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Umobix App Review Free Trial Download – Login is an advanced cell phone tracker for modern parents.┬áInvestigate the most cutting-edge tracking features. With our smart cell phone tracker, you can keep track of your child’s internet activity. Here on Spy Family we want to talk about this spy tool so stay with us.

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Modern Parents’ Cell Phone Tracker

Real-time monitoring of everything that happens on your child’s smartphone or tablet.


  • 30+ popular apps and social media platforms are being monitored.
  • Calls
  • All incoming and outgoing calls are displayed. Obtain timestamps, duration, and caller information.
  • Messages
  • Keep track of all SMS that have been sent, received, or deleted. Obtain timestamps as well as contact information.
  • Messengers and Social Media
  • Read and respond to messages sent and received over WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms.
  • Photographs and Videos
  • All media files on the target device are retrieved. If necessary, save files locally.
  • GPS coordinates
  • Get the user’s exact position in real time, as well as their history of visited destinations.
  • Keylogger
  • Everything a user types, including keystrokes and passwords, is recorded.
  • There are even more fantastic features.
  • Keep an eye on 41 prominent applications and social media sites.
  • For parents, advanced cell phone monitoring is available.
  • The simplest and most effective method of staying informed. With the help of our comprehensive tracking technologies, you can keep track of everything your children do.
  • History of phone calls
  • Track incoming, outgoing, missed, and even deleted phone conversations with complete data, making it a must-have tool for parents who wish to maintain tabs on their children’s social activities.
  • Messages sent through text
  • Unless there is a tool that allows you to read text messages, cell phone tracking won’t offer you the complete picture. How will you know what your children are surreptitiously purchasing or receiving confirmation codes for?
  • Apps for Social Media
  • What kind of Instagram posts do your kids see? Get access to WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger, TikTok, Snapchat, Skype, and Line from the Facebook and Instagram home pages.
  • Location Tracker using GPS
  • Our powerful GPS tracker, along with our extensive interactive map, is the greatest option for parents to keep track of their children’s travels. Examine how it functions!
  • Control over the target device
  • Gain access to your child’s device’s important settings. Restrict your child’s access to some of the phone’s functionalities to keep him or her safe from internet dangers. All of the management features are also available in a separate app for parents.
  • Streaming
  • You can gain access to your child’s smartphone camera and microphone using uMobix. You can see or hear what is going on around your child in real time, regardless of where he or she is.

Is the uMobix mobile phone tracker real-time?

Yes, the uMobix tracking app keeps track of everything users do and delivers reports to your account. The synchronisation of all data from a monitored device can take up to 5 minutes. Data synchronisation on iOS is dependent on backup performance (in some cases can take up to 24 hours).

What is uMobix and how does it work?

In stealth mode, our tracking app monitors and collects data from target devices. All data is transferred to your userspace, where it is displayed in the form of detailed dashboards. Purchase the app, log in to your account, install uMobix on an Android device, or provide iCloud credentials of a target iOS device to begin utilising the mobile tracker.

Is using a cell phone tracker legal?

It is perfectly legal to use uMobix if you meet the following criteria:

– The gadget you’re going to monitor is yours;

– You’ve made the designated users aware that their actions are being monitored.

What is the frequency with which it will get updates from the target device?

For Android devices, data is updated every 5 minutes by default. Depending on your cell phone settings and internet connection, you can change the intervals. Data synchronisation on iOS is totally dependent on backup performance (in some cases can take up to 24 hours).

How can I find out where a cell phone is?

You may locate a phone on a map with the help of our cell phone tracker. The location history component of the technology also allows users to see where they’ve been. The interactive map shows all of the information. All you have to do is log into your account and go to the appropriate page.

Is it possible to monitor a cell phone using only its number?

No, having a phone number does not allow you access to your personal information. No technology can give you access to a phone if all you have is the phone’s number. If you encounter an advertisement for such a service, it’s almost certainly a hoax.

Is it possible to track someone’s whereabouts using their phone?

Yes, you can use a cell phone tracker to find out where someone’s phone is. To see the user’s location in real time, you must install the tracking app on the target device.

What is the maximum number of devices I can track?

You can only use one device with a single membership. You can connect and disconnect as many devices as you want, but only one at a time.

Is there a place where I can see data from the target device?

All information is sent to your own account. With your login credentials, you may access your dashboard from any device or computer.

Is it possible to see the icon?

You can delete the icon from the menu once it has been installed on an Android device. We know that tech-savvy kids will immediately recognise the emblem. Because the installation process for iOS devices does not include downloading the software to the device, there will be no icon in the menu.

Android Tracker With a plethora of Unique Features

Check out how you can use uMobix Android Tracker to track your child’s phone in real time. View phone calls, track the most popular social apps, and more.

How to locate an Apple ID password is as follows:

– Select Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Website & App Passwords from the drop-down menu.

– Among all the saved passwords, there may be one that can offer the required Apple ID.

It’s also possible to obtain the required password by entering the target Google Chrome browser:

– Select Settings > Autofill > Passwords from the drop-down menu.

– All passwords saved in the system will be displayed in Google Chrome;

– Look for and tap the right-hand eye symbol;

– You’ll need to input the password if the target machine is password-protected;

– If it isn’t locked, the Apple ID password will appear in the list.

You may track one iPhone with a single subscription. You can link and unlink as many devices as you want, but only one at a time is monitored.

There will be no icon in the menu because the installation process does not include downloading the app on an iPhone. The iPhone Tracker allows you to keep track of your devices without having to install anything.

We’re sorry, but tracking a target iPhone appears to be difficult in this circumstance. Find a way to gain access to the iPhone you want to track. It merely takes a few minutes to gather the necessary information. The iPhone Tracker will begin collecting data once you’ve completed the process.

It is not feasible to track an iPhone using its IMEI number. You can’t connect a phone using its IMEI number because it can only be accessed under specified circumstances. It’s a fraud if you see an advertisement promising to monitor an iPhone using its IMEI/cell phone number.

There is no free way to trace an iPhone. Any iPhone tracker comes at a cost. “Free monitoring” is simply a trial period offered by several products on their websites.

You can’t track an iPhone’s activity if it’s turned off. Only when devices are turned on can the iPhone Tracker retrieve data.

Yes, our app is meant to track children’s activities on their iPhones and iPads. You’ll be able to monitor their iMessages and phone calls, as well as access their social media profiles, read their messages, and look at their photo albums.

Advantages and Drawbacks of uMobix

You can use the majority of chat apps and social networking networks.

An in-depth report on activities, as well as a comprehensive event journal

succinct reports of whereabouts, phone conversations, and text messages


The Basic plan is insufficient in terms of features.

The installation method on iPhones takes way too long.

A single device is covered by a single subscription.

It will be too pricey for the majority of users.

What Do Users of uMobix Have to Say?

Reading real user reviews is a great method to figure out whether or not an app is worth your time and money. For your consideration, here are a few instances. While many users claim to be delighted with their uMobix app experience, there appears to be a considerable number of people that are disappointed with their experience as well:

Who Will Win the Battle Between uMobix and SpyFamily?

Given that you’ve landed at this website, it’s safe to assume that you’ve heard about SpyFamily before. SpyFamily has consistently been ranked as one of the finest phone monitoring software on the market by independent reviews and users. After all, it’s only natural to pit one against the other to see who emerges victorious at the end of the day. Please bear with us while we compare and contrast two parental control apps in a tournament format:


When it comes to uMobix pricing, the enormous number of different tiers and plans offered, which vary depending on your operating system and contract duration, among other aspects, may be perplexing. In contrast to uMobix’s pricing system, SpyFamily offers lower costs, especially for the Android version, as well as more simple pricing strategies.

SpyFamily was declared the winner.

A hidden mode is one that is not visible to the user.

Do you want to be sure your child isn’t aware that the app is installed on his or her phone? This feature has always been a part of uMobix’s basic functionality. SpyFamily is in the same boat. Is uMobix detectable in this situation? The good news is that none of the apps should be discoverable by users if everything is set up correctly.

There is a tie for first place.

Ease of Implementation

While uMobix is quite easy to use, it can occasionally demand the assistance of parents who are technologically savvy. Are you having problems removing uMobix from your computer? Alternatively, perhaps you’re unsure how to go about installing uMobix? In SpyFamily, the installation process and in-app navigation are a little more intuitive and simple to grasp.

SpyFamily was declared the winner.

Overall, while uMobix appears to be a good option for worried parents, SpyFamily appears to be a safer option.

The Final Word on uMobix

In our ever-changing environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of your children is critical. When it comes to protecting their children from the dangers of the online and offline worlds, today’s parents must step up their game, especially for youngsters under the age of eight. uMobix is a nice app with a lot of potential when compared to SpyFamily. Its benefits, however, are offset by its drawbacks. In a summary, SpyFamily appears to have won this competition by a substantial margin.

Hopefully, after reading this uMobix review, you will find it much easier to make the best selection possible and protect your children’s well-being. Are you seeking for a solution that is both simple to use and sophisticated enough to keep track of your children’s whereabouts? As a surveillance solution, consider SpyFamily.

Parents can use uMobix to track their children’s phones.

Every month, new features are added to the uMobix cell phone monitoring system thanks to a remarkable combination of abilities, drive, and expertise. Without rooting smartphones, you can gain complete access to target Facebook and Instagram accounts, as well as real-time monitoring of the most prominent social media networks. uMobix is a smartphone monitoring app for modern parents who want to know what their children are up to on their phones. The software’s most notable advantages are its simple interface, basic wizard, and an array of strong capabilities that never cease improving.

How Do I Install And Configure uMobix On My iPhone?

On iOS, unlike Android, the installation process for the uMobix app is considerably different. You’ll need physical access to the target device, same like with Android.

The installation on the iPhone/ iPad, on the other hand, does not necessitate physical access to the device. All you need are the target iOS device’s iCloud credentials. (Enter your login ID and password.)

Apple is highly concerned about its users’ privacy. As a result, Apple has added a two-factor authentication capability to its products.

You won’t be able to fully utilise the spying software if 2-factor authentication is set because most of the functionality will be unavailable.

Furthermore, if 2FA is enabled, physical access to the device is required to access the OTP received by Apple. It will also send a notification to the user, informing them that someone from a specific location is attempting to access their iCloud information.

As a result, you’ll need to make sure that 2-factor authentication is turned off on their iOS device, which is nearly impossible with Apple’s new iOS releases.

If you want to spy on iOS devices without jailbreaking them, you’ll need to use iCloud. As a result, it’s critical that the target device’s iCloud backup is enabled. When you enable iCloud backup and supply the spy service with your iCloud login information, the spy app displays all of the information on that iCloud account, including photographs, videos, contacts, documents, notes, and so on.

So, in order to spy on any iOS device, you’ll need your girlfriend/iCloud boyfriend’s passwords, 2FA disabled for continuous tracking, and iCloud backup enabled.

To sum up

In this article on Spy Family we have talked about one of the best spy tools: that you can use it to montor people you want and track their activity. If you are interested this article is good for you to learn more about it.


1. Is it possible for uMobix to keep an eye on Snapchat?

Yes, uMobix can monitor Snapchat without their knowledge by recording live screens and sending screenshots.

2. Is it possible to hide uMobix?

Yes, uMobix can be hidden throughout the installation process on the target device. However, you can only do this if you choose to hide the app icon.

3. Is it possible to install uMobix from afar?

It’s feasible to remotely install the spy app service on an iOS device that doesn’t have 2FA enabled. However, if 2FA is enabled, physical access to the iOS device is required. It is not feasible to remotely install the service on an Android phone.

4. Is it possible for uMobix to see deleted messages?

Yes, you can see the messages that are destroyed when you install uMobix.

5. Is There Any Risk Of uMobix Harming The Target Phone?

No, I didn’t notice any serious difficulties with the target device throughout my testing, such as overheating, battery drain, or latency.

6. Is it legal to use uMobix?

Yes, uMobix is legal, but the person you’ll be watching must be aware of it.

7. Is it necessary to have a rooted Android phone to use uMobix?

No, the beauty of uMobix is that you don’t need to root your target Android smartphone in order for it to work properly.

8. Is it necessary to have a jailbroken iPhone to use uMobix?

No, jailbreaking the target iOS device is not required to spy with uMobix.

9. Is it possible to recover deleted call records with uMobix?

Yes, even if your girlfriend/boyfriend/kid/employee deletes the calls, they are still saved in uMobix.

10. Is it possible for the uMobix Keylogger Monitor to copy and paste text?

Yes, uMobix Keylogger can be used as a clipboard and can track copied and pasted text.

11. How much does uMobix set you back?

Basic pack ($29.99), Full pack ($59.99), Full 3 months combo ($33.33), and Full 12 months combo ($14.99) are the monthly options.

12. Is uMobix a Good Option?

Yes, it’s a good monitoring tool for keeping your loved ones safe in terms of price to features ratio.


The ability to track browsing history was excellent.

The keylogger worked flawlessly.

The copied and pasted data was also visible in the keylogger.

Within minutes, calls, SMS, and contacts were updated.

For added convenience, the location feature worked with Google Maps.

uMobix also displays the messages that have been sent and deleted.

The photo tracking was very instantaneous.


Social media app updates were inconsistent.

After initial syncing, there are no changes in the video section.

uMobix did not display browser bookmarks.

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