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Customize Your Data Upload Settings to Fit Your Needs

SpyFamily recognizes that each of you is unique and has various demands. You can customize your software to meet your specific requirements.

Customize Your Data Upload Settings to Fit Your Needs

SpyFamily recognizes that each of you is unique and has various demands. You can customize your program to meet your specific needs by changing the data upload parameters on your dashboard.

How Does a User Change Their Preferences?

Through login, the user can simply access the SpyFamily application settings and alter all of the available data settings.

Data uploading can be prioritized using Sync Settings.

The user can configure his/her preferences in sync settings and can either restrict/start any individual or all features log, or initiate any individual or all features log.

You can start or stop the SpyFamily app from the app settings.

At the same moment, the user has two options: either stop working application on the target device or start functioning application on the target device.

Set your choices for location tracking on the dashboard.

The user can choose between three-time intervals for the location monitoring feature of the SpyFamily application: 5 minutes, 30 minutes, and 60 minutes. The user can obtain the location log information updated on their control panel at these intervals.

Set up a SIM Change Notification.

The user only needs to enter his personal contact information under the SIM Change Notification Number settings in the app. If the target device’s SIM card is changed, a disguised text message with the new SIM number is generated and delivered to your specified notification number.

Synchronization of logs across many internet connections

These options allow the user to customize how the SpyFamily software behaves in the following situations. The data-upload preference can be set to function with a WiFi internet connection, a mobile data connection, or both, or don’t sync with anyone.

On the target phone, limit incoming calls.

On the targeted device, the user has the ability to block unwanted incoming calls. He or she can add up to five numbers to the blacklist, and these five numbers will be unable to call your target device.

While driving while disconnected from the internet

If a user wants to ban all internet activities on the target device while it is driving, he or she can do so remotely.

On the target phone, disable SMS while driving.

When the target is driving, the user has the ability to remotely block all sent or received SMS on the target device.

Remotely reboot your rooted target device using the dashboard

Through the control panel of the targeted device, the user can also remotely restart it.

Restart your target device from afar.

Remotely restart the app on your phone

If the SpyFamily application isn’t working properly or crashes by accident, the user can easily restart the software on the target device remotely.

Remotely restart the SpyFamily surveillance app on your targeted devices.

Works with jailbroken/rooted devices

Remotely delete an app from an Android device.

The user has the ability to remotely delete the SpyFamily application from the target device at any moment.

Remotely delete the SpyFamily App from your target smartphone.

SpyFamily supports device and platform switching.

If a user wants to change the target device (Device Switch) for monitoring purposes, he or she does not need to contact a customer service representative; instead, the user only needs to install the SpyFamily application on the new target device. If a user wants to transfer platforms or operating systems, such as iOS and Android, he or she must contact a SpyFamily customer service representative to obtain a new license in order to monitor the target device running the new OS.

Set data upload preferences with SpyFamily by altering data upload parameters.

Users only need to go to SpyFamily login and then to all of the data uploading choices to customize data uploading to their liking.

After logging into the SpyFamily App dashboard, the user will be able to establish preferences and access data that has been collected so far in accordance with their wishes. The user can access the various data preference settings listed below.

Configure your data upload preferences in terms of:

Sync options

App options

Settings for location tracking

SIM notification settings change

Others, too

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