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What Is SpyFamily Photo & Videos Gallery Monitoring?

SpyFamily photo monitoring software enables you to view images stored in the album of your target device. Spy on the gallery secretly and remotely.

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View Photos, Videos & Calendar Entries

SpyFamily gives you access to all photos, videos and calendar entries stored on the monitored devices. Plan ahead of your employees and kids by keeping a watch on their to-do list. Steps to Track Multimedia Files. You can view all the images send and received from the phone. All the images stored in the phone gallery will be visible to you.

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Monitor All Saved Videos on Android Cell Phones & Tablets

View all videos on iOS and Android devices that are being monitored: Using your SpyFamily web account, you may remotely access all movies stored on the monitored device of your employees or children. Your child’s phone may include a number of pornographic films, or your employee may be capturing and sharing video recordings of meetings about new projects with your competitors. SpyFamily Saved Videos Monitoring is the proactive answer for all your professional and personal monitoring needs if you want to make sure nothing like this happens.

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Spy on Photos with The Best Images Monitoring App

Monitor Saved Gallery Images & Multimedia Files with Photos Spy: To surreptitiously spy on saved images on a target phone gallery, use the SpyFamily Photos surveillance app. It will create a backup of all saved multimedia files invisibly. The Best Images Monitoring App: Spy on Photos: View saved photographs in the gallery of the target cell phone. With the SpyFamily photographs spy app, you can also create a backup on a secure control panel. This photo surveillance tool will never fail to upload any deleted, hidden, or seized data from a phone camera, as well as download images from the internet.

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What is Photo Gallery Monitoring with SpyFamily?

You may see all of their images on their Android and iOS devices remotely with SpyFamily. Without touching their gadgets, instantly check all of the photographs for other details (one-time installation is required).

Spy on the photo gallery on Android.

Spy on the photo gallery on iOS.

Examine the time and date stamps.

What is the SpyFamily Video Surveillance App?

You can remotely watch all the movies saved on your children’s or employees’ mobile phones or tablets with SpyFamily. SpyFamily provides you remote access to videos saved on a monitored device in real-time.

View all videos you’ve saved.

Look at the time and date stamps.

WHY DO YOU NEED SpyFamily To Monitor Videos?

Every minute, more than 500 hours of video are added to YouTube, some of which may be inappropriate for your child to download or watch. You may access all movies stored on your children’s or workers’ cell phones and tablets with SpyFamily.

Dishonest employees now have even more opportunities to steal and disclose company data because of the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) culture. Monitoring your employees’ on-storage movies is critical if your company allows mobile devices at work.

It is illegal to share or download underage pornographic content, and it is your job as a parent to monitor the videos that your children watch on their personal mobile devices.

SpyFamily isn’t just a video surveillance app; it also tracks WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and a slew of other popular messaging and multimedia sharing apps.

SpyFamily is a comprehensive cell phone surveillance tool that allows you to track your children’s phones and tablets both online and offline (location tracking).

View Your Target Device’s Photo Gallery Secretly Monitor Saved Photos

View All Photos from the Camera

Saved Photos in the Photo Album

Login to Photo Logs

View Images Sent Through Instant Messengers

Why Should You Keep An Eye On Your Teen’s And Employee’s Phone Photo Galleries?

The internet is a massive platform that connects people all over the world. Unfortunately, hackers take advantage of internet users. To blackmail and bully kids, sexual predators and cyber thieves steal their personal information, including photos and images. Furthermore, company data is in danger of being leaked or compromised. The image gallery of your children’s and employees’ smart devices is easily accessible with SpyFamily photo monitoring software.

Photo monitoring software allows you to identify suspicious photos saved on your target phone and take immediate action.

What Can the Photo Monitoring Feature of SpyFamily Reveal?

On the photo gallery, you can see all of the pictures taken with Camera Spy. With SpyFamily photo tracking, you may see all of the photographs taken with the device camera.

Saved Photographs in Photo Album Monitor saved images from your target device’s photo gallery. Remotely view screenshots, cards, and other images.

View Images Sent Through Instant Messengers

Spy on photos sent using messaging apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Skype, and others.

Login to Photo Logs

Keep track of the date and time stamps on images taken with the camera or received via instant messenger. Without suspicion, examine photo logs.

View All Multimedia Saved by Your Teens’ Photo Gallery

With cell phone freedom, sexting and sharing nude photographs has become more common. One in seven teenagers engages in online nudism. Non-consensual or revenge porn sharing might result in sexting. Parents can see photos that their children have downloaded, recorded, or shared. SpyFamily photo monitoring allows parents to watch their children’s internet photo albums in full secrecy.

Monitor Pictures on Work Phones for Suspicious Multimedia Remotely

Internal fraud is a constant threat to businesses. Employees with ill intentions and deception can photograph corporate features and office structures and exchange business secrets with competitors. A single image holding sensitive business data can cost a company a lot of money. To protect data security at the business level, the SpyFamily photo spy app records all photos shot and shared on work phones.

Superb Photo Spy App for Android Media Gallery Monitoring

SpyFamily is an advanced and robust multimedia tracking application that allows you to monitor photos. You can view all of the saved multimedia on your target Android device using the TWS app. The timestamps and dates on when the photographs were taken, downloaded, or shared by the target device can also be tracked.

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Frequently Asked Questions – Photo & Videos Spy App – Spying On photos – Video

Why Do You Need SpyFamily Photo Gallery Monitoring App?

  • 1.1 trillion photographs were taken in 2016. The value is predicted to reach 1.2 trillion in 2017. (a nine percent increase). With more images, your children or staff may be more likely to abuse them.
  • According to a Cosmos poll, 88 percent of women have taken nude selfies, and roughly 30 percent of youth have agreed to post their nude images online.
  • If your youngster takes photos on a daily basis, it may become tedious for them to take normal photos, leading to naked photos.
  • Revenge porn is a word used on the internet to describe exacting revenge by sharing the naked images of people. These photographs are circulated online and in schools, putting the victims under emotional and physical strain.
  • SpyFamily lets parents to keep tabs on their tweens and adolescents’ photo-storing and photo-sharing behaviors by monitoring all photographs stored on a device.
  • SpyFamily is more than just a photo gallery monitoring tool; it offers more than 30 different functions to help you keep a close eye on your children’s and employees’ phones.

I love my employees and I get used to friendly behavior. My lenient behavior with my employees turns to waste time on devices. Thanks to SPYFamily that helped me out to see the browsing activities of my employees and now I can filter websites and prevent the time-wasting…


I am doing business for so long; I have to keep my eyes on my workers associated with my clients. Call recording is my favorite feature. It enables me to record real-time calls of my employees when they talk with clients. I would say this one of the best products I have been…


My young daughter is a social media addict and used to capture photos, videos all the time. Social media addiction makes me worried and I have used to IM’s social media feature. It provides me instant logs of the instant messaging apps that keep me updated all 24/7.


Photo Spy: How to Spy Photo?

With the picture spy program, you can spy on all of the photos in the target user’s gallery in only a few clicks. On your SpyFamily’s dashboard, you can see the images and the time they were taken. You may monitor the photographs on the target phone with the SpyFamily photo spy software. View all sent, received, stored, and deleted photographs by remote accessing the target device. You may view all saved videos on the target phone with this video surveillance app. This program is loaded with special features that allow it to spy.

You Can Totally Rely on SPYFamily™ – We’ve Got Your Back

SPYFamily™ won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

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Best Photo & Videos Monitoring Software

What is the Photo Monitoring Feature in SpyFamily?

SpyFamily photo monitoring allows you to view all of the photographs in your target device’s picture gallery. The program practically uploads all of your target device’s saved images to the web-based dashboard, where you may view them at any time.

How Can SpyFamily Photo Surveillance Benefit You?

There are many cyber threats out there. The spy family Android monitoring app allows parents to examine and access their teen’s image gallery on their phone or tablet. Cybercriminals find it easy to target children. Using a spy camera app, ensure that your teenagers are not sharing personal photographs with random strangers.

Spycams are used by businesses to view images saved on employees’ work phones and computers. Employers can use SpyFamily to determine if their employees are sharing critical corporate information with competitors by capturing images using company-owned mobile devices.

Parental Authority:

View the photo gallery on your teen’s phone from afar.

Employee Observation:

To detect malicious activities, spy on the photo albums of company-owned mobile phones.

Protect Your Children from Sexual Predators Online:

Check to see whether your teen is involved in sexting or has been a victim of cyber bullying or harassment.

How Do I Install The SpyFamily Photo Monitoring App On My Target Device?

SpyFamily photo monitor allows you to keep track of your target device’s saved images.

Here’s how you can get started with SpyFamily:

Join SpyFamily today!

Select an Operating System

From the Dashboard Monitor Photos, select Photo Gallery. Secretly

No jailbreaking or rooting is necessary.

SpyFamily operates in complete stealth mode, allowing parents and companies to monitor their children’s and employees’ cellphones.

SpyFamily Best Photo Spy App’s Top Benefits:

Spying on images is a difficult task for those who do not know how to spy on an Android device’s photo gallery. SpyFamily is an effective solution for all parental and corporate surveillance needs. The photo gallery spy program quickly retrieves all photos saved on the target device and publishes them to a web-based dashboard.

Here are some photo surveillance options available with the SpyFamily app:

View images that your children have taken and saved on their phones and tablets.

Monitor the multimedia usage of work phones.

Using remote commands, download the target phone’s photo gallery to your smartphone.

When a fresh photo is captured on the target device, the SpyFamily app notifies its users immediately. It also allows users to keep track of the dates and timestamps of the photographs they’ve saved. Almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, making it more difficult to protect personal space because anyone can take images and share them on social media. You may view the deleted photographs from the media gallery using SpyFamily. And if you detect something suspicious, take proper action.

Feature of the Photo Spy App

What types of images might someone have on their phone? With the photo spy app, you can get the answer. You can remotely track and access all of your target’s images. Let’s have a look at its characteristics.

Spy Photo Gallery

Follow the target’s image gallery and view photos that have previously been saved on the device. Additionally, view photo data such as time, date stamps, file types, and more.

Track Photos You’ve Clicked or Downloaded

Track photos taken using the target phone, as well as images downloaded or saved. Access photographs saved or downloaded from browsers or social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat.

Find Photos That Have Been Deleted or Hidden

You may even view images that the owner has erased from their phone. Get access to images that have been hidden in Vault or other decoy programs. Thanks to the picture spy app feature, all of these concealed and erased photos will be recorded on SpyFamily’s dashboard.

How does the Photo Spy App function?

Spying on images stored on your target smartphone is simple with the Photo spy app function of SpyFamily. To do so, log in to SpyFamily and create an account. Select a subscription package, then download and install the SpyFamily app on the device you want to monitor. After that, simply follow these two steps:

Log in to your SpyFamily dashboard.

In the left-hand selection panel, select the option “Photo.”

Finally, you’ll be able to look at the images on the target device. You can view all of their images without touching their phone, but you will need to install the app once on the target phone.

You can access all data remotely from any device with an internet connection. Your information is safely saved and protected on the SpyFamily app’s servers, which you may view at any time via the Dashboard/Control panel.

What is the purpose of the Photo Spy App? Parents’ Advantages of Photo Spying

Today, almost everyone owns a cell phone. According to statistics, most children have cell phones by the age of seven, and they have become an integral part of their lives. They usually spend their time shooting photos, producing and viewing videos, recording phone calls, and so on. They are more frequently sharing images on various social media networks.

Yes, photographs are a useful tool for capturing every moment of life, but they can also be a burden. What if your child has indecent images on their cellphones, if they have shared nude photos (sexting), or if their gallery contains adult pornographic content?

It’s terrifying to consider such a scenario, and the consequences may be irreversible. Furthermore, hackers take advantage of internet usage. They can blackmail and bully your children by stealing personal information from social media, including images. As a result, you’ll need SpyFamily to spy on images in order to properly deal with these scenarios.

You can begin spying on images or other multimedia files sent or received by your child, and take appropriate steps to deal with any possible threats. The Photo spy app capability can also be used to spy on the photo gallery.

for the partner

Have you ever wondered what kind of images your spouse has on their phone? You may now snoop through the images stored on your spouse’s phone with the photo spy app. Even deleted photographs and photos concealed in decoy apps would be accessible.

For Professional Use

Many incidents of corporate data being leaked or exposed through images and transfers have been reported by business owners. SpyFamily’s Photo spy app could be the ideal option for you. As an employer, you can see what kind of information your employees have on the company’s owned device gallery and make sure they don’t have any confidential or sensitive information.

What can Photo Spy App be used for?

You will be able to do the following after installing SpyFamily on the targeted device and using the picture spy app:

Use the photo gallery to keep track of and access photos you’ve taken.

Track and access photographs that have been downloaded from browsers or other social media apps.

Track and access screenshots that were taken.

Keep track of dates, timestamps, and file types.

Access photographs that have been removed or hidden

Is it necessary for me to root or jailbreak the smartphone in question?

To utilize the Photo spy app function of SpyFamily to track the target user’s photos, you do not need to root or jailbreak the targeted Android/iOS device.

View the Photograph/Video

Do you wish to peek through a phone’s photos and videos? If so, the SpyFamily app can help. You can keep track of different media types stored on the phone using the Multimedia Files feature.

All you have to do to find out someone’s secret is look through their phone gallery. However, most individuals utilize further security measures such as app lock to keep their phone gallery hidden and secure. This makes checking the phone gallery extremely tough for parents.

You can track their location as well as their images and videos with the SpyFamily app. We can assist you if you want to learn more about monitoring multimedia files on a phone. We’ll show you how to view photos in this article. The video was taken with the phone.

Multimedia File Tracking

You must utilize the Multimedia Files feature to see photos and videos taken on the phone. This option can be found on the control panel. When you select this option, the dashboard will display all of the photographs and videos from your phone gallery. Each image and video can be enlarged by clicking on it. To watch the videos, select the play option. You may see all of the media captured by the camera, as well as all of the downloaded media and screenshots. These photographs can be saved to your dashboard.

Multimedia File Tracking Features

The features of Multimedia File Tracker are listed below.

View Photographs: You may see all of the images that the phone has sent and received. You will be able to see all of the photographs stored in the phone gallery.

View Videos: You may also view all of the videos stored in the phone gallery.

You will be able to see all of the files that you have downloaded from the internet or from other communication and social media apps.

Screenshots are available: You can even see all of your phone’s screenshots.

File Details: You can open each file to view it and check file details such as the file name, size, format, and so on.

Date & Time: You may view the file’s creation date and time. You’ll know when the photo was shot on the phone this way.

Save Files: You can also use the store option to save some of these files to the dashboard.

Multimedia File Tracker’s Benefits

The advantages of Multimedia File Tracker are listed below.

This capability is available in stealth mode. The SpyFamily app works in stealth mode to track the gallery. This app will be undetectable by anyone.

View Photo/Video: This function allows you to see all of the photographs and videos stored in your phone’s gallery.

Simple to Use: This feature is simple to use. To track media files, you don’t need any technical understanding. This feature is simple to utilize for anyone with minimal application expertise.

With the SpyFamily spy app, you may remotely view saved images on Android.

Using android spying software, parents can remotely monitor private images kept on their children’s cellphones. You can look through your teen’s phone gallery to see what kind of material they captured with their cellphone cameras. You can now keep adolescents from being embarrassed if they misplace their phones. You can remotely delete images from the target phone.

With a cell phone, you can monitor and save photos. Cellphone users like taking and downloading snaps and images utilizing a web browser with internet access and the rear and front cameras on their phones. Every photo stored in the target device’s gallery can be tracked remotely. To access the saved photographs, you must install SpyFamily phone tracking software on the target device and use a web control panel.

From a parental perspective: Track and store images on Android

Teens are accustomed to taking provocative selfies and then sharing them on social media applications and in stories on instant messaging. You may check on your children’s Android smartphones to see if they are inadvertently invading their privacy. It’s also possible that they sent images to strangers and are now being followed by online predators. With the SpyFamily control panel, you may utilize mobile phone monitoring software on teens’ gadgets and view their images remotely.

From a business standpoint, someone who enjoys taking snaps and images of nature and saving them to their mobile gallery can make a data backup for the photos on their Android smartphone. They can also clone their Android device to transfer the data from the old one to the new one. Install the SpyFamily cellphone tracking software on the target device, and then back up the data to the web portal. This will show you how to protect your photo gallery data to the best extent possible.

Save photos using SpyFamily View and do the following:

Remotely spying on a phone saved images in the gallery

Downloaded or camera-captured photographs should be monitored.

Follow a teen’s images to see if they’re typical or suggestive of sexual activity.

Teens under surveillance emailed and received private images from strangers.

Using a web portal backup, protect your teen’s private images on their digital phone.

To transfer personal data to a new digital device, clone an Android phone.

SpyFamily Spy Software Allows You To Remotely View Movies Saved On An Android Device.

By gaining access to the gallery on an Android, parents may keep an eye on their children’s multimedia. They can use their cellphones to remotely monitor and track self-created and downloaded videos. Parents will be able to see what kind of films their children made with their Android phone cameras. You can remotely delete videos from stolen or lost devices.

With the Android tracking app, you may spy and preserve videos.

Films downloaded from digital phones are frequently stored in the gallery, as are videos captured by the rear and front cameras of Android devices. Do you wish to gain access to a mobile gallery where you can supervise recorded videos, photographs, and other similar items? You may do it with Android spy software, which allows you to see and save videos on the target smartphone or tablet. You may also use the SpyFamily control panel to back up all of your private and unforgettable movies.

Monitor And Save Videos On Android For The Following Purposes:

There are numerous live video streaming videos available on the internet, including Bigo Live, TikTok, and others. Teens also enjoy recording videos using their Android device cameras and sharing them with strangers and on video streaming applications, where they are ridiculed online. Using smartphone tracking software, parents can monitor stored movies remotely. It is the most effective tool for giving parents access to the target person’s digital device gallery videos. As a result, parents were always aware of what types of teenagers downloaded or recorded movies and saved them to their phones.

From a business standpoint, an individual can utilize the SpyFamily tracking program web management panel to protect the data kept in their cell phone gallery, especially preserved video footage. To duplicate or shift the data of saved videos from one smartphone to another, simply clone an Android device. From the moment you install the tracking app on your device until it is operational, you will begin receiving complete video data.

SpyFamily View allows you to do the following:

To transfer data, clone an Android phone.

You can remotely save videos on an Android phone.

Teenagers under surveillance are not recording sexually provocative films.

Gain remote access to the video gallery on the target mobile device.

SpyFamily’s internet dashboard serves as a data backup for videos that have been stored.

Instant access to the video gallery on the target device

How to View the Captured Photo/Video

Let’s learn how to use this feature now that you know all about it. Everything will be explained in simple steps. To see photos/videos taken on the phone, follow the instructions.

Step 1: Get the Phone Ready

It would be great if you used the phone in private so no one would notice. Go to the settings menu on your phone. You must enable sources there. Go to Google Play after that. It’s best if you turn off Play Protect there. The phone is now ready to download the app.

2nd Step: Download

Visit the website at Spy.Family/android-spy/ to download SpyFamily all. To download the app, first, go to the official website and then click the download link. It is available for free download.

Step 3: Setup

You must install the app after the download is complete. To do so, double-click the downloaded file and select Install. On the phone, the app will be installed.

Step 4: Make an account

You must now create an account. To begin, open the app and select register/signup. Fill in all of the information requested on the page. You must first enter your email address. Then you must select a secure password.

Step 5: Turn off the app

Following the creation of your account, you must delete all evidence from your phone. Delete the history and hide the symbol.

Step 6: Sign up

After the setup, you can start tracking the phone with your own device. Go to the Spy.Family website and select the login option. Then log in with your information.

View Multimedia Files in Step 7

Go to the control panel after you’ve logged in. To view images and videos taken with the phone, go to View Multimedia Files.


Using the Multimedia File feature of the SpyFamily app, follow these steps to view photos/videos collected on the phone.

The Best App to Spy on Photos is SpyFamily.

You can use the SpyFamily cell phone tracking app to see what images and multimedia files your child and workers have saved in their gallery. The remote and secret spy-on photo capability allows you to monitor the targeted person’s digital gadget activity. As a result, taking the cellphone from your child or employee to check their photo gallery is preferable.

What Does a Photo Monitoring App Offer?

You can view all cell phone activities using the cell phone monitoring app. It allows you to observe the targeted device and gain hidden access to the phone in order to track its movements. The end-user can access their phone’s mobile media gallery and see what’s on it.

How Does It Benefit You?

Every one of us now carries a cell phone. Cell phones are primarily used and spent by children and teenagers. Parents are concerned and want to know what their children are up to and what data they have kept on their phones. As a result, the SpyFamily software allows you to view the device’s data and media collection.

Is it Possible to Spy on Photos Without Being Rooted?

Yes! SpyFamily can assist you in locating device photos on a targeted phone. As a result, you did not need to root your Android phone to use this app.

Is SpyFamily The Best Option For Monitoring A Device’s Multimedia Gallery?

SpyFamily is one of the top cell phone spy apps for getting information about the targeted device. It aids you;

View photos were taken with your phone.

You can see the images taken by your targeted device’s cell phone.

View data sent or received

All photos, movies, audio, and other files sent or received can be monitored.


It allows you to gain access to the targeted phone and retrieve their MMS messages.

Examine the multimedia files

Users are unable to locate the targeted phone’s multimedia files.

Register and receive your credentials in the mail.

To receive the official email ID and password, you must be familiar with the SpyFamily website and subscribe to the multimedia monitoring app.

Gain access to the device that is being targeted.

Take the phone in your hands and start installing the app.

Access the web-based control panel.

Get access to the SpyFamily app’s dashboard and the monitoring files for the targeted devices.

How do you get the SpyFamily app onto the device you want to spy on?

This is an installation technique that ensures you are on the targeted device’s hidden track.