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Where to change Twitter password?

In this article from we want talk about where to change twitter password? Twitter is one the popular social media that has billion users and can be used to get news, follow celebrities, or connect with your friends. Also we will explain about what should you do when you forgot password and give you the complete explanation about Twitter login. Stay with us to know more about these titles.

Where to change twitter password?

In this paragraph, we teach how to change the Twitter password on Android phones, even if you use iOS or a browser to change the password of your Twitter account, the process is completely the same and there will be no difference. There are 2 ways for changing your password

  1. Use Mobile phone
  2. Use Browser

Mobile phone

If you have Twitter app in your mobile phone, do these following steps to change your password:

  1. Touch your profile picture to enter the menu
  2. Select Settings and privacy from the menu
  3. Touch “Your Account “ option
  4. Select Change your password option.
  5. Enter your current password and then your desired password in the relevant fields
  6. Finally, touch the Update password option

By these steps you will immediately change your password and need to use the new password to log in to your Twitter account again.


If you use a browser to use Twitter, the process is almost the same. Inside the site, you only need to click on the “More option” to access the menu, so that the menu will be fully opened for you. After that, the whole process is similar to what we discussed in the previous section.

Forgot password

As we explain about Where to change twitter password? It is necessary to know the solution of forgot password.Maybe you have experience of forgetting your password from some social networks. Now we want teach you what to do when your Twitter password forgotten.

The first step to recover your Twitter password is to recover your password by entering your username, email address, or phone number. To do this:

  1.  Go to the Twitter password recovery page.
  2. First, enter your username in the box you see.
  3. If your username is valid, Twitter will ask you to enter the email address associated with this account.
  4. If your email is correct and valid, Twitter will send a password reset link to the same email address.
  5. Instead of email, you can also use the phone number associated with your user account at this stage.

Twitter login

For those who want to log in twitter and they want use Web, we will tell its steps:

Web login

  1. When you open the Twitter web for the first time you will see fields on the right that allow you to enter your username or email and password.
  2. Enter your information to your twitter
  3. Click on the “Log in” button. After entering your information, click the “Login” button.

Mobile login

  1. Download the Twitter app. Twitter is available for free on almost any smartphone.
  2. Tap to “Sign In”. This button is located in the lower right corner of the login screen.
  3. Enter your Twitter username or email address and password. After that click on “Sign In” again.
  4. After doing these steps you can fallow your friend or everyone that you want, you can add your friends to twitter or edit profile on Twitter.

At the end

In this article from we explain where to change twitter password and its types. We also talked about each type and give you their steps. We give you information about a popular issue means Forgot password. In addition, we told you about Twitter login. We hope this article can be useful for you.

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