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How to secure Telegram account

Telegram is a messenger based on social networks that have attracted the attention of many users due to its security and high features. Telegram security can be increased in several ways. You may ask how secure Telegram is or how to prevent Telegram spying. In this article on the Spy family blog, we will teach you how to secure Telegram account to prevent unauthorized access.

How to secure Telegram account

The first method: Lock Telegram

One of the most basic and simple ways to secure Telegram is to lock the application. To do this:

  1. Enter the Telegram program.
  2. Go to the settings section.
  3. Select the privacy and security option.
  4. Select the passcode lock option.
  5. In this step, enter your desired password.
  6. The encryption operation is finished at this stage, and the open lock icon appears at the top.

But you forget to click on the lock when you leave. If you want it to be done automatically, select the Auto-lock option in the password lock section and change its value to your desired time so that Telegram will automatically be locked at the set time.

The second method: Two-step verification

Another practical and essential method to secure Telegram account is to activate the two-step verification feature. To implement this method:

  1. Enter the Telegram program.
  2. Go to the settings section.
  3. Enter the privacy and security section.
  4. Select the two-step verification option.
  5. Click on set additional password option.
  6. In this section, enter the Email and Password carefully because you will need this password in the future. After that, you will see a message that you should check your email.
  7. The email sent has a link; clicking on it means confirmation, and you must do this to register the operation successfully. After clicking on the link, you will see the image below.

Now, if someone wants to log in to Telegram with your number, if they have the code sent by Telegram, they need the password you set in this step to be able to log in to your account.

The third method: control and view the active sessions

To know how to secure Telegram account, we should say that in this way, if someone enters Telegram with your number, Telegram will send you a message that a system with these specifications has entered your account. If this access is not done on your behalf, it will endanger your security. You can use the following method to prevent and disconnect it.

  1. Enter the Telegram program.
  2. Go to the settings section.
  3. Enter the privacy and security section.
  4. Enter the active sessions section. This section lists the information on the devices connected to the Telegram user account.
  5. If you want to remove the user using your account, select the desired option and click OK.
  6. If you want to remove all additional users from the account, select Terminate All Other Sessions and OK.

The Telegram application notifies you through a message when another user intends to use your account, in which the IP of the person who entered is specified.

Final verdict

In this article from the Spy Family blog, we have explained how to secure Telegram account. If you are one of those who attach great importance to increasing security in cyberspace, the solutions mentioned will be very useful. Despite the high security of Telegram, using these methods will multiply your security.

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