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WhatsApp Sniffer And Spy Tool 2016 for iPhone Update 2022

Whatsapp sniffer spy tool

before we talk about any thing, we should say a sniffer is a tool or program that is not necessarily for malicious purposes. This tool is usually used to monitor network traffic in order to find problems in it. But the sniffer tool can also be used for malicious purposes. In this post from Spy Family we will explain WhatsApp Sniffer spy tool, whatsapp sniffer apk, and whatsapp sniffer for android & iphone. So stay with this post and read it until the end.

Whatsapp sniffer for android & iphone

What if I told you that you could look at other people’s Whatsapp messages? It’s possible that you won’t believe it. However, this is correct. If you and the person you’re spying on both have the same internet connection, you can examine each other’s Whatsapp information using the Whatsapp sniffer and spy tool. We’ll go over what this apk is all about, its features, how to download and install it, and how to use it in this article.

What is the purpose of the Whatsapp sniffer?

Whatsapp sniffer apk is a trustworthy Android app that allows you to examine other people’s Whatsapp data. It is one of the greatest social apps for viewing someone’s Whatsapp activity.

The Whatsapp sniffer does not have an official website. Because it is not available on the Google Play Store, you can get its apk file from any reliable website. A free download of the previous version, v1.03, is also available.

As you may be aware, Whatsapp is the most popular communication software, with practically everyone using it. The issue currently is that no one knows about the person with whom he is conversing on Whatsapp. Here’s where Whatsapp sniffer comes in, giving you the ability to monitor your Whatsapp data. The software supports around 17 languages. After trying this program, you will fall in love with it.


Parents should also use this software to monitor their children’s Whatsapp activities. They can check their sent and received messages without having to touch other devices. However, the internet connection should be identical. Otherwise, the app will not be able to access official Whatsapp data. You may also download FM WhatsApp 2 for Android.

This website does not promote or encourage the use of any illicit software. The information supplied on this website is solely for educational purposes.

Because Whatsapp maintains a high level of security for its users, there is no direct way to examine other people’s Whatsapp information. The only way to collect data from Whatsapp is to use a Whatsapp sniffer.

There are a few additional ways to check on Whatsapp that you may find on the internet, but the majority of them are paid. This program is completely free, and you will not have to spend a single penny on it. Whatsapp spy apk is another option.

Whatsapp sniffer spy tool

2016 Whatsapp Sniffer & Spy Tool

Detail of the Whatsapp sniffer apk file and Whatsapp sniffer APK features include:

The interface is simple to use:

The app’s user interface is simple, clean, and easy to navigate. When utilizing a Whatsapp sniffer, the user has no difficulties. Unlike Whatsapp Indigo, you do not need to create an account to use the app. Simply download and install the apk file on your Android device. In the following sections, we’ll go over how to download and install the software.

Size and price:

This app is free. However, it is not available on Google Play. This app’s apk file can be found on GitHub and a variety of other websites. We’ve provided you with a free download chip as well as an an.exe file. This file does not require a lot of space, and you do not need to delete anything from your phone to install it. It’s only about 20 megabytes in size.

Updates are made frequently:

The app’s developer updates it constantly in order to provide users with more advanced features. SpyFamily also has an older version of the software that you can download. This app can also be used with the Kenshin impact mod apk.

You may also get a Whatsapp sniffer for your computer.

Importing and Exporting:

The program provides you with the facility to import and export chats from external storage. It is a very great function that you can use. You have the option of exporting files from other phones, which you can read without difficulty.

Characteristics that aren’t listed elsewhere:

  • Conversations can be managed according to your preferences and needs.
  • The notice might be received while the user is using the app.
  • Individual chats are set up with the participants’ phone numbers.
  • You may read the entire dialogue if you want to.
  • Aside from that, you can participate in group conversations.
  • Images, videos, and other media are available to you.
  • The navigation and fonts have also been updated.
  • The app now loads extremely quickly with the newest update.
  • This app can also be used by teachers to keep track of their students.
  • It is compatible with Android, iOS, and Windows.
  • It does not use up your entire battery. It can run well on a low battery.

Whatsapp sniffer spy tool

How can I get a Whatsapp sniffer for Android and install it?

Follow the steps below to download and install it on your Android phone.

  1. Step 1: Go to Settings > Security on your phone.
  2. Step 2: Make the unknown resources available.
  3. Step 3: Click the download link to get the apk file.
  4. Step 4: Download the file and save it to your Android smartphone.
  5. Step 5: Double-click on the apk file in the download folder.
  6. Step 6: Press the “Install” button.
  7. Step 7: When the program has finished installing, click Finish.
  8. Step 8: In your rooted phone, go to the Google Play Store and download the app Busy Box.
  9. Step 9: Now, open the app and turn on the ARP-Spoof feature.
  10. Step 10: To begin checking, press the start button and fill in all of the relevant fields.

Is there a Whatsapp sniffer for iOS/iPhone? (

Is it possible to run Whatsapp sniffer on iOS, as many people have asked? The official explanation is that this program is not compatible with iOS devices because it has a lot of prerequisites to work properly on any device. You’ll need a busy box app, which isn’t accessible on the App Store for iOS. You’ll also require roots and a slew of other items. As a result, iPhone users will not be able to use this software.


What is the best way to utilize the app?

  • Make sure you have the app installed.
  • Activate root access.
  • Accept the checkbox for ARP SPOOF.
  • It will begin looking for nearby devices automatically.
  • Requirements to Install: Select the device you want to examine.
  • To run the program on your smartphone, you’ll need to meet a few requirements.
  • It only works on rooted devices.
  • You’ll need to get the busy box app from the Google Play Store.
  • Unknown resources must be enabled in the mobile settings.
  • You’ll require apk file for the WhatsApp sniffer
  • The same Wifi connection should be used.
  • You should use an Android device that is up to date.
  • You have access to the following resources:
  • Calls that are made
  • Calls that come in
  • Videos
  • Status\Pictures
  • Messages sent
  • Messages received
  • Advantages
  • There are no advertisements in this app.
  • You are not required to pay any fees.
  • There is no security risk in the software because it is very small.
  • You can have free chats and then erase them afterward.
  • Users under the age of 13 are not permitted to use this app.

Whatsapp sniffer spy tool

spy and sniffer for WhatsApp

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is WhatsApp Sniffer Effective?

Yes, it works great if you follow all of the instructions for the letter.

Is it possible to spy on WhatsApp for free?

Yes, it is completely free, and you will not be charged a single penny to obtain the Apk file.

What is the best way to use a WhatsApp sniffer and spy tool?

Here is the link to the Whatsapp Sniffer & Spy Tool for Android; Download; Open the app and enter the phone number of the person whose account you want to hack.

OPTION 2: On the target phone, open WhatsApp.

Select Menu/Settings from the drop-down menu.

Choose WhatsApp Web from the drop-down menu.

Place the QR code in front of your Smartphone’s camera and scan it.

Is it possible to read WhatsApp chats with a sniffer?

After introducing End to End Encryption, it is currently impossible to read data from intercepted packets in earlier versions of WhatsApp.

Last but not least, I do not recommend indiscriminately abusing this tool. Use this app just if you wish to see your child’s Whatsapp activities. I haven’t used this app on my phone, so I’m not sure how well it works. You can also read through the app’s many reviews. I got all of my information on the internet. It’s simply for educational purposes; it’s not intended to hurt anyone.

Free Download WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool Apk 2022 For Android

Social media networks are at their pinnacle, and they provide access to the second-richest content after Google. WhatsApp is by far the most popular social media network among Android users. Install WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool Apk to monitor children’s discussion groups.

Essentially, this is an android hacking tool created to keep a watch on both children and adults. People sometimes have doubts and concerns about their children’s friend zone. What kind of language is he/she using, or with whom is he/she conversing?

Because of advancements in the IT industry, there are both benefits and drawbacks. It is impossible to list all of the advantages that people enjoy as a result of technological advancements. But we couldn’t ignore the growing hostility in individuals as a result of these social media platforms.

In light of these concerns, the developers created a revolutionary new tool that allows anyone to view WhatsApp conversations. If you suspect your children, friends, or family members are sharing unlawful content, this is what you should do.

To dispel your skepticism, either you need to gain access to the device without permission, which is impossible owing to tight security patterns, or you need to gain access to the device with permission, which is also impossible. Alternatively, you can use such programs to monitor internet singles using WhatsApp Spy Tool Apk to corroborate your suspicions.

What is WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool Apk, and how does it work?

This is an Android application that allows you to monitor and control WhatsApp conversations with no effort.

The ideal technique is to use this Apk to connect your phone to the network and then hack into a single conversation to discover with whom he or she is conversing and what kind of stuff they are sharing.

People in the past did not have access to the most up-to-date technology. They usually write letters to communicate their feelings with friends and relatives. But, thanks to advances in technology, these gaps are no longer present, and the procedure is now much faster thanks to various software programs.

WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Netflix, Line, Viber, and WhatsApp are examples of cutting-edge technologies. Mobile consumers choose WhatsApp over all of these options because it allows them to share data as well as make audio and video calls.

APK Specifications

Developer Sniffer Package Name com. WhatsApp.sniffer Version v1.0.3 Size 611.9KB Name WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool

Price: Best WhatsApp Online Tracker Apps

Users can also share any type of content with no restrictions from one jurisdiction to the next. People used to utilize Yahoo and Hotmail for such tasks, but WhatsApp has now surpassed them in terms of data exchange. Because it is simple to use and even informs you when data is received or checked.

Different issues arose as a result of these improvements. People start sharing personal information, such as photos, videos, and audio calls, without thinking about the ramifications.

Keep an eye on your kids while they’re discussing sensitive information that could lead to major problems later. WhatsApp Spy Tool Apk is created by experts.

How to Install the App

If you believe now is the right moment to keep an eye on your children and husbands. Then we recommend that you get the current version of WhatsApp Sniffer & Spy Tool Apk from our website and install it. The article includes a link to the download.

All you have to do is click the download link button, and the process will begin instantly. Remember that monitoring someone’s content without their permission is completely unlawful and can result in significant consequences, so use the tool with caution.

How to Set Up and Use the App

Though the installation method is simple and does not necessitate IT expertise, follow the instructions below carefully while considering user help. And if you are successful in following the procedures correctly, the installation will go smoothly.

To begin, root your device with any root app, such as Vroot, One Click Root, or KingRoot.

Download the Apk File from here when you’ve successfully rooted your device.

Locate the downloaded file in your phone’s internal storage.

Push the install button to begin the installation procedure.

Go to the mobile menu and launch the app after the apk has been installed successfully.

It’s as simple as that. Configure the app to read the instruction, and you’re done.


There are a variety of solutions available for monitoring WhatsApp. However, until recently, Spy Tool has been the most effective in this area. Please click the download link button to get the latest version of the program and experience the free premium features of Apk. we talked about Whatsapp sniffer spy tool in this post from Spy Family. thanks for your attention and we hope it can be useful for you.

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