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How To Remotely Take A Screenshot Of A Monitored Device Using SpyFamily?

Find out how SpyFamily lets you remotely take a screenshot of a monitored Android device.

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How to Monitor Another Phone Screen Activity and See Screenshot Remotely

Have you ever wished to monitor someone’s device to see who they’re conversing with, or know your wife/call husband’s history and see the content of deleted text messages? Parents can use the mobile phone tracking app to monitor their children’s internet habits. It is a wonderful solution for beginners because you can monitor all of the stuff on your child’s mobile phone. This solution provides a professional mobile phone behavior monitoring program for parents, as well as a safe, healthy, and mobile phone environment for children. You can capture a remote screenshot of the target phone’s screen at any moment, or you can record the screen video. You may examine and edit photos or movies after shooting the screen. The contents of the watched mobile phone screen are saved as photos, which you can access at any time remotely. Additionally, the program can listen in on and record mobile phone calls, as well as the surrounding area and VoIP connections made through platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, and Viber.

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Windows Spy Screenshots – Capture Screenshot Remotely

Remote screenshot capture is possible with Windows spy screenshots. SpyFamily’s app is simple to set up and is ideal for parental control and staff surveillance. Remotely monitor Windows screen activity by taking screenshots: Do you want to know what your employees and children are doing on their Windows devices? You can discreetly collect screenshots of PCs at any time and submit the screenshots to the web control panel. Parents and employers can access the dashboard to learn more about their children’s and workers’ activities.

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Remotely Take Screenshots from Any Android Device with SpyFamily

SpyFamily’s Live screenshot monitoring, compatible with all Android phones and tablets, enables you to peek into real-time mobile activity. SpyFamily is easy to use; just install it on the target device, and you’re ready to snap a screenshot from the monitored gadgets of your children or employees without moving an inch.

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Mac Spy Software | Capture Screenshot On Demand on Mac

You can take screenshots of MAC devices whenever you want, but you must first install the SpyFamily MAC spying software on the target computer. Remotely capture screenshots of your Mac: You can schedule many screenshots on the target device using the mac screenshots on-demand tool. It will take multiple screenshots and upload them to the SpyFamily online dashboard. By visiting the web dashboard, you can see all of the taken screenshots and see what your target Mac device user is doing right now.

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App Screenshots Remotely take Screenshots of Phone Applications

You can take screenshots of apps operating on your child’s or employees’ phones using App Screenshot. Simply select applications to capture from a list of apps SpyFamily has detected on the phone once it has been installed. When one of the apps you’ve chosen is active in the foreground and the user touches anywhere on the screen, screenshots will be taken. These screenshots are then saved to your private internet site for easy access.

What our App Screenshot functionality allows you to do

Our App Screenshot function provides a complete view of how a user interacts with an app. It allows you to snap remote photos of a phone’s screen while it’s running a supported app. App Screenshot can be used to:

Take a screenshot of an app from afar to see how it’s actually being used.

View the list of installed apps on the phone and select the ones you want to save.

Search through photos by date range to check when each app’s last snap was taken.

Mark essential screenshots for later reference.

Use your protected online portal or our one-of-a-kind app to view screenshots — SpyFamily

Why Do You Require An App Screenshot?

If you have a youngster or an employee, our hidden screenshot app feature gives you valuable insight into what they’re doing on their phone. You can know exactly what applications are being used and have visual proof of how they are being used, rather than guessing, so you can respond quickly if you see anything suspicious or threatening.

This is also an excellent complement to our IM tracking feature. Because IMs are updated more regularly, updating SpyFamily’s IM feature to work with newer versions of IMs takes time. App Screenshot, on the other hand, will continue to capture screenshots of a compatible app even if it has recently been updated, filling the gap while our IM functionality is updated.

Spy Capture Screenshots Screenshots Take Screenshots of Current Mobile Activities from afar Screenshots of Text Messages and Instant Messaging Conversations Screenshots of Contacts, Call Logs, Media Gallery, and more can be captured. Take screenshots of social

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Frequently Asked Questions – App Screenshots Spy

WHY DO YOU NEED SpyFamily Live Screenshot Monitoring Software?

  • Even if you keep an eye on your children’s internet activities, some behavior may slip unnoticed, especially while they are away from you. SpyFamily’s remote live screenshot monitoring solution gives you access to even the tiniest facts about your child’s phone usage that other spying apps can’t.
  • SpyFamily is more than simply a live screenshot software. You may also use this program to keep track of your children’s or employees’ full smartphone activities, including phone logs, emails, browser history, social media, and instant messaging apps.
  • If your children start hiding their phones when you go close to them, it suggests their phone usage is questionable.
  • Taking live screenshots with SpyFamily is straightforward and easy, so if you don’t have time to go through all of your children’s phone activities, this is a good alternative.

I love my employees and I get used to friendly behavior. My lenient behavior with my employees turns to waste time on devices. Thanks to SPYFamily that helped me out to see the browsing activities of my employees and now I can filter websites and prevent the time-wasting…


I am doing business for so long; I have to keep my eyes on my workers associated with my clients. Call recording is my favorite feature. It enables me to record real-time calls of my employees when they talk with clients. I would say this one of the best products I have been…


My young daughter is a social media addict and used to capture photos, videos all the time. Social media addiction makes me worried and I have used to IM’s social media feature. It provides me instant logs of the instant messaging apps that keep me updated all 24/7.


What does SpyFamily do with live screenshots?

SpyFamily is a remote screenshot grabber that can show you what your children or staff are doing on their phones and tablets. You can also utilize SpyFamily’s live screenshot tool to see whether your employees are using their phones to pass the time at work. Take screenshots on target Android devices using remote commands. The control panel allows you to access and download saved screenshots at any time. Every screenshot has a date and time stamp.

You Can Totally Rely on SPYFamily™ – We’ve Got Your Back

SPYFamily™ won’t leave you alone with your subscription, because for us, your satisfaction rests atop everything else, and with that, we promise to deliver only the best mobile spy app experience to you!

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Spy Screenshot Feature by SpyFamily App (MAC – Android – iPhone – Windows)

How to Take Screenshots on a Different Phone’s Screen

SpyFamily is screenshot spy software that allows you to secretly collect screenshots from another phone’s screen. SpyFamily can be installed on your target phone to take several screenshots.

SpyFamily App’s Spy Screenshot Feature

The finest screenshot spying program is SpyFamily. On your target mobile device, you can see everything that happens, but you’ll need to plan a lot of screenshots to record activity. Incoming and outgoing calls, message threads, IM messenger chats, Voice calls, voice messages, emails, contacts, browsing activity, installed programs, and more may all be captured using screenshots. SpyFamily can take screenshots from the phone’s screen and upload them to the web control panel. On another phone screen, users can see the screenshots and stay informed about the activity.

How Does Taking Spy Screenshots Help?

It’s useful for parents who wish to monitor their children’s online activity. Furthermore, with a cell phone connected to the internet, you may monitor your teen’s mobile screen to see what they are up to all day. The screen spy gadget works on a cell phone, capturing screen photographs and sending them to the SpyFamily dashboard. Employers can also use the snapshot capability to monitor business efficiency and security on corporate devices issued to employees during working hours.

Is the Spy Screenshot feature compatible with non-rooted phones?

Yes! You can take pictures on a cell phone’s screen without changing the phone’s operating system. Non-rooted spy software that captures screenshots on another phone screen is available.

Why is SpyFamily the best app for taking screenshots on your phone?

It is simple to use and operates through an online dashboard, and the following are some of the reasons why SpyFamily is trusted software:

Take many screenshots

For screenshots, send multiple commands at once.

Take screenshots of phone calls

Screenshots of incoming and outgoing phone calls

Screenshots of text chats

Capture on the active phone screen with text chats

Save all of the screenshots you’ve taken.

All screenshots should be sent to the SpyFamily dashboard.

Subscription subscriptions for SpyFamily are available.

You must sign up for the SpyFamily lite, Xlite, or premium programs, and you will receive credentials through email.

Get your phone out of your pocket.

You can gain physical access to your device in order to complete the SpyFamily installation process on the target device.

Turn on the web control panel.

Users can visit the web control panel and activate advanced technologies like screenshot spy using their password and ID.

SpyFamily may be installed in three simple steps.

Installing the world’s most advanced surveillance software on a cell phone device requires only a few steps. The stages that must be followed in order are as follows:

Spy screenshots can remotely capture Android screen photos.

Employee monitoring and digital parenting have never been easier. You can now remotely grab photos from a target smartphone device’s screen. You can use the dashboard to schedule several snapshot commands on the target device’s screen and deliver the taken photographs. Parents may view screenshots and be informed about their children’s online activities.

Spy screenshots allow you to remotely snap screenshots on a target device.

With android monitoring software, you can get information about any activity that takes place on the target Android phone or tablet. It gives you the ability to take screenshots of the target mobile device while it is in use. After installing the SpyFamily screenshot software on the target device, you can save previously collected data to the dashboard. You can also study the saved data to learn more about the current state of affairs.

SpyFamily spy screenshots for Android are intended for the following purposes:

Because teens no longer obey the rules of politeness online, every single behavior of teens and children must be monitored. The number of encounters with internet predators and pornographic content is increasing, and they are willingly engaging in stalking and being obsessed with nudes. As a result, parents must monitor their children’s digital gadgets, such as smartphones and tablets. With a phone tracking app, you may record screenshots of all the activities your children have done on their devices, as well as learn what they were doing online on social media, in phone browsers, and with their smartphone camera.

From a business standpoint, employee monitoring appears simple, yet watching employees’ activities in person takes a lot of time. Employers, on the other hand, can install SpyFamily snapshots software on their employees’ company-owned devices and capture various screen activities of employees with a single click. With the Android surveillance software, the business owner may now collect information on employee activities and performance during working hours from afar. Using the online control panel, you may view all collected screenshots and learn about employee work reports throughout working hours. This will allow employees to increase corporate productivity and catch the workforce’s goldbricking actions.

Screenshot software is a high-tech tool that allows you to do the following:

To monitor the phone screen, install a snapshots app on the target device.

Take screenshots of online conversations and SMS messages.

With a single click, remotely capture various screen activities.

Remotely monitor teen activities on a mobile device’s screen

Monitor employee activity on company-owned devices.

Surveillance of phone screen activities can help protect teenagers from online predators.

Remotely capture snapshots from a Windows PC’s screen

Over time, Windows monitoring has become possible, and you can even take pictures of your computer’s screen remotely. Install computer monitoring software for Windows on the target device, complete the activation process, and then go to the web control panel to access the unique and powerful features. Make a tap on the capture screenshots button and send numerous commands to the target PC to get screenshots with dashboard access. With a schedule, you may see the screen activity of the target computing device user.

For parental purposes, Windows spy software is meant for:

Parents have become more cautious with their children and teens in the last decade as the number of internet hazards has increased. Teens are at risk from cyberbullying, internet dating, instant messaging addiction, and adult content. Furthermore, internet addiction can impair the mental health of teenagers and children, particularly when they are exposed to the threats described above. Parents can remotely watch all of their children’s covert actions on Windows PCs by taking screenshots with monitoring software for Windows. You can take numerous screenshots of teenagers’ devices to see if they are up to anything dangerous or inappropriate. With access to the SpyFamily control panel, captured screenshots are easily visible.

From a corporate standpoint, employees are treated as valuable assets. These assets, on the other hand, can propel a company to new heights while also jeopardizing its reputation and productivity. Employees are accustomed to wasting time, stealing data, and selling corporate secrets to third parties for a quick buck. Business owners, on the other hand, can monitor their employees’ activity during working hours. They can remotely monitor the company’s PC, take screenshots, and generate reports of every single activity performed on the target computer device in a short amount of time. With the Windows spying program, employers may save corporate secrets and discover data tampering activities.

Remotely gain access to the target PC and collect screenshots with the Window Spy screenshots program.

Using the SpyFamily dashboard, take numerous screenshots of windows.

Using screenshots, spy on a teen’s Windows device.

Learn about the activities that youngsters engage in.

Keep track of everything. social media activities, browsing

Prevent employee data breaches on company-owned computers.

Spy Software Screenshot

Taking Screenshots

At regular times, SpyFamily takes hidden photographs of their computer screen. This allows you to see everything as if you were sitting next to them at their computer or laptop.

Thousands of screenshots of their computer activities can be viewed in complete privacy. You’ll be surprised at how much information you can glean from screenshots of their computer activities.

The screenshot intervals are usually pretty brief. Every 20 seconds, our software captures a screenshot. If you like, you can change the interval to anything between 5 and 60 seconds.

See the screenshots

The screenshots can be viewed in three ways:


A brief summary of the user’s activities in chronological order, allows you to see their activity in a timeline.


This is similar to viewing a video of them doing something. You can change the video’s speed, pause, rewind, or fast-forward at any time.


View each screenshot in its entirety, with the option to zoom in.

Begin secretly taking screenshots.

SpyFamily is easy to set up and use. SpyFamily can start recording screenshots in less than 5 minutes after purchase. SpyFamily is undetectable, and the target is unaware that their screen is being watched.

Save Screenshots – Save Proof

Do you know what your employee is doing right now on his phone? Why don’t you? Because you might not have the SpyFamily mobile spy app installed. Using the SpyFamily spying app, you can easily take a screenshot of your employee’s or child’s smartphone. Screenshots can also be valuable evidence in the case of a crime. Screenshots have always been important in rectification and current activity updates.

SpyFamily’s screenshot-taking feature allows the user to not only capture the screen but also store it on the company’s online server. So there’s no need to overload your phone with media and photographs. Using the screenshots function is as simple as using your own device. The prerequisites are straightforward:

Get a SpyFamily cell phone tracking software Premier account.

A high-speed internet connection, which is normally available in every home and workplace, is suggested for a smoother experience.

Install the SpyFamily app on your target’s smartphone.

There is no limit to how many screenshots you can take. You may take as many as you like.

With continuous screenshot capture, a snapshot is taken every 15 to 60 seconds. Set the interval according to your requirements.

The user can access these screenshots from anywhere at any time because of the high-speed server. With this Admin software, you can access the online web-based DashBoard or any mobile device.

What is the purpose of the Screenshot Capturing feature?

You’ve looked through your child’s or employee’s call logs, media gallery, call recordings, messages, contact list, and so on, but you still have no idea what he or she is up to? What is now visible on your child’s phone screen? SpyFamily’s phone snooping program has included an amazing feature to address this open loop. You can acquire screenshots at any time or on-demand.

You may have given your workers some responsibilities involving extremely confidential information. You can’t accomplish everything yourself. You must definitely put your faith in someone. Sensitive information, on the other hand, is always at risk. You have no choice but to fire or discipline your employee if your confidential information is disclosed. The SpyFamily team recognized your critical need and developed this function.

Whether it’s saved data or current behavior, by your employee or child, only the SpyFamily best phone monitoring app keeps you safe and in control.

Why is a Screenshot Spy App Important, and How Can It Assist Parents and Employers?

Spy screen capture software allows you to learn a lot about someone. You can learn about your target device’s digital activities by collecting screen actions on Android phones. You can use a screenshot spy software to capture random screenshots of your children’s or employees’ phones and collect failsafe evidence in the event of wrongdoings or deception. By spying on screenshots obtained by a reliable screenshot spy program, you can catch your target user’s illegal behaviors.

With screenshot capturing from SpyFamily, you may issue various remote commands and keep track of your preferred mobile actions. Take screenshots of your children’s phones to reveal their digital secrets.

What Can SpyFamily Screenshot Spy Tell You?

Take Screenshots Of Your Current Mobile Activities.

You can snap random screenshots of your target Android device with SpyFamily. Remotely capture screenshots and acquire digital evidence of mobile activity.

Screenshots of Text Message and Instant Messaging Conversations

Take real-time screenshots of text messages and examine chat history sent and received. Capture the screen with an instant messenger open and read all of the conversations from afar.

Screenshots of Contacts, Call Logs, Media galleries, and more can be captured.

Send arbitrary snapshot capture requests to acquire information about the current mobile activity. The contact list, call logs, and media gallery can all be seen through screenshots.

Take screenshots of social media activities from afar

Remotely capture screenshots and obtain social media information. With screenshot capture, you can discover Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social network activities.

With MAC Spy Software, You Can Take A Screenshot Of Your MAC Screen Whenever You Want.

You can capture screenshots of MAC laptops and desktop PCs whenever you want, but you must first install the SpyFamily MAC spying software on the target computer. Additionally, after completing the installation procedure, gain access to the online management panel and hit on-demand screenshots and screen capture photographs to see what is happening on the laptop screen and upload the information to the dashboard. Users can also take as many on-demand screenshots as they want to see what’s going on on the target device’s screen with a complete time stamp.

For Parental Perspective: SpyFamily Feature on Demand screenshot created for:

Parents are often interested in monitoring their children’s online activity utilizing laptop computers. Cyberbullying, sexual harassment, bunny hunting, and surveillance of teenagers are all on the rise. Parents can now see what their children are doing on their MAC laptops and desktop PCs remotely by utilizing MAC monitoring software to take on-demand screenshots of their activity. You can utilize its dashboard to send multiple queries at once to take back-to-back screenshots that supply you with a succession of photographs to learn about the entire story on the MAC screen of teens. Parents can learn about their children’s social media activities, surfing activities, digital playground activities, and multimedia sharing in the form of images, videos, chat discussions, and messages, among other things. Use an online control panel to upload all of the data from the computer screen captures.

From a commercial standpoint, owners are hesitant to know what their staff is doing on company-owned computers running MAC OS. Employers can use the MAC tracking tool to capture actions on employees’ MAC devices remotely. By making copies of laptop devices’ displays back and forth, business managers can monitor employees’ productivity, time-wasting activities, suspicious behaviors, social media usage, emails, and chat chats amongst employees on their own. Additionally, upload the data to the SpyFamily web management panel so that you can view it later in the form of taken screenshots. Employers gain from keeping a close eye on employees’ activity on company-owned computers during working hours.

Spy software for MAC allows you to: Monitor activities on laptops and desktop computers remotely

Take screenshots of MAC computers whenever you want.

Learn what teenagers are doing on their computers in private. Computers

Keep track of everything your kid does on the internet and on social media.

Take screenshots of teen chat rooms and shared media.

Learn what employers do on MAC desktops during working hours.