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How to track an iCloud account?

iCloud is a cloud space that stores files on the Internet with high security and makes them available when needed. Well, one of the exemplary capabilities of iPhones and Apple devices is the presence of iCloud. In this article from Spy Family we will talk about how to track an iCloud account. Also, we will talk about iCloud and introduce it completely. So read this article to know more and get information.

How to track an iCloud account?

Like many Apple products, iCloud is known for its high security. However, unfortunately, this does not mean that individual accounts cannot be hacked. To achieve this, all anyone really needs to do is find your password. In the following, we will give you some ways that an iCloud can be hacked with them and to explain about how to track an iCloud account.

Like many Apple products, iCloud is known for its high security.

1) Through phishing attacks

Phishing websites are designed to steal passwords through misdirection. They achieve this by replicating legitimate websites. For example, you might come across a site that looks like But when you enter your account details, hackers get the information, not Apple.

Phishing websites can often be found in both Google search results and spam emails. Solution: Always enter the URL directly or use a browser bookmark when visiting a website that requires sensitive account details.

2) By compromised computers

If you use your iCloud account on non-Apple devices, it opens the door to a number of other threats. While malware is rarely found on Apple devices, the same cannot be said for devices running Windows. For example, keyloggers and remote access trojans can both be used to steal your iCloud password the moment you sign in.

3) Through unencrypted public Wi-Fi hotspots

All four public Wi-Fi hotspots are unencrypted. And when you connect to such networks, your iCloud account becomes vulnerable in two different ways. Man-in-the-Middle attacks can be performed, whereby hackers intercept your password after you enter it on your device, but before it reaches your iCloud account.

4) Using the Hackode app

Hackode is another app to control your wife’s phone that can be used for the iCloud operating system. This program is specially created for penetration testers, IT managers, ethical hackers and cyber security professionals. This tool can control the wife’s phone and hack her phone by collecting information. Using this program, you can easily access How to track an iCloud account? answer.

Information about iCloud being hacked with the Find Friends method

The first way to answer the question How to track an iCloud account? And the hack is confirmed by using this program. One of the ways you can find out if your iPhone has been hacked is by using Find Friends software. To be able to check your device, you must follow the following steps carefully:

In the beginning, you must open the desired application on your iPhone or iPad, Find Friends.
Then you have to press the Me option in the program.
Here you will see a list of Apple devices with complete information about your location.
All you have to do is disable location, which can be done by turning off the Share My Location button.

One of the ways you can find out if your iPhone has been hacked is by using Find Friends software.

Information about iPhone hacking using Apple ID

Another method used a lot and is the first and best way for the general public to find out if their Apple device has been hacked is to use Apple ID. As you know, to use certain services on your iPhone, you will need to create an Apple ID, which plays a very important role in your device, and you can perform various actions, such as creating a backup, creating an account, etc., with this device. Follow along with us to mention the steps you need to take to find out if your device has been hacked using Apple ID:

  • First, you need to go to the Settings section from the main screen of your iPhone. Now you need to open the Apple ID section.
  • In this section, select the Location Share option, and then you can see a list of people who know your location. You should delete the suspicious items in this list and keep your favorite items.

About iCloud

Besides, we talk about how to track an iCloud account, we want to talk about iCloud. As we told, iCloud is one of the features of the iPhone, and it is necessary to use Apple’s iCloud service to sync with your iOS device or Mac computer. And in this way you can restore your backup copy on your desired device.

To access iCloud on iPhones and iPads, proceed as follows:

  1. Enter the settings program on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on your name at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap on iCloud.
  4. Tap on the toggle next to the app and data to sync or unsync them with iCloud.
  5. Scroll down and tap on iCloud Backup.

To use iCloud, you need two things – an Apple ID and a device to sign in to. Once they’re set up, you can automatically save your files to iCloud and access them from other Apple devices.

At the end

How to track an iCloud account, was the title that we discussed in this article. We mentioned 3 way that iCloud can be hacked with. Also we give you information about iCloud and step-by-step guide to access iCloud account on iPhones. We hope this post on Spy Family can be useful for you.

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