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Is it Worth Your Time to Read an Objective SpyBubble Review?

You never know what your youngster is looking at on the internet while you are not around. While the internet is necessary for schooling and a variety of other responsibilities, children are frequently inattentive or uninformed of the risks that lurk.

It is your responsibility to protect your child from inappropriate online content, such as adult content or data theft. Traditional control measures, on the other hand, make it difficult to track the content your child views and consumes.

As a result, the SpyBubble software is an ideal choice for your requirements. The app allows you to easily monitor your child’s internet and mobile activities.

We’ve detailed some key components of the software to help you put things in perspective, including:

Pricing Features

Pros and Cons of the Installation Procedure

Dashboard for Spybubble

SpyBubble is a simple to use mobile software that allows you to keep track of your child’s online activity. Users can utilize their handheld devices to access the information or activities that their children are involved in.

Both iOS and Android smartphones are supported by the app. Both operating systems also work differently.

Compatibility with SpyBubble

Android 4.0 and above (Ice Cream Sandwich)

iOS – iOS 8+

What Is the Function of the SpyBubble App?

SpyBubble is a parental control tool with a number of unique features that allow you to monitor your child’s internet activities.

The program runs in the background to record activity on your child’s mobile after you download and set it up on the target device. The software has a lot of functions, yet it’s not going to drain your battery.

Spybublle can supply you with information on the following topics:

Key logs.

App actions and use

Data and GPS location.

Video and audio content are examples of media content.

Every minute, the app sends brief content to the target servers. The data is easily accessible because of a well-organized interface. App users may easily control various of the app’s functionality using this interface.

SpyBubble Key Features SpyBubble

SpyBubble is a full-featured tracking tool that gives you access to the following features:

Call logging and tracking

Monitoring of texts and messages

GPS tracking capabilities

Tracking and monitoring of web browsers.

App monitoring.

Because most SpyBubble functions are unique, you’ll have to be patient while you learn how to utilize them. The good news is that once you get the hang of it, it’s simple.

SpyBubble’s phone tracking service

This function allows you to monitor outgoing and incoming calls made from a certain device. It does not, however, include a call recording feature.

Users can track a variety of features using the SpyBubble App, including:

Duration of call

Time and data specifics

The caller’s information.

One drawback of the call recording capability is the difficulty in tracing specific caller info. The app might make use of search features to make data retrieval more convenient. Pagination buttons are the only way to get to older records.

These buttons are located at the bottom of the call log and are arranged in chronological order. This ensures that you are the first to see fresh records.

SpyBubble’s app activity tracking service

SpyBubble allows you to monitor what a user performs on a mobile app in real-time. For example, if the program keeps note of when the user first launched the Facebook app.

The software will also keep note of when the user last used it and provide a time estimate. You can easily comprehend your child’s app usage actions using this information.

One drawback of this functionality is the difficulty in determining the particular package names of programs. SpyBubble could use more resources, such as icons, to make management easier.


Keylogger SpyBubble

The keylogger capability allows you to monitor the target user’s keystrokes on the phone’s keyboard. It works well since it sends real-time updates to SpyBubble servers for each keystroke. SpyBubble is an excellent iPhone keylogger that also works well on Android devices.

The keylogging feature additionally records the particular data that the user copies to the clipboard. It’s a handy feature that allows you to quickly access logins and passwords.

You will have real-time access to your child’s online media accounts with this function. The software also features a “notifications alerts” feature that keeps you updated on all activities on the target device.

SMS Tracking

Monitoring SMS messages using SpyBubble

SMS is one of the most widely used communication mediums. SpyBubble provides an intuitive app monitoring tool that allows you to take advantage of such statistics. The app can monitor SMS content like:

Messages sent and received

Messages were deleted and stored.

Content and media are distributed using SMS applications.

You’ll also be able to quickly get useful user details such as phone numbers, names, and other information if they aren’t already in your address book. A list view format will make it easy to access the data.

You must understand that while the SpyBubble may organize texts into conversations in a handy manner, things do not work that way. SpyBubble opens an interface with all the messages sent and received when you click a discussion.

The software might come with a conversion view to make things easier. While the list view is adequate, a discussion view would make reading the conversations more convenient.

The data is organized chronologically in the app. As a result, using pagination techniques makes it simple to find the entries you want to look at.

SpyBubble can track your whereabouts via GPS.

This device’s cell phone locating feature has a number of features to ensure your child’s safety. The dashboard provides access to information such as:

Contact information.

On a map, a specific location.

Geographical coordinates

Data about routes and locations.

Information about the timestamp.

The software displays all of the places the target consumer visits with their phone. You may also follow their whereabouts without them knowing. SpyBubble gives unique linkages to aid in the identification of an individual’s movements.

You will also have simple access to specific user details on the map via the app. SpyBubble will highlight details such as the location and time data when you click on a location.

There is also a Google Map link, which is useful for viewing previous locations visited by an individual. When you are not present, you can utilize this information to better comprehend your child’s mobility and social behaviour.

Because the GPS function has no built-in functions, there isn’t much you can do with it. The app should also include geofencing capabilities, which are quite useful for tracking operations.

Use SpyBubble to monitor your browser’s history.

Browser history tracking with SpyBubble

Your child may use a browser to access the internet, and SpyBubble allows you to monitor their online behaviour. These access records can help you figure out how your youngster interacts with online information.

Use the information to keep your child safe from things like adult content, scammers, and other potentially harmful content. SpyBubble’s browser monitoring feature has various interesting features.

SpyBubble takes screenshots of the user’s web activities, unlike most parental control tools that merely allow access to data records. You can gain useful information about a target user by using such data.

You’ll have access to more information than simply the website’s title and URL. The “Browsers” part of SpyBubble provides a handy function that organizes the information.

There’s also a part called “Browser History” that operates differently. It allows you to obtain information such as:

Internet history

Web history records that were deleted

Data on website visit timestamps.

All internet history data from the target device will be recorded, analyzed, and concise reports will be sent by the app. It’s also adaptable, working with browsers including Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Edge.

Contact List

It’s critical to have access to your child’s contact list at all times. You’ll gain a better understanding of their social circles and the people they routinely engage with. You will have quick access to the whole address book on your child’s mobile using this app.

It can quickly save information such as a person’s name, phone number, address, and contact photo. You will have access to this information through a well-organized graphic interface.

Another useful feature is that the software saves all data online, allowing you to access even deleted contacts. Because the program refreshes system data in real-time, this is the case.

Monitoring social media using SpyBubble

Today’s most popular apps are social media apps, and youngsters with profiles on such platforms are no exception. It’s the ideal setting for people to meet, interact, and learn about the globe.

Social media, on the other hand, is notoriously seductive, and people like child molesters can be found there. Because youngsters are careless, you’ll need apps like SpyBubble to keep an eye on their social media.

The social monitoring feature is useful because it tracks the app without requiring root access. SpyBubble can track the following social apps:


Skype WeChat


Messenger on Facebook.

We’d like to call attention to the app’s intriguing Facebook spy capability. The app, for example, can take screenshots of user behaviour on social media platforms. The screenshot is superior to data tracking because it provides more information about the user’s online activities.

Users of iOS will have full access to their child’s Facebook account, which is a useful feature. The screenshots are quite detailed and can be used to monitor online activities. Every 4-6 seconds, the app records the data.

Because everything is well-organized on the server, you will never miss any of your child’s social media app activities. It’s a useful feature that you won’t find in most other parental monitoring programs.

The app’s graphic interface is also distinct and user-friendly. It makes data access simple, and you can pick up to ten entries at once.


Instagram has over one billion users and is particularly popular among teenagers and children. Parents must devise methods to monitor their children’s Instagram activity since a social perpetrator is constantly lurking on the horizon.

Adult content, unethical redirect links, stereotypical propaganda, and other concerns are just a few examples. SpyBubble allows you to easily monitor your child’s Instagram activities.

The Instagram account may be controlled by iOS users, and it’s a useful function that’s exclusively available on SpyBubble. Only screenshots of the child’s activity will be available to Android users through the app.


TikTok has quickly risen to the top of the greatest social networking applications, and it’s a lot of fun. Many children are irresponsible. Thus you must keep a check on their behaviour when using such apps.

SpyBubble, fortunately, allows you to easily monitor your child’s TikTok behaviour. It allows you to prevent youngsters from publishing and to interact with inappropriate content. Parents can use SpyBubble for Tiktok to conduct tasks such as:

Getting to direct messages

Users’ posts are accessible.

Keep track of comments and likes.

For iOS target devices, this capability is not available.

What is the price of SpyBubble?

SpyBubble has basic and sophisticated plans available. The following are their prices:

Android Costs

Android SpyBubble Pro Pricing

Pricing for iOS

Pricing for SpyBubble Pro on iOS

Check out SpyBubble.

Is there a free trial for Spybubble? No, unfortunately. However, the company routinely runs sales and discounts on its website, so you may get it for a bargain, especially given the comprehensive feature set it provides.

SpyBubble Setup & Installation

SpyBubble, unlike most of its competitors, provides clear instructions for software installation. You will receive thorough instructions and a confirmation email after purchasing your desired package.

You can use the verification email to establish that you are a legitimate user who has registered and created an account. SpyBubble operates in three simple steps:

Create an account and select a subscription plan in step one.

Step 2: Install SpyBubble on the target device and enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 3: Go to your account and look at the information.

If you’re still having trouble with the installation, here’s a quick overview you may refer to.

SpyBubble for Android Installation

When installing SpyBubble on an Android device, there are five important steps to remember. These are the steps:

Step 1: Create a free user account and select a subscription plan that suits your needs.

Step 2: Get the target device ready to install the software.

Step 3: Get the app and install it.

Step 4 – Customize all of the device’s necessary settings.

Step 5: Double-check your settings and begin tracking.


Access to the gadget physically.

An internet connection that works.

SpyBubble subscription bundle that has been validated.

Step 1: Create an account for free and select a subscription.

A user account is required to access the data collected via a user-friendly and well-organized interface. Fortunately, it’s a straightforward procedure that involves the steps below:

1. Go to SpyBubble and select “TRY NOW” from the drop-down menu. Then, for the registration procedure, submit your email address and other information.

2. After completing the registration page, SpyBubble will prompt you to select a subscription plan. Make certain you choose an Android subscription plan.

3. You will then receive an email with detailed instructions for installing the SpyBubble on your smartphone.

Step 2: Get the Device Ready to Install

To guarantee that the installation procedure runs smoothly, you must modify various features. The following are specific tasks to complete:

On the target device, open the Play Store app.

To access the navigation, launch it and click the “Hamburger icon” on the left side of the menu.

Choose “Play Protect” from the menu and then go to the settings by clicking the small gear symbol in the top right corner of the menu screen.

Then, under the “Play Protect” section, make sure each option is switched, and you should see something like this:

Play Protect – Disabled scan applications.

Improved identification of malicious apps – disabled

Step 3: On the target device, download and install SpyBubble.

You must follow the necessary steps to install SpyBubble on the target device. Among them are:

On the target phone, open your favourite browser and switch to Incognito Mode.

Copy and paste the download link from the SpyBubble dashboard into your browser’s address bar, then hit enter. By doing so, the SpyBubble APK will be installed on the target device.

Then double-click the downloaded file to open it, and then click the “Install” button. Then sit back and wait for the installation to finish.

To activate SpyBubble, click “Open” after installing it.

Step 4: Finish the setup procedure on the target phone.

SpyBubble should now be fully functional on your device, and you may now customize its features. This will grant you all of the necessary rights to ensure the app’s functionality.

Here are a few things to think about before you begin:

1. Before finishing the installation procedure, tap “Agree and Continue” on SpyBubble’s initial screen to accept the terms of service.

2. After accepting the EULA terms, SpyBubble will prompt you to enable the Keylogger feature. To access the accessibility menu, click the “Enable Keylogger Tracking” option.

3. In the “Downloaded Services” section, select “User Accounts” and turn on the User Accounts Section toggle. Then, on the screen that appears, click “Ok” to gain access to the phone’s functions.

4. After you’ve activated the keylogger, the software will ask if you wish to continue with the automatic setup. Wait for the timeout to expire before continuing with the manual operation.

5. SpyBubble will then request the app’s required access permissions. Click “Grant Permissions” to activate the feature. Then, on the following popup window, click “Allow” for each consent the app requests.

6. On the subsequent screen, select “Enhance Stability” and then “Allow” from the selection that appears. This will ensure that the software runs without limitations and in stealth mode.

7. After modifying the stability settings, select “Prevent Uninstall” and then “device admin app” to activate. This gives SpyBubble permission to access other apps, ensuring that its functionality is never jeopardized.

8. Click “Enable Display Recording” on the next screen, then “Don’t show again” on the next check box before clicking “Start now.” SpyBubble will now be able to take screenshots from the Android device.

Step 5: Double-check your setup and begin monitoring.

This is the last step in the installation procedure. This feature allows you to choose whether or not to use the app in stealth mode. Click “Complete Registration” after entering the code you obtained during the app setup procedure. The installation of the app should now be finished.

SpyBubble for iOS installation

When compared to Android devices, the app is easier to set up on iOS. This is because all you need to access an iOS device are your iCloud credentials. Android smartphones, on the other hand, require physical access to the device.

Fortunately, if you have access to the device’s iCloud credentials, you won’t need to jailbreak it.

PRO TIP: Make sure the target device’s two-factor authentication is turned off.


the target iOS device’s iCloud credentials

SpyBubble account and subscription plan verification

Create an account and select a subscription plan in step one.

You’ll need a free user account that has been verified and approved, as well as a subscription plan that fits your needs. To register, provide information such as your email address and password. To complete the procedure, you will receive an email with a verification step.

Step 2: Provide your iCloud credentials.

Provide the device’s iCloud credentials in your SpyBubble account. Because you don’t require physical access to the device, it’s a unique Android approach. The 2-factor code authentication option, on the other hand, requires you to double-check the code you receive from Apple.

Step 3: Log in to your account and begin tracking.

Visit the dashboard once the setup is complete and wait for the user data to be uploaded. The procedure may take some time, particularly if the target device does not have a stable internet connection.

You’ll have access to all of the content that SpyBubble can track once the app starts uploading data.

Overview of the SpyBubble App: Everything You Need to Know

SpyBubble App is one of the most advanced apps for monitoring cellphones, allowing you to monitor activity on any mobile device, including iPhones and Android phones. The monitoring begins as soon as the software is installed, and it is simple to keep track of what your spouse is doing online, whom they are texting and speaking with, and so on. This software will monitor and record any information on the device you choose, giving you complete access to everything you want to see.

This software is simple to use and supports all languages. If you aren’t fully happy, you can get your money back within 60 days. It works with iPhones, iPads, Android phones, Blackberry phones, and Symbian phones.

Even if your spouse suspects you of spying, they will never be able to discover this software, allowing you to see their activities in full privacy. You’ll get the knowledge you need, and you’ll have the evidence you need to confront them if they’re lying.

For whom is the SpyBubble App designed?

The SpyBubble App is for anyone who needs to keep track of another person’s cellphone activities. It is popular among those who wish to track their spouses to see whether they are cheating, and the proof gathered by many people can be utilized in divorce procedures.

For example, if you discover your spouse is cheating and have proof in the form of texts, emails, and other documents, you can petition for divorce on those grounds and prove they are cheating.

SpyBubble App software can be used to covertly monitor the online activity of your spouse or anyone else (your children’s safety comes to mind). This is tracking software that may be used for a variety of purposes and is simple to use once installed. Even employers use this software to monitor their employees’ activities.

What Is Involved?

You will have access to all of the tools that will allow you to monitor everything your spouse does on their cellphone, from text messages to emails to images and more, once you have paid for and downloaded the software.

GPS location, call records, instant messaging tracking, and the ability to examine all submitted images are some of the most often utilized features of the SpyBubble App. These are just a handful of the features that you will have access to once you have installed the app.

Feature Descriptions

Now it’s time to investigate the features available when you download the SpyBubble App. Don’t be concerned about the device’s user knowing what you’re doing. It’s nearly hard for them to figure it out unless you tell them because this software is completely undetected. Just make sure that using this technology in your state is legal. The following are some of the best features of the SpyBubble App:

History of Browser

You can see which websites the person is visiting by looking at their browser history. You will know if they are on dating websites, and you will know that if they are not cheating, they are at least considering it. You’ll find out which websites they frequent, how often they visit, and how long they stay.


All of the phone numbers kept in the device’s memory will be visible. If your spouse is cheating, they would most likely call the other person on their cellphone, and you will be able to observe if any weird numbers appear. The numbers can then be traced to see to whom they belong.

Call Records

You will be able to examine phone numbers as well as call logs. These will show you how many times a phone number was called when it was called, and for how long each call lasted. If the number belongs to a saved contact, the name of that contact will appear, so you won’t have to try to track it down.

SpyBubble App: How to Use It

It’s simple to use the SpyBubble App program. You merely need to pay for the product, and then download and install it, which takes only a few minutes. You can immediately begin using the various features to determine whether your husband is having an affair or whether you have nothing to be concerned about (which we hope is going to be the case).

Product Alternative

You might be interested in knowing more about Hoverwatch’s Free Mobile Tracker if you’re looking for a less expensive choice. Yes, there is a paid package, but you may download the free version and get access to the majority of the capabilities you’ll need to catch a cheating spouse. You may also use it to monitor their social media activity and see whom they are conversing with on Facebook and other social media sites.


Stop wondering if your husband is cheating on you and start worrying about it. SpyBubble App tracking software can be downloaded and used to find out for sure. You may view their incoming and outgoing messages, emails, and other information, as well as track their whereabouts. If they’re cheating, the evidence is there, and you’ll be able to find it with this software.

Advantages and disadvantages


Relatively inexpensive

A simple and intuitive user interface

Rooting/jailbreaking is not required.


Syncing data quickly

Simple to operate

Shows real-time app usage.

Full Instagram and Facebook access


For iOS, an iCloud account is required.

Geo-fencing isn’t used.

Some features are limited to iOS.

Is it possible to remotely install SpyBubble?

Yes, SpyBubble can be installed from afar. Simply enter your iCloud credentials on the target device. Furthermore, Android users will require physical access to the target device only once. This will grant the program the rights it requires to function.

How frequently does the app pull data from the target device?

The app automatically refreshes information from the target app every 5 minutes. You can, however, alter the update intervals and data settings. The backup performance influences the frequency of updates.

Can I track several devices?

You may use your SpyBubble transcription to track many devices. SpyBubble, on the other hand, allows you to link and unlink for several days. The only drawback is that you can only connect one account at a time. So you have a number of devices.

Is it possible to track my Apple device without using an Apple ID or password?

Without an ID or password, you can track your Apple device. Before you can access any data related to a specific user account, you must first get physical access to the target phone.

Is it possible to track an iPhone without using an Apple ID or password?

You can’t track an iPhone without first creating an Apple ID and password. Getting actual access to the device is the best option. This will allow you to access your favourite device immediately.

Is the SpyBubble Icon Visible on Android After Setup?

Yes, even after setting up SpyBubble on Android, the SpyBubble icon may still be displayed. To utilize the app in stealth mode, you may need to first access it. Users of iOS, on the other hand, have things easier because the software does not require physical installation.


It is your responsibility, similar to your parents’, to develop strategies to ensure that your children grow properly. The internet is a modern technology that has simplified life, but it is also a famously dangerous area for careless individuals such as teenagers or children.

Installing apps like SpyBubble can help you secure your child’s devices and ensure their safety. The app is both strong and user-friendly.

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