15 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps

15 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps
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A Complete Guide to the 15 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps

WhatsApp is one of the most well-known and commonly used programs, but we must not overlook the hazards that inappropriate WhatsApp usage can bring to you or your loved ones.

WhatsApp is one of the most well-known and frequently used messaging programs for daily communication, particularly personal talks, in the modern era. It's commonly used to send and receive text messages, video calls, voice chat, photos, movies, and documents, among other things.

WhatsApp, like any other social messaging program, WhatsApp has made it easy to communicate with millions of individuals all over the world. This basic chat tool has become an essential part of our daily routine. However, we cannot overlook the risks that you or your loved ones may face as a result of incorrect WhatsApp usage.

Furthermore, with the rise in cybercrime, youngsters are putting themselves in grave danger every day by utilizing social media apps. Do you know what to do if your teen is being bullied on WhatsApp? As a result, the need for WhatsApp online tracking arises.

If you're a parent or want to keep track of your partner's or spouse's online activity, you should keep an eye on what they're doing on WhatsApp. If you search for a Whatsapp internet tracking app, you will get a lot of results.

The majority of those apps, on the other hand, are scams designed to deceive you and waste your time and money. As a result, you'll need a dependable program that can keep a close eye on their Whatsapp account. Are you unsure which is the best? I've compiled a list of the top 15 WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps in this article.

 15 Best WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps

NOTE: Invading someone's privacy is against the law, and you could face legal consequences as well as monetary and criminal penalties. You do it at your own risk if you choose to employ any of these strategies.

When someone replies to your chat and a notification appears with the time he's online, you can use WhatsApp to get an alert.

I found 15 apps that perform this for both Android and iOS mobile operating systems.

More information on the apps can be found on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

Check out the methods for receiving such an online notification in this guide.

This article lists all of the WhatsApp online tracker apps that send you a notification on your iPhone or Android when someone uses WhatsApp or opens it. The only need is for both parties to have an internet connection.

The features and user guides for each program that offers this capability, i.e. sending online alert notifications to your WhatsApp, are listed below.

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The 15 Best WhatsApp Tracker Apps

When it comes to WhatsApp Tracker apps, most individuals have no idea how to select the best one. In this post, I've compiled a list of the top 15 WhatsApp Online Tracker apps. Take a peek around!

SPY24 is number one.

SPY24 is a parental control service that allows you to follow and watch your children. This parental control software provides an easy-to-use tool for monitoring WhatsApp communications, including timestamps and message history dates.

With numerous unique capabilities such as call, email, SMS monitoring, and monitoring of various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Viber, and Skype, it can also track all of WhatsApp's online activity.

You may monitor keystrokes and all notifications using SPY24's WhatsApp monitoring function. This will assist you in understanding your children's, spouse's, or employees' conduct.

SPY24 WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps Features

You can use SPY24 to spy on people.

Keep track of all outgoing keystrokes, as well as the time and date.

The keylogging features allow you to see all of their incoming and outgoing WhatsApp text messages. You may also see their chat history, which includes the precise time and date.

With notification tracking, you may keep track of received text messages.

It allows you to track the messages you've received as well as receive notification alerts. If you receive any notifications, they will appear on your dashboard with real-time statistics.

SPY24 WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps Features

It operates in stealth mode.

With SPY24, you can keep an eye on your children, family, or employees while remaining anonymous. The program runs quietly in the background, not slowing down or draining the phone's battery.

How to Use SPY24 to Track WhatsApp Online?

To install this app, simply follow the three simple steps below.

Step 1: Create an account.

To begin, create a free SPY24 account using your details.

Step 2: Select a subscription package.

The next step is to choose and purchase a SPY24 subscription that meets your needs.

The third step is to set it up.

After purchasing the package of your choosing, follow the setup instructions supplied to you through email.

Step 4: Begin monitoring WhatsApp activity.

Simply log in to the SPY24 dashboard to begin tracking WhatsApp and other social media apps.

SPY24 is one of the most effective tracking and monitoring applications on the market today. WhatsApp allows you to control when and for how long it is used, as well as provides a complete web filtering mechanism.

2. WhatsApp's KidsGuard

KidsGuard is an Android parental control app that keeps track of nearly everything on the phone, including WhatsApp. It's one of the best tools for keeping tabs on WhatsApp's internet activities. You can monitor and track all of your children's, spouses', and workers' WhatsApp actions with KidsGuard.

This app is free to download and use on both Android and iOS smartphones. You'll be able to read deleted WhatsApp text messages as well as access their WhatsApp chats, call records, and timestamps.

KidsGuard WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps Features

You can protect your children with KidsGuard Pro.

WhatsApp KidsGuard allows you to keep track of social media communication. WhatsApp tracking gives customers access to all of their WhatsApp data, including messages, calls, voice chats, emojis, photographs, videos, documents, and more.

You can also accurately track and record their WhatsApp calls, including the time of the call, whether it was a voice or video call, duration, and missed calls.

On WhatsApp, you may view and save any type of media.

Without their knowledge, you can simply access images and videos that have been transferred, as well as documents and files that have been downloaded.

Make the most of the data you have access to.

You may look at WhatsApp screenshots that you can preview online or save to your computer. You may also monitor all of their WhatsApp actions, including screen duration, frequency, and exact login date and time.

How Do I Use KidsGuard Pro to Track WhatsApp Online?

Installing this WhatsApp tracking tool on your child's phone or any other targeted device requires only three simple steps.

Step 1: Create an account.

Create an account and purchase a plan that meets your needs. For your child's protection, turn on a variety of monitoring options.

Install on the Targeted Device in Step 2

Install the KidsGuard Pro WhatsApp tracking app on the target device and finalize the configuration by following the instructions.

Step 3: Control & Protect

On the accompanying web control panel, you can see all of your WhatsApp actions. All of this happens without the user's knowledge.

As a result, this specialized software can be relied upon because it gives accurate information and outstanding customer service. It's simple to use, works in perfect stealth mode, has positive user reviews and ratings, and remotely examines 30+ files.

Fonemonitor is a third-party app that monitors your phone calls.

FoneMonitor is a parental control program that allows you to follow and monitor your children's WhatsApp conversations. The software has a lot of functions and several package plans for different users, and it's one of the safest WhatsApp monitoring programs.

You may view all WhatsApp activity with our WhatsApp online tracker tool, whether you want to track the activities of your children, partner, or employees. It allows you to read and view incoming and outgoing WhatsApp messages, status updates, images, and videos.

Fone Monitor WhatsApp Online Tracker has the following features:

Read WhatsApp Group and Private Conversations

FoneMonitor's dashboard lets you view all incoming and outgoing messages, as well as deleted communications. You'll have access to their messages, both sent and received.

Look at the timestamps.

You can see every WhatsApp conversation, including the time and date it was sent and received.

Consult the Contact s List

FoneMonitor allows you to see who your children are speaking with on their phones. Each Whatsapp message includes contact information such as the sender's name, location, and phone number, among other things.

Obtain Media Files

This program can be used to retrieve audio, video, and image files that have been shared. You may also save it to your phone and download it.

How Do I Use Fonemonitor to Track WhatsApp Online?

To utilize Fonemonitor WhatsApp Tracking, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Create an account.

Use your email address to sign up for FoneMonitor.

Step 2: Configure and Setup

Set up FoneMonitor for the targeted phone according to the instructions provided by FoneMonitor.

Step 3: Go through your WhatsApp messages.

To see all of their private WhatsApp text messages, go to the left side of the dashboard and click on the "WhatsApp" button.

FoneMonitor has 35+ capabilities in addition to tracking WhatsApp messages. With history control, the keylogger, location monitoring, and other features, you may read messages from other social networking apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.

Fenced.ai is number five.

One of the greatest mobile and WhatsApp internet tracker apps is Fenced.ai. It operates invisibly and uses little power to ensure that the targeted phone user cannot track its operations.

The program makes it simple to monitor and track all of the targeted device's online WhatsApp activity, including keystrokes and location, at any time.

Fenced.ai WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps include the following features:

View all WhatsApp messages and chats: You may remotely track and monitor all WhatsApp messages and chats, including incoming and outgoing text messages, as well as deleted communications.

With the date and timestamps details, Fenced.ai can track call durations.

All photographs, photos, videos, and WhatsApp image files, including sent and received movies, emojis, stickers, and more, can be viewed and accessed.

Access to all audio files and other formats is unrestricted:

It also allows you to monitor and control audio files, as well as all other files and documents that are transferred and downloaded.

Take a look at some screenshots on Whatsapp.

This program allows you to examine all screenshots of a user's WhatsApp online activity while they are using the app and submit them to your dashboard.

How Do I Use Fenced.ai to Track WhatsApp Online?

To utilize Fenced.ai, follow the instructions.

Purchase a subscription first.

Select the product plan that best suits your needs.

Step 2: Establish a connection with the target device

Install the client software.

Step 3: Go through all of your Whatsapp information.

View WhatsApp information by logging into your account.

SpyFamily is number six on the list.

SpyFamily is software that allows parents to watch and follow their children. It keeps track of and restricts your child's mobile activity. The program is simple to use and functions as a powerful parental monitoring tool.

The parental control feature of SpyFamily gathers instant photos, audio, location, SMS/MMS, and other data. It will also track and monitor all popular social media apps such as Facebook, Hike, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, IMO, Whatsapp, and others.

SpyFamily WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps have the following features:

SpyFamily lets you track WhatsApp call history as well as the people with whom they speak.

View the Previous Conversations

You may monitor your child's messages from afar without them being aware. It gives you access to all chat messages, allowing you to read them and keep track of the conversation's progress.

Tracking of multiple media

This program allows you to view all of their WhatsApp conversations, call logs, and images to investigate their activities.

How Do I Use SpyFamily to Track WhatsApp Online?

To use the SpyFamily WhatsApp Tracking App, simply follow the instructions.

Step 1: Download and install SpyFamily.

Purchase a subscription and download the app to your child's device.

Step 2: Create an account.

After the installation is complete, log in using your credentials.

Step 3: Login and begin tracking.

Log in to your account and use the SpyFamily dashboard to remotely monitor WhatsApp activities.

Without a rooted smartphone, SpyFamily allows you to track and monitor call history, WhatsApp chat tracking, and multimedia files. On the dashboard supplied by SpyFamily, you can simply access and view all of the data.

7. ChatWatch

ChatWatch is a monitoring and spying program that focuses on following your children's, friends', or family's Whatsapp activity. Unlike other programs that track other social media platforms such as Facebook, Viber, Instagram, Snapchat, and others, ChatWatch focuses solely on WhatsApp.

ChatWatch uses Artificial Intelligence to monitor and track Whatsapp usage, compare chat trends between individuals you know, and indicate the likelihood of communicating with each other over the day.

If you want to know their last saw activity, even if it's concealed on Whatsapp, this app is a one-stop shop. This program is accessible for iOS and Android users, and it uses general online and offline status to determine whether two users are conversing.

ChatWatch WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps include the following features:

Access to Notifications

ChatWatch notifies you when any of your WhatsApp pals log in. You can be notified in real-time when someone connects to WhatsApp.

Access to the past via the internet

You may look at a detailed timeline to see when they were last seen on Whatsapp and when they were online.

Probability of a Chat

ChatWatch can forecast the likelihood of two of your contacts chatting with each other, allowing you to see how their chat activity compares when they were online and much more.

Give Thoughts

Do you want to know what time they went to bed the previous night? How long did they talk during the day, and how many times did they connect? With this Whatsapp tracker app, you may do all of this.

With pinpoint accuracy, this tool tells you everything you need to know about your child's, partner's, or employees' WhatsApp activity. You can find out when they were last seen, watch their online status, discover how much time they spend speaking on Whatsapp, and track their total WhatsApp online activity.


Family is an app that allows you to track your friends, family, and children's whole WhatsApp usage history. This WhatsApp Online Last Seen Tracker can offer them advice on how to cut down on their smartphone usage. Users can view activity data by entering their phone number, date, and time.

All of the analyses, activities, settings, notifications, comparisons, and other aspects can be viewed using this app. You can immediately view the total amount of time spent online, the number of hours spent online, and the peak usage hours.

Family WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps Features

Reports in great detail

Support from users for safe use

Notifications are available both online and offline.

You can share your usage report using the Familog WhatsApp Online Last Seen Tracker app. When a phone number in the tracking list goes online, users can get an alert.

This is a video on how to use these tracking apps:

Before you start installing these third-party programs, watch this video:

1. WhatsApp Tracker (WaStat)

WaStat is the first app that alerts you when someone on WhatsApp goes online. Let's have a look at WaStat's features and user guide. The tool not only has tracking features, but it also has a lot of timestamp features.


WaStat displays the connection's most recent active hour.

Android devices can also receive online notifications.

Statistics from the previous 30 days are kept on file. Show up to ten contacts' notifications at once.

If the person comes online repeatedly, it prompts the person to be notified.

How to Apply:

Download the waste app from Google Play. On WhatsApp, it was used to track a person.

Simply select the icon in the upper right corner and type in the name of the person you wish to track.

When a person logs in, it receives immediate notifications.

2. WA Toolkit - Notifications (Online/Offline)

WA Toolkit is an open-source Android app that tracks when someone joins WhatsApp and receives notifications. WA Toolkit is another excellent program for keeping track of numerous WhatsApp functions, such as an online tracker, last seen notifier, and so on. You can see who has visited your WhatsApp profile and where they are in only a few clicks.


WA Toolkit is free Android software that is open-source.

You can keep track of your profile visits and get DP using WA Toolkit.

Having a tracking tool that allows you to see when someone logs on.

How to Apply:

From the Google Play store, download WA Toolkit.

Allow the WA Toolkit app to send you a notification when you've set it up.

Set to send a notification to any WhatsApp contact when he or she gets online on WhatsApp.

When someone comes online in real-time, you will receive an online notification on WhatsApp.

3. WhatsApp Tracker – Logify

The Notify app is another Android option for tracking your WhatsApp connections online. Login will send you a notification for the contacts you've saved on your phone; you can download it from the Google Play store and try it out.


Available for download from the Google Play store and simple to use for your WhatsApp.

Login is the best program to start with if you need a speedier notifier.

Notify makes it simple to set up online notifications.

Track a WhatsApp user's previous activity, which is useful for keeping track of children's activities.

How to Apply:

To begin, go to the Google Play Store and download the Logify app.

You can follow that one number when he goes online on WhatsApp and all actions that catch-all WhatsApp login timings on a monthly and weekly basis.

Because this app is based on device actions, you will not be notified about other contacts who do not have the Logify app installed.

4. LogWhat: Last Seen and Online Notifier

Another excellent Android app for receiving notifications when someone joins WhatsApp is LogWhat. You can track the last seen with this software LogWhat and the Online notifier. Parents can track their children since you will receive a notification as soon as their child goes online, which aids in tracking.


It's available for download through the Google Play store.

LogWhat aids in the delivery of online alerts to someone who logs on to WhatsApp.

With the LogWhat app, you can track as much as you want.

The trial is free with LogWhat, and it's open-source on the Play Store.

You can track up to two numbers from your WhatsApp contacts at the same time.

How to Apply:

To begin, go to the Google Play Store and download LogWhat.

Allow your WhatsApp contacts to be tracked.

To be notified when she comes online, enter the person's phone number or up to two WP contacts. On the notification bar, the notification is displayed.

5. WA Family – Last Seen for WhatsApp – Online Tracker

If you need to keep track of several individuals at once with a single app, the WA Family app is the ideal option; you can get it from the Google Play Store for Android. You may keep track of up to 25 people's online status and last saw information.


To track WhatsApp, you can add up to 25 users to this WA Family app.

This WA Family software also allows you to track your WhatsApp contacts' last seen status.

The WA Family app allows for several languages to be set up, making it a YES for all users in all nations.

With this WA Family app, you can receive an instant notification if someone on WhatsApp comes online.

This WA Family software allows you to track your online status and last spotted location at the same time.

How to Apply:

Install the WA Family app from the Google Play Store right away.

When you open the setup, you can enter the contact phone number of the person you want to track.

Now enable tracking for the numbers you've chosen. When someone on WhatsApp comes online, you'll be notified.

For iPhone/iPad: The following is a list of iOS apps:

wLog Online is number six.

wLog is the finest iOS app for getting notified when someone on WhatsApp goes online? wLog can display statistics in addition to online notifications. However, you can use it to verify stats with wLog iPhones or iPads.


wLog is designed to send out an endless number of notifications.

You may see the statistics that are provided weekly using wLog.

You have the option to turn off the notifications at any moment.

If a user logs in, an instant notification appears.

The statistics can only be viewed by confirmed cellphone phones.

How to Apply:

On your iPhone or iPad, download the wLog Online iOS app from the Apple Store.

To acquire the stat report, double-check the number on wLog Online.

By simply turning on the option, you may control the wLog Online app to be notified when someone comes online.

OnlineNotify (#7)

The finest utility for an iOS device, whether it's an iPhone or iPad, is OnlineNotify. You can download it and use it on your iOS device to receive a notification whenever a contact goes online.


When your friend is online on WhatsApp, the OnlineNotify app gives you a notification.

The person's history statistics show how long they've been active.

With OnlineNotify, you can keep track of more individuals at once.

When someone is typing, it also sends a notification.

Offline alerts are also possible with OnlineNotify.

How to Apply:

OnlineNotify 3.3.3 for iOS can be downloaded from a third-party website.

Add the contacts on your iPhone or double-check that they are already there.

Now go to the OnlineNotify app settings and select the sort of notice you want to get when someone comes online.

You will now receive notifications on your iPhone or iPad when someone comes online.

The Big Picture:

These are the top apps for Android and iOS smartphones that send online notifications when someone logs in. The OnlineNotify app is a recommended software for iPhone users due to its numerous functions.


Whatsapp has become a popular means of communication for children, teenagers, and adults alike. They utilize this messaging software to exchange their messages and personal secrets with others as a secure form of contact. Not everyone, however, can be trusted.

In conclusion, there are numerous WhatsApp online tracker programs. However, if you're looking for the finest Whatsapp online monitoring applications that allow you to follow their phone without them knowing as well as their WhatsApp conversations and activity, you've already found them in this article.

With their fantastic features, all eight of them are excellent. You may also use a variety of additional apps to create parental controls for Windows 10 and smartphones to monitor WhatsApp use.