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How to track someone through Facebook messenger without them knowing?

Location tracking is possible as long as you and the “target person” both use Facebook Messenger. You don’t even have to have the technology to track someone using Messenger. It doesn’t take an elite hacker to log into Facebook and see that someone has shared where they live. We are here from Spy Family to describe how to track someone through Facebook messenger without them knowing. So stay with us to learn about this topic.

How to track someone through Facebook messenger without them knowing?

Facebook Messenger allows you to access the location of all your friends with just a few clicks. There are actually two ways to use the Facebook Live Sharing feature, which we will cover in this guide. For this purpose, follow the simple steps below:

Nearby Friends

With this feature, you can see the location of all your friends who have enabled this feature in their account. And they can all see your location.

  1. Open the Facebook app.
  2. Click on the More option with three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.
  3. Scroll down and click Show More
  4. A wide navigation will appear.
  5. Select Nearby Friends from the list that appears.
  6. Select Turn on location access
  7. Click Allow

By this mentioned method, you can access the target person’s location, and others can access your location. In the following we will describe other ways to track someone through Facebook messenger without them knowing.

Hack Facebook account and Facebook Messenger with keylogger

A keylogger is an installable app that records all system user inputs that can be by keyboard. For example, if an Android keylogger software is installed on your mobile phone, it can record every letter typed with your phone’s keyboard and send it to a specific person.

Phishing attack

Phishing is a type of tracking and spy method that the hacker shows a bait to the user to catch information, and the most famous technique used by hackers in hacking Facebook is to create a fake page utterly similar to the Facebook website and to Tricks ask the intended user to enter their Facebook login information on that fake website.

Creating such a fake page does not require much expertise and can be achieved even with a bit of searching on the internet, and the only important part of using this method is to trick the intended person into giving his essential information on a website other than The main website and Facebook enter, continue to work

Final word

This article from Spy Family talked about how to track someone through Facebook messenger without them knowing. To this, we explained a method with step by step guide. Also we talked about hacking Facebook accounts and Facebook Messenger with keylogger and phishing attacks. Hope this post can help you.

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