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How to use Telegram without having a phone number

Although Telegram is a safe and privacy-sensitive application, one of the things that are confusing for some people in terms of privacy is that you must enter your phone number to join and use this messenger. Telegram sends a text or voice message to your phone number to confirm you, and for this reason, it is mandatory to use your phone number, but is there a way to bypass this route and not enter your number? Stay with us in the rest of this article on the Spy family blog to find out how to use Telegram without having a phone number.

When registering for your account, you must enter your number to receive a voice call, a text message, or a verification code. This SMS contains an OTP, which will be used to verify your credentials. Once you receive that SMS on your phone number, you will no longer use that number when using your account unless you want to change your password. Therefore, you no longer need a phone number to use Telegram; you only need a number to complete the verification. So, for proper verification, there are many methods that you can use to get a temporary phone number and get verified. We will discuss all the methods you can use. 

How to use Telegram without having a phone number

In the following, we will introduce some tools to use Telegram without having a number/SIM card.


Textnow is a service that offers free calls and text messages and can be used to install and register in Telegram without a number. TextNow is available on Android and iOS phones. You can also access Textnow through their website in a browser. But we recommend you install the app because it’s handy!

After installing the app, you must create an account in Text Nu through Google, Facebook or email. When you create your account, you must select an area code. Follow the steps to create a virtual number and create your Telegram account using this number. If you create an account in Telegram through this tool, the confirmation code message can be accessed in the application messages.

Google Voice

Another tool for using Telegram without a number is Google Voice. Google Voice is a calling app where you can get a brand new phone number and use it for all calls and text messages. For this reason, it is the most suitable option for installing and using Telegram without a number.

Before using this app, remember that Google Voice is directly connected to your Google account. Now let’s see how to use this program below.

  1. Install the Google Voice app or go to their website.
  2. Sign in with your Google account.
  3. Register in the Google Voice app and select a number.
  4. You can use that number to register in Telegram.
  5. After registration, wait for the verification code, then enter it in the Telegram app and verify your account.

Done! With these five steps, you can easily have a telegram account without a phone number and enjoy.

Winding up

As we said, you can use Telegram without having a phone number or a physical SIM card. Some various tools and applications provide such services for users. This article on the Spy family blog introduced two tools for using Telegram without a number. We hope this tutorial was helpful to you.

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