Theonespy App Free Login Download for iPhone - Android Coupon Code

Theonespy App Free Login Download for iPhone - Android Coupon Code
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Theonespy Review: What It Is, How It Works, and What It Costs:

One of the greatest mobile phone spy app lications available is Theonespy. It is compatible with all platforms and includes a variety of phone spying and parental control functions. This software is created just for parents and detectives. Theonespy allows you to track a wide range of activities on a targeted device.

One of the greatest mobile phone spy applications available is theonespy. It is compatible with all platforms and includes a variety of phone spying and parental control functions. This software is created just for parents and detectives. With Theonespy, you can track a variety of things on a targeted device. This app also functions as an employee monitoring tool and may be used for anything involving cell phone tracking.

My Theonespy review will be in-depth, covering all of the app's capabilities as well as how to use it efficiently for tracking cellphones and devices in today's world.

Sign up at

Purchase a Windows or Mac package.

To monitor the target machine, log in to Windows/MacBook, go to TheOneSpy's official website, and follow the instructions.

Theonespy App Free Login Download for iPhone - Android Coupon Code

My Final Thoughts on TheoneSpy

Although TheOneSpy has a lot of functions, it does not support iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices. As a result, I can confidently state that using the Theonespy app to monitor iPhones and other iOS devices is impossible.

It has shown to be a solid alternative for tracking Android smartphones, despite its inability to track or monitor iOS devices. Overall, it's a solid surveillance software for parents, employees, and investigators. It performs admirably in terms of the claimed functionality and should be sufficient for all of your Android/PC tracking and monitoring requirements.

Overview of Theonespy

There are several smartphone spy apps on the market nowadays, but Theonespy appears to be one of the best. The app comes with a slew of tools for keeping tabs on other people's social media activities, logs, and other personal information. It comes with a universal dashboard that displays all of the tracked data in real-time.

Furthermore, Theonespy is accessible for Android, Mac, and Windows operating systems. Because of its features, it is a fantastic mobile spy app. Unfortunately, iOS users will not be able to use this software. As a result, it's impossible to keep track of an iPhone user's activities.

This app's dashboard, or rather, control panel, is incredibly user-friendly, easy to browse, and provides access to a wealth of information. TheOneSpy's web dashboard is where all of TheOneSpy's monitoring and bugging features are activated. The control panel can also be set to up to ten other languages, including Spanish, French, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, English, and others.

You'll also get access to the target device's battery level, network status (wifi or cellular), device storage space, and other useful information. TheOneSpy is a sophisticated surveillance program with a lot of capabilities. It's one of the greatest in its category. The The SpyFamily app, on the other hand, is a close substitute for this app.

Pricing and Availability of Theonespy

TheOneSpy offers several price plans for different platforms; for example, Android plans differ from Windows plans, and macOS plans differ from Windows plans.

For Android, you have the option of purchasing a monthly, quarterly, or annual plan. The TOS XLite Edition and TOS Premium Edition include monthly subscriptions of $20 and $35, respectively.

The TOS XLite Edition and TOS Premium Edition have quarterly plans that cost $45 and $55 respectively. The TOS XLite Edition and TOS Premium Edition annual plans cost $65 and $95 respectively.

Windows and macOS plans are as follows: $40 per month, $60 for three months, $80 for six months, and $110 for an annual membership.

Theonespy App's Features

Some of the more intriguing or prominent features of the Theonespy cell phone monitoring app are listed below.

Monitoring of social media

TheOneSpy allows you to monitor the social media activities of certain persons. Snapchat, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Instagram, Tinder, Hike, IMO, and Tumblr are among the social media sites supported by the app.

You may track a variety of actions on the supported social media platforms with TheOneSpy, including message screenshots, live recording messages screens, tracking messages logs, spying on Snapchat chat chats, and more.

Screenshots of the target device should be taken.

You can take screenshots from the targeted device at any moment with this app. As a result, you'll be able to gather image logs, call logs, and more.


This spy program, interestingly, includes keylogging and allows you to capture WhatsApp, Messaging, and Password keystrokes.

This keylogger capability performs admirably and does not necessitate root access on the target device. It also works on the targeted device for emails, SMS, and IMs.

Multiple devices should be kept in mind.

You can use the TheOne Spy app to monitor multiple devices at once, depending on your subscription. As a result, TheOneSpy is an excellent parental control program for parents who want to keep an eye on their children. This tool is also useful for keeping track of employees.

Live broadcasting in 360 degrees

Once TheOneSpy is installed on a target device, you can utilize the app's web dashboard to observe everything that is going on around the user in clear visuals. TheOneSpy uses the target device's back and front cameras to provide real-time visual and audio monitoring.

Similarly, this app includes 360 Live Surround Listening capability, which allows you to manage the phone MIC of the targeted Android smartphone from afar. The program enables the target device's microphone and allows you to listen to real-time phone surrounds.

Logging TheOneSpy allows you to view the history of VoIP calls as well as record all calls made or received on the target device. Spying on WhatsApp VoIP calls, Viber VoIP calls, and Track Line VoIP call logs are possible.

TheOneSpy also includes a cell phone call history tracker that shows you the complete history of calls made and received on the target Android device. This program also shows call logs with time stamps, which is rather fascinating.

Bugging and video recording

Additionally, TheOneSpy includes a bugging tool that allows you to turn on the back or front camera on a target device to record short videos of the user's surroundings at a specific period. The video should last between 15 and 60 seconds. A Mic bugging option is also available, as well as Snap bugging.

What is TheOneSpy and how can I utilize it?

You can only track Android device users using TheOneSpy; if you require a mobile spy for iPhone, you should look into SpyFamily. Only a Windows PC or MacBook can access the dashboard/control panel. In addition, some functions are only available on certain platforms.

How to Install and Use TheOneSpy on Android Devices

TheOneSpy Android Spy App allows you to remotely and surreptitiously track Android devices. To get started, go to their official website and register an account by filling out the required information.

The TheOneSpy Android app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets. However, you must first register and purchase a plan/package before you can download the TheOneSpy Android app. TheOneSpy, interestingly, works with Android 10 and newer Android OS.

Installing TheOneSpy on Android Tablets and Smartphones

For a few minutes, you'd need to acquire access to the target user's smartphone.

"Installing from unknown sources" should be enabled. This option is usually found under security >> unknown sources in the phone's settings. Activating "Unknown Sources" allows you to install programs from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Download the.apk file from's download section, install it on the target device and activate it.

That's it; the target device can now be dropped; this app does not display an app icon in the app drawer, so the monitored user will not be aware that a new app has been installed.

How to Install and Run TheOneSpy on Windows and Mac

TheOneSpy Windows and macOS Apps work similarly to the Android version, allowing you to monitor whatever a targetted user performs on his or her Windows desktop or laptop. This Windows version is ideal for monitoring employees as well as parental control.

Using TheOneSpy PC Spy App First, go to and create an account.

Purchase a Windows or Mac package.

To monitor the target machine, log in to Windows/MacBook, go to TheOneSpy's official website, and follow the instructions.

My Final Thoughts on TheoneSpy

Although TheOneSpy has a lot of functions, it does not support iPhone, iPad, or other iOS devices. As a result, I can confidently state that using the Theonespy app to monitor iPhones and other iOS devices is impossible.

It has shown to be a solid alternative for tracking Android smartphones, despite its inability to track or monitor iOS devices. Overall, it's a solid surveillance software for parents, employees, and investigators. It performs admirably in terms of the claimed functionality and should be sufficient for all of your Android/PC tracking and monitoring requirements.

What exactly is TheOneSpy?

You can keep track of talks on the devices of your employees, your child, or even your partner using the website. This program has everything you need to monitor your teen's actions, from keeping track of every incoming and outgoing call to tracking GPS location and barring specific numbers. One of the most popular and commonly used spying programs is TheOneSpy.

What Is TheOneSpy and How Does It Work?

You must realize that TheOneSpy is a surveillance tool that makes good use of technology, not a magic wand! TheOneSpy is compatible with all operating systems, including Android, MAC, and Windows.

To begin, you must first install the software on the smartphone you desire to monitor, after which all data will be uploaded to TheOneSpy's cloud storage. Now you must understand that TheOneSpy's cloud stores all of the phone data you wish to track as well as your settings. To access the log or other details, simply sign into the console from anywhere and at any time.

Review of TheOneSpy: Key Features

You get complete access to the target device's call history.

You have complete control over incoming calls, including the ability to block specific numbers.

Gives you the option of turning on the target device's front or back camera.

Make a series of short films about your surroundings.

It includes a Pin password chaser tool that allows you to unlock the target phone.

Track and monitor messages on the messaging applications Whatsapp and Snapchat.

GPS (Global Positioning System) tracking.

Pros and Cons of TheOneSpy Pros

Installation is simple.

The target phone's users will never notice that they are being watched.

The greatest app for parents who want to keep track of their kids' activities.

Negative aspects -

There are no internet filters included.

Review of TheOneSpy: Compatibility

TheOneSpy is compatible with Android devices running version 4.1 or higher. As a result, we can say that most devices are compatible with this software, but you should double-check.

Is it possible for TheOneSpy to be detected on the target device?

You must understand that the TheOneSpy app is completely hidden from the target device's user. It stays concealed in the target device like a spy, and it does not affect the smartphone's usual operation.

Is TheOneSpy a genuine website?

TheOneSpy is an app for parents who want to keep track of their own children's activities. Employers can use it to monitor their employees' activity while they are only using official devices. You should also know that TheOneSpy is completely legal.

Is it necessary to root or jailbreak TheOneSpy to use it?

It's worth noting that the TheOneSpy application and its functions do not require rooting.

How can I get TheOneSpy and install it?

As a result, we'll go over the simple steps for downloading and installing TheOneSpy.

To begin, you can take advantage of TheOneSpy App's free trial.

Create an account and remember your Theonespy login ID and password.

Then you must physically have the target phone with you for 5-6 minutes. You simply need to sign up and log in to the control panel, after which you must click the Download App option.

After completing these procedures, you must log in to TheOneSpy's dashboard, where you can conveniently monitor the target device.

How to Install and Use TheOneSpy App

As previously said, you must install the TheOneSpy software on the device you wish to monitor to utilize it. These are the three basic procedures that will allow you to begin remotely monitoring a target device.

Step 1: To begin, sign up for a free trial account with TheOneSpy; this will allow you to begin tracking the target device.

Step 2: Next, you must download and install the TheOneSpy software. You should choose the Add Device option on the target device or platform. Then simply follow the installation instructions.

Step 3: Go to TheOneSpy's dashboard and log in. This allows you to keep an eye on the target device from any location and at any time.

Review of TheOneSpy: The Cost of Different Packages

TheOneSpy's All In One bundle includes over 30 capabilities without requiring root access.

For one month, this all-in-one package costs $25.

It will cost you $15 per month if you join up for three months, and $6.25 per month if you sign up for a year.

Customer Service at TheOneSpy

The majority of clients are pleased with the customer service.

Technical and sales support is provided by TheOneSpy. For technical assistance, you can contact them through their official website from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

TheOneSpy's sales team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

TheOneSpy Review's Conclusion

We've come to the end of our TheOneSpy review. We hope you gained an understanding of the great features of TheOneSpy, the most popular Android spying program. We advocate utilising this app, whether you are a parent or an employer, because it makes individuals feel less anxious and anxiety-free. This is a cutting-edge device that can assist parents in a variety of ways.

TheOneSpy, which claims to be the world's greatest monitoring app, has undoubtedly cemented its spot among the best surveillance apps in the world. Is it, however, the finest app for spying on someone's phone activities? Is there a better option with more useful features for better monitoring available?

Read our unbiased TheOneSpy review to learn everything you need to know about the program, as well as the best alternatives. Let's have a look!

What distinguishes TheOneSpy(TOS) from the competition?

Once installed on the target phone, TheOneSpy is a monitoring program that allows you to remotely watch anyone's phone activities. The program gathers data from the target phone's activity and sends it to your TOS account, where you may review it.

TheOneSpy's full set of features is listed below.

1. Call Logs and Recordings - You can look into the target person's whole call history. You can also listen to the chats by recording the phone calls live.

2. Social Media Monitoring - You may read all social media chats and look at any shared media assets. WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Instagram, Tumblr, IMP, Snapchat, Hike, Tinder, and Telegram are all supported by the app. You'll need to root the target person's phone to check VoIP logs.

3. Remote Operate of the Target Phone's Camera and Microphone - You can remotely control the target phone's camera and microphone. This means you can easily observe and listen to the target person's surroundings, as well as view and record conversations and their surroundings.

4. Whereabouts Tracking — You can track the target person's location in real-time, as well as look at route maps and history. TheOneSpy employs a GPS tracking mechanism, and you may use Geofence to receive notifications when the target individual enters or exits a defined zone.

5. Photos and Keylogger – The photos on the target device can be viewed. The program also uses a keylogger to record all keystrokes, which you can view from your account's Dashboard.

6. Screen Recording – The program allows you to record and see the screen of the target phone in real-time, and you can access the video of the screen recordings from your account's Dashboard at any time.

7. Password Chaser — This program records the screen anytime the target individual types a PIN, passcode, or pattern lock on their smartphone keyboard. The dashboard is where you may access the recordings.

Overall, there are many of options for remote monitoring the target phone. However, the majority of these sophisticated functions can only be used if the target phone is rooted.

What is the price of TheOneSpy?

Both Android and iOS versions of the software are available. It is, in fact, available for both Windows and Mac. However, different pricing options are available for other operating systems.

Android Spy

There are two distinct plans to choose from, each with its own set of features.

1. TOS XLite Edition includes the following features:

Call and surround recordings, as well as bugging features.

SMS, contacts, calendar events, photographs, browsing history, real-time location, and device information can all be tracked.

$25 for a month

$45 for 3 months

$75 for a year

2. Features of the TOS Premium Edition

TOX XLite Edition has all functions.

Call and surround recordings, bugging, VoIP recording and geolocation monitoring are all included.

Password thief, keylogger, snapshot capture, social media messages, live screen recordings, and geofencing are some of the features available.

$55 for a month

$105 for 3 months

$165 for a year

Apple's mobile operating system (All Available Features Included)

$65.99 for a month

$130.99 for 3 months

Mac – 6 months – $169.99 (All Available Features Included)

$65.99 for a month

$130.99 for 3 months

$169.99 for 6 months

Microsoft® Windows® (All Available Features Included)

$65.99 for a month

$130.99 for 3 months

$169.99 for 6 months

How do you set up TheOneSpy?

Follow these steps to install the app on the target device and begin remote monitoring.

Step 1: Visit and select the Buy Now option. To purchase a plan, choose one that is suited for you.

Step 2: Add your first and last names, as well as your email address. You'll get a welcome email with your login, password, and activation code.

Step 3: Get the target device and go to "" to download the TOS app. To begin the downloading procedure, enter the activation code.

Step 4: Run the APK file to install the app and grant the necessary permissions. Open the app, enter the activation code, then follow the on-screen instructions to set it up.

Step 5: From your device, log in to TheOneSpy and go to Dashboard. You may effortlessly monitor all of the target phone's available phone activity.

TheOneSpy App's Advantages and Disadvantages

The most important aspect of TheOneSpy review is to lay out the app's features and disadvantages so that you can decide whether to use it or look for a better alternative.


Remote monitor ing is accessible on two levels: basic and advanced.

Remote control capabilities are accessible in real-time.

The password chaser and mic bugging feature are both unique.

Negative aspects

Rooting - The majority of useful and advanced remote monitoring options require that the target device be rooted.

Expensive - The TOS XLite Edition plan has a limited number of options, most of which aren't useful. TOS Premium is pricey when compared to other top monitoring programs.

Discoverable - The target person's phone can readily recognize the app and he can uninstall it right away.

Reliability — The app asks for far too many permissions, raising concerns about the app's data's reliability and security.

Conclusion: Despite the abundance of features, the app's drawbacks are severe, preventing it from approaching its potential as the finest.

What Do Users Have to Say About TheOneSpy?

Here are some authentic app reviews that reveal the truth about the app.

1st "It doesn't load correctly half of the time, and the customer service is a joke. They're having serious network and database issues. The app did not perform as expected, and you should not purchase it to avoid wasting your money." Amy G.

2. Inventive+ phrasing "Service is abysmal; not all features are operational, and there is no one to help. They're simply refusing the return in a variety of ways. Avoid falling into the app's trap." Amalesh T., Amalesh T., Amalesh T., Amalesh

3. If you're looking for an "If the target owner is not foolish, he will notice that something is amiss sooner or later. All remote control features prevent the owner from doing normal phone tasks, and we will delete the program right away." Mario R.

Conclusion: As previously said, the software does not have all of the advertised functions because the majority of them require the target device to be rooted.

Furthermore, legitimate users are reporting the app being identified, data syncing difficulties, and malfunctioning, all of which are serious issues. Considering all of the flaws and drawbacks, it is far from being the finest monitoring tool.

Which is a Better Option: TheOneSpy or SpyFamily?

If you're seeking for a better option than TheOneSpy, we propose SpyFamily, which allows you to monitor the target phone remotely without requiring the device to be rooted. SpyFamily solves all of the problems with the TOS app and provides all of the functions with near-real-time syncing.

SpyFamily's Characteristics

Here are all of the SpyFamily characteristics that you should be aware of.

Monitoring of social media

SpyFamily allows you to monitor all of the chats on the target phone's social networking apps. You can view all of the media files that were exchanged in the discussions in addition to the texts.

SpyFamily supports several social media apps in addition to TheOneSpy. SpyFamilys employs the inbuilt keylogger to capture keystrokes, so you can even check deleted messages.

Messages and Call Logs

You can examine the target phone's call histories and text messages. The call records and text messages contain all of the relevant information, such as the sender or receiver's name, the time of the call or message, and so on.

Calls are being recorded.

SpyFamily allows you to record phone conversations in real-time, without the need for the target phone to be rooted. From your Dashboard, you can listen to the recorded chats at any time.

Screenshots and photos can be taken.

You can take real-time screenshots of the target phone from afar. You may even take control of the target phone's camera remotely and capture images of the surroundings. All of these functions can be used without the target phone being rooted.

Geofencing and location tracking

SpyFamily allows you to track the target phone's location on a map in real-time. You may also easily check your location history and create Geofence. For reliable location tracking, the app employs both GPS and Wi-Fi.

History of your browser

You can look at his browser history to see what websites he's visited and what searches he's done. You may easily access the content of the visited websites from the Dashboard.

Videos and Photographs

You can look through the target phone's images and videos. These are photographs and videos taken using a camera as well as those downloaded through apps and the internet.

Why is SpyFamily the Best?

There is no rooting:

Both programmes have nearly identical functions, but TheOneSpy requires the target device to be rooted in order to use advanced features. SpyFamily, on the other hand, allows you to use all of the normal and advanced functions without having to root the target phone.

Syncing and Stealth Mode:

Users of the TOS app complain that the software is easily identifiable and that data syncing is terrible. SpyFamily works in stealth mode and remains hidden on the target phone. The data syncing is practically real-time, so you always have the most up-to-date information on your Dashboard.

App for Complete Monitoring:

TheOneSpy makes a mistake by mixing too many monitoring and control tools on the target phone. It is not a targeted monitoring app because some aspects work and some don't.

SpyFamily, on the other hand, has all of its functions working flawlessly and is solely focused on giving all of the tools required for total remote monitoring.

Budget-Friendly Pricing:

SpyFamily offers only one plan with all of the features. The cost is significantly less than that of TheOneSpy. SpyFamily costs $29.95 per month and $99.95 per year, but the TOS app costs $55 per month and $165 per year. There's no reason to pay more for the mediocre TOS app.

The Final Word

To summarise TheOneSpy's review, the software contains an excessive number of functions, but the majority of them are conditional, and some of them do not work for the majority of users. The app is an excellent example of having too many cooks spoil the soup. If you're looking for the best monitoring app, we recommend SpyFamily because it's a full-featured monitoring app with everything you need.