tablets during their sleep time or homework time to help them achieve better routines and less tech-dependency.

Remotely wipe device data

Don’t worry about the lost devices anymore; use SpyFamily’s remote data wipe and keep your family’s privacy and your company’s corporate data safe.

App Blocking

Target apps that are not suitable for your kids and block/unblock them with just a single command on your SpyFamily web account.

View installed apps list

View the installed apps list to peek into the monitored person’s app preferences.

SpyFamily Control Panel

View all the activities taking place on the monitored device and monitor activities.

Remote command

Send remote commands to lock the device, shut it down, wipe off data, or turn on the microphone.

Protect your data and privacy by remotely locking and unlocking your device

Nobody wants to misplace their phone or leave it unattended. There's no reason to be scared anymore! You may remotely lock and unlock your cell phone. Locking and unlocking your phone gives you an advantage in terms of protecting it against data breaches and falling into the wrong hands. If you leave your phone somewhere and forget it, phone spy software can prevent illegal access.

Data Backup safeguards the information on your phone from unauthorized access

Every photo, movie, file, and other piece of data on your cellular device can be backed up. It allows users to safeguard data that is saved, breached, or newly entered into their cell phone device. You can back up your phone in no time, no matter how many data breaches attempts have occurred on it.

Installed Application List on Your Target Smartphone to Spy & Monitor

You can quickly spy on any cell phone and monitor the records of installed applications. On the target device, you can retrieve a list of installed applications. You can see how many apps are installed on the phone and categorize them into categories like social media, online gaming, VPNs, and many others. Users can determine which apps the target person likes to download to their phone.

SpyFamily allows you to wipe data from monitored Android devices remotely

Erase Phone Data Using Remote Data Wipe. With just a simple click, SpyFamily allows you to remotely wipe data from any lost or stolen Android or iOS smartphone. We provide the best smartphone monitoring app for parents and employers at SpyFamily. Hundreds of thousands of parents and supervisors who must be aware of mobile devices around them have provided feedback for our top-notch services. SpyFamily Remote Data Wipe allows you to wipe data from any monitored Android device with a single click; it's that simple!

Unwanted App Blocker for Android by SpyFamily

Block Unwanted Apps with the World's Best App Blocker for Android and iOS. SpyFamily is the greatest app blocking solution for Android and iOS devices, allowing you to restrict both stock and third-party apps. Do you wish you had a magic wand that could make your children sleep soundly at night and study diligently throughout the day? SpyFamily is a cutting-edge solution that works like magic when it comes to controlling cell phone usage. You may temporarily restrict apps on your children's Android smartphones using SpyFamily until they finish their homework, house chores, and other critical duties.

Control Panel

Protect your data by remotely locking your phone no matter where you have left it idle.

The end-user can remotely lock the mobile phone device to prevent illegal access to the data or information stored on it.

No more worry or insecurity about losing your phone's vital data if you misplace it or leave it idle somewhere. Simply put, you can use the remote lock phone software to place a lock on your cell phone device and avoid all forms of device exploitation weaknesses.

You can use the phone spy software to:

Protect the data on your personal device.

Remotely lock the phone in case it is stolen or misplaced.

Create a backup of your phone's data from afar

With the SpyFamily app, you may clone Android mobile phone data or build an online data backup for your smartphone.

With the SpyFamily data backup feature, you can back up all of your cell phone data. This function allows the user to generate an online backup of his or her mobile data using a secure control panel, and the best part is that SpyFamily data backup can be done remotely and invisibly. The customer has unlimited storage space on his or her mobile phone data backup.

Back up the data on your Android phone.

Data backup allows you to clone your Android phone.

Get a list of all the apps that have been installed on the target device.

The user can utilize the installed applications logs function to receive complete or detailed information about all installed apps on the target device.

You should utilize SpyFamily installed apps logs software if you want complete information on all types of apps installed on the target cell phone device. It will provide comprehensive and extensive information on the apps installed on the target phone.

The user can obtain information about:

Installed apps on the target phone

Get app information in the form of logs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best app for remotely locking and unlocking a phone?

The only phone spy program that allows you to lock and unlock your phone is SpyFamily. What do you think? Without physical access to the phone, it has the best phone lock and unlocking tools. To remotely lock your target device, you must install phone tracking software on the target phone and log in to the dashboard.

What should I do about my teen's misplaced phone data?

Parents are frequently concerned about data saved on their children's phones. Young kids are more likely to save hacked images, videos, and other illicit content on their phones, and are more likely to be traumatized after losing their phones. SpyFamily allows parents to prevent their children from allowing their phones to be hacked. It allows you to remotely lock and unlock the target phone.

How can I back up all of the info on my phone?

A data backup app can preserve and safeguard your complete phone data. It is software that backs up the info on your cell phone. It takes only a few minutes to install on the target device. Users can record everything that happens on their device.

Which is the best backup app?

On the internet, there are numerous data backup programs that claim to be the finest for cellphones. SpyFamily is the only program that backs up your phone data and serves as the best cell phone monitoring software. It comes with a number of functions as well as the ability to backup your phone's data.

Which app is the best for seeing installed apps on a smartphone?

There are several web-based programs accessible, but you must use SpyFamily. It provides users with a variety of services, including cell phone tracking and examining installed apps on the target device. Phone tracking software is inexpensive but provides excellent service. You can use it to examine what dating applications are installed, as well as social media, online gaming, gambling, and any other active programs on your target mobile device.

SpyFamily is the greatest program for viewing installed apps?

When checking the installed apps list on the target device, SpyFamily has numerous properties. On the target phone, it stays hidden and untraceable. Without the target person's knowledge, users can access and monitor every application running on the phone. There are social messaging apps, dating apps, pornographic apps, anti-virus apps, live-streaming apps, and more.

What Devices Can I Use With SpyFamily?

SpyFamily works with all rooted Android smartphones running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher; nonetheless, we recommend visiting SpyFamily's Compatibility Page to avoid any hardware or software-related issues.

How Do I Use SpyFamily's Remote Data Wipe Feature?

To remotely wipe data using SpyFamily, go to your SpyFamily web account's "Dashboard" and open the "Remote Control" page. Locate and open the "Wipe Phone" tab on the "Remote Commands" page. This will bring up a popup box with the message "Erased data cannot be recovered again." If you want to proceed, click the "Wipe Device" button.

What Kinds Of Data Does SpyFamily Remote Data Wipe Remove?

With the Remote Data Wipe command from SpyFamily, all data on the device's internal SD is erased. SpyFamily will not remove any data on that device's external SD card.

What Could Be The Reason For The Device Data Not Being Deleted After Using The Remote Data Wipe Feature?

If the Remote Data Wipe command does not function, check to see if the monitored device has an active internet connection. If you can still see data on that device, it's most likely data from the external SD card (refer to the above FAQ).

What Are The Requirements To Use SpyFamily?

On the target device whose data you want to remove, SpyFamily requires a one-time installation. In order for the monitored gadget to accept commands from your web account, it would also require an internet connection.

What Devices Does SpyFamily App Blocker Support?

SpyFamily Android App Blocker works with all Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or higher; nonetheless, we still recommend that you review our Compatibility Page to avoid any differences.

How Do I Disable Unwanted Apps?

SpyFamily makes blocking unwanted programs simple. To block an app, log in to your SpyFamily account and access the "installed apps" link on the SpyFamily Dashboard page. You can see all of the apps that are installed on the monitored device there. To block an app, click the "Block" button next to its name.

How Do I Unblock the Apps That Are Blocked?

You may use the same button to unblock an app once it has been blocked (once an app is blocked, only then you can see the option for unblocking it).

How Can I Use SpyFamily To Get The Installed Apps List From A Monitored Device?

Go to "Dashboard" on your SpyFamily web account and look for the "Installed Apps" option to see the list of your installed apps. To see all the apps installed on the monitored device, click it.

What Are the Prerequisites for Using SpyFamily To View Installed Apps From A Device?

To view the apps loaded on a cell phone or tablet remotely, make sure SpyFamily is installed and running on the device you want to monitor. For the program to transfer data to your SpyFamily online account, you'll also need a valid internet connection on the monitored device.

Which Devices Can Be Monitored With SpyFamily's App Monitoring Software?

You may examine the installed apps list on your children's or workers' Android and iOS devices with SpyFamily. However, the target Android device should be running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher, and the target iOS device should be running iOS 6.0 or higher. To avoid any hardware or program incompatibilities, we recommend visiting SpyFamily's, Compatibility Page.

What Can I Do If I Think My Child Is Using A Vault To Hide Apps?

With SpyFamily, you can see all of your child's apps on his or her phone or tablet. Not only can you see the hidden installed applications, but you can also see the vault that your child is using to hide them.

Can I use SpyFamily's Installed App Monitoring Software to see the entire list of installed apps on the monitored device?

You may see all the apps installed on the monitored smartphone, including stock and third-party apps, with SpyFamily.

Can my child see the apps I've blocked on their phone?

Yes, SpyFamily sends a popup command to the monitored user alerting them that their guardian has prohibited a specific program. To avoid any dissonance, make sure you communicate to your youngster about app banning ahead of time.

With SpyFamily, which apps can I block?

All stock and third-party apps can be blocked with SpyFamily. However, we recommend that you contact our customer service team for further information.

WHY DO YOU NEED SpyFamily Remote Data Wipe?

  • If you are concerned that your children may lose their cell phone, you must ensure that their sensitive information is kept private.
  • With SpyFamily, you may remotely wipe all of the data on your children's Android and iOS devices.
  • If your employees are carrying cell phones or tablets that contain company data, SpyFamily's Remote Data Wipe tool could be extremely useful in the event that they misplace their company-issued mobile devices.
  • If your discussions with your youngster regarding cell phone usage aren't going well, consider issuing a strong warning of remote data erase.
  • SpyFamily is more than simply a program for wiping data from a device; it contains more than 30 capabilities, many of which are useful for monitoring a cell phone or tablet.
  • SpyFamily gives you access to text and IM chats, social media activity, multimedia, and more. More information regarding SpyFamily features may be found here.

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