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For Android and iPhone, Webwatcher App Mobile Login Reviews: See Texts, Photos, and More with Webwatcher. You can access texts, images, calls, website history, GPS, and more with phone monitoring and tracking. Android, iOS, PC, and Mac are all supported. Stay with Spy Family to learn more about this tool.

What exactly is Webwatcher?

Log into your risk-free account and choose any device to monitor discreetly from your safe online account (Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, or Chromebook). All products install in less than 5 minutes, are unobtrusive and hence tamper-proof, and all recorded data is delivered to a secure web-based account that you can monitor remotely from any device at your leisure. View all recorded data or use our alert log to see only the items that have been flagged as potentially dangerous. In any case, Webwatcher assists you in being a responsible digital parent by safeguarding your children from all online and offline threats:

Cyberbullying, suicide prevention, sexting, and drug and alcohol usage are all examples of online predators.

Android Surveillance

Discrete/Tamper Proof View Activity Remotely View from Android App or Web UI Easy 5 minute Install No Rooting Required

Webwatcher monitoring and tracking app

View your child’s texts, images, phone calls, browser history, GPS location, and more. Be on the lookout for potentially dangerous behavior. There is no need to root.

Webwatcher Android has a lot of features:

  • Spy on Text Messages
  • View sent and received SMS and MMS text messages on an Android handset. Protect yourself from potentially dangerous content such as “sexting.”
  • Spy Photographs
  • View images shot with an Android device and saved to the camera roll, including photos saved to the camera roll that was not taken with the target device’s camera.
  • Spy on the History of Websites
  • On an Android smartphone, use Chrome to track website visits and searches (including Incognito mode). Know what your children are doing on the internet.
  • Spy on Call Log History
  • Monitor when the Android device makes receives and misses calls. See the length of the call, the time of the call, and the phone numbers.
  • Spy on GPS Location
  • All of the areas visited by the Android device can be tracked and followed. WebWatcher’s user-friendly mapping tool makes it simple to connect the dots.
  • Spy on Instagram
  • On an Android device, you can view images, send messages, and publish notifications. Instagram is regarded as the most essential social network by 32% of teenagers.
  • Spy on Facebook Messenger
  • On the Android device, you may see incoming messages. Facebook Messenger is used by 50% of teenagers in the United States.
  • Spy on Snapchat
  • Receive inbound message notifications on your Android device. One of the most popular apps among teenagers is Snapchat.
  • Spy on Kik
  • On the Android device, you may see incoming messages. Kik Messenger is used by 40% of teenagers in the United States.
  • Spy on WhatsApp
  • On the Android device, you may see incoming messages. WhatsApp is one of the most widely used messaging programs in the world.
  • Spy on Tinder
  • Receive inbound message notifications on your Android device. One of the most popular dating apps among teenagers is Tinder.
  • Spy on Viber
  • On the Android device, you may see incoming messages. Another popular international texting app is Viber.
  • Spy on App Usage
  • View a list of apps that have been installed on the Android device. You can now see every app used on an Android device with WebWatcher!
  • Spy Screenshots
  • Screenshots can be used to keep track of every cell phone activity (including Snapchat). With your paid subscription, you’ll get 1,000 screenshots for free.

No need to “Root” the target device:

NO, WebWatcher for Android does not require the target Android device to be “rooted.” Rooting is not only difficult, but it also breaks the device’s warranty, and the “root” will be erased if the device is upgraded to a newer Android version in the future. Competitors who demand you to “root” the target device should be avoided.

WebWatcher compatiblity

Android devices running version 2.1 or higher are supported by WebWatcher for Android.

WebWatcher cannot guarantee compatibility with future operating systems, even though we make every attempt to upgrade to be compatible with new operating systems. If the target device runs an unsupported operating system that isn’t specified above, no refunds will be given. The refund policy may be found here.

All of the operating systems listed below are guaranteed to work with WebWatcher.

  • iPhone/iPad
  • 15 – iOS 8.0
  • Android Spy
  • 4 – 12 Android
  • COMPUTER (Windows Spy)
  • Microsoft Windows 7 – 10
  • macOS Spy
  • 10.8 – 11 (macOS)
  • Chromebook
  • Chromebooks are all available.
  • HP, Asus, Dell, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, and Google are just a few of the companies that make computers.

Is WebWatcher capable of recording phone calls?

NO – WebWatcher does not provide a wiretapping service and does not record telephone calls. WebWatcher for Android, on the other hand, keeps track of every call made. This function is known as “Call Log History,” and it includes information such as call duration, call time, and phone numbers.

Monitoring for iOS (iPhone/iPad)

View Activity RemotelyView from iPhone App or Web UICompatible with iOS 6.0 or later LockoutsNo Jailbreak RequiredDiscrete/Tamper ProofView Activity RemotelyView from iPhone App or Web UICompatible with iOS 6.0 or later

You can monitor texts, photographs, calls, browser history, GPS, and more on your iPhone. Be on the lookout for potentially dangerous behavior. There is no need for a jailbreak or an iCloud reset.


jailbreak the target device:

NO, you do not need to “jailbreak” the target iPhone or iPad to use WebWatcher. Jailbreaking is not only difficult, but it also breaks the device’s warranty, and the jailbreak will be lost if the device is upgraded to a newer version of iOS in the future. All you need with WebWatcher is the child’s iPhone (once), a USB cable, and a PC or Mac device. Competitors who require you to “jailbreak” the target device should be avoided.

Is it necessary for me to have access to the target device? YES – You’ll need access to your iPhone (once) to finish the setup.

What does WebWatcher keep track of?

The following data is recorded by WebWatcher for PC:

  1. Emails have been sent and received.
  2. Messages transmitted and received in real-time
  3. Typed Keystrokes
  4. Screenshots of the Alert Word (every time a word chosen by you is typed or viewed on-screen)
  5. Screenshots Continually (every time a program or website chosen by you is used or visited)
  6. Words to Be Aware Of
  7. History of the Website
  8. Website Lookups
  9. Programs in Blocks
  10. Messenger on Facebook (also screenshot all activity with Continuous Screenshots)
  11. Activity on Twitter (with continuous screenshots)
  12. Activity on YouTube (with continuous screenshots)

Is it possible for WebWatcher to notify me?

YES – You can set up alerts to warn you anytime keywords or websites are recognized on-screen or typed in at any moment. We also suggest getting the E-Notify add-on. This add-on allows you to receive all recorded data in an email sent to your mailbox on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis. Installation takes around 5 minutes.

No further hardware is required. Discrete and tamper-resistant, Remotely monitor activity View via a secure Web interface,  Compatible with Windows 7 and newer.

How can I keep track of my child’s phone usage?

After creating an online account with WebWatcher, you may watch your child’s phone from any internet-connected device, including Android and iPhone. For Android, you’ll need to install an app on your child’s phone and then link it to your WebWatcher account online. You’ll need to link the child’s phone to your local PC or Mac once for an iPhone. Either procedure takes only a few minutes, and WebWatcher help will walk you through it step by step if necessary.

What are the best applications for parental control?

Webwatcher and Parental Controls are both highly rated programs that assist parents in dealing with the risks of the Internet. Webwatcher focuses on “monitoring” and is more geared toward overseeing youngsters who might be engaging in risky conduct.

Is it possible for parents to supervise Snapchat?

Both Android and iPhone users can use Webwatcher to keep an eye on Snapchat. Webwatcher for Android can capture received messages and screenshots of any Snapchat activity. Webwatcher can detect that the Snapchat app has been downloaded on an iPhone.

What is the most effective parental control app?

Webwatcher, unlike other parental monitoring programs, is 100% guaranteed to operate as stated. If Webwatcher is unable to remedy the problem, you will be entitled to a complete refund.

What can I do to keep an eye on my child’s Android phone?

Log in to your risk-free account and choose Android to watch your device discreetly from your safe online account. Installs in less than 5 minutes, is unobtrusive and thus tamper-proof, and all recorded data is transferred to a secure web-based account that you can watch remotely from any device at your leisure.

Is there any way for me to see what my child is doing on the computer?

Parental computer monitoring software allows you to see what websites your child visits, what they search for on the internet, and who they communicate with via email and other instant messaging services. It can also notify you of text messages, phone calls, and apps installed on your child’s mobile device.

How can I keep an eye on my child’s phone without having to take it away?

You don’t have to leave your child’s phone vulnerable just because you don’t want to take it away totally. Monitoring your child’s phone instead of removing it is a viable option. Monitoring your child’s activity and who contacts them allows you to keep an eye on them. You’ll be able to stop any potentially dangerous behavior or inappropriate contact before it escalates..

WebWatcher’s Most Important Function

You can keep track of the following using the WebWatcher app for iOS and Android:

Keeping track of all text messages sent and received is essential.

View the history of your internet searches and the websites you’ve visited.

View the GPS-tracked sites that have been visited.

Kik reads all incoming text messages.

When new communications arrive, you will be notified.

It is possible to view incoming WhatsApp messages.

Viber allows you to read incoming messages on iOS and Android smartphones. Apps: View a list of all the apps installed on the selected device.

View all incoming, outgoing, and missed phone calls in your call history.

Take a peek at the photos you’ve captured and saved.

What’s the best way to use WebWatcher?

You only need to follow three simple steps to start using WebWatcher on your Android device:

Sign up as a member — To get started, select the operating system you require and the subscription that best matches your needs.

Install the app on the target device: You must first install the app on the target device before you can begin monitoring it.

Begin tracking from a safe distance by logging into your WebWatcher account via the WebWatcher login page. The monitoring device’s actions will be uploaded to your WebWatcher online account for additional analysis and storage.

Is it possible for WebWatcher to be detected on Android or iOS devices?

WebWatcher is a surveillance tool that allows you to secretly track your child’s phone. Because of this, it’s extremely difficult to detect on a target device. There is no system tray icon or another shortcut on Android that can be utilized to help with program detection. Furthermore, because it is installed remotely via iCloud credentials, it is even more difficult to detect on iOS devices.

Please click here to find out how much WebWatcher costs per month.

WebWatcher subscriptions are offered in three flavors:

$19.95/month for 1 month

Three-month subscription – $59.95

12 month subscription – $129.95

For additional information, go to for a more detailed explanation of subscriptions Please remember that you must first join up before you can choose a package, so click “Try it risk-free.” If any discounts or promotions are available at the time of purchase, you will receive an email from the support center.

If you wish to experience WebWatcher before buying a subscription, you can use the seven-day free trial. If you try the app and decide you don’t like it, cancel your subscription as soon as possible. The system will charge you if you do not comply.

Which Is Better: WebWatcher or SPY24?

You can conclude after reading the WebWatcher review and comparing it to other programs that WebWatcher has a limited number of features and functionalities. It comes with a basic range of functions that aren’t enough for full monitoring. It’s also pricey because it doesn’t come with any packages that let you monitor two or more devices at the same time.

Consider utilizing a more diverse program, such as SPY24, to watch your child’s online activity for a more complete picture of his or her digital life. Our parental control app is one of the most popular smartphone monitoring options, with a powerful set of features to match.

Is there a free trial for WebWatcher?

WebWatcher boasts that its service is risk-free all over its website. However, I was a little skeptical after reading the refund policy. The only method to request a refund is if the service fails to perform as expected and the customer service team is unable to resolve your problems.

Is WebWatcher compatible with numerous devices?

WebWatcher is accessible for Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, and Chromebook, however, each subscription can only be used on one device. This implies that if you want to monitor several devices, you’ll need to purchase multiple memberships.

Is there anything in WebWatcher that can help you avoid screen time addiction?

No, WebWatcher is merely a monitoring tool; it will not limit the amount of time a device can be used. Check out my Qustodio review if you’re seeking a parental control app that can enforce a daily limit or a timetable.

8.4 Pricing

WebWatcher is not just one of the more expensive parental control programs I reviewed, but it also only covers one device. This was a difficulty for me as a parent of five children. I discussed the expensive expense of obtaining a license for each of the children with the customer service staff, and he stated that they are working on a new pricing system.

I’ll update this post if and when that happens.

There are now three variants available, all of which have the same characteristics. The only difference is that for longer subscription options, the monthly cost is lower.


WebWatcher is only recommended by Spy family if you have a teenager and are concerned about what he or she is doing online. It includes excellent surveillance tools that will show you what websites they are visiting, what messages they are receiving on social media, and whether they are looking for drugs, alcohol, or weapons.

If this sounds like a good fit for your family, go to this hidden discount website to save some money.

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