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How to screen record on windows 10 with audio?

Screen recording in Windows 10 was a problem for many users who are facing problems and need help using it. In this article fromĀ spy. family, we will answer the question of how to screen record on windows 10 with audio and guide you to do this. If you are interested in this content, stay with us until the end.

How to screen record on windows 10 with audio

Usually, for this, the first thing that is considered for ease of work is to use the program. Below we will introduce you to programs that can do this easily in Windows 10.

First method: Windows built-in video recording program (using the XBOX application)

The first convenient way to answer the question of how to screen record on Windows 10 with audio is to use ‘Windows’ own internal software. Windows 10 has a screen recorder; you can use it to record your computer screen without installing any additional programs.

So if you encounter problems while using this method, check and see if your computer’scomputer’s graphics card includes these items. This feature is currently intended for gamers, but it can be used on any screen. First, press the WINDOWS and G keys.

Then select the “Yes, this is a game” option in the pop-up window. From now on, it’s easy, and recording your screen starts. You can use the red button on the bar to start and stop recording. You must also use the settings menu to set the automatic stop time of video recording.

Second method: OBS Studio program

The second solution to answer the question of how to screen record on windows 10 with audio is to use OBS. If you are not a fan of PowerPoint or you are looking for a dedicated tool to record computer screens, OBS Studio is an excellent video recording software that you can use. Use it. This software is open source, does not put a watermark on your production content, and does not create a time limit for video recording. In addition, OBS Studio offers you powerful video editing options. This program also supports live streaming, which is why it has become popular.

Before you start recording, you need to download OBS Studio. Since this software is full of different features and capabilities, it is better to run some basic settings before using it. You should check all the settings like enable or disable auto recording, set playback stream, bit rate, audio sample rate, hotkeys and file naming format and more. What you set up at this stage depends on where you will present your video and your computer’scomputer’s capabilities.

Final method: FlashBack software

The last way to answer the question of how to screen record on windows 10 with audio is to use this software. If you are looking for dedicated software that can do video recording and editing together, the FlashBack Pro program is a perfect option for you.

The free version of this software allows you to use the program to record videos in a standard and basic way. Still, the premium version allows you to use editing tools, save your file in different formats, and add unique content to Add your videos. In addition, Flashback Pro software is one of the best programs we have reviewed in this article. Follow how to work with this program.

First, download FlashBack (choose “Express” if you want to work with the program for free). This will download an exe file on your system. Next, you need to install the program. Select the “Record Your Screen” option when you enter the software installation page.

Last words

If you are interested in sharing what you are doing on your computer, you need to use methods for this. In this article fromĀ spy. family, the question of how to screen record on windows 10 with audio was answered and 3 excellent methods were provided to you. If you know another way to do this, share it with us in the comment section.

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