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How to secretly monitor text messages on Android?

In this article from we will talk about how to secretly monitor text messages on Android. As we know, sending SMS is one of the ways of communication on mobile phones. So many programs have been written, and many tricks have been created to hack and hack other people’s SMS. So stay with us to read this post and learn the methods.

How to secretly monitor text messages on Android?

Before we explain this topic, as you know, nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the emergence of smart mobile phones, the use of SMS has almost given its place to Internet messaging applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

But SMS is still very popular for some people. Professional methods are just suitable for programmers, but one of the easiest ways to hack SMS is to use spy apps specifically designed for this purpose. Some apps to explain how to secretly monitor text messages on Android:

How to secretly monitor text messages on Android?

Spyera SMS hacking program

This app is one of the best apps for hacking and controlling other people’s phones and SMS messages, which has excellent power in this field. Spyera can show you all SMS of others, even messages that have been deleted. This program can provide you with all the information you want about the person you want to hack.

mSpy SMS spy app

This spy app is the most powerful hacking and spying program on people’s phones. This app will also receive money for the services it provides to others, and in exchange for paying the amount, you will be able to know about the desired person’s more option:

  • location,
  • messages,
  • traveled routes
  • contacts and also call history

Ispyoo SMS hacking program

The final app to mention is how to secretly monitor text messages on Android is this popular app. With iSpyoo app on Android, you can monitor activities such as browser history, apps installed on the phone, Gmail, mobile ID, event calendar, text messages, GPS locations or mobile ID location, recording of surroundings, camera, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Messenger. , WhatsApp Messenger, automatic update, contact list and gallery and…

We mentioned 3 spy apps that you can secretly use to monitor text messages on Android. In the following, we will explain all you need to do

How to secretly monitor text messages on Android?

What to do if the phone is hacked?

First, the malware that has penetrated the device should be removed. Then by tracking the source of the data breach on your mobile phone, you can protect your accounts and keep hackers away from your phone.

Access to mobile phone information may include the following:

  • Online banking
  • Email (business and personal)
  • Apple ID or Google account
  • Phone password
  • All social media

Privacy Messenger

This program is one of the best ways to answer the question: How to secretly monitor text messages on Android? This program is specially designed so users can easily hide all their messages. Privacy Messenger is an Android messaging program that can be used as an alternative to the default SMS program. 

Users must set Privacy Messenger as the default app to receive text messages. After completion, all sent and received SMS will be saved automatically. The cool thing about Private Messenger is that it provides users with a private box that can lock down SMS from any specific contact. Not only this, but Privacy Messenger also offers users SMS blocking and SMS backup features.

Features of this App

  • The program is free
  • Ability to hide messages
  • Simple and convenient program design

calculator pro plus

This program is undoubtedly in the category of great programs to answer the question: How to secretly monitor text messages on Android? Using the software is the best and easiest way to hide the program. With this program, you can hide text messages, MMS, and even incoming calls from different people. 

There is a unique point about this application; it requires a complementary version called the Advanced SMS application so that you can see your hidden messages through it. After you install this program, you must allow the program to access your messages and calls; 

by doing this, you officially allow the program to access your mobile data, so you must be careful that the desired file You have downloaded is from a reliable site. For more security, the program asks you for a 4-digit password; if you forget the password for any reason, you must delete it and reinstall it. After encryption, you should mark and confirm the items from your audience whose calls and messages you want to hide.

Strengths of this program

  • high security
  • Application-wide encryption
  • Affordable subscription fee

How to secretly monitor text messages on Android?

shady contacts

This is one of the programs to answer the question: How to secretly monitor text messages on Android? The subscription fee of this program is a bit high, but the high features of this program make the price reasonable. To run this program, install it and then run it from the program settings section and allow the program to access the required parts of your phone. 

After choosing a lock pattern, you can mark the contacts you want to hide from the call logs section. If you don’t have a personal number saved, you can enter it in your contact list from another section called numbers not in the phone book or numbers not in the phone book.

One of the essential features of this program is that all the history of the selected person’s calls and messages will be transferred to this section, leaving no trace of him, and all your messages will be hidden.

At the end

Three mentioned apps that we explained completely related to monitoring text messages. They include Ispyoo, mSpy, and Spyera SMS hacking app. In this article from Spy. family we talked about how to secretly monitor text messages on Android. I hope this post and the spy apps will be helpful to you. Thanks for your attention.

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