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How to track WhatsApp contact online status?

You may have ever wondered how to find out when someone is online on WhatsApp. The good news is that although WhatsApp Messenger does not have such a feature to track online status, there are some third-party apps (such as WhatsApp Spy Online Tracker) on Android or iPhone devices to track WhatsApp contact online status and they will notify you every time a contact goes online on WhatsApp. Here in SPY Family we want to talk about this issue completely.

How to track online status of WhatsApp?

Sometimes we need to see when our contacts are online or offline, and by knowing this and tracking last seen on WhatsApp, we can join the conversation with them. As you know, in the WhatsApp application, if you go to the chat page with your contact, you can find out that he is online or not, but for this you have to waste your time and keep your WhatsApp open all the time and pay attention to the contact page!

Here we want to introduce you some of the best WhatsApp online tracking app, so that you can use them to know how you can track you contacts online status. Stay with us to know how to track WhatsApp contact online status.

What is a good app to track online WhatsApp?

If you are waiting for a message on WhatsApp or you don’t want to be online when a user is online, or for any reason you want to do tracking last seen on WhatsApp, you can use some of the applications that are designed for this purpose. In this section, we will introduce non-free and free app to track WhatsApp last seen. Stay with us by continuing this article.

There are a lot of tracking apps with the online status tracker feature that are available for Android and iOS smartphones. In the following, we will name some the best tools you can use:

WhatsApp Spy App is an online tracker for both Android and IOS systems that you can use to track online offline WhatsApp of the contacts you want. We suggest you to use this powerful tool so that in addition to tracking last seen on WhatsApp, you can benefit from its other spying features. In the continuation of this article, to know more about how to track WhatsApp contact online status, we want to have an explanation about other WhatsApp online tracking apps, so that you can get to know them and find out how to work with them.

WhatsApp online tracker Android

Some of the best WhatsApp online tracking app for android:

  • WhatsDog
  • WhatzSeen
  • mSpy
  • WhatzTrack
  • GB whatsapp
  • Wastat
  • wTrack
  • WA Watcher

WhatsApp online tracker IOS

Here are some of the best whatsapp last seen tracker ios:

  • Onlinenotify
  • WhatzTrack
  • WaLog
  • mSpy
  • GB WhatsApp
  • Wstat
  • wTrack

Some of the best WhatsApp online tracking apps:

1: WhatsApp Spy App

The WhatsApp Spy App is one of the best online tracking app for WhatsApp that by using it, you won’t need any other WhatsApp spyware! This app doesn’t to root your phone. In addition to WhatsApp online tracking, there are other useful features such as: WhatsApp screen recorder, Record social messaging activities and other things you can use by download and installing this app.

2: Whatzseen

This free WhatsApp online tracker is also another option to check the online status of the contacts. First, you need to download this app from store and install it. Then run it and enter the number and name of the contact you want. Then click on the Start Following button. If the person is online, the sign will be green. If you don’t want to know the person’s online status, you have to tap this button until it turns red and turns off. You will be notified whenever someone goes online. In this app, in addition to the contact’s online time, you can see the user’s last seen.

3: Online notify

If you want to track WhatsApp contact online status, you can use Online notify WhatsApp tracking app which is for iOS users. You have to use Jailbroken to work with this app. You can use this app to track a person online status, offline and typing. Note that this app is not free.

4: GB WhatsApp

The free GB WhatsApp monitoring app is also one of the best applications in this field. You can download this app from its official website. After installation, enter the program, and go to GB Settings. After that, select Main/Chat screen. Then go to Contact Online Toast and tap on Show contact online toast. You can also activate the notification sound and specify where the notification should be displayed on the screen.

How to hide last seen on WhatsApp?

If you don’t want others to know when you were online and your last seen status, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to WhatsApp,
  2.  Go to Settings,
  3.  Tap on Account option,
  4.  Open Privacy,
  5.  Go to Last seen section,
  6.  Then choose one of the options to specify to whom your last seen status will be shown: Everyone, My contacts or No one.

WhatsApp online tracker last seen

In this article on SPY Family we talked about how to track WhatsApp contact online status, and we named some of the best WhatsApp online tracking apps such as WhatsApp Spy App that you can use for tracking last seen on WhatsApp. We also taught you how to hide last seen on WhatsApp if you don’t want to others see your online status. We hope you find this post useful and share your opinion with us in comment section.

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