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How do I track someone’s phone using google maps?

Location tracking and sharing service are one of the useful functions of Google Maps. If you are looking to find someone from google Maps, in this article from Spy Family we will explain completely. In addition, by turning on “Location History”, when your phone is lost or stolen, you can see your phone’s location through the locations saved in this section. So stay with us to read this article about how do I track someone’s phone using google maps.

How do I track someone’s phone using google maps?

Usually, the Google Map application is installed on most smartphones. But few people are aware of the benefits of tracking the phone with Google Maps. We will introduce you to this practical and important service in the following.

By using location sharing, you can do the tracking process. You should first enable location sharing on the target device to track the phone with Google Maps. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Run the Google Maps app on your mobile phone.
  • Click on your photo or account name in the upper right of the page.
  • On the screen that opens, touch the Location sharing option.
  • Another step to explain how do I track someone’s phone using google maps is this step. If you want to share the location for the first time, you must click on Share location. Otherwise, select New share.
  • In the next step, determine the audience and the duration of sharing the location. You can set the duration so that Location sharing remains active until you cancel it.
  • Finally, touch the Share option and click Send.

How do I track someone's phone using google maps?

Why should we track the phone?

In addition, we talked about how do I track someone’s phone using google maps; we want to explain why should we track the phone and give you all the reasons.

Taking care of children by tracking Google Maps

The first advantage of tracking the phone’s location through google maps will be for parents. Nowadays, even elementary school children have smartphones. Most parents get mobile phones for their children to communicate with them. Many parents are interested in knowing the location of their children. The Google Map tracking service helps these parents to track their children and ensure their safety.

Tracking lost phones with Google maps

In a separate article, we have discussed the issue of finding a lost phone in different ways. One of the most important reasons for cell phone tracking is to find lost smartphones. Phone tracking with Google Maps is used to find lost or stolen smartphones.

Location tracking during an accident

Real-time tracking of people’s location on Google Maps is very important in emergencies. When a person urgently needs a medical emergency or has been injured in a car accident, location tracking becomes even more important. Tracking the phone with google maps is important for emergency personnel in order to serve the injured faster.

At the end

Maybe it happened to you that you want to take care of children by tracking Google Maps, or you want to find your lost phones, or any other reasons. We described in this article from Spy Family all of the mentioned reasons and how do I track someone’s phone using google maps. We hope our explanation is useful to you. Thanks for your attention.

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