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How to know if Keylogger is installed on my phone?

Today, using the Internet is very dangerous for children and teenagers, because, in this virtual world, many unknown and opportunistic people can easily cause serious and irreparable harm to you and your family members. Such as: online sex predators, cyber bullies and cyber fraudsters, etc. This article from Spy Family talked about knowing if Keylogger is installed on my phone. So stay with this post to get information and know the signs of this.

How to know if Keylogger is installed on my phone?

Before we go into detecting a key logger on an Android phone, we must first know what a key logger is and what it does. The name Keylogger clearly shows what it is programmed and designed for, because this program installs and activates itself completely secretly, secretly and automatically on mobile phones and computers, and everything that A person records what he types on his phone or computer and then sends the recorded information to the hacker.

To answer how to know if Keylogger is installed on my phone, read the following items to learn and get information.

Increased data usage

The first symptom is related to data consumption. Keyloggers record everything you tap on your phone’s keyboard and then send the data they’ve collected to someone who wants to spy on you. If the keylogger sends all that information when your phone is turned on, it will be noticeable in your data plan and your data report.

Increase the temperature of the phone

Another sign of the presence of a keylogger in your phone is an increase in temperature. Keylogger programs use a lot of resources to collect data. This increases the pressure on your phone’s processing unit, which makes it hotter. If your phone runs hotter than usual, it could signify a keylogger at work.

Slower phone performance

As we said before, keyloggers require resources to run. If your phone is on the lighter side in terms of processing power, the added workload from the keylogger can slow it down or even freeze it. If you try to fix it and it still freezes or runs slow, you can suspect a keylogger.

To sum up

We gave you three important signs that show your phone has been hacked. This article from Spy Family explained how to know if Keylogger is installed on my phone. Thanks for your attention, and we hope this post can be helpful to you.

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