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Mmguardian App Reviews for iPhone – Android Download

Reviews of the Mmguardian Apps for Android and iPhone.

Manage and MONITOR phone usage using MMGuardian’s parental control app, which allows parents to keep tabs on their children.

Invest in an advanced parental control system to keep your children safe and teach them good phone etiquette. It’s time for you to get our parental control app.


One of the top AI-powered Parental Control systems is MMGuardian sync app

Your child’s text and social media messages should be monitored.

It’s okay to look through your child’s deleted text conversations if you have to.


Automatic scanning and analysis of messages and images by MMGuardian alerts users’ parents to potentially dangerous circumstances.

Parents have been notified by MMGuardian that their children may be at risk.

Suspected child predators have been flagged 82,000 times

There have been 398,000 mentions of cyberbullying

Suicide or depression have been mentioned 604,000 times.

4 million or more times in the case of pharmaceuticals and various other classes of products.

Android MMGUARDIAN Phones’ Pros and Cons

An Android-powered tablet

Both Apple’s iPhone and iPad are available.

Monitoring of Messages

Select social messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger can be viewed in full detail.

Limitations in Space and Time

Your child will be able to use their phone at times, such as when they should be sleeping. To keep their phone from being used except in the case of an emergency, you can employ Time Limits.

Detailed Reports

You may examine the general picture or dig into specific areas of interest or concern with detailed reports of texts, web browsing, and phone usage. how does mmguardian work Parent App, which we highly recommend you download on your phone, or the safe Parent Web Portal provides access to the reports?

WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and the PlayStore are all blocked by App Control. Set daily restrictions on the amount of time your youngster spends on social media and gaming applications to prevent overuse.

A Word of Caution

Indicators like cyberbullying, drugs, suicidal thoughts, or violence can be detected via an alert. Alternatively, if an MMS message or a saved photo on the phone has an unsuitable image (nudity).

Stopping calls and SMSes

Block unwanted phone calls and text messages to keep your child safe from negative influences or bullying… With Contact Block, you can either construct a list of numbers and contacts to allow or a block list.

Safe Browsing and Web Filtering

Use the Web Filter feature to block websites that contain pornographic, adult, or other objectionable content. To allow or prevent access to certain websites, you can either set up categories or individual URLs and domains.

Information on where and how to get there

Are you concerned that your child is not where they should be? To find out exactly where your child’s phone is at any given time, you can use the Parent App on your phone or the Parent Web Portal.

MMGuardian app reviews is an Android Parental Control App.

It’s easy to keep tabs on your kids’ online activities when you use our Parental Control software for Android phones.



Questions and Answers about the mmguardian apk Android App

Any of the popular messaging apps can be spied on using Facebook Messenger?

Sending and receiving text messages via popular social media apps might be reported. All of the above-mentioned social media platforms are currently supported. Shortly, more apps will be introduced.

Please tell me how to access my web surfing data.

If you prefer, you can log into the Parent Web Portal using a web browser on your desktop, laptop, or tablet to use the MMGuardian Parent App.

My child’s phone is locked, but I need to know if they can make an emergency call (like 911 or 112, or 999, or something similar).

On the MMGuardian lock screen, there is an Emergency button. To access the phone’s emergency dial pad, simply press this button.

How can I get in touch with my child even if their phone is locked?

An administrator can be reached through the MMGuardian lock screen using a dedicated contact button. Select the option to call or text the parent’s (admin) phone by clicking on it.

My youngster has an Android phone, while I use an iPhone. Is it going to work?

Install the MMGuardian Parent App for iPhone and the MMGuardian Child App for Android on your child’s phone, respectively.

Is a data plan or an always-on internet connection required for my child’s smartphone?

Yes, in theory. Without an internet connection, on-device functionalities such as Time Limits and App Control can be used. However, commanding a child’s phone app or receiving notifications and reports from the app may not operate or may be delayed for long periods.

My youngster was able to get around various parental control programs that I’d attempted. Do you think I’ll have the same problem?

MMGuardian has the best tamper prevention protection in the industry, thanks to the several clever procedures we’ve built in to keep kids from circumventing the program.

MMGuardian – A Control App for Children’s iPhones and iPads

To keep tabs on your child’s iPhone or iPad usage, download and install the MMGuardian Parental Control software. It’s made to keep your child’s gadget safe while still providing you with some level of comfort.

Start Using MMGuardian for Your Child’s iPhone or iPad.

Activate the App for Children

You should install the MMGuardian Parental Control app on your child’s smartphone or tablet to keep them safe.

Create an account for the app with your email and a password of your choosing.

Download and set up the device administration profile.

Reopen the Settings app after closing the MMGuardian app and then click

To enable the profile, click on Profile Downloaded near the top of the page and then follow the on-screen instructions.

Please move to step #2 when all of these procedures have been performed and the app is ready for configuration.

MMGuardian requires Apple’s Screen Time feature to function properly.

Install the Parent Phone App mmguardian child app apk

Your smartphone can be equipped with the MMGuardian Parent App.

Your MMGuardian account email and admin password are required to access the app.

Configure the functionality of the kid app.

Organize and Keep an Eye on

Select the appropriate menu option to configure the Web Filter.

In the Device Usage menu, you may see a history of your web activity.

Requesting a location update can be done via the Location menu item.

Using the Quick App Control and App Block Timetable features, parents can deactivate downloaded apps at any time or on a set schedule for their children’s devices.

How to Register Your Child’s iPhone/iPad App with MMGuardian

Before the trial period may begin, you must register the application first. As part of the registration process, users are required to provide the following information:


It’s up to you which password you use. If you already have an account with MMGuardian, please use that one.

Confirmation of the password:

The password must be recited aloud!

The email address of the parent is:

Your MMGuardian username will be something like this. For password recovery and reset, please use an email address that your child does not have access to. MMGuardian requires that you sign in with the email address you used to create your account.

Then, press the Register button to complete the process.

Reports from iMessages and SMS messages

Your computer must have the MMGuardian Sync App installed on it to receive message reports from your child’s iPhone, which can be downloaded via the MMGuardian server.

Messages from your child’s iPhone or iPad can be retrieved by the app once it has been set up and connected to your WiFi network. In the MMGuardian Parent App installed on your phone or via the MMGuardian web portal, you will be able to see these messages.

Please see: iPhone Message Reports for more information.


On a map, you may see the last known and historical locations. To find out where your smartphone is right now, press the Update Location button.

Filtering the Internet and browsing safely

Use the Web Filter feature to block your child from visiting websites that aren’t suitable for them.

To stay safe online, have your youngster utilize the MMGuardian Safe Browser.

Select Web Filter from the menu and turn it on by tapping the on/off button.

Decide on a suitable range of ages for the youngster. Allow or block settings for each of the various categories that the web filter employs will be specified here. For younger children, the default settings will be more restricted.

The category settings can be seen and modified to meet your requirements.

In addition, overrides can be made. This is a list of URLs (addresses) for specific websites that should always be allowed or restricted, regardless of the site’s classification.

The best way to get in touch with us is to

If you have any questions concerning the parental control services we offer, please do not hesitate to contact us. If you’re having trouble downloading, registering, or using MMGuardian, check out our FAQ page for help.

Please use the following information to get in touch with us:

[email protected]

The MMGuardian app for parental control

There are many functions in MMGuardian, however, the user interface is poor.

+A wide range of Android features +Adjustable granularity

iOS and Android devices are capable of reading text.


With several devices, it becomes more expensive. –

An utterly dreadful user experience

iOS has a limited feature set.

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In 2012, MMGuardian was formed by a group of parents who were struggling to keep their children’s devices under control.

Taking everything into consideration seems to have resulted in this approach: Both the Android and iOS MMGuardian interfaces are out of date and difficult to use, even though the app contains about every function you could want. In terms of parental control, it falls short of the greatest options.

Because of MMGuardian’s deep level of control and wealth of information, even Android users may be ready to overlook its limitations. MMGuardian has found loopholes to continue offering such capabilities on both Apple and Google platforms, even as Apple and Google chip away at apps’ capacity to monitor and prevent phone calls and text messages, not to mention read text messages.

However, Net Nanny or Kaspersky Safe Kids are better options for both mobile platforms in terms of price and user experience.

How much does it cost and what is included?

MMGuardian’s pricing structure can be a little perplexing, as it varies based on the type of device you’re trying to secure. Its Android phone prices have been brought in line with its previously low-cost iOS prices.

An Android phone, an Android tablet, and an iPhone/iPad

$3.99 Monthly – $1.99 Monthly – $3.99 Monthly – $3.99 Monthly $34.99 Yearly – $14.99 Yearly A family plan for five years costs $7.99 per month or $3.98 annually. Month-to-month: $7.99 Monthly $69.99 Yearly: $29.98 $69 per month or $149.99 per year For the next five years, N/A

In comparison to Android phones, Android tablets are less expensive to keep an eye on due to the lack of functionality such as GPS tracking, call and SMS blocking, and text-message monitoring.

Numerous capabilities are missing from the iOS’ phone app, such as thorough reports, time limits on calls and texts, or alert notifications; a Mac or Windows desktop app attached to the phone may now monitor both SMS and instant messages via the child’s phone.

Phone contracts cover up to five Android devices of any type, but Tablet plans are limited to tablet apps. There is no choice for a family package that is solely for iOS devices.

The single-device options are better if you have up to three iOS devices. The Android phone family plan, however, is a better option if you have four or five iOS devices.

You may sign up for a free 14-day trial of any of the MMGuardian plans here (opens in a new tab).

Ratings from MMGuardian users

A 4.1 out of 5 rating and more than 1 million downloads in the Play Store prove that the Android app is superior to the iOS version. There is little doubt that MMGuardian’s features would entice potential customers, as the Android version has nearly every wishlist item checked.

On the iOS side, things aren’t quite as bright, with a 1.4 out of 5 on 384 App Store ratings. MMGuardian’s iOS performance is woefully lacking when compared to its rivals.

iOS users tend to be harsher on poorly designed apps, and MMGuardian is no exception. There is an antiquated look and feel to the web portal and both mobile apps, with inconsistent user experiences even on the same page.

Interestingly, a new function that was added to iOS and Android smartphone apps after our review was published isn’t available for the Android tablet. If it detects any nudity in photographs stored on a smartphone, a new artificial intelligence component will send a notification to parents.

MMGuardian: Setting Up the System

A Google Pixel 2XL running Android 9.0 (Pie), an iPhone 7 Plus, and an iPad Air 2 were used to evaluate MMGuardian. Using a 2017 15-inch MacBook Pro running macOS 10.13.6, the web gateway was successfully tested.

MMGuardian is best set up through the app, rather than the website because the latter is more likely to confuse you.

MMGuardian Parental Control App for Kids Phone, available on Google Play or the iOS App Store, should be your initial move. Initially, you’ll need to download an app to the child’s phone; however, you can finish the entire installation and setup process on the parent’s phone as well.

The app will walk you through the process of approving the various permissions required on both mobile devices. Even though iOS requires the installation of a management profile through Safari, neither process takes more than a few minutes.

During the setting phase, the app never asks for your child’s name or age. We found this to be the only app we tried in which this was the case.

As soon as the device has been set up, go to “Phone/Tablet Settings” in the parent app and type in the device’s name to add that information. Ideally, you’d call the device “John’s Android Phone” or “John’s Tablet,” but you don’t have to put the child’s name anywhere – you may call it anything you choose.

It’s strange for a parental-control program that you never have to input the child’s actual age or date of birth. As a result, you can select a specific age range for the browser’s preferences. MMGuardian doesn’t employ child profiles; instead, each device has its own set of settings.

One-stop-shop for managing your mobile apps

In contrast, the iOS app is only able to entirely disable all downloaded apps at once, unlike Android. Apps that run on iOS are not affected. Individual apps can be blocked using the Android app.

This is essentially a time management option on iOS because there is no other time-restriction feature. The “app control” feature of the MMGuardian iOS app is nothing more than a scheduling feature.

Disabling the iOS App Store and placing restrictions on content purchased through iTunes and the App Store are also included in the app control feature set, although these are also iOS functionalities that the MMGuardian app makes use of.

If you prefer a more granular experience, the Android app provides that. Everything is originally set to “Allow” on your child’s app list. To block an individual app, tap the green check mark next to it, and the green check mark will turn into a red circle with a line across it. Allowing all apps, blocking all apps, or immediately blocking any newly downloaded apps are all possibilities as well, of course.

There’s a lot of overlap between parental control and time management here, much like with Kaspersky and Qustodio. Groups can be created by tapping the “Groups” tab at the top of your screen, and then by swiping to the bottom right of the screen and pressing the green action button.

It’s up to you how many of these groups you’d like to create. A special group can be created if you wish to restrict the use of games or social media apps for a specific period. Alternatively, you can include all apps in the group in a global configuration by selecting “select all.”

A 30-minute to 4-hour time limit can be established for each day of the week and weekend. If necessary, you can add more schedules to a group if you’d like to restrict access to certain apps on a specific day or time.

It is a web filtering application.

MMGuardian bans the native web browser on both Android and iOS and replaces it with its own. In addition to Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera browsers on the Android operating system, the app provides filtering. Even if your child has installed an alternate browser on their iOS device, you’ll need to disable or remove it.

This is the final step in the process of deciding on a child’s age. Selecting any of the five age brackets will change the category block and parameters to the default values for that age bracket.

In terms of web filtering categories, MMGuardian is the undisputed king. The next closest app in terms of filter categories is Norton Family Premier, which has 48. This feels like overkill.

In our tests, MMGuardian’s filtering was flawless; your results will vary depending on how well you’ve banned or uninstalled any other browsers.

You can enable downloads from the web and prevent your location from being disclosed by checking two checkboxes.

The “Web Filter URL Override” allows you to ban (or allow) a URL that isn’t being correctly handled by one of the category filters. It’s also possible to go back at the previous day’s web history to see whether there’s anything that shouldn’t be there, or if a site that is truly fine is being blocked.

Management of one’s time

Using the Android time-management tool, you may schedule when the phone is entirely locked. It automatically sets up different “nighttime” routines for work days and weekends, which you can turn on or off and alter as needed.

Just keep in mind that if you use this option, your device will be locked and only your parent will have access to it.

One-stop shop for all your texting needs.

When we first wrote this review, SMS management was an Android-only function. In the same way as web filtering, monitoring SMS messages on Android relies on replacing the native or third-party messaging software your child uses with the MMGuardian messaging app. There are a lot of options open to you once you’ve finished this and removed any unnecessary apps.

It’s possible to use Call Ban Mode to block both calls and SMS messages from specified contacts or phone numbers. You can’t stop text messages from getting out, but you can choose to be notified if a text message is sent to a banned number.

Additionally, MMGuardian provides a daily SMS report that functioned flawlessly during my testing.

It’s a must-have for every parent: Google Play Services

There is also a mode that allows you to designate words that you want to be reported if they appear in your child’s text messages. You can decide to receive an SMS when a match is identified in the reports.

Once “Message Reports for iPhone” is available in 2020, parents can get SMS and instant messages from their child’s iPhone on the Mac or PC of an MMGuardian user who has both devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network. However, we haven’t had the opportunity to test this out in the real world, but it should work in theory.

A location-tracking service provided by MMGuardian

Map, history, and location tracking functions are all available in MMGuardian, although they’re organized in a little strange way.

The most simple feature is a map showing your child’s current location, which can be accessed on both iOS and Android devices. The child’s recent 12 hours, today, yesterday, or the last seven days of location history are all accessible. To add a unique element to this map, it displays the child’s actual physical speed in miles per hour.

This section concludes with the determination of the track’s location. To keep track of a child, you must first create a timetable, which you can then use to monitor the youngster’s location. The geofencing in the Kaspersky and OurPact apps is handier, but this worked just fine and could help parents make sure their children arrive safely at our return from school.

The MMGuardian: Extras.


You can lock or unlock your child’s smartphone in a single click if you need them to stop using it or stop using it temporarily.

Setting the Lock

When your child’s Android phone is locked, you have control over how it behaves. Send a personalized auto-response SMS if you want. Your child’s phone can be put into Silent Mode if it gets a text while it is locked, and you can compel it to cease any incoming calls.

Conclusion: MMGuardian

MMGuardian is tough to suggest to most people because of its expensive monthly fee. MMGuardian has a long list of features for Android users, and I can see why someone would want so much data and control, but using it is such a hassle that I don’t think it’s worth it in the end.

Similar functionality and a better-looking design can be found from competitors like Norton Family Premier for less money.

For the first time, Windows PCs may now be used to monitor iOS messages. The review first appeared in February of this year.

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