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How to use hydra hacking tool?

Today, with the expansion of the digital world and the widespread use of social networks, electronic devices and the Internet, the subject of hacking and security has become very important. There are different types of hacking and security tools, and in this article we want to review one of these tools. Stay with Spy Family to know how to use hydra hacking tool.

What is Hydra Hacking Tool?

Hydra is one of the best penetration testing and hacking tools. Hydra is one of the best penetration testing and hacking, which provides us with the possibility of cracking accounts and various services. In fact, Hydra supports various protocols for penetration testing, which is one of the most important reasons for the widespread popularity of this tool. Hydra is written by van Hauser. Let’s take a look at this tool features:

  1. It supports IP address version 6 and 4
  2. It Supports HTTP and Socks protocols, etc.
  3. It Support most operating systems
  4. It is installed by default on Kali Linux
  5. Convenient and simple graphical user interface
  6. The possibility of access by command

Protocols supported by Hydra hacking tool

Before we talk about how to use hydra hacking tool, we should say that: In the list below you can see which protocols are supported by Hydra Hacking tool:

  • Cisco enable
  • CVS
  • FTP
  • HTTP-Proxy
  • IMAP
  • MS SQL
  • MySQL
  • NNTP
  • IRC
  • PC-NFS
  • POP3
  • RDP
  • SMB
  • SMTP
  • SNMP
  • SOCKS5
  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • VMware Auth
  • VNC

How to use hydra hacking tool?

The Hydra tool is available by default on some operating systems such as Kali Linux and Parrot operating system, and you can start the Hydra tool environment in several ways. To run this tool, first open your terminal and type the following command:


To run its graphical environment:


To know how to use hydra hacking tool, you should install this tool on Windows; To do this, first go to the following address and download Hydra:

Then, after downloading this tool, enter the folder of this tool using the CMD environment, and run the hydra tool using the following command:


When you run this tool, you will face the tool environment which has listed some of the most important commands for you. But to see all the switches, you can use the following command:

hydra -h

If you are going to attack only one specific person, you should use ip or dns. if you want to attack a network, you must specify an IP range. Finally, if you want to attack a large number of hosts, you should put the desired addresses in a text file and introduce them to the tool. You should be careful that the Hydra tool performs its attacks on IPv4 by default, and if you intend to perform your attacks on IPv6, you must prepare the tool for IPv6 attacks by using the -6 switch. Finally, you need to crack by specifying the desired protocol and your target IP.

Hydra hacking tool guide

In this part of how to use hydra hacking tool article, we want to explain the options of this tool for you to them better and work with them properly.

  • -l: You should use this option when you have your target username and intend to crack its password, and in this case you can use this option and after using this switch, you must Introduce yourself to the tool.
  • -L: This option helps you to crack the username. You should use this switch when you don’t have the username and you have to give the user list to the tool.
  • -p: This switch helps you when you know the password of your target account and you want to crack your target username.
  • -P: By using this switch for when you don’t know your target password and if you intend to introduce a password list to the hydra tool, you should use it.

Final words

Hydra hacking tool is a very powerful and professional cracker that can crack different accounts. This tool supports various attack protocols, has a graphical environment and international support. In this article on Spy family we have talked about how to use hydra hacking tool. If you want to know about this hacking tool, this article can be useful for you.

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