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SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android for Mac & Windows 2022

Read this article from Spy Family, so you understand how SPY24 works. Do you want to know if SPY24 for Mac and Windows is the Best Solution for iPhone and Android? Stay with us. This SPY24 review is a candid look at one of the most popular espionage apps. SPY24 is the world’s most popular parental control and monitoring app. Mobile phones (Android and iOS) and laptops are monitored by the SPY24 program (both Windows PC and macOS).

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Is it, however, the best?

This SPY24 cell phone tracker review will help you determine if it’s the appropriate product. This post will teach you the following:

  1. Installing and using the SPY24 app on iPhones and Androids has been a positive experience.
  2. A couple of annoyances (you should read this to avoid wasting time and money)
  3. How I was able to save 15% on SPY24 when I bought it (click here to see if the discount is still available)
  4. Why is EyeZy suddenly my first choice over SPY24? (click here to learn why)
  5. When I needed to track a loved one’s phone, I discovered that smartphone security is complicated to overcome.
  6. Companies who sell phone surveillance software make many claims about how easy their apps are to install and use.
  7. The truth is that most of them are unstable and have poor technical support.
  8. You don’t need to waste money (or effort) on a phone tracking program that will never function if you’re worried about what someone is doing on their phone.

SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android for Mac & Windows 2022

Review of SPY24

SPY24 is one of the most significant spy applications since it has a lot of functions without requiring the target device to be jailbroken or rooted. For several years, SPY24 was my favourite spyware program. However, SPY24 has slipped behind.

  • Yeezy is my current favourite espionage app.
  • Yeezy has more functionality (particularly for iPhones) and LIVE phone assistance than SPY24. A simple comparison of the two follows.
  • ADDITIONAL social media profiles and messaging applications
  • No root or jailbreak is required.
  • Chat help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • You only have limited access to social networking chat apps without a jailbreak or root.
  • There are a few good cell phone spying apps, and SPY24 is one.
  • This isn’t to say that SPY24 didn’t cause me some grief.
  • However, their tech support personnel quickly resolved most of my difficulties with SPY24.
  • I’ll get to that in a minute.
  • While SPY24 is pricier than other monitoring programs, it provides an excellent blend of functionality, customer support, and stability.

Before you do anything else, you should

If you’re interested in continuing with SPY24, I recommend that you: Check out their FREE mobile spy software demo (see below). To ensure your phone is compatible, read through all of the FAQs on the SPY24 website.

Avoid any monitoring software that requires the phone to be jailbroken or rooted. THE TROUBLE IS NOT WORTH IT. Now that it’s out of the way, let’s get to the meat of the review…This app’s functionality is pretty extensive. I’ll go over the features of the SPY24 app for both iPhone and Android below.

Android app SPY24

SPY24 is one of the most popular espionage apps for Android phones and tablets. Once installed on an Android device, the software is invisible and untraceable. The Android Version of the SPY24 program has the following characteristics:

Monitoring text messages is no longer sufficient. Many social networking apps may be used to communicate from a smartphone or tablet.

  • Monitoring

Most SPY24 is dedicated to monitoring your child’s communications with the outside world, and it does it admirably.

You’ll get pertinent information if you select the messaging app or communications type from the sidebar. For example, there’s the date, quantity, and length of arriving and outgoing calls. The contact name, date, and content of messaging and chat chats are all recorded by SPY24. You also receive email logging and the ability to examine calendar events, contact lists, fresh images, and videos, providing a better picture of what’s happening.

With SPY24’s screen recorder, you can monitor your children across all their chat apps (Image credit: SPY24). You may set up SPY24 to capture regular screenshots and log every keystroke on the device for accurate, in-depth monitoring. This gives you a lot more information, but it also means you’ll have to wade through more reports, which will take longer.

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Fortunately, SPY24’s Keyword Tracking provides a more specific feature. You can use this section to set rules that trigger an alert when SPY24 detects a particular word or phrase. You can set up SPY24 to scan for the words’ suicide in SMS and ‘porn’ in instant messaging, for example, and send you an email right away: it’s that simple.

  • Final judgment

SPY24 is a competent phone tracking program that can tell you everything about the messages sent to and from a device and a lot more information about its use. However, that amount of surveillance may not be lawful for an adult target, and SPY24 lacks the screen time, internet access, and device usage limitations of the finest parental control apps.

SPY24’s social media monitoring service includes:

  1. Track calls and reads chats on Skype.
  2. Track all chats on Whatsapp
  3. Read all iMessage conversations.
  4. Viber — keep track of call records, chat messages, photographs, and group messaging.
  5. See who’s snapping messages, photos, and more on Snapchat.
  6. Line – secret access chats, incoming/outgoing messages, times sent and received, and even the target’s name and phone number.
  7. View all contacts, incoming/outgoing messages, and concealed messages on Telegram.
  8. View the target’s profile, matches, super likes, and messages sent and received on Tinder.
  9. Google Hangouts allows you to view photographs, maps, contacts, emojis, and stickers.

Monitoring and blocking of websites

Website monitoring and blocking are one of the most popular features among parents and employers. This functionality lets you observe which websites the target device accesses, which pages they bookmark, and even when specific phrases are typed into the browser.

It’s beneficial for parents who want to watch what their children see. You can’t always keep an eye on them to ensure they don’t get themselves into trouble. With site monitoring, you can see what they’re looking at for yourself.

You can also ban particular websites with SPY24. The blocking feature is quite handy, but it is browser-specific. You can block sites if the phone’s owner uses Chrome, Safari, or the Android browser, but they can get around this capability by downloading third-party browsers like Opera.

Calls, both incoming and outgoing

1-All incoming and outgoing calls from the target phone will be visible in your control panel. You’ll see the overall number of calls, call times, duration, and their name if they’re a contact on the target device.

2-You have control over when calls are erased from the dashboard’s call history. Regardless of what is stored on the phone, you will still have an account if the user deletes their call log.

SPY24 has two more features that make it a genuinely powerful program.

  • Incoming call blocking can be configured for specific numbers or contacts.
  • Within a controlled curfew hour, you can block ALL incoming calls. You can configure this in your dashboard if you don’t want your daughter to receive calls from 10 p.m. to 8 a.m.


Using SPY24 to track text messages

One of the most common inquiries we hear is how to get text messages forwarded to my phone from another phone. The ability to track all incoming and outgoing text (SMS) messages from the target smartphone is one of SPY24’s most powerful features.

You’ll see the phone number, the time, and the text message from your dashboard. You control when messages are erased from your dashboard, just like the call log. You’ll be able to access SMS messages even if the phone’s owner deletes them.

Read incoming messages and emails.

  • Email, like texting, is another place where a child or employee might get himself into trouble. SPY24 allows you to see every incoming and outgoing email communication in a log file on the dashboard.
  • The sender/email recipient’s address, the email’s time stamp, and the content are all displayed here.
  • This log file functions similarly to the call and SMS text logs. You’ll see all the information in your dashboard even if the user deletes the emails.

Contact and Calendar Information

You can see all the contacts on the target device from your dashboard. Names, phone numbers, email addresses, and physical addresses will be displayed. You’ll also have complete control over the target device’s calendar events and timetable.

This allows you to see all calendar entries, scheduled tasks, and scheduled meetings (and any associated data) (and their details). Within minutes after adding a new appointment or contact, the entry will appear in your dashboard (depending on the update schedule you set).

Track the Target’s Physical Location

The GPS tracker is another valuable function of the SPY24 app. You can instantly trace a phone’s location to within 20 meters using the phone’s built-in GPS tracking device.

You may see a map of their current position and whereabouts over time. You may even track the phone when it cannot get GPS signals by using Wi-Fi.

Logging of keystrokes

The default target keyboard is replaced with a SPY24 keyboard that records all keystrokes when enabled by the Keylogger functionality. By selecting the “Force Keyboard” button in your control panel, you can force SPY24 always to load its keyboard.

A keylogger records every keyboard input, regardless of which app is used. For Android and iOS devices, the SPY24 app has a built-in keylogger. To use the iPhone keylogger, you must first jailbreak your device.

Capabilities for Geofencing

  1. You can set up limited zones for the target device and the SPY24 GPS tracker. You can create an endless number of zones. The phone will track how often and when each zone is visited.
  2. You can even send the phone an email when certain zones are entered and exited.
  3. For parents, this is a handy function. Set up a “safe zone” surrounding your house, your child’s school, and other places they frequent.
  4. SPY24’s GPS tracking will alert you immediately if they leave one of these protected zones. It’s the most acceptable assurance you can get.

iPhone spy app SPY24

You may also use SPY24 to keep track of some of the most popular social media apps. This is one of the critical reasons it ranks in the top three of my list of the best iPhone spy apps.

Phone Numbers of Interest

You’ll be able to examine much information about the target device from your dashboard. Some of it is merely informative, but some critical functions are included. You’ll be able to examine the following statistics:

The Version of SPY24 software

  1. battery life remaining
  2. information about the target device’s operating system
  3. available memory space
  4. provider of cellular services
  5. installed applications

When was the last time your phone synchronized with your dashboard?

  1. You can also use your SPY24 control panel to execute some critical functions remotely. Among them are:
  2. If the target phone is lost or stolen, you can wipe it.
  3. On the target device, disable the app.
  4. Sending the text message to the target device will restart SPY24. This can assist if the target device has vanished from your control panel. This incoming text will be hidden from the user.
  5. The current target device is being disconnected.
  6. Delete all logs from your control panel.
  7. To save the logs, export them from your control panel. PDF, XLS, and CSV are all supported formats.
  8. Restart the target device from afar
  9. with remote device locking
  10. Target Device Configuration
  11. You can set the default behaviour for the target device in this part of your control panel. Once you’ve done that, the software will run with these settings unless you modify them.
  12. Ensure everything is set to “auto-update” so that all recorded data is automatically transmitted to your control panel for review.
  13. Because downloading this data regularly can drain the phone’s battery and data plan, you can tell SPY24 which categories of data to send via which connections.
  14. For example, videos are pretty huge. You can instruct the app to upload movies only when the phone is connected to the internet rather than a cellular network. This will prevent the SPY24 program from consuming all of your data.
  15. You can also set the data and location information refresh interval. The lower the value, the more frequently the updates will occur. Achieving a balance that doesn’t completely deplete the device’s battery is critical. In most circumstances, 30 minutes of data and 2 minutes of location information are sufficient.


Access to installed applications can be monitored and controlled.

The target user’s installed programs will be visible in your SPY24 dashboard. You can limit or unblock access to the application from the same menu. The list in your control panel will be updated as new apps are introduced.

This lets you ensure your kids aren’t downloading any apps that could hurt them or their phones. It also ensures that staff stay on target and don’t use apps that could be dangerous to you or your company.

This feature helps check for specific language usage or log website usernames and passwords. This is one of the most powerful features available if you need to learn how to hack a cell phone.

Keyword Notifications

Would getting a notification every time a specific word or phrase was used on the target phone benefit you? Drugs, sex, porn, alcohol, or any other keyword can be programmed to send you and your phone an urgent notification.

Add all the keywords you want to track, and you’ll get an alert whenever they’re used. SPY24 notifies you when it encounters this word or phrase in text messages, apps, browsing history, etc.

View Media on the Target Device

You may view all images and videos taken with the target phone on the SPY24 dashboard. Each image/video will also have a date and timestamp. Images can be viewed in thumbnail or full-size mode. You can watch videos in their entirety.

SPY24 includes all of the features found in the most popular spying apps, including tracking websites visited, incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages, social media discussions, keystrokes entered, app and website blocking, and location tracking. However, unlike many spy apps, you DO NOT need to jailbreak or root your phone to get all this data.

What is the significance of this?

Because it will save you time and the hassle of attempting to break a phone, and it will not breach the phone’s warranty. The SPY24 app is simple to install and configure. The user interface is simple and allows you to access almost everything on the target phone. SPY24’s 24/7 email and chat-based customer care back up everything.

While the installation of SPY24 is more complex than some other apps that can be downloaded to the phone, the step-by-step instructions are straightforward to follow. We’ll go over that in greater detail further down the page. Let’s look at what this surveillance tool can do for you as a parent or employer.

What Can SPY24 Monitor?

SPY24 is a monitoring app for a target phone, tablet, or PC/Mac. It lets you examine the target device’s call record, SMS text messages, internet browsing history, GPS position, emails, media (pictures and video), instant chats, and numerous major social networking programs after it’s installed.

You’ll see all this and more through your web-based dashboard safely, securely, and without the target phone user’s knowledge. This dashboard can be accessed from a computer or a mobile device.

An application like SPY24 can be used in a variety of ways. Some clients use it to keep track of their children. There are numerous advantages to having a smartphone for children. Unfortunately, you cannot constantly be present to ensure they are not abusing it.

Parental Control Features of SPY24

SPY24 is an excellent tool for monitoring your child’s online activities. I consider it one of the most excellent parental control tools available. It allows you to track which websites they visit, who they talk to and when, who they text with, and who they connect with on social networking apps.

It also allows you to physically trace the phone to ensure it is where it claims to be. SPY24 is a good option for parental control. It enables you to monitor your child’s phone, including internet activity, call history, and contact names. If you’re looking for information on parental control apps, check out this post.

SPY24: Keeping an Eye on Your Employees

Time is money when it comes to running a business. You hope your personnel is reliable, but it never hurts to have a backup plan. And as a business owner, you may be liable for your activities. With SPY24, you can ensure that staff arrive on time and leave when they are supposed to.

You can track how much time they spend on the phone each day and with whom they text at work. You can use their device to monitor the websites they visit to ensure they’re not doing anything that could hurt your company’s reputation.

Using SPY24 to Monitor Your Spouse’s Phone

While most of us practically LIVE on our phones, they periodically go misplaced or forgotten. SPY24 is an excellent tool for quickly determining the exact position of a missing phone. You can even turn it off remotely so no one else can use it.

On the target phone, you can choose to keep SPY24 entirely hidden. This renders it invisible to the owner of the phone. The dashboard of SPY24 allows you to see their exact location at any time. In certain major social apps, you can see who they text with, who they call and when, and who they chat with.

My Dissatisfaction with SPY24

  • The majority of reviews portray the SPY24 cell phone tracking app positively.
  • I’m starting with my frustrations because I want you to be prepared.
  • I joined up for an account with SPY24 when I needed to watch the phone of a loved one secretly.
  • According to their instructions, I only needed their iCloud user ID and password.
  • However, I discovered that a 2-factor authentication code would be delivered to the user’s phone when I signed into their iCloud account.
  • So much for keeping things hidden.
  • Fortunately, I could obtain the code from their phone without drawing attention to myself.


SPY24 revised its instructions and devised a technique to set it up without touching the target phone after I published this review.

My other issues arose after I had everything set up. The first included determining which phone numbers delivered photographs via text messages. According to the docs and FAQ, if the phone receives an image through a text message from someone who isn’t a contact,

all you see is a lot of zeros. The second issue was that location data could be inaccurate at times. This may lead to pointless discussions about “where you were hanging out.”

Apart from these annoyances, I’ve been delighted with the app, especially its customer care. The support team (notably Mike Hoover) is extremely patient and will work with you for as long as possible.

They have the most features of anyone in the industry for iPhones, including It is not necessary to jailbreak the phone. Physical access to the phone is not required.

The Android version of their program is also quite powerful, although it requires a few minutes of physical access to the phone to install, as do all Android spy apps. This implies you’ll require physical access to the phone for a few minutes.

How Does SPY24 Function?

SPY24 is a mobile monitoring tool that you can install on your phone and use to track phone conversations, social media activity, instant messages, location data, and more. SPY24 runs in the background and is undetectable once installed on the phone.

The app for Android devices must be installed directly, necessitating physical access. You’ll need the target user’s Apple ID and password for Apple devices so SPY24 can access their iCloud account. There are no settings that can be altered from the app on the target phone, whether it is hidden or not.

After installing the target device, the SPY24 has full access to the phone or tablet. It gathers this information and sends it to your web dashboard to view whenever you choose. You may see text messages, voice call logs, contact information, and more from here.

SPY24 sends all the data to your dashboard via the phone’s internet connection (Wi-Fi or 3G/4G/5G). This necessitates the use of an internet-capable gadget. It is not location-dependent and may be used anywhere on the planet as long as there is an internet connection.

SPY24 Obtaining

  • SPY24 is simple to obtain. You may examine all of the features and capabilities by clicking on one of the links on this page.
  • There are numerous buying options available. You can purchase it entirely or pay for it monthly if you want to save money.

Information on Compatibility

Before continuing, ensure your selected target device is compatible with the SPY24 app. You’ll need to root your Android phone or jailbreak your iPhone to get the most out of the software. Many of the most recent iPhone models do not support jailbreaking. The following is a list of compatible devices and operating systems.

iPhones and other iOS-based devices

A jailbroken iOS device version of SPY24 is no longer available. If you want to track a jailbroken device, you’ll need to restore it to factory settings.

Devices that have not been jailbroken (iPad or iPhone)

1. All versions of iOS2 are supported by SPY24. Internet access is required on iOS device3. If you have the device’s iCloud login credentials4, you don’t need physical access. If iCloud backups are not enabled, physical access may be necessary.

Android gadgets

1. Android 4.0 or higher is required2. The device must have internet access3. Physical access to the device is required4. Rooting the target is required to track instant messengers, Facebook, Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, Wi-Fi networks, and Gmail.

Macintosh Computers

1. Mac OS 10.7 Lion, Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and OS X 10.11 El Capitan2 are required. It is necessary to have physical access to the computer.

Computers that run Windows

1. Windows XP x32, Windows Vista x32, x64, Windows 7 x32, x34, or Windows 11 must be installed on the device. Installation requires physical access to the computer.

SPY24 Packages and Prices

SPY24 has several different packages to choose from. They range from the “Basic” plan to the “Premium” package for phones that have been rooted or jailbroken. There’s also a no-jailbreak package, which offers a more straightforward installation but less functionality.

Each plan’s cost and features are broken down below. As you can see, paying quarterly or annually results in substantial cost savings.

SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android for Mac & Windows 2022
SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android for Mac & Windows 2022

Customer Service at SPY24

As a paying customer, you will enjoy 24/7 email support (basic package) or 24/7 email and chat assistance (premium and no-jailbreak packages). Their technical support team can assist you with product installation or use issues.

In less than 30 minutes, you should receive an email response. Wait times for chat are significantly reduced. A service person never took more than 2 minutes to respond to our chat queries.

SPY24 Setup and Installation

No review would be complete without discussing how to install the SPY24 software. Depending on whatever device you’ll be targeting and which package you buy, the process will be slightly different.

Without Jailbreak iOS Devices

You can install SPY24 Without Jailbreak if the device you want to monitor is an iPhone and you don’t want to jailbreak it. To complete the installation, you’ll need the user’s iCloud credentials.

Log in to your Control Panel first. Select the appropriate installation method for your equipment. Then follow the instructions step by step. Make sure the iPhone backup is turned on. iPhones back up to the cloud once daily, but they must be plugged in, unlocked, and connected to Wi-Fi.

To ensure backups are enabled, go to the targets Settings menu and ensure “iCloud Backup” is turned on. Then click the Backup Now option under “Backup.” This will sync all the target phone data with your control panel.

Jailbroken iPhones and iPads

SPY24’s jailbroken version for iPhones and iOS devices is known as the “Full Pack.” If you’re new to jailbreaking a phone, here’s an excellent place to start. You must first jailbreak your device to install the full version of SPY24.

Look at this compatibility table to make sure your device can be jailbroken. A jailbreak for several of the newest iPhones is still unavailable. You’ll need to utilize the “No-Jailbreak” version of the software if this is the case with your target device.

Go to Settings->General->About-> version on the target device to check the iOS version.

Once the phone has been appropriately jailbroken, go to your control panel dashboard and select “iPhone” to continue the installation. Complete jailbreaking of the phone and installing the software should take 30 minutes.

SPY24 for Android Phones and Tablets

Physical access to the phone is required for installation on an Android handset. Select “Android” from your control panel. Then follow the installation instructions step by step.

The fundamental operation of the SPY24 program does not require rooting on Android devices. However, the extended functionality of monitoring select apps does.

The tracking program will monitor the phone once you complete the SPY24 installation procedure. All activity may be tracked from here on out using your control panel.

Last word

There are dozens of phone and tablet monitoring apps on the market. SPY24 has established itself as a leader by providing a reliable, stable, cost-effective product. Although T-SPY lacks several functions that SPY24 has, like call intercept and call recording, it is the best program for monitoring your child’s, employee’s, or spouse’s phone for the money. We tried to answer your questions in this article on, and thank you for being with us.


Here are some often-asked questions while looking for a phone tracking app like SPY24.

Are There Any Alternatives to SPY24?

Based on functionality and cost, I recommend numerous programs instead of SPY24. The most acceptable SPY24 alternatives are listed below. Other products that are similar include:

  • Pro Kidsguard
  • Webwatcher
  • wispy
  • MMGuardian

Is SPY24 a Scam or Legit?

While many people have had negative experiences with SPY24, the software does perform as promised. Many of their client reviews are not complimentary.

Unfortunately, many buyers fail to read the SPY24 refund policy before purchasing, struggle to get it to operate and publish negative reviews accusing it of fraud.

Is SPY24 risky?

SPY24 is secure. The various versions require different installation procedures, although both will affect the phone and may be deleted entirely when no longer needed.

Are iPhones and Androids compatible with SPY24?

iOS versions 6–8.4 and 15 are supported when using the jailbreak version of SPY24 to track an iPhone. It works on all iOS versions when using the non-jailbreak version. Android 4+ is required for Android devices.

  • The following Windows operating systems are supported:

Windows XP 32-bit; Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit; Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit; Windows 11; Windows 10

  • The following operating systems are supported on MAC computers:

OS X 10.7 Lion, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, OS X 10.9 Mavericks, OS X 10.10 Yosemite, and OS X 10.11 El Capitan are all versions of Mac OS X.

Will SPY24 work in every country?

Yes, SPY24 will send information from the target device back to your control panel as long as the device is connected to the internet. When the device is turned off or out of range, you will experience delays.

Is it Legal to Use SPY24?

It is perfectly legal to use SPY24. There are, however, a few caveats. You must be the phone’s owner. For example, if you wish to monitor a phone that your firm supplies to your employees, you can do it legally. Notifying your employee that their phone is being observed is required.

Another example is keeping an eye on your child’s phone. It’s up to you whether or not you inform them that their phone is being monitored.

If you want to utilize SPY24 to spy on a spouse or significant other you suspect of cheating, telling them would limit your chances of capturing them. At best, this is a grey area. Many would argue that knowing for sure is more crucial.

Will the phone’s owner be aware that SPY24 has been installed?

On an iOS device, SPY24 is undetectable. It is not required to be “installed” on the target phone. It simply gives you access to the user’s entire iCloud backup collection.

Because the app must be downloaded and installed on the device, SPY24 can be detected on Android phones. Although it is hidden and undetectable, SPY24 will be seen if an anti-spyware program is installed.

Is it necessary to install SPY24 on the target phone?

If the phone is an iOS device, SPY24 can spy on it without installing software. Android phones DO necessitate the installation of software.

Is it Safe to Trust SPY24?

The data of SPY24 has been hacked on two occasions. Thousands of customers’ phone numbers were compromised due to these hacks. SPY24 has subsequently beefed up its network’s security, encrypting all phone data with military-grade encryption.

Is SPY24 capable of monitoring many devices?

A Family plan is currently available on SPY24. Your dashboard will display all the devices so you can swiftly go from one to the other. This is perfect if you’re keeping an eye on a group of employees or children. SPY24’s most powerful features are also unlocked with the Family plan.

SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android for Mac & Windows 2022
SPY24 Reviews for iPhone & Android for Mac & Windows 2022

Can SPY24 listen in on phone calls?

No. Phone conversations are not recorded by SPY24. Only call logs with phone numbers and durations are available.

Is it true that jailbreaking an iPhone voids its warranty?

Jailbreaking an iPhone technically voids the warranty. The jailbreak can be undone by updating the iOS or resetting the phone to factory settings. This will enable you to use the contract if necessary.

How frequently is my dashboard’s data updated?

You can choose how often the target device uploads data throughout the SPY24 installation process. It can be set to anything from 10 minutes to once every day. The higher the frequency, the more the software drains the target smartphone’s battery.

If you’re using the app for tracking, updating it more regularly can be advantageous. Once every half hour is usually sufficient.

How Do I Remove It?

SPY24 removal is a breeze. Open the app, select “Installed,” then “iPhoneInternalService,” “Modify,” and then “Remove” from the drop-down menu.

Go to “Phone Settings,” Security, Device Administrators, Update Service, Deactivate, Return to Settings, Apps, Update Service, and Uninstall on Android devices.

Looking for a Cell Phone Tracker on a Budget?

While SPY24 has a lot of capabilities, other solutions don’t have as many functions but are significantly less expensive. We recently completed our T-SPY review and felt it was time to compare it to some of the other available options.

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