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How to find out if someone put spyware on your phone?

Have you ever thought that profit-seeking agents might have spied on your phone? Or what signs can be used to find out that our smartphone has been hacked and other people have stolen its information? This and all similar questions are the common concern of many smartphone users. So in this article from Spy.Family we will explain how to find out if someone put spyware on your phone. Stay with us and read this post to the end.

How to find out if someone put spyware on your phone?

As you know, hacking mobile phones is not difficult or impossible! Nowadays, with the advancement of technology in various aspects, it is possible to hack mobile phones more than ever. There are some signs that you can find out if someone has hacked your phone. At first, we will give them as a list and then explain all of them.

  • Increasing data consumption by phone
  • Sudden turning off and turning on of the device
  • Receiving unusual messages
  • Slowing down the phone too much
  • Noise and interference in calls

How to find out if someone put spyware on your phone?

Increasing data consumption by phone

In smartphones, internet usage can be checked under the phone’s network usage. The spy soft wares installed in the devices for spying perform their activities by sending and receiving data, which is the same as using the internet. If you see significant changes in your phone’s internet usage, there is a possibility that your device is being tapped and its information is being spied on.

Sudden turning off and turning on of the device

Another sign to answer how to find out if someone put spyware on your phone is sudden turning off of your device. If your mobile phone is under control, sudden and irregular shutdowns are not far from expected.

Receiving unusual messages

If you receive unrelated and incomprehensible messages that have never happened before, for example, messages that contain a large number of characters and numbers, you are probably under control. These messages are similar to the codes sent to track people’s location.

Slowing down the phone too much

Slowing down your device is one of the signs that the phone has been hacked and your information was stolen! Of course, slowing down phones and tablets does not always mean that the device has been hacked, because all phones will slow down over time and with the increase in the amount of information stored in their memory.

How to find out if someone put spyware on your phone?

Noise and interference in calls

Some spyware designed to spy and hack your phone, especially to record your calls, will make a strange noise and jamming on your incoming and outgoing calls! If your calls have an unusual noise that you haven’t experienced before, be alert; this can be a sign that the phone has been hacked!

Ways to prevent spying:

It is recommended to stop spying on your cell phone before it gets hacked. After answering the question, How to find out if someone put spyware on your phone? It is recommended to know the ways to prevent spyware. Below we have introduced the most important spying methods:

  1.  Download the app from Google Play or App Store
  2.  Using Google Authenticator
  3.  Not rooting the phone
  4.  Manual setting of Bluetooth configuration

Download the app from Google Play or App Store

One of the best ways and the first ways to prevent hacking is this method. It is recommended to download all your programs from Google Play and App Store. Because these two sources check all their programs by the best filter breakers and then provide them to the user.

Note: Before downloading an application, it is better to check its quality and rating. Also, checking the application in terms of the privacy policy is another point to which you should pay attention.

Using Google Authenticator

Creating a more security layer on your user account can multiply the account’s security. This method does the same thing for you. You can add a new layer of security to your user account by using the Google Authenticator feature. This program is considered one of the best solutions for authenticating a Google account. If activated quickly, you can receive it through your mobile phone number and log into your account more confidently.

Not rooting the phone

All programmers and application designers recommend not to root your mobile phone in any way. This rooting opens the way for all hacking and spying on your mobile phone. Rooting your mobile phone may open up more access, but if you think wisely, this is not in your best interest. Doing this makes your mobile phone vulnerable and opens the way for hackers to enter it.

Manual setting of Bluetooth configuration

Another important point that only some people pay attention to is Bluetooth. Bluetooth is the least secure way to break in. For this, it is better to enter the settings manually, which will be more secure. Go to the Bluetooth settings and select “Non discoverable” there. This is because if Bluetooth is visible everywhere, more people will be willing to access information and connect to your mobile phone. In this regard, like Wi-Fi, it is better to keep it off if you do not need to use Bluetooth.

How to find out if someone put spyware on your phone?

Final words

If you are suspicious and want to know if someone has hacked your phone, this article from Spy.Family has helped you by mentioning five signs to explain how to find out if someone put spyware on your phone. Please note that the existence of these signs is not the definitive reason your phone has been hacked, and your phone may have these signs of hacking but has not been hacked. Our advice is that if you find a few of these signs on your mobile, quickly visit a mobile repair expert!

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