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How to detect hidden cameras listening devices with iPhone?

If you suspect that someone is monitoring you with a CCTV camera or you want to make sure that there is a CCTV camera installed around you or not, in this article from Spy Family we will talk about how to detect hidden cameras listening devices with iPhone. We will explain with iPhone and other possible ways that you can identify hidden cameras.

How to detect hidden cameras listening devices with iPhone?

Before we explain this topic, first, you should know where the most common places to find hidden cameras indoors are. Pay attention to the following list:

  • DVD cases
  • Lava lamps
  • Wall sockets
  • Digital TV box
  • Indoor plants
  • Holes on the doors
  • The roof of the house
  • Hair dryer holder
  • Wall clock or alarm clock
  • The doorbell outside your house

But now, we will talk about how to detect hidden cameras listening devices with iPhone. First of all, we should say the trick is to find the electromagnetic field, in general small hidden Wi-Fi surveillance cameras create a magnetic field.

There are two easy and free ways to find hidden cameras that you can use on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

The first method:

  • Use your iPhone to check the pinhole camera or hidden microphone.
  • Call a friend.
  • Walk around the room; hidden cameras usually generate a special radio frequency that affects the phone signal.

Suppose you find a disturbing signal in a certain place and position. Stop and check there carefully to find the camera.

The second method:

Use mobile apps to find CCTV cameras and hidden microphones:

  • Install a hidden camera detection app on your phone. For example, the Spy hidden camera detector application is a good option.
  • Launch the application on the phone. The detector software will display a red light when it finds a hidden camera. Note that it will also show red light against all types of hardware with radio frequency.

We hope you get your answer on how to detect hidden cameras listening devices with iPhone. But in addition, we want to explain other methods:

  1. Turn off the lights in your room to see the secret night vision cameras
  2. Using a professional detector and sensor to detect hidden cameras
  3. Check the mirrors in your room for hidden cameras
  4. Use flash and flashlight to find hidden cameras

What to do if we find a hidden camera?

If you managed to find a hidden camera in your room, in any case it is best to inform relevant and professional people. Of course, before anything, try to cover the camera lens with something like electrical tape or any other device completely. In addition, you can change the angle of view of the hidden cameras listening devices to the wall or ceiling or remove them altogether.


To find hidden cameras listening devices, you can use the methods mentioned in this article from Spy Family. In addition, we described how to detect hidden cameras listening devices with iPhone; we give you information about other methods to do this. Also, we talked about what you should do if you find a hidden camera.

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