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Recover Instagram account without email and password

Sometimes you may have forgotten your Instagram password, your page may have been disabled for violating Instagram guidelines, or you may have even deleted it yourself and can no longer log in. In these cases, to log in again, Instagram asks you for your email or phone number, but what is the solution if you don’t remember them? In this article from Spy Family Blog, we want to teach how to recover Instagram account without email and password.

How to recover Instagram account 

In general, you can recover your Instagram account in 3 ways:

  1. Phone number
  2. Email
  3. Facebook

Actually, recovering Instagram accounts without email and phone numbers is complex and challenging. If you are unable to enter your page by any means, you should contact Instagram support and register your request by verifying your identity. The authentication process also requires you to take a picture of yourself holding a code. In the following, you will learn how to restore an Instagram account without a number and email.

Recover Instagram account without email and password:

To recover your Instagram account and password without having email, follow the steps below in order:

After entering the password recovery page, you will see methods to recover the forgotten Instagram password. If you remember your username, enter it and continue to recover your Instagram password.

In continuation of this method, you can use SMS. But this is used when you have already entered your phone number in your Instagram account and have it now. The recovery with facebook is useful when your Facebook account is connected to your Instagram account.

So if you don’t have access to your email address and want to recover your Instagram account, there are 2 other ways to recover your account: phone number or connected Facebook account.

Recover Instagram account with phone number

Sometimes you don’t know or forget your email and password. In this case, you can return this account with the mobile number you entered with. To recover the Instagram account with a mobile number, you must do the following steps:

  1. Log in to your Instagram and press the get help signing in option.
  2. On this page, press the second option, and send an SMS.
  3. Enter the mobile number you entered during registration. Then go to your messages and open the message that came to you. This message contains a link. Touch the link.
  4. In the last step, you will be directed to a page with two options. At this point, you have to enter the new password twice. Note that you choose the same password for two options. And finally, click on the reset password option and enter your previous page with the new password and the same old account.

This is how easy it is for you to recover your Instagram account without email.

Recover Instagram account with Facebook

If you want to recover Instagram account without email and password, several ways to recover the Instagram account exist. You can use your Facebook account or mobile phone number to remember your email.

One of the ways to return the page is through a Facebook account. You can restore your Instagram account or Instagram page by having your Facebook details. The only important thing is that you must have connected your Facebook to your Instagram account. And this consists of two steps:

  • First step: open your Instagram and click on log in with the Facebook option. A page that includes two sections will open in front of you; enter your information in those two sections, and click on the log-in option.
  • Second step: Tap on Reset. Finally, with these two steps we explained, your page will open easily.

Summing up

In this article from the Spy Family blog, we learned how to recover Instagram account without email and password. If you want to restore your account but do not have access to your email and password, you can use this tutorial and the explained methods.

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