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GEOfinder is a powerful phone number tracker that can pinpoint the exact position of any phone number on a map, independent of the mobile network. In this post on Spy Family, we want to introduce this useful application that has GPS tracking feature. If you want to know about it, stay with us to the end of this article.

What do we learn from this article?

  • reviews
  • Finding Out Someone’s Number
  • How to track location by using free GeoFinder?
  • What is the best spy application?

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Use free features of Geo Finder to keep an eye on what’s happening on the target device, or upgrade to a premium account to instantly unlock all activities and data. Within minutes, you can track down a phone number. To do this, enter the phone number you’re looking for. It can support any type of phones and OS and it is compatible with any cell phone model or any mobile network operators, regardless of manufacturer.

Pros Cons
There is no need to physically gain access to the target phone. Quite costly
Precise location tracking There is only one option available.
Location synchronization is impressive. Every three hours, just one message can be sent.
Simple to use In some countries, VPN is required
Any device can be used with it. All bugs have been fixed reviews (Geofinder mobi free) reviews (Geofinder mobi free)

Complete anonymity of

The geolocation request is made anonymously and you will stay anonymous. There is no need to install anything and by using their phone number, you will be able to track their location. You can find anyone’s whereabouts anywhere in the world with only one click and no effort.

GEOfinder determines the position of any phone, regardless of its location. You are free to change the message for the recipient as you see fit. Get a detailed map of your location. GEOfinder is capable of tracing any phone number. Requests for geolocation can be made indefinitely.

How does Geofinder mobi work?

  1. You select the SMS to be delivered.
  2. The owner of the device receives it along with a link.
  3. The owner of the device discloses the location of the target phone.
  4. In the User Space, you can view a person’s location.

Review of GeoFinder: Follow Someone’s Location With Just A Message!

GEOfinder allows you to track someone’s whereabouts using only their phone number. Is the app, however, truly functional? Take a look at this review. SPY24 is sponsored by its audience, hence it is an affiliate program. If you purchase after clicking on one of our links, we may receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you!

Franklin utilizes all of the spy software and applications he reviews himself after obtaining the licenses for the products. All of the information provided is based on his own experience with the apps, and the images included show real-time data from the target device he used to evaluate them.

Many people want to know where their loved ones are, and the majority of them prefer to do so quietly. Although you can track someone’s whereabouts using Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, you’ll need physical access to the phone or the target person’s permission to reveal their location. However, this defeats the purpose of doing it in secret.

All of the ways you’ll find on the internet require at least one physical access to the phone. But I’ve created an app that accomplishes the job with just the target person’s phone number, no physical access required, no location request, nothing like that. GEOfinder is the name of the software. Read our GEOfinder review to see how the app uses a phone number to follow someone’s whereabouts and whether it’s worth a try.

How To Track Someone’s Location With A Phone Number?

GEOfinder Review: How To Track Someone’s Location With A Phone Number? After installing the software on the target device, there is a surveillance app called uMobix that tracks the target cell phone’s actions. However, we will not be using uMobix today. Instead, we’ll utilize the uMobix GEOfinder program, which is designed to track the location of the target device by proving the phone number.

Compatibility: Because the GEOfinder software just sends a message, it may be used on any phone, whether Android or iPhone. So you can use the GEOfinder app no matter what device you have.

Making A User Account In The App (Geofinder login)

The uMobix GEOfinder package is not listed on their main website. You may get to it by visiting Enter the phone number whose location you want to track here, then click FIND. This will send you to a website with extremely minimal information and encrypted location information, and you will need to click on CREATE ACCOUNT to proceed.

Finally, pay for your GEOfinder account so you may track someone’s whereabouts using their phone number. You can access your GEOfinder account by logging into it from the official uMobix website once it has been created. You can also access your account using the GEOfinder website. With a phone number, you can track the location of the target person.

How to use

To use GEOfinder to track the location of your boyfriend or teen, you must first send a message to the target phone from the GEOfinder app. GEOfinder delivers a message to the target individual that appears to have been generated by the system. As a result, the target person will not be suspicious of the location permission being granted. The ‘Sender’ and ‘Text message’ fields that the program has prefilled can be changed, however, we recommend that you leave them alone.

If you’re going to alter the text message, make sure you don’t delete the percent link percent section at the end. Then, enter the target person’s phone number and click Send SMS. Make sure you input the proper phone number, as the system can only send this position tracking message once every three hours for security reasons. “To increase GPS services accuracy settings update necessary,” a message will be sent to the target person’s cell phone from the sender ‘System.’

“With just one click, you may update.” Along with this communication, the target person is provided a link that they must click. This raises the likelihood that they will click on the link and use GEOfinder to share their location with you. Their location will not be shared with you if they fail to click the link on purpose or by accident. As a result, you must ensure that people click on that link regardless of the circumstances. This is the only difficult part because their location will be shared with you after that, and they will be unaware of it. reviews (Geofinder mobi free)


  1. The service is unlikely to be hampered by widespread adoption of less obscure smartphone brands.
    The exact location of the phone number can be found with the precision of GEOfinder.
  2. The tracking function is activated only after receiving permission from the target and the person is followed.
    This complies with the law and the service is operated in accordance with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) guidelines.
  3. All major operators and manufacturers of mobile devices are supported.
  4. Presented as a companion device when you want to find an active Internet connection, GEOfinder can find it anywhere in the world.
  5. One of the last cool things about GEOfinder is that it allows users to choose between an anonymous and an identified geographic location when making a request.

How to track location by using free GeoFinder?

After they click the link, they will see that their location has been successfully calibrated. Their current location will now be displayed on a large map in your GEOfinder account. There’s a small risk you’ll pick the wrong spot at first. Refresh the page once more to ensure you have the correct location. The large pointer on the map represents the current location of your boyfriend or adolescent. You may see your target person’s location history just below the map. You can open the location by selecting the Map View option to see where those longitude and latitude points are located.

Other details on the website include the “phone number” for which the location was sought, the “state” of whether or not the location was supplied, longitude, latitude, date delivered, date detected, and a map view. reviews (Geofinder mobi free) reviews (Geofinder mobi free)

If you have no idea who the target person is or whose whereabouts you want to find out, you might be interested in learning some basic information about their phone number. This covers the country’s name, its state, the number’s carrier firm, and its current status (if the number is valid or not).

Pricing for GEOfinder

Unlike other surveillance apps, GEOfinder has a single plan that is compatible with all devices and operating systems. The package costs $31.99 per month, which is a bit excessive in my opinion given that you only receive the location monitoring option.

Appropriate use of the GEOfinder App

Because the GEOfinder software does not require physical access to the target phone and tracking is accomplished via a connection, you may be persuaded to see the whereabouts of people you don’t know. This isn’t how this app was designed to be used. Make sure you know the individual you’re targeting. It’s also preferable if the target person is aware that you’re following their whereabouts. reviews (Geofinder mobi free)

Finding Out Someone’s Number

If you find installing spyware too tricky, you have other options. Customers use GEOfinder because it is one of the few tracking tools that does not require them to download additional software.

This particular resource has an impeccable reputation as it helps anyone who uses it.
GEOfinder’s many drawbacks make it a desirable option to buy. The fact that it can be used on any device is a big plus. Second, the person possessing the specified device will never know who you are.

Many see this advantage as significant because open spying often leads to controversy. Moreover, this service has no restrictions and may be accessed anywhere worldwide. Work can be done in any country or with any mobile service provider. You need to enter the phone number of the person whose activity you want to track, and the website will do the rest.

What is the best spy application?


After reviews, it is better to familiarize yourself with the best programs for spying. These programs also have many features for you like this program. If you intend to hack and spy, this program is designed for you, and you can quickly start spying. The program’s most important features are mentioned below, and you can download and use it immediately.

Install steps:

  1. Download the app
  2. Unzip
  3. Turn off your internet and antivirus
  4. Follow the installation steps until the end
  5. At the end, click Finish and enter the APP


  1. Spying on social networks such as Telegram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  2. Finding the location of people remotely
  3. Access to all hacked accounts reviews (Geofinder mobi free)

Pros Cons
The best software available for spying and hacking The subscription fee is high
Remote hacking Bugs are fixed


Our second suggestion to those looking for the best spy app is the mSpy tool. This spy program provides users with many features, and one of its strengths is that it does not require a jailbreak for your smartphone. This tool can remotely monitor your desired device and allow you to track its activities. The user interface of this excellent spy tool is very simple for users.

Steps to use MSPY:

  1. Download and install mSpy
  2. Create your account
  3. Log in to your account
  4. Log in to the MSPY user account on your iPhone or Android phone with your username and password. After logging in, you can hide the mSpy app icon. Then no one can find this app on the phone.
Pros Cons
Access to the account is easy It may cost you a lot
Full access to all chats Sometimes it needs vpn


In this article on Spy Family, we talked about reviews and we have fully explained how to work with this app and its features like GPS tracking. If you want to track someone with their phone number and you want to use GeoGinder mobi app, this article can be useful for you.

f you are interested in spying, we recommend the article (6 Best spy app for iPhone without access to target phone) Please read the site and share your comments with us.

What did you learn from this article?

  • reviews
  • Finding Out Someone’s Number
  • How to track location by using free GeoFinder?
  • What is the best spy application?

Please share your experiences with us in the comment section.


Is it possible to track a phone number’s location?

You can track someone’s whereabouts with the uMobix GEOfinder app using simply their phone number.

Is it possible to track someone’s whereabouts for free using their phone number?

No, you cannot track someone’s whereabouts for free using their phone number. For that, you’ll need to acquire the GEOfinder service.

Is it possible for GEOfinder to track the history of a location?

Yes, in addition to the current position, the app will display the target person’s previous whereabouts.

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