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Sprint Family Locator Free App for Android – iPhone Plan Review

Is Sprint Family the best app for finding your family members? In this article on Spy Family we want to help you learn how to use Sprint Family Locator. The Sprint Family Locator App and its best substitute have been thoroughly reviewed in this article. Stay with us to get to know the details.

What is the Sprint Family Locator?

If you and your family members use Sprint, you should know about the Sprint family locator. As a result of its cross-platform connectivity, it makes it easier for parents to locate their children when they are away from home. Alternatively, you can utilize the Sprint family locate app or the desktop website to accomplish the same thing. Parental control and monitoring of their children’s phones sometimes involves using third-party applications. If you’re curious in how Sprint Family Locator works, we’ll explain it in this guide, and we’ll also discuss an alternative.

You are likely familiar with Sprint Family Locator’s workings if your entire family has a Sprint phone line. It is a native application built by Sprint to keep tabs on the position of family members’ linked devices in real-time. After the initial 15 days, customers must purchase a subscription to continue using the service. You may keep track of up to four devices for $5.99 per month. A Sprint connection is mandatory for any devices that connect to the network.

Using the Sprint family finder, several devices can be tracked in real-time from the same location.

Using the app to hunt down a missing or stolen phone is also highly handy.

In addition to an interactive map, it provides an overview of the network’s many members. Just tap on the member’s icon to see their precise position afterwards.’

Sending a message with a GPS position is another way for children to communicate with their parents.

Sprint’s Family Locator app and its website allow you to keep tabs on your children’s whereabouts.

It’s also possible for parents to keep track of their children’s whereabouts and receive real-time updates.

Interoperability across different platforms is made possible by it. As a result, even if you use an iOS smartphone and your children are using an Android device, you can still keep tabs on them (or vice versa).


  • You don’t even need to download the app to track the phone. They don’t have to do anything more than stay on the Sprint network.
  • It features a built-in safety feature. If your child reaches a predetermined place, an alarm will be sent to your phone or another device.
  • It contains built-in SOS and other safety features as well.
  • Designed to work with the most popular mobile platforms (iOS 8.2+ and Android 4.2+)
  • A 30-day free trial period is included.


  • Only a few options are available (no parental controls except device tracking)
  • Sprint’s network can only be used to track a device when it is connected.
  • There is a limit on the number of devices you can monitor at once.
  • Locating a maximum of four devices costs $5.99 per month (the amount is added to your bill cycle).

What is missing from Sprint Family Locator?

In the continuation of  how to use sprint family locator article, now that you know how the Sprint family locator works, you can easily utilize it to find out where your loved ones are. As a family locator, it does have some capabilities, but there are many more that parents should have at their disposal. For example, the Sprint Family Locator app does not have the following important parental control and monitoring capabilities.

It’s impossible for you to keep tabs on what your children are doing on their devices.

Apps on the targeted iOS or Android phone cannot be blocked.

Filtering original content is not possible.

Apps and websites that you believe your children should not be able to view are inaccessible.

It does not have the ability to establish a screen time for the device or any app.

Sprint Family Locator’s Best Rival: SpyFamily

Sprint’s Family Locator, as you can see, is severely lacking in features. As a result, SpyFamily is our top pick for a monitoring and control tool for parents. It was developed by Wondershare and is compatible with all of the most popular iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Apart from being able to track your kids’ whereabouts in real-time, you can also set time limits on their devices and keep an eye on them from afar. It’s free to try for 14 days and very simple to use. Here are a few of the most important aspects of the product.

With a GPS tracker, you can keep tabs on the whereabouts of your children at all times. Set geo-fences and receive notifications when they leave or enter the designated area on your mobile device.

Parents may also see where their children have been and the routes they have taken in the past.

If you don’t want to use an app or the entire device, you can block or unblock it.

Set a maximum screen time to prevent your children from being addicted to any apps.

The device’s sophisticated scheduler lets you place time constraints on how it can be used. Additionally, you may also place a gadget in a certain spot and restrict it.

Filtering of material – It contains a content filtering mechanism that automatically blocks any unsuitable website on the user’s device.

Keep an eye on your children’s smartphone usage from afar with this simple to use app.

How do I use SpyFamily to track down a Sprint cell phone?

You’ll be ready to give SpyFamily a try once you’ve learned about its key features. To get started, simply follow these simple instructions:

First, sign up for a free SpyFamily membership.

Strict Filtering & Safe Search

Stopwatch, Stopwatch Timer, Stopwatch, Stopwatch, Stopwatch, Stopwatch, Stopwatch, Stopwatch, Stopwatch

Anti-Blocker & App Usage Monitoring

YouTube History Monitor and Video Blocker

Texts from the Internet and Pornographic Images Alerts

Kindle Fire 2 and Windows, Android, and iOS devices are all supported. The SpyFamily app can be installed on your child’s phone. Log in to the app on your children’s devices with the same account credentials you used for yourself.

Pick the device you’ll be using and indicate that your child’s smartphone is the one you intend to use.

4. Mentioning the target device’s platform is required to finish the configuration.

Make sure your child’s phone is connected as well by following these steps on theirs.

6. That’s fantastic! SpyFamily can be launched on your phone and all of its functions can be used immediately.

Using the “Live Location” feature, you can see where your children are at any given time. This will bring up a map that shows their precise location.

You can also see where they’ve been in the past by going to the “Location History” section.

Additional features make SpyFamily an indispensable tool for parental management and surveillance. All of these makes it the greatest alternative to Sprint’s Family Locator app. You can give it a whirl for nothing. You may use its parental control tools without any effort, and they’ll come in helpful on a variety of circumstances.

How to Use Sprint Family Locator to Find Missing Family Members

A good thing is any mobile app or service that aids in the safety of your family in theory. The picture isn’t so pleasant when the service has an influence on their privacy and can lead to misunderstandings. Care must be taken to be aware of the service’s restrictions, as with any service of this type.

This software and others like it can play an important part in family life, allowing parents to rest while their children are out and about while also allowing children to roam more freely than they otherwise might. However, it isn’t a miracle cure for all ills. To gain the most from it, you must take into account its flaws.

Sprint’s Family Search and Rescue App

Using the Sprint Family Locator, you may locate any phone on a family cell phone plan. In the event of an emergency, parents will be able to swiftly locate their children or other vulnerable members of the family. Programming the phone’s location and sending an SMS to the person with the phone can be done at particular periods. Perhaps to tell them to return home.

Parents who are worried about their children have embraced the concept as a sound one. Unlike other locating apps, the Sprint Family Locator is powered by the network. The phone’s GPS and Sprint’s network are used to determine the phone’s location. In doing so, it alleviates a major drawback of these tracking programs. Installing or uninstalling a piece of software on a mobile device.

Adding the Sprint Family Locator to your cell phone plan costs $5.99 a month and allows you to track all of your family’s Sprint phones. Apps for iOS and Android are available, however, the phone must be equipped with GPS.

Sprint Family Locator’s advantages

In terms of design, Sprint’s Family Locator is a step in the right direction.

It’ll work without an app — The Sprint Family Locator uses towers and GPS to locate Sprint customers within the network. To use this service, you don’t even need a smartphone.

Using a single family package, you can keep tabs on up to five different phones. Do you have a large family? There’s nothing to worry about. Each of them can have their phone on the same plan, so you can follow them all at the same time.

In a basic dashboard, the findings are displayed on a map. It’s possible to use the map on any web-enabled device, even your own mobile phone. A phone’s position can be quickly and easily pinpointed with the use of this feature.

The tracking map can only be accessed with a username and password, which at least gives the appearance of security. You will be the only one who has access to your family’s data if you safeguard your login information.

Sprint Family Locator’s drawbacks

However, the Sprint Family Locator does have certain drawbacks.

Although this makes sense, if some of your children use different cell phone plans, Sprint Family Locator won’t be able to follow them.

This is a big one: GPS isn’t always accurate. In ideal circumstances, GPS has an accuracy of sixteen feet or less at the most. Accuracy might be affected by factors such as location and weather. As a result of the dense urban environment, it is not uncommon for mobile phone GPS to be significantly off in the city.

the consumer is informed that Sprint is tracking them – Unless you’re seeking to keep tabs on your loved ones without their knowledge, this service isn’t for you. Sprint is required by law to inform its customers that they are being monitored. They send an SMS to each tracked phone once a month to notify them of this.

Anyone with a login can track your family – The service might be used absolutely benignly for parents to monitor their children. – For example, it could be used by envious couples to spy or stalk their lovers. Login information can easily be hacked or phished, therefore the login is a good idea. Your family could be seen by anyone once they’re out in public.

Is Sprint Family Locator a good idea?

In my opinion, the Sprint Family Locator is a terrific idea if parents are open and honest about utilizing it. Kids should be fine with it if they know their parents will only intervene if they believe their children are in danger, and that they will not misuse their authority. Additionally, users should be aware of the GPS’s current generation’s inherent inaccuracy. For the final word, here’s something I found on the Sprint Family Locator forum:

‘Is the family locator accurate?’ It is used by my hubby and me. Despite my best efforts, he believes I’m trying to defraud him and is always monitoring my phone and GPS whereabouts.

All-day, I’m on the phone with clients. It has found my phone two times within three miles of our house, but the family locator shows the same region each time. I’ve been working these past two days (at my home desk). It was the first time that I had to ask my supervisor if she remembered when I logged into my computer to verify to him that I was at work during that period. During my 30-minute lunch break, the second time this happened, it reported.

Several factors made it impossible for me to leave the house. That, however, does not concern him. Even his cell phone has been found twice within a mile of his place of employment. The truth is, he says, that his place of residence is only a mile away from where he works. However, I’m about three miles from where I’m supposed to be.


In thisarticle on Spy Family we talked about how to use sprint family locator and other related details. If you’re interested in spy on others phone and you want to know whats going on on their phone and accounts, you can use these apps. Share your expriences in the comment section.

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