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How to prevent Telegram hack?

Maybe you have heard stories about Telegram being hacked from your friends these days, or even you are one of those whose Telegram has been hacked and you have fallen into the trap of hackers. Unfortunately, the issue of Telegram spy and hacking has recently increased among people and they are looking for ways to prevent Telegram hacking. Stay with Spy Family to learn how to prevent Telegram hack.

Prevent Telegram hacking

Base on the structure of Telegram, this messenger has very high and desirable security. But it should be noted that a series of measures are needed to secure the Telegram account, which will ensure the security of Telegram to the ideal level. The steps suggested to prevent Telegram hacking are:

  1. Using the original version of Telegram
  2. Update Telegram app from original sources
  3. Using a reliable internet connection
  4. Set a password for Telegram
  5. Enable two-step verification
  6. Using Secret Chat for important information
  7. Don’t use unreliable bots on Telegram
  8. Regular review of the active sessions on Telegram

How to prevent Telegram hack?

As mentioned, securing Telegram is not a difficult task. It is enough to know the methods to prevent Telegram hacking and implement them on your Telegram account. Considering that most of the hacks on Telegram are done with the intention of abusing and violating people’s privacy, it is important to prevent it. In the following, we will provide sufficient and necessary explanations for each of the previously mentioned cases.

Using the original version of Telegram

Due to the fact that Telegram is an open source app, it is possible to expand it. So that different people can use its source and develop it. In this case, the Telegram application is out of official mode and is offered unofficially. Some people use unofficial versions of Telegram, which may affect the security of Telegram to some extent. For this reason, we recommend using the original version under the direct supervision of Telegram.

Update Telegram app from original sources

If you do not receive and update Telegram from official and reliable sources, the core of the software may be manipulated and the security of your Telegram account may become a problem. For this reason, we recommend you to download and update Telegram from original and reliable sources such as Google Play store for Android phones, APP Store for iOS phones, and Microsoft Store for Windows phones.

Using a reliable internet connection

Considering that it is possible to spy and eavesdrop on information through Internet networks (especially in limited networks such as public Wi-Fi), we suggest that you use reliable and safe Wi-Fi. Of course, Wi-Fi security is another issue that should be considered. If you usually use Wi-Fi to connect your phone to the Internet, we suggest you read the tutorial on how to prevent Wi-Fi hacking. If you use SIM card internet, which is known as data, there is no special concern about network security, or better to say, there will be less concern about it.

Set a password for Telegram

If you want to know how to prevent Telegram hacking, you should use this method; To activate the Telegram password, go to Settings – Privacy and Security – Passcode Lock and activate the option opposite Passcode Lock on the page that appears. After that, a page will appear where you have to enter the desired four-digit password. After entering the password, you will need to enter the same password again for confirmation. By doing this, you have defined a password for your Telegram, which you will be asked for when you log in.

Enable two-step verification

By activating the possibility of two-step verification, a very big step is taken to prevent Telegram hacking. The function of this option is that if activated, it will ask us for the password that we have previously set when entering the account. In this case, even if someone has the code sent from Telegram to us, he will remain in this barrier to enter Telegram.

Using Secret Chat for important information

Chatting in this environment has a number of facilities and features such as: Encrypting information and preventing their eavesdropping, you can set a time to automatically delete messages, Image shot notification by the other party of the chat, Don’t use unreliable bots on Telegram.

Regular review of the active sessions on Telegram

The Active Sessions section is where you can find the device name, operating system, and IP address of the Telegram account user that are active on your account. By checking this section regularly, you can make sure that other devices that do not belong to you do not enter.


The security of Telegram is related to both the software itself and the user. In any case, to prevent Telegram spy and hacking, just do the set of mentioned things to stay away from the risk of your Telegram being hacked. In this article on Spy Family, we explained that how to prevent Telegram hacking, and we introduced 8 ways to prevent hackers to track and steal your information on your Telegram account.

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