Phonesheriff App Free Trial Download iPhone Monitoring Review

Phonesheriff App Free Trial Download iPhone Monitoring Review
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Is the PhoneSheriff App Still Functional in 2022?

Will you use PhoneSherrif to keep track of your child's online activities? It's important to note that it doesn't function, and you should start looking for another option.

The majority of today's children are well-versed in technology. They use the internet to enjoy themselves, conduct research and communicate with pals. Understandably, parents want to safeguard their children from the hazards of the Internet.

Installing a parental control app on your child's phone is a proven approach to keep them out of danger online. One of the alternatives is PhoneSherrif.

If you're thinking about trying out this software, there's one thing you should keep in mind. The firm Retina-X Studios, which released Phone Sheriff, was defrauded. As a result, they were forced to discontinue support for some of its products, including this one.

There's no need to look up PhoneSheriff reviews. Simply go to their website to check that the app is no longer available.

If you're a parent in need of a quick answer, the SpyFamily app is a good option. If you're interested in learning more about PhoneSherrif, feel free to read this review.

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What Is PhoneSherrif and How Does It Work?

Retina-X Studios created PhoneSheriff, a parental control app. It was designed for all modern parents who want to protect their children's online safety.

PhoneSheriff allows you to monitor your children's activities from afar without them being aware. You may listen in on their phone calls and SMS messages, receive panic alarms, see images, and track their GPS location .

You must install PhoneSheriff on your child's phone to utilize it. The iPhone isn't on the list of eligible devices that operate well with PhoneSheriff. However. On Android phones and tablets, the software works great.

What Are the Key Features of PhoneSherrif?

Even though parental control applications can track a wide range of behaviors, not all of them can provide a comprehensive monitoring experience. This app, according to several Phone Sheriff reviews, has a somewhat limited set of features:

Messages sent by text Monitor and examine a child's SMS logs , both sent and received.

Calls are made. Determine who phoned your child and when the call occurred. Examine your child's call history to ensure that he or she does not communicate with anyone who appears to be questionable.

Tracking your location with GPS. Find out where your child is and see their current location.

Apps that have been installed Examine the list of apps installed on your child's phone.

Apps for texting. You can remotely monitor your child's Snapchat, Instagram, and other messaging apps.

Notifications and alerts Receive fast warnings and notifications via SMS or email if your child uses profanity. Set up custom terms for immediate alerts and receive notifications when a youngster types specified words.

Calendars and contacts. View all of your contacts and calendar events, as well as who your children want to meet up with.

What is the best way to get started with PhoneSheriff?

There are two sorts of licenses available from PhoneSheriff. Each one allows you to track up to three different mobile devices. However, before you begin monitoring, make sure PhoneSheriff is installed correctly:

Become a member. Create a phone sheriff account at Make sure you provide your appropriate email address.

Subscriptions are available for purchase. You can choose between a 6-month or a 12-month subscription. VISA, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover credit cards are accepted for payment. PayPal can also be used to make a payment. The name PhoneSheriff will not appear on your transaction.

Configure the app. You will receive an email with installation instructions after the system processes your payment. To set up the app on your child's phone, follow their instructions. It is important to note that you must be able to access it because a remote installation is not possible.

You can log in to your dashboard, link your child's smartphone, and begin monitoring as the app is ready.

SpyFamily vs. PhoneSherrif

PhoneSheriff's monitoring services are no longer available. You can, however, switch to another effective parental control tool.

SpyFamily is a cutting-edge, user-friendly surveillance program that allows parents to keep tabs on their children's online activity.

Users may impose call limitations, monitor social media interactions, examine images and videos, and remotely control their children's phones with SpyFamily.

What else distinguishes SpyFamily? Here's a small sample:

SpyFamily employs data encryption to keep your personal information safe online. It ensures data security by encrypting all information and generating an encryption key for subsequent decoding.

Technical support – Even users with no technical knowledge can install the SpyFamily app because our support managers are constantly available to assist you. Technical experts will walk you through the installation procedure and assist you in remotely configuring the application.

Adjustable update interval - Users can choose how frequently data should be updated. SpyFamily communicates to the servers to update the data and provide the activity logs to your Control Panel. The software can be set to update data every 10 minutes or every hour.

Multiple payment methods - Purchasing a SpyFamily subscription is simple since you may choose from a variety of payment options.

Phonesheriff iPhone App Review - Apk Surveillance

Children today are incredibly digitally adept. They utilize the internet to entertain themselves, investigate a wide range of topics, and contact pals daily (Phonesheriff App). Unsurprisingly, parents want to protect their children from the hazards of the Internet.

Are you concerned about your child's use of a phone or tablet?

Outbound and inbound phone numbers can be blocked.

Set your time limits and apps to be blocked.

Get personalized activity alerts and keep track of your text messages.

Location tracking and lock instructions in real-time

Android smartphones and tablets are compatible.

How Does It Work?

Install on a mobile phone

You are the one who provides for your child.

To use the software, you must first log in.

Accept the terms and set up your account.

Take a look at your child's activities.

interior of your private account

Tweens' Guide

Prevent your tween from accessing hazardous stuff on the internet. From an easy online management panel, set time limits on their phone and data consumption.


Protect your adolescent by keeping track of who they communicate with and preventing them from connecting with persons or websites you don't approve of.

PhoneSheriff Comes with a Bunch of Extras

This solution goes beyond allowing you to set limitations on how much time your youngster spends on his or her phone. You can control who kids can communicate with, restrict websites or apps, and monitor their actions.

What is PhoneSheriff Parental Control Software, and how does it work?

What does your youngster do with the smartphone you've given them? Do you have concerns that they're misusing their phone or tablet privileges? PhoneSheriff allows you to keep track of what's going on and filter out what you don't want to see. You can even set a timer for when the device can be used.

PhoneSheriff is the next generation of mobile phone and tablet parental control software. Do you want to be able to filter, block, and track how your child uses your phone? If you answered yes, then this software is for you. To begin monitoring, install this little software on the device your child uses.

The password-protected program limits the activities you designate and keeps track of everything your child does after you install it. You can show your child a device notification as well as a tamper-proof icon to let them know they're being watched. This option can be disabled.

The tracked activities and GPS locations are instantly loaded into your PhoneSheriff account using the Internet capabilities of your phone or tablet. To see the findings, go to the PhoneSheriff website and log in to your secure account. For simple browsing, logs are organized into categories and sorted.

What is the purpose of this parental control software?

If you're concerned that your children are abusing your phones and tablets, PhoneSheriff is the app for you. SMS (text messaging) has grown in popularity as a means of communication. Is it possible that your children spend too much time on their phones or tablets? Are they conversing with persons you don't want them to? Do they partake in sexting? What is it that they are texting about? You have a right to be informed.

Install this simple app on your child's phone or tablet to monitor and prohibit inappropriate behavior. Logging into the secure site from any computer, tablet, or phone Internet web browser allows you to access the records from anywhere.

Why should I pick PhoneSheriff above the other options?

PhoneSheriff sets the global standard by being the first parental app to monitor Android smartphones. Hundreds of radio stations, journals, and websites throughout the world have covered our shows extensively. We are also members of the Northeastern Florida Better Business Bureau. This demonstrates our commitment to our goods and service. Continue reading to learn more about why you should use PhoneSheriff.

Committed customer Service

We fully stand behind our software. We provide live person support to address any questions you may have. If you need assistance with the program, simply contact us and one of our representatives will walk you through it.

This is not a spyware program.

The PhoneSheriff app can alert your youngster to the fact that they are being watched. They'll be more inclined to follow your guidelines now that they know the software is installed. When your child's monitoring necessitates greater discretion, this function can be disabled.

Trust is a corporation that was created in 2003 in the United States.

You may be confident that you'll get professional-grade software and service if you buy from a reputable company that has been developing monitoring software since early 2003. Our organization has also received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Several Distinctive Features

Block specific websites or apps, or choose from a list of categories. Set time limits and restrict calls from any phone number. Lock the smartphone at particular periods of the day or just limit the number of calls you can make. Allow your youngster to check-in and view the location from wherever they are. To see the logs from any web browser, log in to a secure online management panel.

Requirements for devices

Android smartphones or tablets must be compatible. Currently, iOS and BlackBerry are not supported.

See a list of compatible devices.

Overview of PhoneSheriff's Features

Filter and monitor in real-time online!

Please note that the iPhone, iPad, and BlackBerry versions are no longer available.

Are your kids abusing their texting, calling, and internet privileges? Are you concerned that they'll use the phone for inappropriate purposes? PhoneSheriff is a parental control app for Android smartphones and tablets that allows parents to keep an eye on their children's activities.

You will be informed about your child's actions and will be able to block any that you believe are inappropriate. It's as easy as that to keep your youngster safe. You can even restrict when the phone can be used or lock it down entirely.

PhoneSheriff is compatible with Android phones and tablets. Visit our compatibility page to learn more.

Are your kids abusing their texting, calling, and internet privileges?

PhoneSheriff is a software/service combo that allows you to remotely monitor your child's smartphone or tablet. This one-of-a-kind system keeps track of and restricts your child's activities. You download and install a little program. The app includes a tamper-proof indicator that alerts users that they are being watched. If your child monitoring requires greater discretion, the icon option can be disabled. Log in to your online control panel after installation to view the activity and set parental controls.

Create parental controls and filters.

Filtering for Applications

Block apps on your child's phone to prevent them from being used.

Filtering of websites

By blocking websites by URL address or category, you can prevent your phone from accessing them.

Filtering of Contact s

Set a blacklist/whitelist of phone numbers in the cell to block contacts.

Time Limitations

Lock the entire phone or just make calls during specific times of the day.

Geo-Fencing Warning

When the monitored cell phone wanders outside of a set zone.

Profanity Warning

The rude or harsh language that passes through the monitored cell

Alert to Intruders

Recognize whether someone is attempting to perform something prohibited on the monitored phone.

Locking your phone

The cell can be locked or unlocked. Additionally, make a siren sound and delete the data.

To view cell phone activities, log in to your online web panel.

GPS Tracking in Real-Time

Get quick GPS location updates to find out where your child is.

History of the Internet

All websites visited on the device's internet browser are recorded.

Messages sent through text

The smartphone's SMS logs (both sent and received) can be viewed and monitored.


The number and time of each incoming and outgoing call are recorded.


You may now view what apps your youngster has loaded on his or her smartphone.


All images taken on the monitoring device are logged.


It is logged every time a new contact is added to the cell phone.

In Three Simple Steps, You Can Begin Parental Control


Complete all areas of the appropriate Order Page and agree to the Parental Control Legal Requirements. After that, click Next and fill in your billing details. After that, finish the order and check your email.


You will be issued a receipt with your registration number, a link to download the application, instructions for installing the software, and how to alter the settings on the device you'll be managing as soon as your order is completed.


Your child's activities will now be tracked and quickly logged into your parental control account. You can access your account at any moment by going to the Login Page. Activity kinds are used to categorize the phone's log entries.

Calls are being monitored.

Modify all PhoneSheriff settings, including limitations, alerts, and email reports.



SMS monitoring

The SMS chats sent and received on the monitored phone can be viewed using this capability.



Panic Warnings

Modify all PhoneSheriff settings, including limitations, alerts, and email reports.


Logs from Messenger

Teens utilize Internet instant messaging programs to connect with others in addition to SMS text messages. PhoneSheriff will keep track of every communication sent through messaging apps like WhatsApp (which requires rooted Android) and Snapchat (Which requires Rooted Android).


View Photographs

Modify all PhoneSheriff settings, including limitations, alerts, and email reports.

Track Your Location Using GPS

Set perimeters to be notified when your device travels beyond them. Get real-time GPS tracking , position history at configured intervals, and set perimeters to be notified when your device travels beyond them.



Visited Websites

All URLs run or browsed in the smartphone's Internet browser are logged. Third-party browsers and pornographic websites are now also blocked.



Instant Notifications and Alerts

Get fast alerts and notifications through SMS or email if your child uses profanity, or set up custom (specific) terms for instant alerts and notifications when the erroneous phone PIN or SMS commands are repeatedly performed.







View your contacts and activities on the calendar.

All contacts and calendar events are documented, allowing you to see who they're communicating with and what events they're planning.


Access to certain violent game apps and other sharing/special-purpose apps should be restricted.



Restore and Backup

Make a backup of the information on your smartphone to keep with you in case it is lost or stolen. From the control panel, restore the phone's factory settings.


Logs will be sent to you through email.

You can receive phone activity records to your email address using this service.



Use of Mobile Devices

The logs of all internet consumption in the smartphone can be used to see the user's mobile usage.

Management of several devices

This function allows you to see all SMS messages sent and received on the monitored phone. You'll be able to read the contents of every communication sent by your youngster.




Lock the monitored device for a specific period or simply restrict calling, browsing, and messaging. Limit your child's outbound calls, SMS, and Internet usage daily.



Set up all of PhoneSheriff's options. From the Online Control Panel, you may change/add new Alerts, alter GPS tracking intervals, add new time and usage limitations, back up logged data, and reschedule PhoneSheriff email reports.

App Archive

The PhoneSheriff Archive App is a little computer program that you install. It allows you to select which logs to download. You can also download individual media files, such as images, and erase all records from your web panel storage.

PhoneSheriff's Background

Find Out More About PhoneSheriff

PhoneSheriff's Background

Hundreds of professionals from around the world work together to help you keep track of your PC, smartphone, and tablet. We offer the most feature-rich software available to ensure that your youngster stays on track.

If our program fails to perform as expected, we will work with you to resolve the problem or refund your money. We stand behind our goods and service as a member of the Better Business Bureau of Northeast Florida.

Description of the Business

In July 1997, Retina-X Studios began as a web consulting and design firm. Retina-X Studios began producing its own upgraded monitoring software applications to be marketed under the Retina-X Studios brand after generating a series of monitoring software programs for external customers.

In this market area, Retina-X Studios quickly established a reputation for producing trustworthy and extensively tested software. Positive reviews in publications like Reader's Digest, Computer Shopper, PC Pro, Computer Buyer, and others, as well as television coverage from CBS and the BBC, aided in the marketing of these apps.

Positive reviews, media attention, and continuous success have aided RXS' extraordinary development, with sales increasing by over 1600% in just two years. In this market area, Retina-X Studios software is largely regarded as the industry leader.

Retina-X Studios is committed to developing the most comprehensive and professional mobile and computer software apps. Our program is widely utilized and receives positive feedback from users. To ensure complete client satisfaction, all RXS software is thoroughly tested in a variety of situations.

Retina-X Studios, which provides cutting-edge technology to help parents and employers acquire crucial information on devices they own, has unfortunately been the target of sophisticated and frequent unlawful hackings. Over the last year, Retina-X Studios has begun to take steps to improve our security systems, which has resulted in the data accessed by the hackers in the most recent incursion being limited. Although no personal information was obtained, some photographic material from TeenShield and PhoneSheriff subscribers was made public. As a result, Retina-X Studios is discontinuing its PhoneSheriff, TeenShield, SniperSpy, and Mobile Spy products immediately and indefinitely to protect our important clients. Customers who presently have a contract with Retina-X Studios for these services will be eligible for pro-rated refunds. If you are a current subscriber to one of these services, you will receive an email from us with instructions on how to get a pro-rated refund and access to your data while this procedure is in progress.

Retina-X Studios is collaborating with authorities and giving information concerning illicit hackings. The perpetrators of these illegal acts were motivated by their irrational resistance to parents' and employers' private activities on devices they own and with the consent of device users. To gain attention, the culprits, who are unlikely to be recognized or prosecuted, have shared their deeds with online sites. They are cowards that work in the shadows and exploit the media to further their agenda. Retina-X apologizes for any trouble this incident has caused our clients, but you are our top concern. We appreciate your dedication to our firm and these invaluable services.

Frequently Asked Ordering Questions

How can I register for PhoneSheriff on the internet?

Go to the purchasing page once you've made your decision to buy. For the billing frequency you want, click the Buy Now link. To make an online purchase, follow the steps and provide the needed information. For online purchases, we accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express credit cards, as well as PayPal. Following the completion of your order, you will receive an email with a link to download your software as well as installation/usage instructions.

What are the available payment options?

You can pay for PhoneSheriff in one of the following ways:

Most Maestro, Visa, Discover / Novus, Diners Club, JCB, and American Express credit cards are accepted.

PayPal and Giropay are two options for online payment.

What charge will appear on my credit card?

Any software purchase made on our site will be charged by "Fastspring," a company that processes orders for thousands of various sorts of software providers.

Is it possible to pay via Western Union?

No. We do not accept Western Union payments at this time.

How safe is the ordering procedure?

To assure 100 percent Secure and Confidential purchase, all order pages employ the newest protected technology certified by Thawte and ScanAlert. ScanAlert tests the order pages every day and certifies them as HACKER SAFE. Each order page will have a logo to ensure that it is secure.

What is the cost of the license?

The PhoneSheriff subscription is USD 89.00 for 12 months after the purchase date. A 6-month option is also available for USD 49.00.

Do you offer technical assistance?

Yes. You will receive a premium software package with step-by-step instructions, lifetime upgrades, and lifetime online technical support when you make your order. In the unlikely event that a problem arises, our support team will provide you with step-by-step guidance for resolving the problem. You will be refunded if we are unable to resolve the problem.

I'm not sure how I'll get the software.

After you've completed all of the necessary steps, you'll receive an email with a link to download the software. You can then use the link supplied in your delivery email to download your program and follow the instructions for a quick installation.

What is the procedure for canceling my subscription?

Simply contact us to inform us of your decision to cancel. Your auto-billing will be turned off. Your account will be active until the period you purchased expires. You'll need to uninstall the software from your phone or tablet at that point because it won't work anymore.

Is it possible to get software updates from you?

Yes. You will continue to receive free software upgrades as long as you remain a PhoneSheriff customer.

Who can PhoneSheriff keep an eye on?

PhoneSheriff is a mobile monitoring app that allows you to keep track of your underage child's smartphone and tablet activity on a device that you own and pay for. It keeps track of every incoming and outgoing call, text, website visited, contacts, images, and much more. Go to PhoneSheriff Features for additional information.

Is PhoneSheriff a well-kept secret?

When the parent's monitoring efforts demand discretion, they can turn off the "Show Icon and Notification" setting. PhoneSheriff displays an icon on the device under surveillance by default. When tapped, the icon displays a message informing your youngster that they are being watched. Notifications are also displayed to the user regularly in the form of a popup in which they must press OK to proceed.

How can I get PhoneSheriff to work?

Access to the device for at least 15 minutes is necessary for installation. This gadget must be able to connect to the internet (to be able to insert device activities to your account). Following the successful completion of your order, you will get a Welcome Email with instructions and a registration key to your registered email address. The registration key will be used to create your account. After that, log into your account and follow the step-by-step instructions (complete with screenshots) to complete the installation.

What's the best way to get rid of PhoneSheriff?

PhoneSheriff can be uninstalled either from the monitored device or via the internet management panel. For instructions on how to uninstall PhoneSheriff, go to the user guide link in the receipt email you received following your purchase.

Is my phone or tablet model compatible?

PhoneSheriff is compatible with Android phones and tablets. It does not work with iOS (iPhone/iPad), BlackBerry, or Windows Phone at this time. Check the Compatibility page if you're not sure if your device is compatible with PhoneSheriff.

What exactly is rooting? Is it necessary to have PhoneSheriff installed on an Android device?

Giving your Android device complete system (root) access to activate all of its functions is known as rooting. With administrative powers, all restrictions on downloading or altering any application on an Android device are lifted after rooted. PhoneSheriff may be installed without rooting your Android phone. It merely adds a few extra capabilities to your device to root it.

What kind of device actions are kept track of?

Call History, Text Messages, GPS, Notes Logs, Contacts, Photos , Applications Installed, Websites Visited, Memos, Calendar Entries, and much more are all logged by PhoneSheriff. For more information, go here. Filtering and notifications on vulgarity and tampering are also provided by PhoneSheriff.

What do the SMS commands entail?

SMS instructions are those that, when delivered from any mobile device to the monitored device, cause real-time monitoring actions to take place. Refer to the user handbook for further information.

What are the time constraints?

Set the device to lock automatically at various times of the day. You have the option of locking the entire device or just the ability to make calls during the time limit.

Is internet access required for the monitored device?

Yes. The monitored device must have internet access to upload all mobile device activity logs to our online control panel. Non-internet functions such as SMS commands (Lock/unlock the smartphone, GPS location, device Wipe) will, nevertheless, work.

More uncertainties have arisen in my mind.

Contact our Support for further information or if you have any questions. More information is available on the support page. We will be happy to assist you in resolving any issues you may have.

Control Panel in the Cloud

I created an account after registration.

You can purchase PhoneSheriff licenses via the online control panel if you haven't already done so. To add a licence, go to Login >>> Purchase >>> Add License. To verify, enter the license number and click Submit. Install PhoneSheriff by typing the build URL into the device browser.

Is it possible to register after I've downloaded PhoneSheriff?

Yes, registering for a PhoneSheriff account after purchasing and downloading the license is just as easy as registering before buying the license.

How long will the logs be kept online?

After 30 days, the copies of the logged reports will be deleted.

Why and how should you back up and/or restore your data?

Make a backup of the information on your smartphone or tablet to keep with you in case the device is lost or stolen. From the control panel, restore the device's factory settings. Log in to the online management panel to create a backup. Check details and factory re-settings by going to My Device>>>

What types of notifications does PhoneSheriff generate?

When nasty and rude words are entered into the monitored device, especially through TEXTS and EMAILS, PhoneSheriff gives you an alert. The many sorts of alerts are listed below.

Profanity Alerts: Notifies you when a monitored mobile device uses profane or abusive terms.

Set up your list of undesired terms and receive alerts.

Intrusion Notifications: Get intrusion alerts on the web panel when the monitored mobile device repeatedly tries the erroneous PIN and SMS commands.

Get alerts whenever your child's geofencing perimeter is breached using geofencing alerts.

How will I be able to see what the device is up to?

By login into your online control panel, you can see, control, and monitor all of your child's activities.

Program for Clients

Is it possible to transfer my license between devices?

You can monitor up to three devices with a single license. However, if you need to shift a license, it is quite simple to change your monitoring license from one device to another. Simply remove PhoneSheriff from your old smartphone and reinstall it on your new one. Then, using the online control panel, authenticate the new device to be monitored.

Is it necessary for me to have access to the device to install?

Yes. You must have direct access to the mobile device to be monitored and manually install PhoneSheriff on it. It's a simple task that takes only 15 minutes to perform.

Is it possible to send SMS commands from any phone?

Yes. To send SMS commands, you can use any phone. To be compatible, the other phone does not require any additional software or have PhoneSheriff installed. All it needs to do is send a standard SMS text message.

Is it possible for me to switch SIM cards?

Yes. You can change your SIM card to a new one. However, when utilizing the new SIM, make sure to send SMS commands from the new cell number.

Is PhoneSheriff compatible with my service provider?

Some service providers, like as AT&T and Verizon, may place limits on the downloading and installation of third-party applications on your device. As a result, it's a good idea to double-check with your carrier to see if there are any restrictions (s). Apart from that, our software is compatible with any device that has access to the Internet.

Is it possible to use a single license to monitor many devices?

Yes. You can monitor up to three devices with a single license. All of the devices can be monitored from a single online control interface.