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OwnSpy: Use this Cell Phone Spy App to Discover All Secrets.

Are you looking for the finest spy app to use to spy on someone’s phone? Use OwnSpy to make the proper selection! To learn more, go to this link.

With the OwnSpy Cell Phone Monitoring App, you can discover all the secrets.

This professional review contains details about one of the top cell phone spy apps available for both Android and iOS devices. It’s the phone surveillance app OwnSpy. You can use it to keep an eye on your staff or keep track of your children.

DISCLAIMER: As of June 2019, after receiving several complaints from consumers, we DO NOT endorse this cell phone tracker. As soon as we have further information, we will update this post.


What Are the Key Benefits of OwnSpy?

High reporting and logging capability. OwnSpy is therefore a multifunctional program. It can track incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages (SMS, social messengers), and each photo taken with the phone camera, viewed, or received; OwnSpy can use GPS technology to track the location of the target device’s owner. This element should be taken into consideration: the price-quality correlation. It signifies that the application’s price is relatively reasonable when compared to the list of capabilities that it may deliver to the subscriber; the company’s technical assistance is of high quality. On the service’s official website, you can discover all the information you need for the installation process, as well as a demo version of your online account. The website has a user-friendly interface, and data encryption ensures that personal information is kept safe.

OwnSpy is completely free to use!

This is a critical option. A one-week trial version of the service is available. It means you can try out the OwnSpy surveillance app for free for a week. Where no credit card information is requested. Simply download and install OwnSpy on your target device to begin utilizing the app’s trial edition. You’ll have to buy a license or stop using it after a week.

OwnSpy’s Features

Text monitoring; address book spying; call history tracking; web history monitoring; WhatsApp monitoring; live audio through web option

Surveillance of photographs;

Monitoring app usage;

The ability to export data;

Monitoring of Snapchat, QQ Chat, and WeChat;

Apps that have been installed and are being tracked;

Call recording, mail backup, keyboard monitoring, automatic 3-way calling, live audio through the GSM option, and screen recording are just a few of the features available.

Some characteristics are conventional, while others are unique. They might raise some questions, so let’s go over them quickly.

ownspy is an app usage option.

Every application used on the target iPhone, iPad, or Android device will be easily tracked using OwnSpy. The logs are immediately recorded based on the time and date the app is launched. You’ll know not only which apps are utilized when and when they’re used, but also how frequently they’re used. You may rest assured that your children or employees will not squander their time playing internet games if you use this option.

Calls are recorded.

You may use OwnSpy to record all of your incoming and outgoing phone calls. It is possible to record all phone calls or only calls from specific phone numbers. All conversations are recorded and uploaded to your online OwnSpy panel.

Logging from the keyboard

When the target device’s owner enters something on his or her smartphone or tablet, OwnSpy records the text and saves it in your account. This feature allows you to monitor what your children and employees say and read. You can view all of the keystrokes, as well as the time and program in which they were used. Simply navigate to your online control panel.

Option to listen to live audio over GSM

OwnSpy’s amazing feature allows you to use another device with an Internet connection to activate the target device’s microphone remotely. You simply dial the number and listen to the device’s surroundings. If you utilize OwnSpy for parental control, it’s impossible to overstate this feature.

End-to-end Encryption

Data encryption is a measure of a company’s and its customers’ security. After being installed on the phone or tablet, the OwnSpy surveillance app will begin tracking your target Android or iOS device. OwnSpy can perform a variety of helpful monitoring functions, as you already know. However, you will need to root your Android device for some features to work properly. Because consumers store their information on their devices, it may raise some anxiety. Photos, SMS messages, a log of phone calls, and other private data that passes through the target device, according to the business, are extremely significant. That’s why OwnSpy chose to encrypt its users’ data. ownspy

It is the only monitoring app that encrypts members’ personal information before uploading it to the service’s computers. Even if a hacker gains access to OwnSpy’s servers, the data of its clients will be secure and secured thanks to this safeguard. Only the user’s password will decrypt his or her data. As a result, it’s critical to keep the password hidden.

Policy on Pricing

The OwnSpy surveillance app offers three subscription options:

Basic Package: A one-month subscription costs €19.99 and include the standard set of services;

The Premium Package includes A one-month subscription that costs €29.99, while three-month subscription costs €49.99. You may monitor social messengers and networks (WhatsApp, QQ Chat, etc.) as well as photos and browser history if you choose this package.

Gold Package: This is the most expensive subscription. A one-month subscription costs €59.99 and a one-year subscription costs €179.99. There is also a three-month subscription available for € 99.99. It’s worth noting that purchasing a year’s subscription will save you money. This bundle contains all of the monitoring features of the Premium plan, as well as extra features including keyboard monitoring, live audio, and more.

What Is the OwnSpy App and How Do I Use It?

Don’t worry if you’d like to utilize the app but are concerned that your technical skills aren’t up to grade. We’ve put together a fantastic guide that will walk you through the entire process in detail:

Visit the OwnSpy website and choose whether you want the free or premium service.

Create an account and install the app.

Install the app on the target smartphone in stealth.

You may watch all of their phone activities in real-time if you open the control panel on your PC.


There are many of cell phone spy programs on the market, but OwnSpy is claimed to be one of the best. We must remark that it has numerous advantages based on consumer reviews and feedback as well as our own experience: it is simple to use, has a large range of functions, and has reasonable rates. OwnSpy is the surveillance app to acquire if you want a trustworthy spy app at a reasonable price. Please post any queries you have about OwnSpy or spy software in general in the comments section.

OwnSpy iPhone Spy App & Spy Recorder App Review

Summary of the Report

The current version of OwnSpy is meant to work as an iPhone spy app as well as an Android spy app. It’s designed for parents who want to keep an eye on their adolescents or bosses who want to keep an eye on their employees while they’re at work.

Mobile monitoring software for Android and iOS devices is available from OwnSpy. They do not currently provide PC or Mac monitoring. Given that many of their competitors now provide this in addition to the standard mobile monitoring options, it makes natural that they offer it sooner rather than later.

Parents who want to monitor their teen’s internet usage, as well as businesses who want to know if their employees are actually at work and productive, are the target markets.

OwnSpy has ten functions for monitoring mobile devices. All of these features are available in other spy phones.

Summary of the Installation

This is not a spy recorder app that should be used to spy on an iPhone or Android device. It isn’t concealed.

When you install OwnSpy, your antivirus software will recognize it automatically. This occurs even though the OwnSpy icon is hidden from the main app drawer, so it is not visible. For software that is supposed to be undetectable, this is not a good start.

When you install OwnSpy, your antivirus software will recognize it automatically. This occurs even though the OwnSpy icon is hidden from the main app drawer, so it is not visible. For software that is supposed to be undetectable, this is not a good start.

As a result, the device’s battery drains faster and it gets hotter. In the Performance section of this review, you can learn more about OwnSpy and how it affected battery and data performance on our device.

“OwnSpy is one of the first spy phone programs, however, it has fallen behind the times.”

In addition, OwnSpy is not set up as a device administrator. That means the device owner can quickly see if it’s installed because it’s mentioned in the Application Manager menu, and they can uninstall it totally from there.

Any spy phone app for Android that claims to be the finest must be completely concealed, both from Application Manager and from any notifications, and OwnSpy fails to do so once again.

Starting with the installation summary, OwnSpy is neither totally concealed from installed antivirus software nor Application Manager. We cannot recommend OwnSpy if you want entirely undetectable software.


You might be wondering if OwnSpy is the best spy app for iPhone after reading this OwnSpy Android review. It isn’t the case.

OwnSpy has a total of ten features. In terms of features, this makes it one of the least appealing spy phone apps.

All of OwnSpy’s functionalities are accessible through the internet site, as expected. All settings are done using the online dashboard, which also displays a graphical summary of general statistics such as the most frequently contacted phone number, the most frequented websites, and so on. This is a quick method to examine the most common activity and messages. Logs are shown as “stats,” which are accessed using drop-down menus rather than traditional menu bars.

Capturing can be turned on or off for each feature in the Dashboard individually. The connection type can be set to 3G or WiFi, but this is a choice that applies to all features. A timer can be configured to determine how frequently the phone should connect to upload data, and a dashboard timer confirms how long it has been since the last connection. You can see if there are any connection issues or if the phone is not connected when it should be by doing so.

“With OwnSpy, WhatsApp is only taken once a day.”

Data can also be downloaded as a zipped file in.xls format, which is structured in many tabs and includes any photographs or media. Every 15 days, all data from the online account is destroyed, thus downloading regularly is critical. Even when logging into the Dashboard account, new logs are not automatically refreshed, which is inconvenient.

Checking for fresh logs necessitates manually syncing the dashboard logs with the server, which was not apparent at first. Whether or not new logs have been reported since the last manual sync, this is the case. The location tracking is well-organized, and it’s simple to navigate trip itineraries based on multiple days of data. When in motion, location information also includes the speed of travel, as well as the relative accuracy of a given reading.


It isn’t OwnSpy, whether you’re seeking the best surveillance app for iPhone or the best spy app for Android. “OwnSpy is an app that increases data usage and battery depletion once installed.”

To monitor power and data utilization, we utilized the Android Play Store apps “Battery Monitor” and “Data Usage.”

We conducted a series of usage tests over a fixed length of time that covered normal smartphone activities.

Although live listening (in the context of the environment) is available, it is done uniquely compared to other products we’ve encountered. You can’t schedule when OwnSpy records the environment; it can only be monitored (and recorded) in real-time.

Live listening requires a stable Internet connection from both the Target phone and the monitoring PC, and can only be started manually from the Dashboard account. OwnSpy then establishes an audio streaming connection between the phone and the server, which you can monitor in real-time via the Dashboard.

The audio recordings recorded on the Dashboard cannot be played directly, but they can be downloaded. This system has some disadvantages. Streaming is only possible if you have a reasonably good Internet connection on both your Target phone and the PC you’re using. This connection also drops from time to time, forcing the stream to pause. These missing components are unrecoverable.


If you want to spy on an iPhone or an Android device, you’ll require customer support, which OwnSpy does not provide.

Although we discovered that Live Chat is not always available, support is marketed via Live Chat and Email tickets. In around 24 hours, I received a response to my email ticket.

We contacted Support to inquire about why the 3G connection was nearly constant during our testing, why we weren’t receiving any new uploads at one point, and for assistance with audio live recordings longer than 20 minutes.

“We were kept waiting by OwnSpy support staff, who were unable to resolve our difficulties.”

Our other two concerns have been handled and are in the process of being rectified. Nothing could be done regarding the 3G activity displayed on the icon, we were advised (no explanation of why it is consistently active). We were also told that the reason we weren’t receiving fresh uploads was that our license had expired unexpectedly, even though our subscription was still active.

Support recommended we reclaim the Target phone and physically delete the software before reinstalling it on the server to reset our license. In the first place, getting the Target phone and installing the software can be challenging.

It is unlikely that all customers will be able to return it a second time to reinstall it. In conclusion, OwnSpy may appear appealing as a spy phone because it does not require rooting and has a low price point for their basic level version, but it simply lacks a strong enough feature set for us to recommend it when there are far better options available.

Our Final Thoughts

Both iPhone and Android smartphones can use OwnSpy. They have three different product levels, each with its subscription plan. Please keep in mind that our assessment is based on a 1-year subscription to OwnSpy Gold for Android.

Basic OwnSpy

Premium OwnSpy

Gold month €19.99 3 months €19.99

€179.99 for a year

Find out more about OwnSpy.

Visit their website for the most up-to-date information and to learn more about the OwnSpy iPhone spy app and spy recorder app.

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