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TheTruthSpy: Mobile Spy, Hidden Spy App Latest Version Free Download The TruthSpy Reviews

TheTruthSpy If you’re a working female, you won’t have sufficient time to take care of your children and partner. Consequently, you must be aware of what’s happening in your life (TheTruthSpy Login). Your children are spending all of your accomplice’s money on someone else, where you invest the majority of his energy.

You need a surveillance tool to discover who they are meeting or chatting with on the phone, as well as to understand what your accomplice is doing. Where he consumes all of their paychecks and spends the majority of the money. This application (TheTruthSpy Download) will assist you in maintaining indirect relationships with others.

The TruthSpy App program will assist you in obtaining every instant message, call, and video conference detail on the network or disconnected as required. However, you need to enroll in order to obtain all the facts, and we will assist you in obtaining all the information on how to deploy the application.

Thetruthspy App Reviews Download Apk iPhone & Android Login

Aspects of Android Spy TheTruthSpy GPS Tracking App

The TruthSpy Login software provides spy message highlights as well as the ability to view the target’s live action. The following GPS system is supplied so that you can track your friend’s location using your mobile device.

Listen to Phone Environment in real-time

The programming of the spy phone has been emphasized in relation to the surrounding voice recording. This component enables the user to hear the voice field. The recorded content is transferred in a portable format that can be downloaded directly.

WhatsApp Spy Currently, more individuals use WhatsApp than standard SMS due to its ability to transmit media such as images and audio recordings. The Portable Government’s operational application compels you to monitor WhatsApp exercises. You can see and delete phone-centric texts, files, and spam messages. You must be connected to the internet in order to spy on WhatsApp; otherwise, you won’t be able to monitor.

SMS Spy Android Spy TruthSpy allows you to spy on SMS highlights. The highlights enable you to screen SMS so that you can focus on a telephone conversation with another person and read various messages that arrive on your mobile device, such as organizational communications, bank messages, etc.

Facebook Spy

TheTruthSpy enables you to view all Facebook chat chats using an analyzing telephone.

Secret Call

The flexible government operational program permits the monitoring of phone-based call behavior. The call movement has been discussing who your companion is and how long he has been participating in the discussion. After logging into the application, a person’s optimal call speed behavior can be discovered. With the assistance of this application, you will be able to perform this action on your Smartphone.

Hidden Call Recorder

The software TheTruthSpy and the mobile application of government agents provide the capability of Hidden Call Recording. Therefore, the call recording is saved from the user’s PDA and transferred to your record. After logging into your account, you will be able to listen to the recording of the call. Therefore, if you are unreachable on your computer at that time, the application will automatically forward your work and will not allow you to skip the chat. Similarly, you can save the call recording to use as proof against the person in the event that he or she scams you in the future.

Review of The Truth Spy App and Free Trial: Legit or Scam?

This is a 2022 update to our evaluation of The Truth Spy. Here, we intend to provide you with all the information you need before to purchasing this tracking software.

Superior Options to Truth Spy App

Our specialists recommend the following Phone Tracker app, which has a robust and accurate GPS tracker program that enables you to locate your phones and loved ones.


rated phone tracking software

Call restrictions and website censorship

Includes a keylogger

Examine online activities

Access contact list and calendar

Email monitoring

Do not use this software for PRIVACY INVASION. Doing so is ILLEGAL. The best way to determine its legality is to visit a lawyer.

Before downloading any mobile phone spy software, it is necessary to understand its operation and purpose. Always read the reviews of the popular software that we provide so that you can make an informed decision about the phone tracking software you require.

How Do You Utilize The Truth Spy?

Following a small number of straightforward procedures was all that was required to operate this software. Downloading and installing the software on the desired device was the first step (an Android phone, an iPhone, or an iPad). I was then required to wait for it to regularly retrieve data from the gadget. Logging into the online account to view the data from the devices is the most beneficial final step.

Is The Truth Spy Legitimate and Safe?

Initially, this program is employed to:

phones Guarding children

Keeping one’s own data

Supervising employees

Parenting is not always straightforward or uncomplicated, especially when children are adolescents. Children, particularly adolescents, can hang out with bad friends, view violent or obscene films, use drugs, skip school, or be bullied, among other things. This application enables us to keep our children away from harmful substances by allowing us to monitor their whereabouts.

A cell phone is one of the things that people today cannot live without. Not only is it utilized for communication, but also for recreation, work, and other purposes. For example, we can utilize it to store and handle extremely vital and valuable data. Imagine what would happen if we ever misplaced or accidentally broke our phones. Disaster!

This software is incredibly handy since it backs up important data and stores it in a safe online account. All call records and SMS (or text) messages are logged and transmitted to a secure online account that you may access whenever you choose to control or check the data.

It also allows for the monitoring of staff phone usage. They are always aware of this and hence avoid utilizing corporate phones for personal calls. It has helped reduce the company’s phone expenses because no money is wasted on unnecessary calls. Fear of getting caught also prevents employees from selling firm secrets while at work.

What Exactly Is The Truth Spy?

It is software that aids in the recovery of a lost or stolen smartphone. It contains call and SMS tracking capabilities that can provide valuable information about the thief. Here are a few of its attributes:

Ambient Listening: The ability to hear what is occurring around a gadget. It aids in making concealed calls and listening to the surroundings of the target cell phone. It is a really important tool that allows you to track your child and hear what he is up to with other adolescents.

Live Call Recording: It might record employees’ live phone calls as a covert audio file. You need only select the phone numbers to record, and the operation will commence automatically. After recording, the file is uploaded to your online account for subsequent access.

It tracks the WhatsApp logs of a device without rooting it. You were able to view all communications, including profiles, status updates, images, stickers, emoticons, and locations.

It could allow you to view the history of websites visited on your mobile device. In addition, it can block any website that you do not want children to visit.

How Does The Truth Spy Function On Android & iPhone?

Position tracking with GPS

Track app usage

Record SMS messages 100 percent undetected

Automatically answer calls

View content of notes

Review your contact list

Warnings and notification

24/7 Support choices

View multi-media files

Key logger

Control calls

Remote control

Their Costs

They offer three different packages:

Standard, costing $21.99 a month, provides the fewest features.

The premium for $25.99 per month – several features

Gold costs $30.00 per month and includes ALL features.

In addition, they offer a 7-day refund policy. If the software does not function on your device, you have seven days to request a refund, subject to specific conditions. I suggest you contact them about the specifics of these terms.

Regarding a free trial and promotional codes, we have not found any too far. If we discover anything in the future, we will update this page.

Does The Truth Spy App Truly Function?

This is one of the effective cell phone tracking or spy apps. Its creators are still striving to enhance it. In addition, their customer service responsiveness might be enhanced.

TheTruthSpy Evaluation

Thetruthspy is one of the most well-known spy solutions on the mobile app market because of its creative spying features and affordable price. This software operates in stealth mode and is therefore undetected; the target user will never discover that he or she is being observed remotely. This allows you to monitor not just the websites visited on the tracked phone, but also the multimedia files stored on the device. So here are reviews of Thetruthspy.

A list of Thetruthspy’s features

Text Messages (SMS, Email) Monitoring Mobile Phone Call Control

GPS Location Camera Access & Full Control

Social Media Activity Monitoring Comprehensive Internet Activity Report Compatibility with iPhone, iOS, and Android Mobile Devices

Four Advantages of Thetruthspy

They provide a straightforward and simple-to-navigate user interface where you can access the iOS data being recorded from the target phone.

It offers the most comprehensive set of mobile tracking features.

It offers to track BBM chat conversations.

It Provides an Easy Way to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Being Discovered.

Three Detriments of Thetruthspy

The Contact and Support Page of This Spy Product’s Website Is Inadequate and Missing Vital Information.

Inadequate Customer Service Lacks Certain Necessary Elements.

What’s Our Opinion?

Though Thetruthspy is a highly effective spy program with a variety of basic and complex functions, the app rates poorly in terms of technical support, as the only way to contact them is by submitting a request ticket on their website. In addition, some of these capabilities, which contribute to the increased price of this spy device, are useful but dull.

2022 TheTruthSpy Review

Are you considering downloading the truth spy app? In that case, you’ll want to read this post on my TheTruthSpy review to discover more. If you would rather not read this article, you may watch my video review of the truth spy in the video located above.

What exactly is TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy is a spying application. You utilize it similarly to how you would utilize pcTattletale to spy on your spouse or children. The application runs invisibly in the background, and you may view their actions remotely. If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you or that something is amiss with your children, the TheTruthSpy app may be ideal for you.

How does TheTruthSpy function?

You install TheTruthSpy on your mobile device. The application operates invisibly, while their actions are visible. You may view their behavior on

TheTruthSpy App Support for iPhone

I was astonished to see that TheTruthSpy offers iPhone surveillance while conducting my review. I am truly startled by this. Why? A few months ago, I chose to abandon iPhone for pcTattletale. TheTruthSpy does not offer iPhone tracking either, as confirmed by a closer investigation…

Let me clarify.

When you visit TheTruthSpy’s website, you are immediately informed that you must jailbreak your iPhone. I don’t know about you, but the prospect of jailbreaking my iPhone in order to test out their application was a little unsettling to me. Does this imply my iPhone is now vulnerable to hacking? But since I was reviewing theTruthSpy, I decided to try it nonetheless.

The TheTruthSpy software team will not do the jailbreak for you. In reality, they do not even wish to provide instructions. You are mostly on your own when it comes to jailbreaking your iPhone. They do direct you to a page where you can jailbreak your own iPhone:

However, when you visit this website, you will discover why you cannot jailbreak your iPhone:

Check your iPhone immediately. It likely already runs at least iOS 11 or iOS 12. This indicates that theTruthSpy will not function for you or nearly anyone else. Apple is incredibly effective at convincing consumers to update their phones. Examine the table below. Less than 1 in 30 iPhones were capable of using TheTruthSpy at the time this article was written.

Therefore, the “Truth” is that TheTruthSpy will likely not operate with any iPhone at this time. I was unable to get it to function on my iPhone 6 or anyone else’s because they had already upgraded to a new iOS version.

It is safe to say that this solution no longer functions.

TheTruthSpy Support for Android

Similar to pcTattletale, TheTruthSpy App is compatible with Android. It has to do with the fact that Android is a more open platform than iOS. You install TheTruthSpy on your mobile device. It operates invisibly and reveals who they speak with and what they did on the phone. It will also track their GPS location.

In my TheTruthSpy review, I discovered that it is compatible with nearly all Android versions, which is a plus.

The most important takeaway is that you will need physical access to their phone and the ability to unlock it in order to use TheTruthSpy.

pcTattletale – A Better alternative?

The reason I wanted to write a review of TheTruthSpy was to address all of the inquiries I receive about how it compares to pcTattletale. Both applications are extremely similar but also distinct. I wished to highlight the most significant distinctions.

TheTruthSpy Device Assistance

Since neither TheTruthSpy App nor pcTattletale is compatible with the iPhone, I would contact them even here. I could have left iPhone on the pcTattletale website despite the fact that it *could* still function for some users, but I felt it would not have been very honest. TheTruthSpy has left iPhone on their website despite the fact that it no longer functions for the vast majority of users.

Consequently, the TruthSpy App only supports Android devices. pcTattletale is compatible with Windows and Android PCs.

The Difference Between TheTruthSpy And pcTattletale Spy

The theTheTruthSpy application retrieves all text messages, Facebook interactions, etc., and displays them in a list manner. This is convenient because it allows you to view all of your text message chats.

pcTattletale offers an extremely unique approach. Instead, it logs every detail of their screen activity. Why is this essential? Because they are always using unknown new applications. TheTruthSpy is restricted to the programs it supports.

Consider the new social application known as “TikTok”

If your partner is cheating on you using Tik Tok, the TheTruthSpy software will never detect it. Why? Because they lack backing for it. TheTruthSpy can only record the apps it was designed to monitor.

But with pcTattletale, you will be privy to all of these crucial talks, as it records their screen. You see everything regardless of the browser or app you choose to use in the future.

pcTattletale Live Monitoring

Using pcTattletale Live Monitoring, you may observe what they are doing on their phone in real-time, which is a cool function of pcTattletale. TheTruthSpy does not provide this service.

Suppose your partner pulls away from you as a text message arrives. They truly do not want you to see it, so please leave the room. No issue. Simply open pcTattletale on YOUR PHONE, and you can see what the person in the next room is doing on THEIR PHONE. Then you may observe them typing their discussions as if you were sitting just behind them.

pcTattletale monitors theTruthSpy App live.

TheTruthSpy Costs

pcTattletale defeats TheTruthSpy in terms of price. See the following pricing table:

Notice the significant difference as you add more devices. pcTattletale is significantly less expensive than TheTruthSpy App. TheTruthSpy costs $460 to monitor the same three devices that pcTattletale offers for $99.


Both pcTattletale and TheTruthSpy perform extremely comparable spying functions. pcTattletale allows you to snoop on Windows computers. Additionally, you may use it on up to three devices for less money than one device on TheTruthSpy.

Why not also give pcTattletale a try if you were considering using TheTruthSpy? You may find that pcTattletale is more suited to your needs and far less expensive.

What is the app TheTruthSpy?

TheTruthSpy is one such software that can be installed on Android smartphones or iDevices (iPhone, iPad, etc.) to track any data, including GPS location, an SMS conversation, Call History, Whatsapp messages, Photos, Ambient Voice Recording, and Phone Call Recording.

How can I set up TheTruthSpy?

To download and install TheTruthSpy onto the target device, you can follow the step-by-step steps in this link’s documentation. Choose a version compatible with the operating system of your intended devices.

Is physical access to the device required to install the software?

You must own and have physical access to the device you plan to monitor in order to install the program. The program may only be used to monitor a phone with permission from parents and employers.

The program is directly downloaded onto the monitoring device. Installation from a distance is not possible.

Here you will find additional information on how to install the app on Android OS:

Which nations will the software function in?

TheTruthSpy is for parents and employers, and it works in any country as long as the device you own and are monitoring meets the following requirements:

Unrestricted access to the Internet

An active data/internet plan on the monitored device, Wi-Fi, or both. A smartphone operating system that is compatible. Operating systems Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad…)

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