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How to track someone location and spy with kali Linux?

In some families, some people need control and care due to age and physical problems. For example, elderly people with Alzheimer’s disease and children who are constantly on their way home to school are among the most important people whose location should be known. So it will be necessary for them to be under control. In this article from Spy Family we want to talk about how to track someone location and spy with Kali Linux.

About Kali Linux

Kali Linux used to be known as BackTrack Linux. Whose purpose are advanced penetration testing and security auditing? Better yet, it does this by providing standard configurations, tools, and automation that give people access to focus on the work that needs to be completed.

Kali Linux has industry-specific modifications and several hundred tools for various information security tasks, such as security research, penetration testing, reverse engineering, computer forensics, and vulnerability management.It is essential to know that it is a multi-platform solution available to information security professionals for free.

How to track someone location and spy with kali Linux?
How to track someone location and spy with kali Linux?

How  to track someone location and spy with Kali Linux?

In addition to the reasons that we talked about in the introduction, we should say installing remote mobile control and tracking software is required for every personal mobile phone and tablet and every person must install and activate this software on their mobile phone, because if you lose your mobile phone or tablet and or stolen, with these software you can quickly track and locate it on the map.

Spy apps

The fastest way to find the location is to use locator applications. These applications are currently available on Google Play Store for Android and Apple App Store for iPhone.

Find my device application is one of the best phone tracker applications you can install and download in the Google Play Store. Of course, the designer of this application intends to protect the phone when it is stolen or lost, but you can use it to find the location. Use the mobile number as well.

  1. First, enter the link to download the Find My Device application.
  2. Install this application and log in after installation.
  3. Give location access to the app and ensure your phone is connected to the internet.
  4. Now you can find your phone’s location at any time and check the location of the phone from other phones by sending different SMS with a different command code.

How to track someone location and spy with kali Linux?

Spy with Kali Linux

In addition to an explanation of using spy apps, we will talk about how to track someone location and spy with Kali Linux. To do this, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your Kali Linux and open a terminal to proceed with creating a Trojan .apk file for infiltration.
  2. With the above terminal screen open, open another terminal, and run the Metasploit console with the command msfconsole
  3. Configure a listener to receive information
  4. Type the command exploit. Then, to hack Android with Kali Linux, you need to run the Upgrader.apk file created by Metasploit on your Android phone. This file is created and saved in your root folder.

Linux Network Monitor

Knowing that operating systems help applications interact with hardware, you should choose and use an operating system based on your business needs and the expertise of your IT team. Typically, businesses like data centers lean toward Linux networks, such as:

  • Safer from cyber attacks
  • Super scalable
  • Consistent with their operating model across all distributions.
  • No license (but may include support fees).

Linux networks are usually considered more efficient, but they have problems that affect their service. With a full-featured Linux network monitor, you can monitor the network environment in terms of availability and health. Control Linux.

Start monitoring Linux server metrics in less than 5 minutes!

  1. In less than five minutes, Dynatrace will show you your server’s CPU, memory and network health metrics down to the process level.
  2. Manual configuration is no longer necessary to set up your monitoring.
  3. Detection automatically starts monitoring new virtual machines during deployment.
    Dynatrace is the only solution that will show you process-specific network metrics.
How to track someone location and spy with kali Linux?
How to track someone location and spy with kali Linux?

To sum up

We mentioned some important reasons why a person should spy on the target person’s location. In this article from Spy Family there is complete information about how to track someone location and spy with Kali Linux. Hope this post can be useful for you.

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