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How to find out who hacked my TikTok?

TikTok is a popular social media platform that has millions of users and fans around the world. Users can share their videos on this platform, but there is also a risk of being exposed to hacker attacks in this application. In this article on Spy family, we are going to say that: How to find out who hacked my TikTok? And explain How to protect your TikTok account from being hacked.

Who hacked my TikTok?

TikTok is a video sharing platform in the world that was launched in 2016. Billions of people, mostly young people, download and are active in it. On the other hand, unfortunately, hackers are also growing rapidly and stealing the information of TikTok users. Until the hackers do something bad, it is not easy to tell if your account has been hacked, but you can be smarter and find out if your account has been hacked.

You can check your recent login history or likes check videos and check if there is any kind of anomaly. Doing this will help you know if your account has been hacked or not. In the following of this article we will tell you how to find out who hacked my TikTok?

How can hackers hack your TikTok account?

According to a cybersecurity firm that has researched about how hackers hack into your TikTok account, it has found that multiple vulnerabilities can lead to your TikTok videos being exploited. Here are the possible ways hackers can hack your TikTok account:

  1. Use weak passwords
  2. Use of malware
  3. Hacking third party apps
  4. Using the Tik Tok spy tool

How to find out who hacked my TikTok?

If your TikTok account has been hacked, what changes can you see in your account? Obviously, when someone enters your account as a hacker and is active on it, there may be changes in your account, and according to these changes, you can find out if your Tik Tok account has been accessed by the hacker or not. You can know if your TikTok has been hacked if you experience the following suspicious changes in your account:

How to find out who hacked my TikTok?
How to find out who hacked my TikTok?
  1. Changing Password
  2. Changing your email and phone number.
  3. Changing in your username
  4. Delete videos posted without your permission
  5. Messages have been sent and received that you have never seen or sent
  6. You see something on your phone that you have never seen before and it is unknown to you. (eg, apps, messages you didn’t send, purchases you didn’t make, calls you didn’t make).
  7. Feel that your phone is running slower than before. Because after your phone is hacked, your resources and battery will be used a lot and it will be hotter than usual.
  8. Your internet data usage will increase dramatically. Malicious processes may consume data on your mobile phone in the background, for example downloading your files or using your phone’s camera and microphone to listen and take pictures.
  9. Your phone is behaving strangely, for example apps not running the way they should, turning on or off unexpectedly, etc.
  10. The appearance of various pop-ups. If you notice a lot of pop-up programs appearing on your screen, you probably have spyware or malware.

How to find out who hacked my TikTok? TikTok is less clear compared to other social platforms. If you doubt that someone is using your TikTok account and is active on it or not, here are some ways to make sure someone is using your TikTok account:

Watch out for the latest active users: In Tik Tok, you can check who entered your account, when and from which device. Additionally, you can view notifications on the mobile app. For this, you need to request your account information from the application settings to see your login information. In addition, TikTok may take up to several days to collect and report your information.

Download The Data: Once you’ve requested your account information, TikTok will notify you that your file is ready to download. And by checking it, you can get information that will make you sure that a hacker has entered your account. After downloading your account information, you can now view your login history to check how your TikTok account has been used.

What should we do if the mobile phone is hacked?

  • Change your passwords immediately.
  • Remove all suspicious software immediately.
  • Tell your friends to ignore suspicious messages from you.
  • Install mobile security software (antiviruses) immediately.
  • To be sure, you can restore your phone to factory settings, in which case all information and programs in your phone will be deleted. So use it only as a last resort.

What happens if someone hacks your TikTok account?

It is better to know that your phone number or account password has changed. Usually the username or nickname of your user account changes. Videos posted or deleted without your permission. Messages that are not for you or that you did not write have been sent from your account.

How to find out who hacked my TikTok?
How to find out who hacked my TikTok?

What are some of the risks of sharing your data on TikTok?

It is better to know that TikTok has full access to a lot of your personal information, and that is why it has become a favorite route for many hackers. Interestingly, one of the ways hackers use TikTok is to send users a text message that gives them access to their accounts.

Final words

In this article from Spy family, we taught you how to find out who hacked my TikTok? Note that the way to secure your account is to have a strong password and scan your device with antivirus. In addition, you should not click on suspicious links or messages. If you feel any security issues in your account, you can contact the TikTok support team.

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