What to do when WhatsApp group is hacked?

What to do when WhatsApp group is hacked?
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You know WhatsApp is one of the most popular application nowadays. We are here from Spy Family to give you information about what to do when WhatsApp group is hacked? And also we will talk about what to do if your WhatsApp account is hacked, How to remove WhatsApp hack in Android and how to create a WhatsApp group. Read this article to get information.

What to do when WhatsApp group is hacked?

We all know that WhatsApp is a massaging app and people around the world maybe save so much private chat, picture or video. When their group or account is hacked, maybe they lose their valuable things. To know what to do when WhatsApp group is hacked, stay with us and read this article to the end.

1: Sign out from WhatsApp web:

Maybe you forgot to sign out from WhatsApp web after you log in. This position allows hackers to gain access to your WhatsApp account. By entering the WhatsApp application and clicking on the three dots icon, and select the WhatsApp Web option. By doing this you can get award from you are log in or not. If you were log in WhatsApp web you should select logout from all devices.

2: Send an email to WhatsApp support:

This way in addition to use answering what to do when WhatsApp group is hacked, also use when you lose your mobile phone. Sending an email to the WhatsApp support department is to deactivate your account. Select the subject of the email as Lost/stolen: Please deactivate my account. And remember to add your phone number in your international version.

3: Block your SIM card

After you informed WhatsApp support department you’d better to block your SIM card. For doing this you should go to SIM card service provider and block your SIM card. By doing 3 ways that mentioned here, you learned what to do when WhatsApp group is hacked.

How to remove WhatsApp hack in Android?

Android phones nowadays are more popular and because of this hacking android WhatsApp is more possible. Totally hacking other people's WhatsApp remotely is one of the topics that has worried many people these years. Many people are also looking for remote WhatsApp hacking methods for various reasons. As we told at the top of this paragraph, and explain 3 important steps. In addition to that, it is better you know that updating operating systems will remove certain hacks, including spyware. This is because many of these malware are designed to work with a specific version, so once you install a new version, the hack will stop working.

How to create a WhatsApp group?

WhatsApp application, like other similar messenger programs such as Viber, Telegram, Line, etc., supports the formation of groups and collective conversations. For creating WhatsApp group, you should do these following steps:

  1. Run the WhatsApp application.
  2. Go to the CHATS tab.
  3. From the program's main menu (the three dots icon in the corner of the screen), select New Group.
  4. Select group members from your contact list.
  5. After selecting your members you want, click on green icon on the bottom and right side of the screen.
  6. You should choose a name for your group. You can also use emoji in the name of WhatsApp groups (note: at this stage, you can select a photo for the group by touching the icon related to the group photo).
  7. After selecting the name you want, click the green circular icon that contains a tick.

Final words

In this article from Spy Family we explain that what to do when WhatsApp group is hacked? And give you 3 way to guide you. Also we talked about how to remove WhatsApp hack in android completely. In addition we give you 7 steps to answer how to create a WhatsApp group. Wish the article be useful for you and can help you to know what to do after hacking your WhatsApp.