How to Child Monitoring Software Using SpyFamily?

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Free Keylogger : SpyFamily Keylogger, SpyFamily Personal Monitor

SpyFamily Keylogger best free keylogger, personal monitor, parental control software. Over 4 million parents trust SpyFamily’s parental control tools to keep their kids’ screen time safe and balanced on every device.

Web history monitoring

Monitor internet usage and log all visited websites. It works with Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari.

Time tracking

Allows knowing the actual time your kid spent working on the PC or Mobile phone.

Record keystrokes

Keylogger feature allows viewing keystrokes and texts entered on the computer. It also records the text copied into the clipboard(Windows).


Periodically captures the computer screen, and you can view them online. Also makes screenshots when a user types a keystroke that includes a keyword for Windows and macOS.

Used files & folders

Records the names of folders and documents that the user opens most of the time.

USB drives, CD\DVD usage

Log all USB flash drives, external HDD and other devices connected to the PC. Prevent data leaks.

Monitor messengers

Monitor chats and messengers logs on the tracked devices: Facebook, Viber, Skype, Kik, WhatsApp, etc. Also, it makes the screenshots every 15 sec during Skype video conversations.

Most used Applications

Tracks used applications on PC, Mac, and Android. You can prevent the use of unsuitable software. Displays the most used applications by time.

E-mail reports

You may schedule email reports from each computer. Learn more about KidLogger.

Digital Parenting Simplified. Use the Best Parental Control App

Keep your children safe online, have fun with them, and remain connected in four simple steps! SpyFamily parental control software gives over 2 million parents peace of mind by ensuring their children are safe and responsible with all of their gadgets. It's free to try! Winning Award SpyFamily Family allows you to monitor your children's internet activities, gain insight into what they search for online, see which apps they've downloaded, and block or allow their use. Set usage time limitations and use location services to monitor where your children are.

Parental Control Software Designed For Your Family

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Learn more. Don't be concerned. That's the power of SpyFamily, the program that lets you spy on your family's phone and online activities. They won't even realize you're doing it.

3 Simple Steps to Getting Started

1- Register for a free account.

It's as simple as entering your email address. We'll set you up with your own SpyFamily account so you can start spying on them right now.

2- Decide on a strategy.

Because everyone's demands are different, we provide a variety of options to suit you, your family, and the devices you use.

3- Begin monitoring and relax.

Raise your feet. You can view their activities in your Control Panel when you've paid for your subscription. As simple as that.

With the best parental control software available, you can rest easy.

Make sure your children are safe when they are using the internet. Parental control software gives you visibility over your children's online activities, allowing you to better understand their digital habits and keep them safe online. You can monitor your family's digital habits and safeguard them from harmful information with SpyFamily®, the most trusted parental tool available.

Learn how to use SpyFamily's Family Protection Pass to filter the Internet on Windows, Mac, Kindle Fire, Android, and iOS devices.

Parental Control Software: What Is It?

Parents can use parental controls software to filter, monitor, and manage their children's internet activity. Many parents use parental control software to keep their children safe from potentially harmful or inappropriate online information. Parental controls can be used to:

Real-time adult content filtering

Pornography is prohibited.

Send online activity alerts to help you keep track of your screen time.

Provide social media security.

YouTube control and monitoring

Give you a sense of security

Frequently Asked Questions: Child Monitoring Software

Is there a secret mode in the SpyFamily Keylogger?

Yes, the free keylogger SpyFamily features a hidden mode. The keylogger will not appear in the task manager, processes list, desktop, or system tray.

Is it possible for the SpyFamily Keylogger to keep track of websites visited?

Yes, SpyFamily can keep track of the websites that the user visits. It remembers whatever information that the user enters on the websites, such as emails, forms, chats, and screenshots.

How can I keep my kids under control?

SpyFamily includes a number of features that allow you to keep tabs on your kids. Control of social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn), control of Internet messengers (SKYPE, MSN, ICQ, QQ), email control, control of site visits, screenshots, and many other services are among the most popular.

SpyFamily keylogger is compatible with which OS systems?

SpyFamily keylogger is compatible with all Windows operating systems (Win7 x32, Win7 x64, WinServer, WinVista x64, WinXP, Windows 8) including Microsoft Windows 11.

Do you have any SpyFamily Android apps?

Yes, we did. SpyFamily for Android is available.

What is Live Screen Viewing, and how does it work?

This option allows you to see the computer screens in real time. The SpyFamily software records all activities that occur on the monitored device's screen and sends them to your internet account promptly. Simply log in to your online dashboard to see the target computer screen in real-time.

Who can benefit from screen recording?

A continuous recording of the target computer's screen is known as screen recording. It is, in fact, a log of Live Screen Viewing. This tool is ideal if you don't have access to Live Screen Viewing all of the time but want to see what was on the screen at a specific point in the past.

Is it possible to utilize SpyFamily as a video surveillance system?

Yes. SpyFamily can be used as a fully-functional video surveillance system for your home and office after you enable Live Webcam and Webcam Recording. Simply visit any device connected to the Internet and open your online dashboard to see what's going on around the PC.

How do you safeguard data storage and transmission? What kind of cloud storage do you employ? Do you encrypt your data?

We consider data security and data privacy to be essential components of doing business. We have put in place technical, administrative, and physical security measures to keep your personal information safe against unauthorized access, disclosure, and misuse. For instance, we always test our services against the entire OWASP Top 10 list. SpyFamily's servers are also housed by AWS, the most secure computing environment available. We also employ 128-bit encryption to keep your information safe. SpyFamily is o

What exactly is a phone tracker?

A cell phone tracker, also known as a phone monitoring app, is an app that allows you to observe what's going on on another person's phone without having to look over their shoulder. The finest remote cell phone monitoring applications operate in stealth mode, so they won't even realize you're using them.

What is the purpose of a cell phone tracker?

To track a cell phone, you must first install special software on the device you wish to track. It's as simple as logging into your phone tracker account and scrolling through your own personal dashboard to check what's on their phone after it's installed.

Is SpyFamily the best software for hidden tracking?

We think so. Take our word for it, though. Ask the 1.5 million people who rely on SpyFamily to provide them with the information they need to make better family decisions. Or you can decide for yourself. Our mobile monitoring app solution includes all of the tools you'll need to keep an eye on them.

Is the SpyFamily mobile phone tracker real-time?

Whether you use a jailbroken phone or an out-of-the-box option with active sync will determine this. It may take a few minutes for data from their phone to reach your control panel. However, everything happens in real time for the most part.

What Is SpyFamily's Child Surveillance Software?

  • SpyFamily is a sophisticated parental control program that you can install on your child's phone, computer, or tablet to protect them from online predators, unsuitable content, and cyberbullies.
  • You can monitor your child's phone calls, online interactions, internet usage, and more with SpyFamily, so you can intervene at the first hint of difficulty or unsafe behavior.
  • All information transmitted and received by your child's device is captured by our Child Monitoring Software app and uploaded to your personal online portal, which you can view from the comfort of your computer or mobile device.
  • How Can Cell Phone Monitoring Software Apps Help Protect My Child? SpyFamily provides more monitoring features than any other iPhone or Android Child Monitoring Software, allowing you to keep track on all types of mobile communication, including email, SMS, chat apps, phone calls, and more.
  • See what websites your son visits and what photographs your daughter sends, use our GPS tracking software to track your children's phone positions while you're away, or listen to and record live phone calls if you're concerned your children are engaging in questionable activities.
  • It only takes minutes to download the world's greatest parental monitoring software, which immediately sets your mind at ease.

The Best Parental Control App For Cell Phones, Computers, and Tablets

Our parental control app lets you see what your kids won’t share: Your child needs protecting. Keep them safe with the world's most powerful and trusted parental control app. Works on phones, computers, and tablets with unique features designed to safeguard your loved ones.

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