Can you get hacked from Tiktok?

Can you get hacked from Tiktok?
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Hacking social networks such as Telegram and other popular applications such as TikTok is one of the main goals of hackers and attackers. These days, with the advancement of technology, hacker attacks are closer to you than you think, and with the slightest carelessness, you may get hacked. So here on Spy Family we want to answer this question that can you get hacked from Tiktok? And more details.

TikTok hack

The famous Chinese app TikTok, which is a video sharing app, has high security gaps that allow hackers to remotely hack any user account just by knowing the victim's mobile number. By hacking a TikTok user account, the hacker can do the following:

  1. The hacker can upload any video he wants on the victim's Tik Tok profile
  2. Remove any videos from the victim's TikTok profile
  3. Converting and changing "Private" videos to "Public" mode
  4. Disclosing the victim's personal information, including private addresses such as email addresses

Can you get hacked from Tiktok? How?

This attack happens through the insecure SMS system that TikTok offers on its website. This short message system was created by Tik Tok so that users can receive the download link of the video sharing program by sending a message to their mobile number. It is possible to send short messages to any number from Tik Tok. But according to the findings of the security company Check Point, hackers can create a fake message with a malicious link on behalf of this app, and by following it, the control of the user account is handed over to the hacker.

In this type of attack, like the script injection method through the website, as soon as the hacker clicks on the link sent by the Tik Tok server to the victim as an SMS, the hacker can execute the JavaScript code instead of the victim.

TikTok Hacks and Vulnerabilities

After we know about: Can you get hacked from Tiktok? These are common vulnerabilities of Tiktok:

  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
  • Phishing emails
  • Remote key loggers
  • Zero day vulnerabilities
  • Weak passwords

How to protect our account from being hacked?

Users should be educated and informed about the characteristics of phishing emails in order to identify them. Here's what you can do:

  1. Do not click on any links or open any attachments from suspicious emails
  2. Do not enter any personal information from a pop-up page (note: legitimate companies never ask for personal information this way)
  3. Pay attention to entering correct and available email

The best way to prevent your Tik Tok account from being hacked is to use the latest version available. The most appropriate store for installing the program is the official Google Play store and App Store. It is better to know that there are restrictions and prohibitions in posting content in the Tik Tok social network. For example, when TikTok considers the content of a video as a symbol of terrorism, the account is blocked.

TikTok hacking

Can you get hacked from Tiktok?After hacking into the Tik Tok account, hackers replace the original mobile phone number with a number in order to gain full access to the account. Therefore, if you witness an unauthorized account change, it is possible that your number has been hacked by intruders. In most cases, after hacking a user account, the password to enter the account is changed.

In fact, by changing the password, the hacker wants to take control of the social network. If your password is changed by intruders, you can use the option to forget your password. Another action that intruders take after hacking a Tik Tok user account is to delete videos inside the profile. The purpose of hackers to delete the video is to destroy the identity of the previous account owner.

To sum up

In general, it should be said that you should always be alert and do not open any kind of link that is sent to you, and be careful before clicking on it, and only open links that start with https and are not red in color. In this article on Spy Family we answered this question that Can you get hacked from Tiktok? And more details about this issue.