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How to Monitor BBM On Android & iPhone Via SpyFamily?

Watch the tutorial and find out how you can monitor BBM chats, call logs and contacts from an Android or iOS device.

Monitor BBM Chat Chat Spy

SpyFamily's special features, such as logging keystrokes entered in BBM, recording text and audio messages sent and received, and capturing screenshots, can be used to monitor BBM Chat specifically. You can monitor BBM Chat on your kids' or employees' Android or iOS smartphones in a discreet and tamper-proof way as long as you install SpyFamily.


Register a free trial of the SpyFamily BBM spy app.


Log in to the Cloud Panel to download SpyFamily to the target Android phone.


Install SpyFamily and register it with your license key.

With our BBM Spy App feature, you may spy on BBM Messenger.

You can view all incoming and outgoing instant messages on the target smartphone with our BBM messenger spy tool. SpyFamily makes it simple for users to access important information; details may be read immediately and stored for later use. Data can even be previewed and downloaded in an easy-to-understand format from your online SpyFamily account.

What can our BBM Messenger spy app function do for you?

Users may use our BBM message spy program to listen in on Blackberry messenger conversations while remaining entirely unnoticed. The following are some of the advantages of this feature:

BBM messages, both incoming and outgoing, are read.

Capture photos and videos that are sent and received.

BBM messages, photos, and videos can be saved in your SpyFamily account.

Important information, such as contact information, can be found here.

Why Is It Necessary to Monitor Blackberry Messenger?

There are a variety of reasons why you might want to learn how to read someone's Blackberry messages. Our BBM Messenger spy app function can supply you with facts and answers that other products cannot, whether you are a parent, employer, or person.

What Can SpyFamily Be Used For?

This free BBM spy tool can be used for employee monitoring and parental control. It will be a great helper if you need to keep an eye on someone's phone.

Parental Control - Protect Your Children Online

Parental control is simple with the SpyFamily BBM spy app. You can keep track of your children's online activity to safeguard them from things like cyberbullying, sexual predators, and cyberstalkers.

Frequently Asked Questions - BBM MONITOR

Is it possible to hack BBM?

If a user has a BES system, his BBM Protected has an additional encryption layer with a unique key. It's not possible to break into it. Regular BBM messages are decrypted by BlackBerry under court order in exceptional instances.

Is It Possible To Spy On A Phone Just By Knowing Its Number?

Yes, with a single word. Even if all you have is the phone number, hacking a cell phone is rather simple. In truth, there are a variety of methods for hacking a cell phone using its number.

Is There A Text Message Spy App?

SpyFamily has a stellar reputation for being the simplest way to read someone's text messages for free on Android and iOS. The spying app can be accessed via a web-based control panel after it has been installed.

Is it necessary for me to have physical access to the target device?

Yes. To install SpyFamily on the target device or receive the two-factor authentication code for no-jailbreak iPhone surveillance, you'll need physical access to it.

Is SpyFamily compatible with my smartphone?

SpyFamily works on any contemporary Android device (Samsung, Huawei, etc.) as well as the iPhone/iPad. Please see this link for more information.

Is it possible to track a phone using simply the phone number, IMEI, or SN?

No, you can't track a phone using just the phone number, IMEI, or SN. To install SpyFamily on a device that you have permission to monitor, you'll need physical access.

Is it possible to track BBM without rooting the phone?

Both rooted and non-rooted Android phones can use the SpyFamily BBM spy app. Your Android device does not need to be rooted. Here's a link to the Feature Comparison.

Is it possible to monitor BBM chats on an iPhone that hasn't been jailbroken?

No. BBM communications on non-jailbroken devices are not monitored by the SpyFamily BBM spy app. The target device must be jailbroken. Here is a link to the Jailbreak Guide.

Is it possible to retrieve old BBM messages?

Yes. SpyFamily saves deleted BBM communications after the SpyFamily App is installed. It is unable to log messages that were erased prior to the installation. It can read BBM messages deleted after an iCloud backup on non-jailbroken iPhones and iPads. It is unable to read messages that were erased prior to iCloud backup.

What exactly is BBM?

BBM (short for BlackBerry Messenger) is a BlackBerry-only instant messaging tool that allows users to communicate with other BlackBerry users. It is a free alternative to SMS (text messaging) that must be paid for because it uses the internet to deliver messages. Without relying on text messaging, your children may communicate to their pals, and your employees can message their coworkers, or even competition, using this messenger program.

Why Should You Monitor BBM Messages?

Employees and children often use BBM to send private messages that they do not want to be viewed, believing it is more private than text messaging. MobiStealth and other monitoring applications are ideal for parents who want to keep their children safe and for company owners who want to protect their staff and brand. People use monitoring and stealth programs to snoop on BBM messages for a variety of reasons: Parents who are curious about who their children are conversing with.

How Does BBM Message Tracking Software Work?

Unlike some surveillance tools that don't work with particular messenger apps, others can fully monitor and record both sent and received BBM chats. Here are some of the things you can track with the app: View and download logs of all BBM chat sessions, including time and date stamps for both sent and received messages. View each BlackBerry device's BBM Pin (identifying number) that your child or employee has contacted. All message exchanges between BBM contacts will have their full text revealed.

Spy on Blackberry Messenger

  • Parents' Advantages: Maintaining your children's internet safety is getting more difficult than ever. If, like many parents, you're concerned about the company your children maintain or the individuals they talk to on BBM, you'll be relieved to learn that our Blackberry Messenger spy tool is exactly what you need to keep them safe.
  • In today's world, online bullying is a major issue for parents. Having technologies like the BBM Messenger surveillance app feature might be crucial for keeping your kids secure. You will stay entirely anonymous while using SpyFamily's Blackberry Messenger spy technology to protect your children from threats and predators.
  • Employer Advantages: Our BBM Messenger monitoring feature will allow you to track employee activity and productivity if they are using a working smartphone with Blackberry Messenger. It provides companies with the tools they need to keep track of every Blackberry communication sent and received by a target device.
  • Employers can ensure that their employees do not share sensitive corporate information with friends or, worse, competitors. You'll also have access to the sender's and recipient's contact information, so you'll know who's communicating with whom.
  • Individual Advantages: SpyFamily is the best solution if you possess a Blackberry or use the Blackberry Instant Messenger and want to back up crucial communications. It makes archiving and accessing Blackberry communications a breeze. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, you can rest assured that your texts will be kept.

How to Monitor and Spy on BBM Messages

You can use the SpyFamily BBM spy program to record all keystrokes written on BBM, including BBM accounts and typed text messages. You can also take screenshots of BBM activities and keep track of message time stamps and contacts with it. SpyFamily monitors SMS messages, voice messages, call history, call recordings, GPS location, Geo-fencing, websites visited, and social chat chats on WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat, Skype, Hike, imo, and more, in addition to BBM activity.

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