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How to spy on iOS device?

Whenever we talk about hacking and spying on iOS phones, the only thing that you should know is the limitation of not being able to install any apps. To explain how to spy on iOS device in this article from Spy.Family, we should say that if it’s an app that Apple does not approve, your iPhone won’t make it easy to install. The only way to install such apps on your iPhone is Jailbreak, which, unfortunately, iPhone Jailbreak is never on the list of any iPhone user.

How to spy on iOS device?

The high security of Apple products has always been one of the claims of this company. Apple has announced to its mobile users to download the required software only from the App Store. One of the most important steps to answer how to spy on iOS device is Jailbreak. In the following, we will talk about it altogether.

How to spy on iOS device?

What is Jailbreak

Jailbreak frees your phone from Apple’s fence, and you can run any software that you are allowed to. It is a legal process that will enable you to unlock attractive features. Besides the attractive features, you can install spy apps. Because by jailbreaking iPhones, this procedure is completely changed and we no longer need the App Store to install various applications. All you have to do is visit the Internet and install the application file you want on your iPhone.

Sometimes because of all the useful uses and sometimes because of all the wrong uses, they can bring to people when used without consent. Totally to answer how to spy on iOS devices, we want to mention some useful spy apps below:

  • Spy24
  • iSpyoo
  • Xnspy
  • EyeZye
  • Spyzie
  • Spyic
  • mSpy

So first, by jailbreaking and then by installing mentioned spy apps in this paragraph, you can spy on the target devices.

How to find hidden spy apps on iPhone?

When it comes to hacking, the iPhone is undoubtedly more resistant than its competitors, but as mentioned in the previous paragraph, your iPhone is not 100% anti-hacking. There are cases where users’ Apple devices have been compromised. There are some signs to answer how to find hidden spy apps on iPhone that can understand an iOS device has been hacked.

The most common signs of iPhone hacking include the following:

  1. You may see new apps you haven’t downloaded on the Home Screen.
  2. Maybe there is a severe discharge of the battery.
  3. Your iPhone uses more data than usual.
  4. The keyboard may malfunction and type random words.
  5. The history of calls, messages, and emails may have unknown entries you did not create.
  6. You may see random pop-ups on your iPhone.

To find these apps, go to the list of the downloaded app in the settings and check each. Unplug those that don’t have any icons on the home screen. Maybe you’ll find one or more apps that are on this list but not on the main apps page.

How to spy on iOS device?

Fing Network Scanner

One of the best programs to answer the question “How to spy on iOS device?” is to use this program. Using this program, you can easily access all Wi-Fi networks and spy. Another famous program used to spy on wireless and Wi-Fi networks is the Fing Network Scanner program.

This program shows precisely which devices are connected to a particular Wi-Fi network and will provide very comprehensive facilities to obtain the details of each device. The information exchanged between it and the desired Wi-Fi network. The Fing Network Scanner application has a convenient and user-friendly interface and is considered one of the best hacking programs for Android phones. Using this program, you can connect to the Internet and check all connections.


Among other programs to answer the question, How to spy on an iOS device? This program is available for Android and iOS platforms, and you can download this program and spy. They are interested in Wi-Fi networks and receiving information from these networks.

Therefore, the program is designed very precisely and functionally, and for this reason, it is included in the list of the best hacking programs for Android phones. This program can steal internet profiles and be compatible with almost any website and internet network.

So Droidsheep is a free and hassle-free app to hack Android phones. This program can act as a router and monitor and thus store all user information. This program allows you to easily access user account information such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. So remember Droidsheep as one of the best Android and Apple phone hacking apps. This program is free, but there is a pro version of this program that has good features for you.


  • Access to Facebook information
  • It does not require access to a phone number
  • It does not require root

How to spy on iOS device?

To sum up

As we told you, there is no system in the world that is not hacked. Apple has strict control over the software of its devices. This company is constantly updating and sending various updates for its iPhone phones. This article from Spy.Family told us that to install spy apps, you should jailbreak the target phone. Plus, the explanation of how to spy on iOS devices, we mentioned how to find hidden spy apps on iPhones. Thanks for your attention, and we hope it can be helpful for you.

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