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Which is the best spy app for Android free?

As we all know, the issue of hacking and spying is an issue that has been raised a lot recently. In this article from spy family we talked about which is the best spy app for Android free. We will mention them at first and then explain all of them. Stay with this post and read the article to the end.

Which is the best spy app for Android free?

Today, we are going to share a list of the best spy apps for Android that everyone would love to have on their smartphone. These apps serve a very good purpose and can be used to track other smartphones or children’s smartphones. So, let’s check out the list.


ClevGuard is a reliable app that has all the advanced features needed to ensure the safety of your child or anyone else you care about. It is one of the best cell phone trackers that we will discuss some of its features:

  • Browser history
  • Record phone calls
  • Multi-language support
  • GPS and Wi-Fi tracking
  • SMS and Social media messenger
  • Screen recording and take screenshots

 Cerberus app

Cerberus app is a phone tracker app for personal use. This app helps you find a lost or stolen smartphone. Still, it also has a bunch of extra features, including snapping a photo of the thief, texting commands, locating the phone on a map. You can lock and wipe your data. . This software won’t help you track other people’s devices, but you can totally spy on whoever stole your device. Subscription services start at a very affordable $5 per year for one device.

Which is the best spy app for Android free?


Parents use it to track the activities of their children so that they can be aware of the type of activity of their children on the Internet. Many multinational and small companies also use it to track their employees’ work. So, there are many things that you can do with the help of mSpy Mobile Spy software. You can also access the advanced features of mSpy Mobile Spy through the ultimate and premium versions.


Cocospy is known as one of the most reliable spy software. It monitors the targeted device, so you can keep an eye on your staff members, partners, friends and kids. Considerable consideration for users to implement it, You need to register to use Cocospy services. After this, you will get a URL that will give you access to the target user’s device. Here you can use that URL to download Cocospy.

Cocospy is legal because you use it to monitor your or your employees’ online activities, so they can work with focus. This is an innovative parental control app for Android and iPhone. No need to jailbreak or root the phone when spying.

To sum up

We mentioned four important reasons to answer which is the best spy app for Android free. They include ClevGuard, Cerberus app, mSpy and Cocospy. Also, we explain all of them. Thanks for your attention, and we hope this post on spy family can be useful for you.

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