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How to hack Instagram using Termux? (update2023)

Instagram is a popular and well-known platform in today’s virtual world. Today, many people are active on this popular social media and communicate with people through it. In an environment with this level of popularity, there are risks, and the discussion of security and hacking becomes very important. In this article on Spy Family Blog, we will check some methods of hacking Instagram and explain how to hack Instagram using Termux.

We will introduce you to the best way to hack Instagram using Termux.

  • How to hack Instagram using Termux
  • What is Termux
  • Best spy app to hack Instagram
  • Termux installation prerequisites for termux Instagram hack
  • The best instagram hacking tool termux
  • Penetration testing tutorial for termux Instagram hack

What is Termux?

Termux is a Linux terminal emulator tool for Android. You can use this tool to run Linux commands on your mobile phone. With the help of this terminal, you can take advantage of the real power of your system and use various features; Hacking is one of these features. This terminal is installed by default on desktop operating systems, but to access the terminal on Android devices, you need to download and install the Termux app.

As mentioned, Termux is a unique Android terminal that gives you access to various tools. This tool can also be used as a small Linux operating system and has various sections that are usually found in Linux desktop versions. You can use Termux to install and run various programs based on the command line. The interesting thing is that you don’t need root to install Termux on Android.

In the rest of this article, we will teach you how to hack Instagram using Termux and more about this tool.

Termux installation prerequisites for termux Instagram hack

To hack Instagram with termux, you need to provide facilities so that you can easily do termux instagram hack. Below are the requirements for your introduction and installation training. After installing , you can answer the question How to hack Instagram using Termux?

Install git

To install the git package, enter the following command in Thermox:

  • Pkg install git y

How to hack Instagram using Termux?


Install Python and python 2

One of the leading programs for Instagram hacking tool termux is Python. Python is a general-purpose programming language; it can be used for back-end development and software development; Data science and writing system scripts are among these things.

To install the Python package, use the following command:

  • pkg install python && pkg install python2

The best Instagram hacking tool termux

To answer the question of how to hack Instagram account using termux, you need termux instagram tools. Instahack is one of the best tools. Instahack is a bash-based script that is officially used to test the password strength of Instagram accounts from termux with brute-force attacks. This script works on both rooted and Android devices. Unrooted Android works

How to hack Instagram using Termux?

Install Instahack

  1. Type the following command to install the instahack tool on your termux.
  2. git clone https: / / / evildevill / instahack.git
  3. cd instahack
  4. bash setup
  5. bash

Installaloader Termux tool Instagram

This tool is one of the best tools to hack Instagram termux and can have the best performance for you. This tool provides you with information that includes the following:

  • Download public and private profiles, hashtags, user stories, feeds and saved media.
  • Downloads comments, geotags, and captions for each post.
  • Automatically detects profile name changes and renames the target directory accordingly.
  • Allows for detailed customization of filters and where to save downloaded media,
  • Automatically resumes previously interrupted download iterations

Installer installation steps:
pip3 install installer
installer profile [profile .]

Why should we use Termux to hack Instagram?

hack Instagram using Termux
Termux packages allow you to perform various operations in this tool. Instagram hacking is one of things can be done by using this app.

The following list can be the reasons why it is better for you to use Termux to hack Instagram. The features and benefits of Termux tool are:

  • Easy Setup: The installation and operation of this tool is very easy and does not require any additional work! Just follow the necessary steps to have the software quickly.
  • Small size: The size of this utility is less than 200 KB. Keep in mind that by installing different packages that you will need in the future, its size may increase. But packages that are not needed can be removed.
  • Support for various programming languages: This terminal supports various languages such as Golang, Lua, PHP, C/C++ and Python. So you can work with all these languages on your mobile phone and run programs quickly.
  • Continuous update: Termux will be updated daily and you can use its new features and packages every day.
  • No need to root: You need to root your phone to use most of the terminal software available on Google Play. But Termux does not need to root the phone and only your Android version needs to be higher than Android 5.
  • Different packages availability: Termux packages allow you to perform various operations in this tool. The volume of these packages is very small and can be removed whenever you want. That is why the data consumption and overall size of this software is not large.
  • Portability: One of the good features of this tool is its portability because you can do your desired activities anywhere you want! Imagine that to hack a system you have to be close to it; It is much easier to do this on a mobile phone than on a laptop.

How to hack Instagram using Termux

How to hack Instagram using Termux
Termux is a Linux terminal emulator tool for Android. You can use this tool to run Linux commands on your mobile phone. It can be used to hack Instagram accounts.

As we said, the Termux tool can also be used to hack Instagram. For this purpose, you must first hack Instagram password. To hack Instagram password with Termux, you need to do the following step-by-step. First, you must ensure that you have installed the correct version of Termux on your phone.

It would help if you also made sure that stable packages are installed. To do this, run the following commands:

Apt update Apt upgrade
Apt upgrade

Press the Y key on your keyboard if you get the [Y/N] message. In the next step, you need to enter the following commands:

pkg install git
pkg install python
pip install requests
pip install wordlist
pkg install wget

If you receive the message Warning: You Are Using pip version, you can update pip with the following command:

pip install –upgrade pip

And then run this command:

Pip install argparse PySocks asyncio proxy broker

How to hack Instagram using Termux? To get and install the necessary tools for hacking Instagram, download the Instahack package from GitHub with the following command:


Then run the following commands in order:

cd instahack

The contents of the folder should include three files:

  1. Pass.txt: This file contains the list of passwords.
  2. Proxy.txt: The proxy list is inside this file.
  3. This file is the primary Instagram hacking tool.

The Pass.txt file contains possible passwords that users may use. You can also add or remove your passwords from this list. Bruteforce attacks are used in this Instagram hacking method. In this method, different passwords are tried on the target account to find the correct password.

Run the following command to start the attack:


After running, you will be asked for the desired user’s username, which you must enter. If you see the message “Do you want to use proxy (y/n)”, press the N key on the keyboard. If you encounter the message “Please add delay between the brute-force action (in seconds)”, it is better to enter a number between 60 and 120. By doing this, the hacking speed will decrease, but the possibility that Instagram will block you will decrease.

The executable file is the Instagram hacking tool. In this folder, the pass.txt file contains the possible passwords of users, which you can add to it yourself, or if you have a newer password file, replace it.

Note: For hacking Instagram, The brute force method is trying different passwords on the target account to find the correct password. So, the more complete your password list is, the more likely it is to be hacked.

But to start the attack, enter the command as follows:


Then, you will be asked to enter the user’s username. The username is the name of the desired user on Instagram. If with the message Do you want to use a proxy (y / n)? Displayed, press N to not use a proxy. If you encounter the question, Please add a delay between the brute force action (in seconds), enter 1.

Note: To be able to try a large number of passwords, you must use a proxy to avoid being blocked.

How to hack Instagram using Termux?

Penetration testing tutorial for termux Instagram hack

After answering the question, How to hack Instagram using Termux? It is recommended to call it a penetration test. This test will show you all the weak points of your work, and you can easily experience hacking Instagram with termux. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. An Android phone for testing
  2. TermuX Android software (download from Play Store)
  3. Metasploit framework installed in TermuX (tutorial here)
  4. Active Internet / WiFi connection
  5. TermuX must be allowed to use External Storage (for this purpose, enter this command only once: “termux setup storage”)
  6. MiXplorer (To sign the APK file, download it from the UpToDown website)
  7. Apk Signer) Mix Signer for MiXplorer, Download it from Play Store)
  8. Use the hacker keyboard in the TermuX command line.

Best Spy apps to hack Instagram

How to hack Instagram using termux
There are many ways to hack Instagram, and using Termux is one of the methods that we discussed in this post.


After answering the question, How to hack Instagram using Termux? Using this program is the easiest way for you. This spy app is one of the most famous applications to answer What is the best spy program? Is. This app easily allows you to access all accounts and can give you the best performance for hacking and spying. Below we will get to know the features of this application:

Pros Cons
Support for most languages ​ It may cost you
Access to all sections of Instagram In some countries it requires vpn
Download mspy

eyeZy logo eyeZy

This one is for you if you are looking for a good spy app. The capabilities of this tool are not better than spy24, but it can provide you with good hacking facilities. Below we discuss the features of the software.

Pros Cons
No coding knowledge is required It is not possible to share
Reasonable subscription fee You may encounter an error
Download eyeZy


If using Termux and answering the question of How to hack Instagram using Termux is difficult for you, you can use this program. This app is always ranked first among the most famous names for spy programs. The features of this program have been able to attract the most users worldwide and share good performance. Below we will get to know the features of this application:

Pros Cons
Full access to all sections of the Instagram account All bugs have been fixed
Access to all sections of Instagram VPN is required in some countries
Download spy24

To sum up

As we said, in a space like Instagram, where many people are active, security problems may arise. Hacking is also one of these actions that may happen to you on Instagram or even if you intend to do it. This article on Spy family blog introduced various hacking methods and explained how to hack Instagram using Termux. If you are interested in this topic, this content is for you.

What did you learn from this article?

  • How to hack Instagram using Termux
  • What is Termux
  • Best spy app to hack Instagram

Please share your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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